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Google Translate taking on Turkish is like Drunk History on Funny or Die.
"The evening rush comments before installing php file and justice, and our feast today emişkeliyos today, I'm glad the last drop of almost falling." - Micah
ahah! let me translate dear sir. - Alfonker Tapir
"Why do phoebes pump their tails?" - Meg VMeg
alfonker ahahaha - Cafo
koşturun abiler php kurmadan yorum ve layk ve dosya emişkeliyosa bugün bizim bayram günümüz, neredeyse dona düşen son damla yasaklanmışçasına sevindim - You (edit | delete) ____ come dudes! today is a holy day if this also downloads the discussions, likes and attached files, without us having to deal with php stuff. I am almost as happy as if the last urine drop which always goes to the underwear is officially banned. - Alfonker Tapir
Micah, there are millions (if not billions) of Turkish people who have hard times with understanding Alfonker Tapir. Poor Google Translate. - samet
well, definitely not billions of Turkish people, despite Bret Taylor's worst nightmares :) - Kickdrum
Alfonker'i Yunanistan'a da oteleyemiyoruz... - hdp-akp el ele koalisyona
Buddy, AlfonkerTapirish is not Turkish. No offense Mr. Tapir, our friend Micah knows very little about your linguistic works. - doper
ahah doper ya - Alfonker Tapir
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
I look like hell because it's hellish outside, man. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Look at all that cuteness!! - Katy S from iPhone
Boom! - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
You don't look like hell, you look cute! :D - Jennifer Dittrich
Haha! Thanks! I felt like hell. Maybe like heck. :) - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
<3 x infinity - Jenny H.
John is seriously the lowest talker I have ever met. Haha! I kept telling him I couldn't hear him. He must think I'm crazy too because I kept getting hot in the AIR CONDITIONED CLIMATE CONTROLLED museum. O_o - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Sorry. >.> - John (bird whisperer)
What?? Speak up, sir. ;) - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Jealousy. I haz. - Jim #teamFFrank from iPhone
ME TOO - Mo Kargas
Y'all should be! John is quite a nice person. He let me boss him around. Haha! - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
You weren't *that* bossy. :-P - John (bird whisperer)
So you admit I was a little bossy. :D - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
So jealous of you both! - Shannon - GlassMistress
👍 - JB from iPhone
<3 this pic makes me happy <3 - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
!!! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
You clearly had a great time. - Son of Groucho
:) :) :) - AJ Batac
That time I met Zulema. - John (bird whisperer)
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Shooting the city! (at @Millennium_Park in Chicago, IL) https://www.swarmapp.com/c...
Shooting the city! (at @Millennium_Park in Chicago, IL) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/2gQ4UTDtfLr
Hopefully you didn't hit anything critical. - Stephan Planken from iPhone
Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
so yeah this is me doing standup for those interested. https://www.youtube.com/watch...
Glad I got to see this before we all fade away. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Stephen Mack
Adobe Abolished Annual Performance Review [Business Insider] - http://www.businessinsider.com/adobe-a...
Adobe Abolished Annual Performance Review [Business Insider]
From the 2014 article: "When Donna Morris joined Adobe in 2002 as a senior director of global talent management, she noticed that the annual performance review, such a central part of the human resources job she had been hired to do, wasn’t much of a resource to the humans it served. 'At one point, the planning alone took nine months,' she says. 'It was like preparing to give birth to a child. It was like, "why does this take so long? Does this really drive the business return?" ' [...] So, [three] years ago, she abolished the software giant’s performance review system." - Stephen Mack from Bookmarklet
My last performance review was a few years ago, thankfully. It is a waste of time that serves no purpose. - Stephan Planken from iPhone
I'm torn. I do see value but the process is so burdensome and time-consuming that the value is overwhelmed. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
^ so much that, Stephen. - holly #ravingfangirl
Neither the BI piece nor the linked Businessweek piece quantify what ditching annual reviews has done for any organization, though. - Andrew C (✔)
Andrew, it'd be interesting to see that analysis. But the main thing ditching does is save several thousand hours of labor for the company. - Stephen Mack
Reasons I Would Make An Excellent Feudal Vassal And You Should Consider Me For The Position - http://the-toast.net/2015...
Reasons I Would Make An Excellent Feudal Vassal And You Should Consider Me For The Position
"3. My hatred for the thrice-damned Merovingians is equalled only by my hatred for paintings that demonstrate an accurate use of perspective, and the market economy." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"5. I oppose both the spread of guilds and the Dutch." - Jessie
"6. I am prepared already to join either the noblesse d’épée or the noblesse de robe, as I already own both a pretty fair fencing épée and a wizard’s robe that I got off the Internet." - Jessie
Michael Zhang
An Inspiring Review of Amazon’s Bestselling Tripod - http://petapixel.com/2015...
Shannon - GlassMistress
For a while now I've been trying to sort out a new owl bead. Early attempts had facial expression like they'd just farted ... funny but not what I wanted. Over the weekend I tried again and I must have gotten it right because none of them lasted more than 90 seconds at auction :-)
Love the little blue fellow best :-) Also took an order for three more - woot! - Shannon - GlassMistress
I want to see the farting owls, too! :D - April Russo (FForever!)
Oh the blue one! He's so cute!!! - Heather
I donated the farting owls, figured the kids would get a kick out of them. Heather, I'm happy to make another just send me a DM :-) - Shannon - GlassMistress
Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
ME FIRST! What's something you absolutely want to do before you get all old and crusty and die and stuff. - Hookuh Tinypants
Perform in at least 3 timezones and 2 countries in one year. - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
What's your favorite joke or funny thing you've ever written/performed? (If you can remember....I have trouble remembering lyrics to songs I wrote myself...) - Spidra Webster
Do you have video links of a performance? - SAM
No recorded stuff. Maybe after Monday I will have something. I'll private message a joke I've told before but I hate posting them publicly because thy rarely work as well written. - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce from iPhone
Oh except this I forgot. "music Group TLC is reportedly working on a biography of their career titles CrazySexyCool" it is planned to be filmed in 3D but th are having trouble with that as they are missing a LeftEye - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce from iPhone
I actually have a much better version I that written somewhere. It was one of my "Onion" style headlines I were in sketch class - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce from iPhone
Which do you think will get you first, instant karma or the rhythm? - Corinne L
What is the title of your biography? - Mary Carmen
The Rhythm is going to get me. But it'll be awful - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce from iPhone
Biography title "Scruffy Lookin'" - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce from iPhone
Do you prefer structured improv or a total free for all? - Pete's Got To Go
Define structured vs free for all because almost all improv to me has some structure. So do you mean like short vs long form or like armondo vs Harold? - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce from iPhone
What did you want to be when you were a kid? Were you always funny? - Jenny H. from Android
I guess I mean just free form riffing on your own idea versus having a 'seed' from an audience. And that's as much as I know about improv :) - Pete's Got To Go
I've never, outside of rehearsal anyway, done improv that wasn't based on an audience suggestion or a monologue. Which I am fine with, having a starting point/idea is really helpful. Also, it is an important part of the showmanship.. If we didn't get a suggestion to in some way incorporate then how do you know it isn't just rehearsed material. - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
When I was a kid I wanted to be a writer and/or a teacher. I've always had funny thoughts and cracked jokes but mostly I was/am the quiet one as well. - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
ugh, I'm actually uploading something to youtube. kill me now1 - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
Eric - Final Countdown
What ever happened to the Friendfeed box? I never got a turn.
The Friendfeed box? - John (bird whisperer)
It was a box of stuff people were mailing around. - Eric - Final Countdown
i've been thinking about it, missing the pictures of its travels, :( - chaz2b
Who's had it in their hands? - Eric - Final Countdown
not me, too late on the list i guess - chaz2b
Someone held onto it and never passed it on but I don't know who. Presumably someone who left FF quite some time ago. - Spidra Webster
a thief of hope and imagination - chaz2b
At one point it ended up stuck with Aden, I think she finally sent it on, but it sat with her a very long time. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
http://friendfeed.com/friendf... Looks like MJC might have it. He's on Facebook and Twitter. - Spidra Webster
I bet he doesn't have it any more, it's been nearly 4 years. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Yeah, it stopped with MJC. - Anne Bouey
haha i had that damn box way too long too. ;) - holly #ravingfangirl
I'll start another, if anyone else is game. I just need to know what to put in it to get it started. We can even port it over to frenf. - El Conejo Viejo from Android
i'll play; guess it starts out with a box, and a donated item - chaz2b
The box had local treats, postcards, trinkets, a small gift or two for specific FFers. I added a little FF memorabilia when I had it. The receiver took a couple items and replaced them with something new. - Anne Bouey
Sounds like a geocache that comes to you instead of you hunting for it. - bentley
I would absolutely love to start something like this up again, especially if we can find some sort of way to organize where things go next (and some sort of schedule.) Are there any tools (like Elfster? I dunno.) that could facilitate that? A lot of us are ending up in one or more places, but I feel like we could make it work as long as people are still in touch with at least the next person on the list. - Jennifer Dittrich
I was just especially sad that it bombed out right as a lot of us first became really active and didn't have a chance to participate. If people don't want to, it isn't like there's an obligation. - Jennifer Dittrich
Jennifer, if you follow the link Spidra provided above, you'll see how it was all done using Google Maps and signing up. - Anne Bouey from iPhone
I was hoping there'd be maybe something a little more structured if we wanted to revive it, if just to prevent or make it less likely that we'd have things go south the way that they did. I know there's only so much that can be done, and people have to be responsible, but if there's any way to make it easier, I would want to include that. - Jennifer Dittrich
You should probably arrange who is getting the box and in what order, before it begins. It would probably be easier on people to handle the postage costs if they are much closer together and the box doesn't have to criss-cross an ocean on each trip. I was scanning through the comments in the previous box room and noticed someone mentioned having to pay over $60 to ship it. That's a lot,... more... - April Russo (FForever!)
To be very frank about the original FF Swap Box...y'all put your absolute trust and faith in strangers on the internet. While that's incredibly noble, it's also a chance you took. Life happens and priorities change, and sometimes shit just falls apart. The behavior and attitude of some of the swap participants were just as egregious as those who failed to send the box along in a timely... more... - Hookuh Tinypants
The tragedy of the commons... swap box. - Jennifer Dittrich
Pretty much. :) - Hookuh Tinypants
Steve C, Team Marina
Now I'm wondering when I'll get my last FF "Steve..." reprimand for comments containing political incorrectness, general wtf, vulgarity, potty mouth, low sperm count, or an erection lasting more than 4 hours. It really is the highlight of my day.
Steve...i want an erection lasting more than 4 hours. - Big Joe Silenced
The Steve. abides. - Micah from FFHound!
Bring it all over to Frenf.it .. but you might want to cover the erection until they get to know you. - Kristin
Kristin... :) - Stephan Planken from iPhone
t-ra needs this place
Sorry I missed the #AskMeAnything party! 40th birthday party prep has consumed my evening hours this week. Feel free to ask and I will attend to it. Also I am on twitter as @tamarasabine personally and @TamaraNeff professionally to keep up. I hate that this scattering is happening. Sigh.
Fact, talent, or experience we probably don't know about you? - AHnix (Anna Haro)
Which do you think will get you first, instant karma or the rhythm? - Corinne L
favourite dessert or snack food? - Big Joe Silenced
Countries you most want to visit? Why? - AHnix (Anna Haro)
Song that makes you feel like the sexiest, baddest bitch ever? - AHnix (Anna Haro)
What accomplishment are you most proud of? - Kristin
1. I was a psychic apprentice for a short time. I read The Tarot. - t-ra needs this place
2. the rhythm. without a doubt. - t-ra needs this place
3. cookies. - t-ra needs this place
4. Turkey because I want to see Istanbul. Spain to track down my heritage. Scotland because I'm pretty sure my soul mate is probably there. And I want to ride the Trans Siberian Railway someday. - t-ra needs this place
5. ooh that's a good one ... ' I got what it takes' by Koko Taylor - t-ra needs this place
6. when I did my VISTA service, the guy who ran the state office for our area didn't send us to the national training that everyone else went to. I complained to the national office and in my second year we all attended the official training session and they have ever since. I vill always be proud of that even though it marked me as a troublemaker for the remaider of my service term. - t-ra needs this place
Best compliment ever received? - AHnix (Anna Haro)
7. a lady friend recently told me that watching me dance reminded her what real passion was like. I was super flattered by that. - t-ra needs this place
^THAT is one of the best compliments ever. - AHnix (Anna Haro)
Andrew C (✔)
Jeb Bush's email troubles grow more serious | MSNBC - http://www.msnbc.com/rachel-...
"Jeb Bush used his private e-mail account as Florida governor to discuss security and military issues such as troop deployments to the Middle East and the protection of nuclear plants, according to a review of publicly released records. The e-mails include two series of exchanges involving details of Florida National Guard troop deployments after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, the review by The Washington Post found." - Andrew C (✔) from Bookmarklet
"The Washington Post’s report on the security risks surrounding Jeb Bush conducting official business on his private account coincided with a New York Times article, which noted that it took the former governor more than seven years “to comply fully with a Florida public records statute” on email disclosure." - Andrew C (✔)
"The report quoted a non-partisan expert with the Florida-based First Amendment Foundation who said Bush’s disclosure policy was “a technical violation of the law.” The governor was required to turn over records pertaining to official business “at the expiration of his or her term of office,” and the Republican waited more than seven years to meet these obligations." - Andrew C (✔)
"What we’re left with are legitimate concerns about Bush’s judgment. When he went on the offensive on the Clinton email story, did he not think his own, nearly identical problems would emerge? Or was this a case in which Team Jeb went on the attack without bothering to recognize their vulnerability?" - Andrew C (✔)
I think, in both the disclosure, and going on the offensive, they just went for all-out aggression as the only part of the strategy. They've been accused of the same with large donors or endorsements; they're forcing exclusivity from people long before the field is even established, and it is difficult to say no to the juggernaut. - Jennifer Dittrich
Ken Morley
I was teasing our group about sea snakes the other night, then the next day saw one of these guys on the beach.
According to http://news.co.cr/snakes-... "They are a highly venomous sea snake related to the cobra" and "the national laboratory on serpents does not keep any antidote in stock" - Ken Morley
But don't worry, they are very docile and unlikely to bite. O_O - Ken Morley
O_o where the hell do you live? - MoTO Boychick Devil
gah - Meg VMeg
love the colors, so enticing - -سعید همیشه سبز -؟
DId you read the comment from the woman whose husband did not know what kind of snake it was and so picked it up and put it back in the sea because he felt sorry for it? It's a good thing these snakes don't bite humans. - Friar Will
It's pretty. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Very pretty. - Anika
When my friend was working in Dominica, her biggest fear was encountering one of these guys while swimming. - Jenny H.
my phobia ^^ - Sepi ⌘ سپی
Barry, we're vacationing in Costa Rica. I think we will be curtailing our midnight walks on the beach. :P - Ken Morley
RT @lostateminor: Here’s a 9-month-old baby enjoying his first ever surfing experience with his dad - http://www.lostateminor.com/2015... http://t.co/yPgRL5r62l
RT @lostateminor: Here’s a 9-month-old baby enjoying his first ever surfing experience with his dad - http://www.lostateminor.com/2015/03/17/heres-a-9-month-old-baby-enjoying-his-first-ever-surfing-experience-with-his-dad/ http://t.co/yPgRL5r62l
despite the cute photo, in the video i he doesn't look amused. actually the poor thing looks quite confused and scared, and eventually, exhausted. must have swallowed a lot of water too. i find this rather irresponsible - grizabella
Steve C, Team Marina
Mom and Grandma have conspired to teach the baby to say "ma ma." Which has actually worked he now says "ma ma" to everything. The cat, the table, food and drink, dad, mom, grandma, the mailman, the stroller. All are known as "ma ma" or "ma ma ma ma ma ma ma" with an occasional click thrown in to to honor African roots i guess.
Thanks to my father my first word was "potato." He apparently stood over my crib for hours and hours repeating it again and again. - Soup in a TARDIS
Next thing to teach him is "NOT THE MAMA". - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
My sister's first word was "tiger" because I did what soup's dad did. She immediately forgot it a day or two later, and didn't say anything else for another month. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Be forewarned: there may come a time in this kid's life when you regret ever having taught him to walk or talk. ;-P - Anne Bouey
I feel that way about some of my coworkers Anne ^ - Steve C, Team Marina
How does the saying go? You spend the first part of their life teaching them to walk and talk and the rest of it telling them to sit down and shut up? ;-) - That's So CAJ!
Police Ask For ‘A Little More Effort’ In Bad Crash Drawing « CBS Boston - http://boston.cbslocal.com/2015...
Police Ask For ‘A Little More Effort’ In Bad Crash Drawing « CBS Boston
"Police aren’t expecting any masterpieces in the car crash diagrams drawn by people filing accident reports. But officers in Sutton say a driver in one crash could’ve done a lot better than this. “This is the back of a crash form that someone involved in an accident in town turned in to us….Seriously,” police wrote on Facebook. “We’re not saying you need to be Pablo Picasso with your drawings, but a little more effort would have gone a long way.” The state crash report asks drivers to “draw a diagram of the roadway or streets where the crash occurred, indicating the vehicles involved and direction of travel.” The result looked more like “sausages with wheels,” one comment on the Facebook post stated." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Have advanced camera phones stunted our abilities to recognize professional photography? http://tnw.to/f4tYR via @thenextweb
Have advanced camera phones stunted our abilities to recognize professional photography? http://tnw.to/f4tYR via @thenextweb
Ring brings ancient Viking, Islamic civilizations closer together - https://www.sciencenews.org/article...
Ring brings ancient Viking, Islamic civilizations closer together
Ancient texts mention encounters around 1,000 years ago between Scandinavians and members of the Islamic civilization, which stretched from West Asia to Mediterranean lands. Archaeological evidence supporting those accounts, though, is rare. - Halil from Bookmarklet
Well, "Allah" and "Valhalla" does sound kind of similar. - Eivind
El Conejo Viejo
Because Kristin demanded it: the origin of Bunneh.
Way back in 2009, there was a regular denizen of FriendFeed named Tina. Tina had a fiendish sense of humor. Nowhere else was this proved as effectively as the day she tagged me with the nickname of Bunneh. - El Conejo Viejo
Here's the original link: http://friendfeed.com/akatina.... - El Conejo Viejo
At first, I tried to fight it, but to no avail. People all over FriendFeed would try to say that I was a bunneh guy, then, like Frankenstein's creation, I became the Bunneh when I allowed one person - Mary Carmen, I think - to call me Bunneh. After that, the brakes were off and everyone called me Bunneh. - El Conejo Viejo
It's not the worst nickname I've ever been saddled with (the nickname my family gave me is never to be uttered in presence, for instance), but I've been called worse. And now it's kinda grown on me. I started posting the morning bunnies when I discovered that certain other people were beyond miffed that a grown-ass man was allowing himself to be called Bunneh, and that kinda stuck, too. And that's how I became known as Bunneh. - El Conejo Viejo
(That thread, btw, had a ton of other posters in it, who have since gone on to other corners of the web, which is why the conversation kinda lurches around.) - El Conejo Viejo
Thank you for humoring me. It's funny how something catches. I never knew the story behind it, but Bunneh has always been a term of endearment for you around these parts. :) - Kristin
Yeah, I grew into it, especially when my brother starting calling me that. - El Conejo Viejo
Your brother calls you bunneh?!?! That's awesome!!! - Kristin
He still makes fun of me because I did this: http://friendfeed.com/silas21... - El Conejo Viejo
bunneh! - MoTO Boychick Devil from Android
Barry! :) - El Conejo Viejo
You have to post it on frenf.it, we didn't know the story! :) - vale (acaso) from iPhone
Vale - it's in this room: http://www.frenf.it/earlyad... - Kristin from iPhone
Seen and liked, good work Kristin! ;) - vale (acaso)
I posted earlier about a room on Frenf.it that explains some of the Italian inside jokes / slang. They are being so welcoming! Let's return the kindness and explain some of our FF inside jokes, weird spellings, etc. Once we have a thread of them, I'll post them over on frenf.it for our new Italian family. Please to be sharing them now!
We love mangos. - Marie
Using -eh at the end of certain words (kitteh, puppeh, bunneh). Spelling baby "babby." - Corinne L
Marie - Can you explain? I don't even know that one. - Kristin
Do anybody no what our inside jokes are? - Lola Bean (Penguin) from iPhone
Penguin - That's the one that made me think we needed to get a post together! - Kristin
Corinne - Both of those are good! - Kristin
Louis Gray's line: "Sleep is unproductive and a waste of time." I'm sure there is some back story on how this line came about, but I've never heard it. - Corinne L
^ I just tried to like that comment. #DamnYouFrenfIt (#DYSP) - Kristin
The hashtag of #rodfathersadeyes probably deserves its own thread with links. - Corinne L
How is babby formed? - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Does DYSP/Bunneh need explanation? - John (bird whisperer)
Haha yes! I say "sleep is unproductive and a waste of time" to people IRL a lot and they think I'm crazy. - Lola Bean (Penguin) from iPhone
Aw, I remember the post when Audrey was born. BABBY IS FORMED. - Lola Bean (Penguin) from iPhone
John - I just DMed Bunneh to have him explain the origin because it was before my time. :) - Kristin
Not so much an inside joke as shows of support: Team[name] hashtags and/or using them in screen names. - Corinne L
Oh goodness, what is the original story on mangos? Do anybody no? - Marie
Half of us love avocados, the other half hates them. Same with cilantro. We love to fake fight about it. - Marie
Ohhh .. those are good ones! I forgot about #teampie #teamcake and other food wars! - Kristin
FARP should be included - Tamara J. B.
Yes! - Kristin
Argumenting (though that one won't transition without Cristo, Akiva, and I.) - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Cilantro is serious business. - El Conejo Viejo
<3 - Pea Bukowski from Flucso
"Bless their heart" as a pejorative. - That's So CAJ!
Bump - any more? - Kristin
I've started putting them over on frenf.it here: http://www.frenf.it/earlyad... Subscribe and share! - Kristin
If anything I'm posting needs adjusting, let me know! I'm pulling some from memory. Also, DO ANYBODY NO where the origin of DO ANYBODY NO came from? I think it was a yahoo post, but I'm not 100% sure. - Kristin
DO ANYBODY NO came from some of the bizarre questions and responses on Yahoo Answers. - John (bird whisperer)
Thanks, John. I thought so but I wasn't sure. :) - Kristin
"How is babby formed" also came from there. - John (bird whisperer)
One FFer had created a "do anybody no" website, but it seems to be long gone. - John (bird whisperer)
Iain Baker
Oooh, i'll do the #AskMeAnything thing. Go on then....
When did you know you had made it? - Eric - Final Countdown
When you got to go on "Top Of The Pops". Also - hearing your record on the radio for the first time. - Iain Baker
How did you feel when you signed a record deal? How did you even make that connection? - Eric - Final Countdown
Which do you think will get you first, instant karma or the rhythm? - Corinne L
How did you find out about FriendFeed? :) - imabonehead
Corrine - rhythm'll get me, it always does:) - Iain Baker
How many FFers have you met in real life? - Tamara J. B.
do you have a favourite memory of victoriously overcoming gear failure on stage? short version of the story? (i love this stuff.) - Big Joe Silenced
I had started an internet radio station/fledgeling socialnetworking site with my old boss, called Shadowglobe. We used Twitter really early - I can remember seeing the global feed updates, and you could actually read everything as it was coming in! And one day, one of the people I followed mentioned Friendfeed, so I went to look, and was hooked, instantly. The first few weeks, it was like a drug, I couldn't get enough of it - Iain Baker
FF'ers i've met? Emma, Gabrielle, Val (of course). There were a few UK ff'ers too early on,we had a nice little clique - Iain Baker
Gear failure - hmmm. We were booked to play a series of festivals in Japan, and after the first night in Osaka, we fetched up in Tokyo. We had a 30 minute window to set up, and fired up the sampler on the laptop, only to see it kept crashing. As the minutes ticked away, we realised in horror that we couldn't play about 80% of our set. We were thousands of miles from home, with no... more... - Iain Baker
Do you have any dreams or expectations for your kids? - Eric - Final Countdown
I want them to have passion. For someone, for something, for life. - Iain Baker
Will you marry me? - Melly
I've had enough of marrying for a lifetime, I think. But if that hadn't been the case - then yeah x - Iain Baker
Who's the one musician you haven't met yet that you want to meet and will just lose it if you do? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
I don't have many heroes - Moe Berg from TPOH was one, and he's now a friend. Erm, maybe - Lee Perry? - Iain Baker
Also - - Wim Mertens. - Iain Baker
What tour stop you thought would suck, but the place/city turned out much better than you expected? - Joe
Maybe some of the places in Northern Canada - Winnipeg, Saskatoon - places like that. I remember thinking "this isn't going to be worth it", but they were FANTASTIC shows - Iain Baker
If you weren't a musician, what else would you have liked to do for a living? - Kristin
Kristin, I've always wanted to do this - I can't remember a time when I didn't just want to be in a band. Apart from being a musician, the only other thing I would have done, is worked in a record shop - Iain Baker
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
How do you like the knife? - Marie
I've never seen this before. Did you get it through Kickstarter or elsewhere? - Anne Bouey
https://www.kickstarter.com/project... I'm interested in hearing Zulema's review. I didn't have the $ to get in on this but it seems like a good idea. - Spidra Webster
It's pretty cool! I need to practice it better but I love how it makes the butter like spaghetti. :) - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Corinne L
To all the FF users who left and are only now coming back because they read the news today, YES WE ARE STILL HERE. We didn't leave, YOU DID. There are still a high number of dedicated, daily FriendFeed users who are sad to see the site go, so your comments of "wow, you're still here?" are quite tiresome.
Also, we're great. - Andrew C (✔)
You ain't never lied, Andrew. - Corinne L
Wow, you're still here? - Scott from Android
Don't test me, Scott, I've been drinking AND my hormones are all out of wack. - Corinne L
SO MUCH THIS. Also, what's the point of coming back just to say that. It's pretty arseholish. - Melly
And all the people coming back to make "one last post." BITE ME. Just shut down your account now. - Corinne L
^oh, don't do that! I might have left really witty comments on some of their posts. - Andrew C (✔)
:-) They are no longer worthy of your wit, Andrew. - Corinne L
Sure, but the rest of y'all still are! - Andrew C (✔)
You are quickly earning TWO birthday cupcakes. - Corinne L
Seeing some old posts made me realize how many of the comments are missing from closed accounts. - Stephan Planken
I have to admit I'm not a daily user, but I've dipped in and out on a fairly regular basis over time. - Ian May
I admit to having pulled back a bit over the past year, but I'm still here. maybe we should all chain ourselves to something so they can't close it down. - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
And I'm happy that y'all are still here. This place was my Cheers for a long time. I left for a spell but it was also comforting to know that I could stop in for a drink anytime. - chrisofspades
I don't post anymore but I still do check in and read quite a bit. So just looking at my posting history, it might appear like people like myself are just coming back because of the news. I don't see the point in anyone making "you're still here?" types of comments, but coming back to check on people, save information, and get contact info before everything is deleted is important for many. I don't feel I should have to rush to shut my account down now just because I haven't made a post in quite some time. - Rochelle
Rochelle...exactly - Shevonne
Hmm, I must have missed those 'are you still here?' posts. I've seen them in the past but not since the news broke. I never took offense to it. I think I saw it as an awkward, not so graceful way of saying 'Hi.' It can be intimidating popping back in here after being gone for a while, especially if the folks you were once tight with left or are not as active/visible. - AHnix (Anna Haro)
Anna, there was a tone to some of those posts - my perception of the tone, of course - that bugged me more than anything. To me, it felt like the old boyfriend/girlfriend who ends the relationship and fails to recognize that the other person will go on and thrive without their attention. Maybe I'm just hormonal and hypersensitive, though. The folks who are posting on this thread (with... more... - Corinne L
Oh, you mean 'Dick tone' posts? Yeah, that's not okay. - AHnix (Anna Haro)
I admit it, I left. I came back when the news broke. But I can understand how tiresome the posts are - OMG!!! FRIENDFEED IS HEAR!!! But a community as intense as this cannot be broken. It, at the end, was, and still is, much more than just a website. - #cryptic
You get it, Helen. I appreciate that. I'm pretty sure you were the first FF'er I met IRL. - Corinne L
El Conejo Viejo
Because Kristin demanded it: the origin of #DYSP.
Once upon a time, there was this podcast called Ffundercats. When it started, there were three blokes behind the mics: Josh Haley, Johnny Worthington and Mark Wilson. They would usually record live, which meant that the possibility of making them flub a line was too good to pass up for those with a puerile sense of humor, like yours truly. - El Conejo Viejo
During one such recording, I did something goofy in the chat room (yes, there was a chat room, where the podcasters could get real-time comments from the peanut gallery) and made Mark say out loud, "DAMN YOU, STEVEN PEREZ. DAMN YOU!!!" - El Conejo Viejo
Which his fellow podcasters and most of the audience found hilarious. It soon became a regular thing; I would do my level best to get Mark to say it, and would usually succeed. The denizens of this fair website would soon adopt it for a variety of reasons, and the rest, as they say, is history. And a video on YouTube. - El Conejo Viejo
Thank you, bunneh! How did you become bunneh? - Kristin
There's a picture and a story for that one. I'm gonna have to root around for that. - El Conejo Viejo
Sean McBride
Massive breakthrough: Japanese scientists find a way to transmit energy wirelessly http://zite.to/1xnnE81
Massive breakthrough: Japanese scientists find a way to transmit energy wirelessly http://zite.to/1xnnE81
Anne Bouey
34 Hilarious Photos Of Kids Losing It Over NOTHING. - Dose - Your Daily Dose of Amazing - http://www.dose.com/lists...
34 Hilarious Photos Of Kids Losing It Over NOTHING. - Dose - Your Daily Dose of Amazing
34 Hilarious Photos Of Kids Losing It Over NOTHING. - Dose - Your Daily Dose of Amazing
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"It's known that kids say the darndest things...but this also holds true with their tears. Most times, they'll cry about absolutely nothing and everytime it's absolutely hilarious." - Anne Bouey from Bookmarklet
"He meet Bill Murray" LOL - Xabaras (G.O.) from FFHound!
"He didn't want to share his leg hole" :D - Eivind
Not being allowed to have more bacon is NOT nothing!!!!! - Melly
It might be when there's a fair bit of bacon already on your plate :P - Soup in a TARDIS
That's totally not the point! - Melly
"We took her to a Justin Bieber concert." <--that's not trivial, not even with a set of noise cancelling headphones! - April Russo (FForever!)
#14 & #22 seem related. - April Russo (FForever!)
http://www.standunited.org/petitio... The FriendFeed team : Don Not Shut Down the FriendFeed! - ‌‌ ‌‌گرگان نت ‌‌‌ (✓)
Louis Gray
You Can't Achieve Equality by Expecting Everyone to be the Same - http://blog.louisgray.com/2014...
You Can't Achieve Equality by Expecting Everyone to be the Same
You Can't Achieve Equality by Expecting Everyone to be the Same
"Speaking up or talking about hard issues like racial bias or diversity, or calling for attentiton to inherent problems, makes it possible I'll misspeak and say something quotable where I don't want it. It's instead much easier to sit quiet and let other people fight their battles - to watch big conflicts and flareups remotely, trivializing someone else's experience, as something that's not happening here. But even in the 'burbs, and in our corporate offices, there are issues. We may not see unarmed men shot 12 times and killed in our hallways, but there are opportunities to bring down or build up our peers daily, and most of us aren't doing much to aid their quiet struggles." - Louis Gray from Bookmarklet
Great article. (Also, love that second pic of Erica.) - Stephen Mack
I like both those pictures of Erica! Thanks, Stephen. - Louis Gray
Thanks. I was just about to give up on the possibility of MLK's dream. - Alfred C. Ingram
I hate all pictures of Erica equally. - EricaJoy
Anne Bouey
I've never read anything written by Terry Pratchett. I'm so impressed by the outpouring of love for him. What would you recommend as a first book?
I think "The Colour of Water" is in the house somewhere, unless Kelly took it. It was the only legitimate paperback I bought in Beijing. - Jessie
In a lot of ways, "Going Postal" can be a good start (the world he's built is pretty well established, but the character you're starting with is new, and building a new life.) "Nation," as a stand alone, is also pretty great, but unrelated to the Discworld stuff. - Jennifer Dittrich
Thanks for the recommendations. :) - Anne Bouey
http://www.lspace.org/books... - depending on what you like, I would say either the Tiffany Aching novels ("young adult"), Death series, Witches series, or Guards series would be best. Rincewind series were the first, and most Douglas Adams-ish, and he grew away from that direction over time. Still enjoyable. - Andrew C (✔)
I loved "Witches Abroad" and his collaboration with Neil Gaiman, "Good Omens" - vicster.
'Equal Rites' is a fun satire. 'Pyramids' is fun for all the wordplay. Any of the Rincewind books ('Color of Magic', 'Light Fantastic', 'Interesting Times' are my faves) are hilarious. - Anika
Thanks, all. :) - Anne Bouey
I'll second Good Omens since it's standalone. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Thank you. - Anne Bouey
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