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Monique Judge
This doesn't look like it tastes good. RT @steenfox: NEVER.
This doesn't look like it tastes good. RT @steenfox: NEVER.
Awww, I'd eat it. Squid ink stuff is good. - rönin
Agreed, Monique. Coke Zero definitely doesn't look like it tastes good. :P - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Bruce Lewis
Suppose I want to go on Facebook and search for recent posts from my friends containing, say "watch". Is this even possible? Friendfeed has spoiled me.
I don't think so. As far as I can tell I can't search contents of posts. - rönin
Some people have access to it. But most don't. The best you can do is scroll down for a ways in your timeline (set to show most recent first instead of most interesting) and then use your browser search with Ctrl+F. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
How primitive - Todd Hoff
Just think what FB would be worth if it worked like FF. :-D - Eric Logan
It would be worth spending time on. - Bruce Lewis
25 Ways to Ask Your Kids 'So How Was School Today?' Without Asking Them 'So How Was School Today?' | liZ Evans -
25 Ways to Ask Your Kids 'So How Was School Today?' Without Asking Them 'So How Was School Today?' | liZ Evans
"This year, Simon is in fourth grade and Grace is in first grade, and I find myself asking them every day after school, "So how was school today?" And every day I get an answer like "fine" or "good," which doesn't tell me a whole lot. AND I WANT TO KNOW A WHOLE LOT!!!! Or at least get a full sentence. So the other night, I sat down and made a list of more engaging questions to ask about school. They aren't perfect, but I do at least get complete sentences, and some have led to some interesting conversations... and hilarious answers... and some insights into how my kids think and feel about school." - rönin from Bookmarklet
Good timing. I was just wondering how I can change my approach for better results (or any result) with our 4 y/o. - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
Ramen Lobster Roll - Thrillist Recipes -
Ramen Lobster Roll - Thrillist Recipes
That... does not look particularly appetizing. And I love lobster. "There’s no bread in this recipe, but never fear -- the butter didn’t go anywhere. It’s soaked in, brushed on, and baked into the ramen noodles for a toasty, buttery bun that’s crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. The lobster? That's the easy part. Just make sure it's fresh as hell and do your best not to eat it all while you're creating the bun." - rönin from Bookmarklet
eeewww! - grizabella
I Quant NY - How Memorizing “$19.05” Can Help You Outsmart the MTA -
I Quant NY - How Memorizing “$19.05” Can Help You Outsmart the MTA
Yay, math! "We’ve all been there. The train is coming into the station, and you grab your MetroCard and quickly try and swipe it at a turnstile. "Please Swipe Again". "Please Swipe Again". "Insufficient Fare". The last two words are killer. You think to yourself “I swear I had a balance on this card”. You go and check the card out and you see you have “$2.45”. Yes, you need $2.50 to ride the subway, and you have $2.45 on your MetroCard. Sure enough you miss that train all because of that nickel. How did you end up in that situation any way? It turns out the MTA has designed it that way. Imagine how many tourists come to NYC and leave with balances that never get used. Imagine how many people lose metro cards with those balances that never get used. And even if it gets used on a later refill, the MTA gets to collect the cash earlier this way! Win win for them, right? But now, with some simple math, you can fight back!" - rönin from Bookmarklet
Can You Spot the Snipers Hidden in These Photos? | Raw File | WIRED -
Can You Spot the Snipers Hidden in These Photos? | Raw File | WIRED
"Simon Menner’s ongoing series Camouflage shows landscapes with German snipers hidden somewhere in the frame. The project is like a deadly Where’s Waldo exercise. For Menner, the challenge of finding the snipers isn’t the important part; the photos comment on the way things like fear, terror, and surveillance are constantly part of our lives in the modern world." - rönin from Bookmarklet
Thugs feared to be behind death of Belfast wildlife park's last mute swan -
Thugs feared to be behind death of Belfast wildlife park's last mute swan
The death of the cygnet, which was abandoned by its parents and is thought to the be the last of a family of mute swans, is a major blow for conservation hopes. It is particularly devastating for Bog Meadows, near the M1 in west Belfast, because the bird's parents were the first to have bred on the reserve in years. - Halil from Bookmarklet
The pair of swans had four cygnets in the spring, but the parents and three of their offspring later vanished. The remains of the fourth young swan were found by a wildlife lover on Thursday. - Halil
"While we cannot be sure for definite what happened here, it looks likely that it's down to the work of vandals or, at the very least, dog owners who have not had proper control of their animals," he said. He said: "It is very rare for swan parents to abandon their cygnets – they only tend to move if they perceive a threat. "So the fact that the parents are no longer around means that they must have been frightened off by a very persistent disturbance. - Halil
:( - Jenny H. from Android
So sad... :( - Lisa L. Seifert from iPhone
This breaks my heart. - Janet
:( - Jessie
:( - rönin
Volcano Eruption in Papua New Guinea - YouTube -
Volcano Eruption in Papua New Guinea - YouTube
Dang. - rönin from Bookmarklet
That's Too Many: Dog Has Surgery To Remove The 43.5 Socks He Ate | Geekologie -
That's Too Many: Dog Has Surgery To Remove The 43.5 Socks He Ate | Geekologie
"These are the results from a 3-year old Great Dane's stomach surgery after his owner's noticed he appeared sick. The vet removed an astonishing 43.5 socks. How the f*** the dog's owners didn't notice they were completely out of socks is beyond me." - rönin from Bookmarklet
Hiking Into A Volcano -
Hiking Into A Volcano
Intel bunny suit is exploring active volcanoes now. =p "Explorers Sam Cossman and George Kourounis, Geoff Mackely and Brad Ambrose headed into the belly of an active volcano on Vanuatu, getting perilously close to the molten lava, and capturing images of the fiery world around them." - rönin from Bookmarklet
The God Of Cookery 食神1996 Stephen Chow Full Movie English Subtitle -
The God Of Cookery 食神1996 Stephen Chow Full Movie English Subtitle
The film that introduced me to Stephen Chow. So good. :) - rönin
I loved that movie. It was also one of the first Stephen Chow movies I saw. - Rodfather from Android
For Real Italian Food, Skip These 8 Dishes -- The Cut -
For Real Italian Food, Skip These 8 Dishes -- The Cut
"When travelers book their trips to Italy, there’s usually one aspect they’re particularly excited about: the food. Oh, to drown in dishes of fra diavolo and swim in pools of spaghetti and meatballs! To inhale the pungent, sweet smell of garlic bread and eat cheesecake by the pound! For anyone with a penchant for comfort food, it seems like a dream. There’s just one problem: Unless you want to spend all your time in restaurants that cater exclusively to Americans, you'll have a tough time finding any of the dishes that have been marketed to you for years as Italian. That’s because so much of the food that we consider Italian, well, isn’t. It’s Italian-American. And, for the most part, that’s an entirely different cuisine — so different, in fact, that few Italians would recognize many of the dishes if served to them." - rönin from Bookmarklet
Mary Carmen
Lunch time poll topic: do you pronounce the words Mary, merry and marry differently?
oui - jambina
Mary and merry are the same. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Yes, all different. - Mark H
Si - Mair-y, meh-ry and mah-ry - Marina's Godmother :-)
Close enough to the same to not be noticeable. - Jennifer Dittrich
What Jen said. - Spidra Webster
Two out of three (Mary and marry are indistinguishable). - Walt Crawford
All the same for me. - Stephen Mack
Ditto to Jennifer. - Hedgehog
Nope. - Steven Perez
All the same. - Ken Morley
Pretty much all the same. - Christa
exactly the damn same. like pin and pen - ellbeecee from Android
All the same. - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
Differently - MoTO: Team Marina from Android
Mary is Meh-re, Merry is Mer-re and Marry is Ma-ree - Johnny from iPhone
Mm, Mary and marry about the same. Merry is different. Marie is different as well. - rönin
you are a Long Islander you know how WE pronounce it...the right way ;) - GRANDMAFORSCARLETT
I didn't realize there were different ways to pronounce any of them. - Michael W. May from FFHound(roid)!
They'll all sound the same coming out of my mouth. - Jenny H. from Android
All differently. - April Russo
In my head I do .. Not so sure about my mouth. - Shannon - GlassMistress
The mystery of the randomly launching Safari browser.
it's possessed. - Big Joe Silence
Seriously. I'll be doing my thing, cmd-tabbing to switch apps and oh, there it is again. - rönin
Steve C Team Marina
Florida Angler Catches Giant, Terrifying Shrimp-Like Creature | Bleacher Report -
Florida Angler Catches Giant, Terrifying Shrimp-Like Creature | Bleacher Report
"Ostensibly afraid he had caught some kind of alien dino-lobster, Bargeron took pictures of the beast and sent them off to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, which essentially shrugged its shoulders and said, “Good luck with that.” According to Noell’s report, the FWC believes the animal is a species of mantis shrimp, a crustacean that isn’t actually a shrimp but is named such because science. The Commission’s scientists said they still aren’t entirely sure what the creature is and will reportedly continue to study Bargeron’s pictures for clues. It’s unclear what Bargeron’s fishing buddy did with the beast, but it could be back in the Indian River Lagoon, murdering catfish and punching holes in boats." - Steve C Team Marina from Bookmarklet
"I’m not saying anyone should nuke the lagoon—there’s a power plant nearby; could get messy—but we need to at least raise monster-shrimp-that’s-not-a-shrimp awareness in South Florida." These creatures are among us, and it’s best if we just burn all the docks and go back inside. - Steve C Team Marina
'twas only 18". Just looks bigger in the photos. ;-p Apparently makes for good eating. - rönin
New Butter Knife Spreads Cold Butter With Ease | Geekologie -
New Butter Knife Spreads Cold Butter With Ease | Geekologie
"In what is arguably the best invention since sliced bread, the Butterup Knife (links to Kickstarter where you can order one for around $11) was designed to easily spread cold butter without tearing your bread to shit. It works by grating a stick of butter into smaller, more easily spreadable ribbons." - rönin from Bookmarklet
Seems like this is for use by "top scrapers" only. Unfortunately, we're mostly "end slicers" so this won't help us. - Steve and 4 other people
what kind of human top scrapes butter? - Steve C Team Marina
Apparently non-Steves! - Andrew C (✔)
At work (where butter is in a giant tub) top scraping is the only way to go. At home, top scraping is super messy when you get to the end of the stick, so we end-slice. Anyway, we all just need to become french and store our butter unrefrigerated in a tub. - Steve and 4 other people
Jogging US Marshal kicks man in the crotch, arrests him after he yanked down her shorts -
Jogging US Marshal kicks man in the crotch, arrests him after he yanked down her shorts
"Flynn was subdued by the time police located the marshal. When they asked him for his name, Flynn said it was “Johnson.” When they asked him for his first name, he said, “I don’t know my first name.” He then refused the officer’s offer to tell his side of the story, only saying, “I plead the Fifth.”" - rönin from Bookmarklet
Battleship beast: colossal dinosaur skeleton found in southern Patagonia | Science | The Guardian -
Battleship beast: colossal dinosaur skeleton found in southern Patagonia | Science | The Guardian
That's about as awesome a name as you can get w/out being a Tyrannosaurus. "The spectacular remains of one of the largest beasts ever to walk the planet have been unearthed by fossil hunters in southern Patagonia. The unique haul of bones includes a metre-wide neck vertebra, a thigh bone that stands as tall as a man, and ribs the size of planks, representing the most complete skeleton of a colossal plant-eating titanosaur recovered anywhere in the world. The new species was so enormous that researchers named it Dreadnoughtus schrani after the dreadnought battleships of the early 20th century on the grounds that it would fear nothing that crossed its path. From measurements of the bones, scientists worked out that Dreadnoughtus weighed nearly 60 tonnes and reached 26 metres from snout to tail, making it the largest land animal for which an accurate body mass can be calculated." - rönin from Bookmarklet
Your all-time favourite soup:
I has a butternut squash soup this one time—it put me over the top. So, squash. - Micah
Clam chowdah - Bren from iPhone
French onion. Or possibly tomato with a bit of cream. - Jennifer Dittrich
Clam chowder as well... or fish. - Ken Morley
It was laksa, but yukgaejang is slowly taking over. - Anika
French Onion. - Spidra Webster
tomato basil - Big Joe Silence
Carrot noodle. - David Lounsbury
Split peas. - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
Wait, why are you asking these personal questions. WHAT IS YOUR HIDDEN AGENDA? - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
I can't decide. I kind of just love soup. (though I will shank a bitch for some avgolemono most days) - Hookuh Tinypants
Double tomato soup. (reg tomatoes and sun-dried) - Corinne L
Probably some variant of squash soup. But I like a lot of other soups, too. - John (bird whisperer)
Crab Bisque, chili then beef stew. - SAM
Tomato basil - Jenny
Soupy sales - Todd Hoff
Clam chowdah +1 - Stephen Mack
this rosemary farro garbanzo thing I make is heavenly. I never turn down cream of asparagus. But I do just love soup. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Sun-dried tomato with walnut. - Signs Point to LB from Android
French onion. - Katy S
Cream of Mushroom or New England Clam Chowder. - April Russo
Manhattan clam chowder, I guess. It's the default soup at White Spot, an iconic BC chain. - Andrew C (✔)
New England Clam Chowder most of the time; not necessarily because it's the greatest soup I've ever had, but because it's usually the most consistently good. My favorite kind of soup is probably actually either beef & barley or good old chicken noodle. Unfortunately, it's just as often that I find those that I don't like as it is that I find good ones. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Clam chowdah or lobster bisque. - Kristin
My Mum's pea & ham. - Melly - #TeamMarina
French Onion if I'm eating out. Kale, sausage, & potato (like the one at Olive Garden) if I'm cooking. - Lisa L. Seifert from iPhone
Broccoli and cheddar. Followed very closely by clam chowder. - Heather
Dahl. Does Dahl count as a soup? - Brent Schaus from FFHound!
Barley. I love soup in general, but I love soup with barley in it extra much more. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
Cioppino! - Marie
I love all sorts, but my new favorite is mulligatawny soup. :) - Jenny H. from Android
Hot & sour. Or if available, steamed chicken soup. French onion or lobster bisque if going Western. - rönin
Carrot & ginger soup. - Margot from Android
Jenny wrote "mulligatawny"! \(^_^)/ - Eivind
I do love soup in general, but Uli's split pea is my favourite. - Kirsten
I think I just grew a couple inches. But the things that Kiki makes - soups, stews, and the like, are all so very good. Love split pea, lentils, and tomato soups (all my own recipes). - Uli
I can't pick between split pea & bacon or French onion. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
This thread has spurred me to make a soup this weekend. Which one should I make?!? - Marie
some variant of red lentil soup with sizzle sauce. - kendrak
Marie, whichever you go with, pics please. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Campbells Tomato made with milk instead of water. - GRANDMAFORSCARLETT
Soup in a Tardis - Steve C Team Marina
Steve C wins. - Signs Point to LB
<3! Love ya, Steve :D - Soup in a TARDIS
French onion - MisterQ
"With beautiful curves and a low G string, the violin is one of the most sultry instruments ever. It's amazing history is so awesome that you'll be vio-winning at life by the end of this episode." - rönin from Bookmarklet
Okay, that was fucking awesome. - Jenny H. from Android
They sure spent a lot of time writing music for each other back in the day. =) - rönin
Could You Solve Enough Puzzles To Make It Out Of This Locked Room? -
Could You Solve Enough Puzzles To Make It Out Of This Locked Room?
"So when my husband (who asked to be identified in this piece as Tallzilla) came home one day and announced that he and a group of co-workers had just played a real-life room escape game in San Francisco's Japantown, I was jealous. And I had questions. I'd heard that real-life room escape games existed in other countries, but I hadn't realized there were any in our area. (It turns out there are a bunch in the Bay Area, including one where you get locked in with a hungry zombie.) How did the game work? What kind of puzzles did they have to solve? What happened if you didn't solve them all in time? Did everyone have to work together?" - rönin from Bookmarklet
I Must Try It: Space Whiskey Returning To Earth Soon | Geekologie -
I Must Try It: Space Whiskey Returning To Earth Soon | Geekologie
"Scottish whiskey distiller Ardbeg managed to send some whiskey up to the International Space Station in 2011 as part of an experiment to see how alcohol matures in microgravity. And now, three years later, it's about to return to earth via a Russian space capsule. Obviously, I plan on intercepting the capsule and stealing the space booze in an elaborate villainous plot. MWAHAHAHAHAHA. You'll never stop me, Mr. Bond!" - rönin from Bookmarklet
IKEA: The Power Of A Bookbook -
IKEA: The Power Of A Bookbook
Experience the power of a bookbook. "IKEA’s 2015 catalogue can be yours as a book. No, not an e-book; an actual book. A bookbook. It’s completely wireless and never runs out of battery. We should archive this video for future reference." - rönin from Bookmarklet
Well, in case anyone was thinking of trying their hand at this, now you know which city to go to first. ;-p "In Hong Kong, getting to the roofs is quite easy. If it is a residential building, most likely, the roof is unlocked. Even more likely, that somebody already lives there. If it is a business-center, getting to the roof is a bit more complicated. Here the main quest is to get to the pompier ladder. And after you got there, you know what to do. Safety regulations are weird. All the exits are viewed with cameras; each door is equipped with an alarm (or even two), which notifies the police and building security in case of an alert. However, usually you don’t need any permission to get to the business center, and all the doors are open during working hours Monday to Friday, all the alarms are switched off. So, if you are interested in city views from the height without having any problems with the police, just buy a ticket to Hong Kong." - rönin from Bookmarklet
The last of my National Zoo animal shots. - rönin
That burrowing owl is just adorable. - Jennifer Dittrich
Yeah they're pretty great. =) - rönin
Hot Honey: How Two Companies Are Vying to Make the Next Great Condiment -- Grub Street -
Hot Honey: How Two Companies Are Vying to Make the Next Great Condiment -- Grub Street
Never heard of it before. "When Mike Kurtz, a 32-year-old Brooklyn resident, was traveling in Brazil several years ago, he stumbled upon a tiny pizzeria and found chile-infused honey on each table. It was his holy shit moment. "I've long been a lover of all things spicy, as well as pizza," Kurtz says. "So when I tasted it, I thought it was incredible." He became obsessed — and like someone who's returned from Italy wanting to re-create a perfect cacio e pepe, Kurtz set about making his own ultimate spicy honey. He spent eight years experimenting, and it appears that was time well spent. His product, Mike's Hot Honey, has been a hit since he debuted it four years ago. Now hot honey looks like it could be the next sriracha, and as interest has grown, so has Kurtz's competition." - rönin from Bookmarklet
Funny, I've had this on pizza and also in a milkshake. - Meg VMeg
Looking For Love? This App Finds Nearby Objects Y... | ClickHole -
LOL. "Could this be the future of online dating? The highly anticipated new app Seekr matches users with everyday objects in their area that they can have sex with. No more lengthy profiles and “about me” sections; Seekr just gives users pics of soda bottles, candles, rolled-up magazines, and thousands of other nearby objects totally ready for sex. Where and when is entirely up to the user. So, will Seekr change the dating app game? Watch the video and decide for yourself!" - rönin from Bookmarklet
Iraqis Identify Prisoner as Chinese Islamist Fighter - -
Iraqis Identify Prisoner as Chinese Islamist Fighter -
"The Iraqi Defense Ministry has posted on its Facebook page photographs that it says show a captured Chinese man who was fighting on behalf of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, the Sunni jihadist group. Iraqi officials have not released further details, but the photographs, if confirmed, would be the first visual evidence of a Chinese citizen fighting with ISIS, which has members from around the world, including the United States. Both the leader of ISIS and a Chinese diplomat said this summer that Chinese fighters had joined ISIS." - rönin from Bookmarklet
Some non-panda critter shots from the National Zoo. There's more but too tired to process them now. - rönin
The Abnormal Summit (비정상회담) | picadrama -
The Abnormal Summit (비정상회담) | picadrama
Have you watched this? Heard it was interesting. Only watched a quarter of the first ep so far and it seems like it could be good. - rönin from Bookmarklet
I've never heard of it. I don't watch the sausagefest talk shows, though. These men are generally neanderthals and sexist. - Anika
I've never seen any of these guys before except for Sam. I'll give it a few eps. - rönin
I actually meant in general, all these man talk-shows are just disgusting. The Korean hosts of this show are other shows as hosts or guests and they are just creepy. Yoo Se Yoon is the only one married of the 3 and he acts like a lecher all the time. I guess it's supposed to be his schtick. Sik Yung is a singer and was on 1d2n, stick in the mud traditionalist. Hyun Moo is a freelance announcer who is into his looks, but he hates women who are into their looks and are fat like him. He is also a look-at-me. - Anika
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