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The Problem With The American Steakhouse | TIME Ideas | -
The Problem With The American Steakhouse | TIME Ideas |
Can't go to high end steakhouses all the time for obvious reasons but I do quite like our local Longhorn's even though it's a chain. - rönin from Bookmarklet
Although I agree with the emphasis of this article's argument, I think it's overly decorated and it reeks of personal bias; I mean really: whining about corporate cards and masculinity? This isn't so much about steakhouses as it is about customers needing to be aware of what they're buying and trying to get the best meal for what they're paying regardless of what kind of restaurant. - Akiva
More often than not, I prefer cooking up my own steak, but I could see why the author feels the way he does. - Derrick
Yep. A good cut of a steak cooked in a cast iron skillet and then finished in the oven? No need to go to a steakhouse. - Akiva