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Rooms Feedback

Rooms Feedback

Ideas, suggestions, and feedback on the FriendFeed "rooms" feature
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Kishore Balakrishnan
idea a new Permissions option : only creator of thread and admins can view thread/comments
This would be an alternative for "If your problem involves personal information, or you don't feel comfortable publishing your message to the discussion group." - Kishore Balakrishnan
Is there a way to delete a room you've created not just unsubscribe? Thanks!
I'd like this feature too, tia - Chris Nuttall
Yeah, I'd like it too. And to underscore the usefulness of such a feature I created this room with the deliberate intent of deleting it as soon as "delete room" becomes available. - Dominic Jones
I would like this feature too... if only, to give a room a fresh (content) start... - Egon Willighagen
Rich Manalang
Why did you guys rename Rooms to Groups?
seems like Rooms made more sense for people who want to "get a room" and have private discussions - Rich Manalang
Lyonel Kaufmann
I'd like to have a widget by room. And why note to choose to include the messages rooms automatically in a general widget (optional in the room's settings).
Brooks Bishop
Is there a way to embed a room via a widget, like you can with a personal stream (through
Good idea. - Paul Buchheit
Great idea I would like to see this, also I am intrigued to see how the API will incorporate this. AlertThingy and Twhirl will need to be tweaked! - Joe Dawson
Would be very grateful for this feature, want to add FT Techfeed room to our blog (many thanks for the services feature just added) - FT Update
Permission to bump this? It's been two months and rooms are still trapped in Friendfeed without an embed - Chris Nuttall
I would like this as well... It's July and I don't see the capability to do it... - Justin Long
Did we get this feature? Really would love this! - Sumit Chachra
me too - @baratunde
Courtney Engle
I really want Friendfeed to let me embed a room for an event. Also pull in flickr groups, video groups (youtube & qik), etc. Any ideas on embedding a room?
Rob Spectre
Is there away to remove a service added to a room? I would like to keep an election room I made while removing some RSS feeds.
Note: When going to add/edit services for a room, the list of connected services does not appear like in the home feed. - Rob Spectre
So when you're in the room's "Add/Edit services" page, can you click on any of the "Active Services" to the right? If so, that's where you'd choose to remove the feeds in question. - Mitch
B2B Specialist
Can you import a FF list into a room?
Sure you can. If you're the room's moderator, just open up the list you'd like to import and grab the RSS link from the very bottom of the page where it says "Other ways to read this." Then paste that as one of the room's services. - Mitch
Is there a way to search rooms or a directory of rooms somewhere ?
Also google [inurl: keyword1 OR keyword2 OR keyword3], with or without keywords. - Bill Hooker
scott anderson
No updates to feeds for past five days. Tried to share a simple message to room and nothing happened. - scott anderson
Attempted to reboot room ... nada. - scott anderson
it started up again! - scott anderson
Mathew A. Koeneker
Is there am updated list of the various rooms out there on FF?
Dominic Jones
Thanks for the Rooms Widget. Haven't tried it yet, but looks like you've provided enough options to make this very useful.
Mathew A. Koeneker
Is there a way to tag your FF entries? For later aggregation into a project, blog post, etc?
Does adding hashtags work in Friendfeed? #hashtags - Pete Gilbert
I am not sure. I haven't tried that. Maybe that functionality is all ready there somewhere. More coffee needed. Back in a spell. - Mathew A. Koeneker
Per room discovery tool, FF sends out via FF news, the weeks most popular posts in the rooms based on likes and comments!
Room discovery tool needed.
as i read in the ff.googlegroups it is on the list 2 come. we will see ;-) - michael h
I definitely agree. One can search for a word, but it just gives you every recent mention of it. - Joseph Z.
I think a useful feature would be some sort of directory/search function... i am trying to find rooms on Entrepreneurs / Business - Ismail D
YES!!! - Frank Jurden
It's not complete. At least, it doesn't have my room in it. - Joseph Z.
absolutely, give us the ability to search for rooms - Krishna Gade
Benedikt Koehler
I created the room "Jobs" When I try to edit the description, it doesn't work: "The nickname "jobs" is not available"
I was under the impression that you couldn't create a room using the same name as a user. For example, doesn't exist; it just redirects to my feed and doesn't allow me to create it either. Maybe this restriction was added after you created the "jobs" room nickname for which the "jobs" user already exists: - Tony Ruscoe
Sounds plausible. Thanks! - Benedikt Koehler
Tony is correct. There is a single namespace to avoid confusion between users and rooms. - Bret Taylor
Will this remain like this "forever"? It makes names of (wider) interest less available and makes it possible for people to behave like things and snatch useful room names. For example: "opensocial" cannot be a room now, although it should be. - Nenad Nikolic
@Nenad I also think it would be better if it were optional to have a room with your username. - Benedikt Koehler
I hope FriendFeed will consider either separating user and room namespaces or at least offer an option for users to "lock" a room with their username. Furthermore, it's weird that a URL of a non-existing user does NOT get redirected to a room with the same name, while a URL of a non-existing room gets redirected to a user with the same name. Any comments from the officials? :-) - Nenad Nikolic
Kishore Balakrishnan
show the rooms list as a cloud - size of font determined by number of members/messages/comments/likes in the last day/week/month
Create a "Best Room of the Week" promoted by Brett, Kevin, Ana, or Ross
Kerim Friedman
So I added two feeds to a room for the same site: One for comments and the other for the blog's main feed. Then I decided I should remove the comments because they are flooding the room. The problem is, I can't. The two feeds are indistinguishable in the edit/add dialog.
Coach Fu
Being able to play "enclosure" à la Google Reader would be nice.
Steve Isaacs
Vote for a custom icon in this room, call me picky.
I'm a designer, I'd be happy to cough up something if needed;) - Steve Isaacs
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Suggestion: in the friendfeed front page (maybe upper right corner), I would like to see a sign in form where I can type name and password. I don't really want to click on "sign in" link then type my name and password
Dominic Jones
Remove feed autodiscovery in private rooms
I'm not sure about this, but if someone in a private room subscribes to the room's atom feed on a public aggregator like Google Reader, Bloglines, MyYahoo! etc. isn't the contents of the private feed going to become public? By removing the autodiscovery code for the feed, you make it harder for people to inadvertently compromise content that other room members posted with the understanding that it would be private. Personally, I think there needs to be a clearer definition of what private means on FriendFeed. - Dominic Jones
Michael Leggett
Invites sent to an alternate email address should be usable.
I sent a bunch of invites to some friends at work and almost none of them could use the invite b/c it wasn't sent to the address that was associated w/ their FriendFeed account. - Michael Leggett
Simple solution: if I click on a invite that hasn't been used already and am signed in, just let me use it. Maybe notify the admin who sent the invite (either in the room, via email, or not at all). - Michael Leggett
More complex solution: Let me use the invite as above but also let me associate the email address that the invite was sent to with my FF account so that future invites sent to that address are more easily used. - Michael Leggett
Kevin? Thoughts? I know y'all are moving offices today... but don't leave me hanging on this one. Many of those I invited were not able to use the invitation. And even now, I've made the room public, but the invites don't get people to that room (so they can join). :( - Michael Leggett
If an invite is sent to one address for a private room, maybe it should be able to be used to create a FF account with another email address. - Adrian
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