@acedtect Down for me.
@LeoLaporte CK w/ @ScottBourne. I don't post & no person. info. Only have it for my kids.
@ijustine prime rib, or maybe grilled cheese sandwich & tomato soup. ;)
@ijustine grilled cheese!!!!!!!!!!
@hhopper hop, you might try twhirl and not your browser.
@ryanshrout sorry to hear that. take your wife to a nice romantic movie.
@mostlylisa have @ijustine send her Back the F:\ Up tee.
RT @car4dave: what's the difference between Eee and MSI Wind? I was looking at the Wind. Anyone else? (via @Scobleizer)Leo likes the Win
@digitalkitty I pretty much think that's Martins complete diet.
@ScottBourne Congrats on the WIN!!!!
@ScottBourne Don't feed the troll
@drkiki Great show! Hope you & Leo can get a pod cast going.
@merlyn we did my dad's ashes in San Juan Mtn., Colo. Thought it was Nat Forest, but act. private. Understand there are issues on Gov Land.
@shortyawards I nominate @martinsargent for a Shorty Award in #weird because...
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