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Todd Hoff
When Threatened By Worms, Bacteria Summon Killer Fungi – Phenomena: Not Exactly Rocket Science -
When Threatened By Worms, Bacteria Summon Killer Fungi – Phenomena: Not Exactly Rocket Science
"Now, a team of Chinese scientists have discovered the most outlandish strategy yet: some bacteria transform fungi into worm-killers. Fungi aren’t known for their speed or mobility, but around 200 species have evolved ways of killing nematodes nonetheless. They use traps, including sticky nets and microscopic lassos made of single coiled cells. Once they ensnare a worm, they grow into it and digest it from the inside out. These fungi aren’t always killers. One of the most common and best-studied species—Arthrobotrys oligospora—usually feeds on decaying vegetation. It only produces its deadly traps when nematodes are around. Two years ago, one team of scientists showed that it knows when to do this because it can smell its prey, detecting chemicals that the worms can’t help but produce." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Sarah G.
I enjoy how my parents will talk the ears off of telemarketers until the telemarketers are audibly trying to end conversation.
Jenny H.
This makes me love Norway. :)
Wow! Beautiful!! - Laura
I'm still watching this beautiful spectacle from my office window, and it's 30 minutes past sunset! Amazing and rare! :) - Eivind
Yes, it's still going strong. :) - Jenny H. from Android
Beautiful. - John (bird whisperer)
Yayway! - Todd Hoff
That moment at retailer when you just need a USB printer cable but almost buy a laser printer because it's only $35 more. smh
We have 2 printers here because it was cheaper to get a new printer, than buy the ink cartridges for it. - Anika
What other social networking/Web 2.0 sites do you use besides FriendFeed?
Bumblr, Snickr, YouTuba, but nowhere any good. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Or anywhere no good. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Nothing you haven't heard of. :) (Twitter, Flickr, FB...need to spend more time learning Quora and Reddit). - Spidra Webster
Flickr - WarLord
I tried out Ello. - Stephen Mack
Twitter, Twitter, and more Twitter. Also Github. - Mike Chelen
FB and Twitter. Very occasionally G+. - Jenny H. from Android
What Jenny said - Laura Norvig from iPhone
FB and rarely G+. - Anne Bouey
Twitter and FB, a little bit of G+ and Tumblr. - Melly Claus #anticaper
Livejournal. - bentley
not sure what you mean by web 2.0 but I hit twitter every morning for a quick scan of the news, feedly for the blogs I want to read, and tumblr is a distraction for my increasingly fractured mind. I think of tumblr as a glossy magazine where I flip through the pages. - MoTO: #TeamMarina
Feedly, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook. Oh, and Ello, from time to time. - Steven Perez from Android
Yeah I guess I should add that I do use Facebook to interact generally with family and a few friends. But Facebook's noise to signal ratio is too high for me to use it for much else. - MoTO: #TeamMarina, I keep intending to use facebook but don't generally get to it. I caught up with Instagram yesterday, thanks to the fact that I'm only following something like 4 people there. - Bruce Lewis
g+ and feedly. - imabonehead
G+ daily, Twitter 2-3 times a day, FB once or twice a day, but only really active on FF. (As with MoTO, FB's mostly for family. - Walt Crawford
Twitter and Google+. - Louis Gray
None. I'm a purist. - Steve C Team Marina
Barry, I'm not sure what I meant by Web 2.0, other than there are sites that have some social component to them, but are not really thought of as social networks, e.g. Yelp. - Heisenberg
What are people's impressions of Ello? - Heisenberg
Wasn't ready for beta. Very few features at beta. More now, but no users. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Just Twitter (for light use) -- not Facebook or Google+. Still waiting for any other service to catch up with Friendfeed -- and for the next generation of a Friendfeed-like service to appear -- someone is bound to develop it. - Sean McBride
Any interesting features that FriendFeed doesn't have? - Heisenberg
screensaver. - imabonehead
I've got a huge list of features to add to Friendfeed that I've collected since 2007. I need to pull those notes together and post them as a single document. - Sean McBride
Facebook - Ozgur Demir
I just checked out the latest Twitter analytics features -- great stuff. A future version of a Friendfeed-style social media platform should include analytics at this level (and better) for all individual and group feeds (*especially* group feeds, which are ripe for hundreds of analytic snapshots). - Sean McBride
Sean, I'm interested in your feaure list. - Heisenberg
Italian Friendfeed like service: - miki
Geocities - Maurizio
Heisenberg -- give me a few days to find time to compile it -- the notes are scattered across six or seven years. - Sean McBride
My admiration and love for the brilliant design of Friendfeed continues unabated -- in fact, it keeps increasing as I compare it to new inferior services. - Sean McBride
Has everyone noticed that Friendfeed is often more efficient than email for private one-on-one and group communications? Much less cruft. Much swifter. Much easier to browse over time. Also superior to text messaging in many cases, in terms of interface. - Sean McBride
Sean, you should look at Slack if you have a group of people that interact. It's better than FriendFeed for a slightly different application area. - Heisenberg
Will do. - Sean McBride
First, quick impression of Slack (I need to look at it much more carefully): conversations on Friendfeed pages are much easier to navigate and read. - Sean McBride
Mary Carmen
I still can't believe that I gave birth to such a beautiful kid.
Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 6.45.01 PM.png
Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 6.45.17 PM.png
Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 6.45.30 PM.png
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Barry, my thoughts exactly. Scott & Mary are beautiful. :) - Laura
Awww. - Yolanda from Android
Her eyes slay me. <3 - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
Agree 100%. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
Uh, y'all are the cutest couple, so DUH. I can't believe she is a little over a year old! How did this happen? - Corinne L
Time flies! I can't believe that this time next year I'll be posting pictures of two of them?!?!?!? - Mary Carmen
She is beautiful, MC. And so big already! - Stephan from iPhone
Mike Nencetti
Celebration of Life - Beverly Anthony Nencetti -
Celebration of Life - Beverly Anthony Nencetti
This is the edited version with copyright free music for the slideshow. . - Mike Nencetti
Andrew C (✔)
I was joking before, but I feel like I did win the gift exchange:
I was joking before, but I feel like I did win the gift exchange:
Was this Secret Santa-style, or white elephant? - Corinne L
White elephant. - Andrew C (✔)
Nice! - Marie
Cool :-) - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
It sure looks like you did. Congrats! - Spidra Webster
Rock on! - Corinne L
Andrew C (✔)
Transformers cufflinks
Transformers cufflinks
Mike Nencetti
I'm moved in. cable and internet worked immediately, just needed to bring my own router for the internet. Each apartment has its own cable modem in the closet. It will take a while to furnish the place. I'll take my time. Already feels like home.
Looks nice. - Jim: meatvalve.
this is new construction, all new appliances, i am the first to have this apt. so I am providing feedback on my move in experience to my employer. No major issues so far - Mike Nencetti
*hugs* - The First NoeLB from Android
I'm so glad it already feels like home! - Galadriel C. from Android
Jason Toney
RT @curbedla: Los Angeles is switching to LED streetlights and it's completely changing the way movies look:
RT @curbedla: Los Angeles is switching to LED streetlights and it's completely changing the way movies look:
Interesting. I had thought LEDs were still less light per watt than the sodium lamps used in streetlights… ( - Amit Patel
I've lived through every change of street lighting except gaslight. Every color change since incandescent has been jarring and seemed Wrong. Colors were always changed from "real". When my street switched to LEDs I was charmed. The first few nights seemed eerie. But in a way the street now looks more natural. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Andrew C (✔)
RT @policepoliceacp: Cop Stops Cop From Choking a Handcuffed Man, She Was Then Beaten/Fired Read more >> #PolTwt
RT @policepoliceacp: Cop Stops Cop From Choking a Handcuffed Man, She Was Then Beaten/Fired  Read more >> #PolTwt
Andrew C (✔)
"The NBC News investigative reporter Matthew Cole has pieced together a remarkable story revealing that a single senior officer, who is still in a position of high authority over counterterrorism at the C.I.A.—a woman who he does not name—appears to have been a source of years’ worth of terrible judgment, with tragic consequences for the United States. Her story runs through the entire report. She dropped the ball when the C.I.A. was given information that might very well have prevented the 9/11 attacks; she gleefully participated in torture sessions afterward; she misinterpreted intelligence in such a way that it sent the C.I.A. on an absurd chase for Al Qaeda sleeper cells in Montana. And then she falsely told congressional overseers that the torture worked." - Andrew C (✔)
" Many people who have worked with her over the years expressed shock to NBC that she has been entrusted with so much power. A former intelligence officer who worked directly with her is quoted by NBC, on background, as saying that she bears so much responsibility for so many intelligence failures that “she should be put on trial and put in jail for what she has done.”" - Andrew C (✔)
"Instead, however, she has been promoted to the rank of a general in the military, most recently working as the head of the C.I.A.’s global-jihad unit. In that perch, she oversees the targeting of terror suspects around the world. (She was also, in part, the model for the lead character in “Zero Dark Thirty.”)" - Andrew C (✔)
Coworker in the South Campus office is from Heilongjiang and has a mellifluous Dongbei accent in both English and Chinese. I just want to follow her around all day and listen to her talk. <3
Our office had a PhD student from Liaoning, but he graduated and moved to Chicago last spring. No Dongbei in our office since he left. :( - Jessie
Andy Bakun
RT @michaelgorsuch: I asked her to clean her room. She tells me she got paged and needs to fix something for work first.
RT @michaelgorsuch: I asked her to clean her room. She tells me she got paged and needs to fix something for work first.
Steele Lawman
I hope you will join me in wishing Mama and Pop Lawson a happy 49th anniversary!
Happy anniversary, Mama Lawson and Pop Lawson! - bentley
Happy anniversary! - Marianne
Happy anniversary! - Catherine Pellegrino
Happy anniversary! I think that cake is bigger than both of you! - laura x
Happy anniversary! - ellbeecee
Congratulations! - Stephen Francoeur
Happy anniversary!!! - lris
Happy anniversary to them! - Pete
Happy Anniversary! It's a great time of year for those (my parents are celebrating their 49th tomorrow). - Katy S from iPhone
Happy anniversary, Lawsons! (It's funny, Katy, my aunt & uncle will have their 49th this month, too.) - Corinne L
Also, that's a great wedding photo! Congrats! - Katy S from iPhone
Congrats to Pop and best wishes to Mama! - Mary B: #TeamMonique
Happy Anniversary! :) - AHnix (Anna Haro)
Happy anniversary! - Meg VMeg from Android
Happy anniversary, Mama L! - The First NoeLB from Android
Thank you all! - Mama Lawson
Your Waitress, Your Professor - -
Your Waitress, Your Professor -
"ON the first day of the fall semester, I left campus from an afternoon of teaching anxious college freshmen and headed to my second job, serving at a chain restaurant off Las Vegas Boulevard. The switch from my professional attire to a white dress shirt, black apron and tie reflected the separation I attempt to maintain between my two jobs. Naturally, sitting at the first table in my section was one of my new students, dining with her parents." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"This scene is a cliché of the struggling teacher, and it surfaces repeatedly in pop culture — think of Walter White in “Breaking Bad,” washing the wheels of a student’s sports car after a full day teaching high school chemistry. Bumping into a student at the gym can be awkward, but exposing the reality that I, with my master’s degree, not only have another job, but must have one, risks... more... - Jessie
"Living these two supposedly different lives, I’ve started to see their similarities. Whenever I’m trying to meet the needs of my more difficult guests (“Do you have any smaller forks?” “You don’t carry wheat bread? What kind of restaurant doesn’t carry wheat bread?”), I recite, along with my colleagues, the collective restaurant server mantra: “I need a real job.” The same thought gets... more... - Jessie
"It is a shame I share with many of my blue-collar colleagues, a belief that society deems our work inferior, that we have settled on or chosen these paths because we do not have the skills necessary to acquire something better. It is certainly a belief I held for the majority of my undergraduate experience. But not all my restaurant co-workers are college dropouts, and none are... more... - Jessie
Move over burrito, bibimbap and biriani, it's all about creamed cod roe - Telegraph -
Move over burrito, bibimbap and biriani, it's all about creamed cod roe - Telegraph
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"Smoked kelp. Lingonberries. Fermented Baltic sea herring. Creamed cod roe paste. These are just some of the weird and wonderful Scandinavian foods that are brought to these shores by husband-and-wife team, Jonas Aurell and Bronte Blomhøj." - Eivind from Bookmarklet
"Scandi Kitchen was never going to become mainstream from a single outlet in London so when customers began asking for ingredients to make dishes at home, the founders spotted an opportunity to launch a retail business within the café. “We knew which foods people were buying so we started stocking them,” says Aurell. “And because people had been eating at the café, they trusted our... more... - Eivind
"“Smoked kelp has become a wonderfully popular seasoning,” says Aurell. “We supply a lot of lingonberries [a relative of the cranberry] and cloudberries [orange raspberries] frozen or in jams or cordials. “Then there’s our creamed cod roe paste, which is like Marmite – if you love it, you miss it when you leave Scandinavia.” Surströmming, however, a fermented Baltic sea herring, has yet... more... - Eivind
Andrew C (✔)
RT @kstreethipster: That escalated quickly
RT @kstreethipster: That escalated quickly
hahaha that one made me laugh snort some OJ - Steve C Team Marina
I emailed this image to Mr. 12 at school. He replied, "Well, we have 2 of them. Why not get one more?" - Steele Lawman
Rejected sequel to the Cats & Dogs films - Johnny from iPhone
Laugh in 5 languages, though. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Cats, Dogs, and Hitler: a new comedy starring Seth Rogen and James Franco. - John (bird whisperer)
Taipei Zoo’s ‘hero tortoise’ makes TV news in the US - Taipei Times -
"The story of a tortoise at Taipei Zoo that helped another one flip over made headlines on ABC News in the US on Tuesday. A video of the stranded tortoise on its back, being tipped over by another one, attracted 1.51 million hits on YouTube and drew the attention of ABC News after it was posted by Audi Yu on Nov. 25. Posted under the title “See a Hero Tortoise Help a Friend Get Back on Its Feet,” the video shows a tortoise using its head to nudge the other one until it flips onto its feet, to huge applause from a crowd of spectators. Yu said he noticed the tortoises while he was accompanying his daughter on a school field trip to Taipei Zoo and he shot the video to show her that helping others is the key to happiness." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Most of those views came after Ellen put it on her show - Steve C Team Marina
Ellen has good taste. :D - Jessie
Oh yes we watch it daily. - Steve C Team Marina
Petty LaBelle
RT @landofpropagand: #NYPD Viciously Attacks 12 Year Old Child as Horrified Witnesss Demand They Stop #ICantBreathe
RT @landofpropagand: #NYPD Viciously Attacks 12 Year Old Child as Horrified Witnesss Demand They Stop #ICantBreathe
That was unbelievable. And yet it happened. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
OMG :( - Stephen Mack
Todd Hoff
Ocean Acidification Harming Shellfish | The Scientist Magazine® -
Ocean Acidification Harming Shellfish | The Scientist Magazine®
"Climate change is bad for commercial oyster and mussel growers. But until recently, researchers weren’t sure exactly how rising CO2 levels and the resultant ocean acidification—reduced pH—harmed the farmed bivalves. This week (December 15), researchers proposed an answer: it’s all about saturation state. In a paper published in Nature Climate Change, scientists from Oregon State University and state agencies reported that the larvae of Pacific oysters and Mediterranean mussels have a hard time forming their calcium carbonate shells as the surrounding seawater’s saturation state falls. Saturation state is a measure of how corrosive the seawater is to the shells that the larvae make as they grow, and as CO2 increases in the atmosphere, saturation state drops. A lower saturation state means more corrosive water. “Biological oceanographers have speculated that early life stages of marine organisms might be particularly sensitive to ocean acidification, but the underlying mechanisms... more... - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Yep. A very troubling harbinger. :( - Jenny H. from Android
The oysters in this study are imported from Japan not native to the Pacific North West. The average PH of the ocean water they come from is naturally more alkaline "8.5 PH" than the waters off the coast of Oregon "8.1 PH." The larval die off which occurred is actually due to up welling. Oregon's natural oysters indigenous to the area are thriving. The aquaculture farms that have... more... - Eric Logan
Last night I learnt that Americans don't usually like sauce on their steak... Or butter the bread in a sandwich... Is this true?
Yes to both - for me, anyway. Had quite a shock learning what a bacon butty was. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
So if I made a tomato sandwich (white buttered bread with sliced tomato and a little salt) would this get me weird looks? - Johnny from iPhone
i make tomato sandwiches like that with mayonnaise instead of butter. - kendrak
If the steak is a really good cut of meat, and it's cooked & seasoned properly, then I won't use any sauce. But I have a hard time believing Americans don't like sauce on their steak - what's your definition of sauce? Barbecue, Worcestershire sauce, or...? As for buttering the bread in a sandwich, I don't know that you'd get weird looks, but you might if you buttered your bread then added another condiment, such as mayonnaise. - Corinne L
Do you aussies have miracle whip for meat and cheese sandwiches? - Joe
Corinne... I do. Bread and butter is the base then stuff like mayo gets added on. Joe, no. - Johnny from iPhone
The steak thing doesn't sound right to me, at least for the south and midwest. It's pretty rare to not see someone putting A1, BBQ sauce, Tabasco, or somesuch on their steak, if it comes without a sauce. Also, you do your sandwiches like Uli does. But no, I don't know any Americans who use butter as the base. We tend to start with mayo, mustard, ketchup, and/or pickle relish, depending on the sandwich. - Kirsten
We usually use just mayo by itself - either one provides a good fat barrier (so the bread doesn't get soggy from other ingredients.) The sauce thing isn't uncommon, but it doesn't feel like something everyone does one way or the other. I prefer it without in most cases, but like it sometimes. - Jennifer Dittrich
Depends on the cut. I like some A1 or worcester sauce on sirloin. Mayo and mustard for sandwiches. - Rodfather
I would have said that no sauce is the usual. - Steele Lawman
Don't tell anyone else, but I like to put ketchup (or catsup) on my steak. - Joe
Most sandwich places will put in butter only if you ask for it. - Bruce Lewis
A sandwich is a butter delivery system. No butter and it's not a proper sandwich! - Marina's Godmother :-)
Oh see, Helen, that's butter-bread (as it's called in my family, at least). A snack, sure. But not a sandwich. - Kirsten
Buttered bread for sandwiches: Rare, I think (certainly not for me--horseradish sauce or chipotle, depending on the meat). Sauce on steaks: All over the place, but the better the steak, the less likely the sauce, at least for me. - Walt Crawford
My ex-husband was a butter-then-mayo sandwich person until I said to him, "do you realize you're adding a lot of calories doing it that way?" Never crossed his mind because it was the way he was raised (he was from central Pennsylvania & his mom was Pennsylvania Dutch, which may have had a lot to do with it). - Corinne L
I don't generally put butter on sandwiches (unless it's the outside of a grilled cheese sandwich). Usually it's mustard or the like, depending on the other sandwich contents. I don't generally have sauce with steak unless the steak is really dry or tough. I will eat butter on toast or on bread that I eat alongside a meal. - John (bird whisperer)
I'm convinced that this is why a true Aussie restaurant/cafe in the States wouldn't work. There are tiny fundamentals that would shock a lot of folks but the culture isn't exotic enough for people to embrace it. - Johnny
my mom used to put butter underneath the mayo but then she started worrying even more about dad's health. <threadjack> had a "club" sandwich in UAE in a British bar. so not what I had in mind. It was weird and disappointing. - Christina Pikas
A bacon-based sandwich in the UAE? - Johnny
Johnny, I think you could have an authentic cafe, but not a chain restaurant. Those, by nature, smooth out the edges of any cuisine (even American dishes) so it isn't quite what it started as. - Jennifer Dittrich
oh yeah there and Bahrain - not really observant. when I was there. - Christina Pikas
What Jenn said. Americans love to claim they have had authentic [insert cuisine type here] at some obscure restaurant. - Corinne L
I now butter my sandwiches but that's because I'm attached to someone of British extraction. - Sarah from iPhone
I just looked up the menu for Outback Steakhouse. I literally can't. - Johnny
Oh, yeah. I can't imagine that's anyone's native cuisine. - Jennifer Dittrich
No bloomin onion? - Joe
No. - Johnny
Heh. I never really thought of Outback as a place to eat Australian cuisine. It's just where they give you a fat piece of steak and a huge gob of mashed potatoes. - Rodfather
The fact they have opened Outback Steakhouses here in Australia should tell you all you need to know ;) - Johnny
Heh, totally reminds me of the random Taco Bell restaurants you see in Mexico. - Jennifer Dittrich
I'm a mustard-only person when it comes to sandwiches, though as a child, my favorite sandwich was peanut butter and butter. When it comes to steaks - I guess I'd have to ask what your definition of steak sauce is. Are you talking like a brown sauce or a BBQ sauce? Or do you mean something like bordelaise or au poivre? Because depending on the type of cuisine under which I'm ordering my... more... - Hookuh Tinypants
I tend to marinade my steaks so they don't usually call for any sauce after the fact. But I haven't heard of buttering the bread of a sandwich...might have to try that >.> - Chris Topher
I might also clarify, it's only a small amount of butter. More like a scraping than a thick layer ala mayo - Johnny
I'm beginning to be a fan of rub. I used this stuff on some filet mignon and it was awesome. - Rodfather
#random The closest I got to Miracle Whip in London was "salad cream," but it's not the same. I do love me some HP Sauce, though. - The First NoeLB from Android
My favourite steak sauces are chilli and lime, mushroom, blue cheese, sweet chilli, creamy pepper sauce and sometimes sweet caramelised onion. If I have a good piece of steak then I tend to go plain but a good balanced sauce in combination with the sides can bring up the whole plate. - Johnny
OK so you're talking proper sauces and not just bottled crap made by Heinz. :D This is why I love you. - Hookuh Tinypants
We have that too, but that's usually only used on the cheap cuts that end up on steak sangas or at BBQs on plastic plates :) - Johnny
I still love you. - Hookuh Tinypants
Caramelized onion? Oh, yes! - The First NoeLB from Android
I never heard of butter and mayo together on a sandwich until this one time in Canada. I got off the 401 at a small town somewhere between Toronto and Detroit, found a small sandwich shop, and ordered a ham and cheese sandwich. She took a slice of bread, spread something pale colored on it, then asked me if I wanted mayo. !!! I'm thinking, that wasn't mayo? So I said yes, and then she added mayo on top on what turned out to be butter. - bentley
(silently judges Joe for the ketchup thing) - Marie
I put a patty of butter on my steaks as I grill them. I like sauce on my steak too but then I'm sorta addicted to mashed potatoes and gravy so its more collateral. #gravyoneverythng Butter with mayo is just weird. Butter or mayo slathered on heavy and thick.... #okaymaybeitsjustme - WarLord
I need Melly in on this thread #Alone - Johnny
Butter on a sandwich brings back some middle school memories from when I lived with my mother. She would pack me lunches of salami & cheese sandwiches with butter instead of some other normal type of condiment on it, because she doesn't like mayo or mustard and refuses to buy any. - April Russo
No to either one for me. Why ruin a good steak with sauce of any kind? People in this part of the country (Southeastern Pennsylvania) often butter their bread for sandwiches if they are from a Pennsylvania Dutch background. - Friar Will
Butter on sandwiches is reserved for necessity (PB&J, needs it to help reduce the tacky starchness of the peanut butter and you can't do a proper Grilled Cheese without using butter to fry it), otherwise not really. Sauces, sometimes if the meat isn't great or wasn't already seasoned well, which could be with chili and lime or a good pepper baste. Caramelized onions don't count as a sauce. - NOT THE CRICKET
Cubano sandwiches need butter on them. - Steven Perez
Growing up, the only sandwiches I had with butter were tuna fish with diced pickles. Random, I know. I used A1 on steaks until I learned that it's a waste of a good piece of steak to sully it with steak sauce. I've had a few proper sauces on steak that were pretty good. The norm at steak houses in the US is to get a "plain" steak (marinated and seasoned) and have a few bottles of steak... more... - Jenny H. from Android
"Bread with stuff on it" is still one of the best phrases ever. :D Also - an excellent use for A1 sauce? Tater tots. Yes, I'm a heathen but I'm totally down with it. (C'mon, I'm the person who once stored their russet potatoes in the ice chest while camping; I've earned the right to be a potato heathen!) - Hookuh Tinypants
Depends on the quality of the steak. A good quality well cooked steak needs sauce like Dolly Parton needs stocking stuffers. - Todd Hoff
Louis Gray
Christmas tree is all done!
I like the branded approach. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Needs a bead ;-) - Shannon - GlassMistress
Big Joe Silence
the central library in my city is closing permanently on the 23rd. oldest is pretty upset about this and i am none too pleased myself. she made me promise to bring her back this week with a camera and take more photos and let her say goodbye.
Oh geez, that's awful! Can you get library cards for another city or will Arlington just not have a library? - Jessie
we have loads of branches. supposedly they will build and open a new central library by 2017, but it's a bit like W saying we're going to the moon and then gutting NASA. the old library site will be a new commercial real estate development and will likely stand empty like the rest of our dead downtown area. - Big Joe Silence
:( - Alix May
we can give Jerry Jones and the Cowboys a free $1.6 billion stadium (and then make them tax-exempt) but we can't do shit for the citizenry or their children. - Big Joe Silence
Fuck, I'm sorry. - Meg VMeg
:( - Jenny H. from Android
Ah, that sucks. Poor kiddo. Hopefully she'll love one of the branch libraries just as much. - Kirsten
Wow. - Joe
i remember when this building opened in 1973. alot of good childhood memories for me there, not to mention happy memories of our kids discovering a greater love for reading and story-telling. - Big Joe Silence
Jason Toney
RT @wis10: THIS JUST IN: George Stinney, 14-year-old convicted of murdering two girls in '44, EXONERATED:
RT @wis10: THIS JUST IN: George Stinney, 14-year-old convicted of murdering two girls in '44, EXONERATED:
Some good news: I just found out that I will have a temporary test development job starting in January and running through April. It's not full time, and it's freelance and temporary, but I will take it. Small sigh of relief.
Yay! - Anne Bouey
Congratulations! - Spidra Webster
WOO HOO! - Soup in a TARDIS
Thank you all so much! - Jed
congrats! - imabonehead
Congrats, Jed! - Brent Schaus from iPhone
YAY! - Alix May
Well, that's a pretty sweet Christmas gift. ;) Congrats! :) - AHnix (Anna Haro)
Maxwell is a big brother... Benjamin born early Monday morning...
Congratulations! - John (bird whisperer)
Congratulations! - Anne Bouey
Congratulations! - Jennifer Dittrich from iPhone
Thanks... tomorrow is the big day for Maxwell to meet his little brother. Everyone is doing well... even better now since we got some sleep. - Harold
congrats! - imabonehead
Congrats - Katy S
Congratulations! - vicster: hon. canadian
Congratulations to you all! - Stephan from iPhone
Congrats, Kamilah and Harold and Maxwell! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Wonderful congratulations! - Steve C Team Marina
Congratulations!! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Congratulations on your new addition! :) - Jenny H. from Android
CONGRATS! - MoTO: #TeamMarina
Grats :) - Eivind
Congratulations! - The First NoeLB from Android
Congratulations, you four <3 - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Bartender at Bar Bacon is swoon material
It's the bacon talking - Eric - ill subliminal from iPhone
Is he sizzling? - Steve C Team Marina
Salty language! - Marie
Stop staring at his hickory. - Janet
:P - Shevonne from iPhone
Everybody got jokes. - MoTO: #TeamMarina
Steven Perez
‘Oh God, It’s Mom’: Pundits’ Mother Calls in to C-SPAN | Mediaite -
‘Oh God, It’s Mom’: Pundits’ Mother Calls in to C-SPAN | Mediaite
"Brothers Dallas and Brad Woodhouse were debating ye olde bipartisanship on C-Span’s Washington Journal Tuesday morning when they got a call in from “someone down south.” “You’re right I’m from down south!” said the voice. “Oh god, it’s mom!” Dallas said as both brothers hid their faces. “I disagree that all families are like ours,” Joy Woodhouse told the program. “I don’t know many families that are fighting on Thanksgiving.” Joy said she hoped the brothers got all their disagreements out on C-Span and behaved themselves over Christmas. “Okay mom,” they replied. “See you this weekend.”" - Steven Perez from Bookmarklet
And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I watch C-SPAN. - Steven Perez
They can't afford call screeners, huh? - Eric - ill subliminal
That's a call you would move to the top :-) - Todd Hoff
RATINGS BONANZA! - Big Joe Silence
Can imagine a timed smack upside the head for each, maybe two for the guy on the left, with *that* suit - Mo Kargas
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