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Rodolfo Salazar

Rodolfo Salazar

New Media, Social Networks, Reputation, Strategy, Creativity - in English and Español
We Got Bookies To Predict The Future Of Tech
Twitter Is Now Copying One Of Facebook's Most Lucrative New Businesses
Defend Your List: Jenna Wortham On Her Most Recently Used Emojis
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How I Fell In Love With The Dorkiest Game Of The Year
For Today Only, Anyone In The U.S. Can Buy Google Glass
The Story Of How Bill Clinton Sent The First Presidential Email
Meet The Man Behind Twitter's Most Infamous Phrase
The 57 Best Conspiracy Theories I Heard At New Jersey's 55th Annual UFO Conference
Cómo logré que Google me quisiera en 2 días Saludos a @Queith
What Caused the NSFW Tweet from US Airways
Descuido o negligencia? US Airways tweets graphic photo of nude woman to customers, then apologizes
Someone Beat "Dark Souls 2" In ONE HOUR
Here's What MTV Said About The Internet In 1994
Twitter Execs Will Hang On To Their Stock For Now
The World's First Searchable Selfie Database
RT @ciegokdr: Propongo q grúa levante a vehículos dl gob vacacionando ! @elsalvadorcom @elsiegonzalezo @juancarlosmf_ @rokensa @mamaschwen @lacholy4
Watching Cortana takes on Google Now, Siri
This App Review Exposes Twitter's Only Flaw
A Master Troll Has Been Answering Every Comment On NBC's "Crisis" Facebook Page
Report: NSA Used Heartbleed Security Flaw To Spy On People For Two Years
Now You Can "Snowfall" Everything In Your Life
The Internet Has A Password Problem
No, France Did Not Make It Illegal To Answer Work Emails After 6 P.M.
What Should Your New Password Be?
Facebook Takes Aim At "Like-Baiting" And Spam
How Much Do You Believe In?
The Unlikely Story Behind The Making Of "Monument Valley"
13 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do On Spotify
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