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Rooms Feedback

Rooms Feedback

Ideas, suggestions, and feedback on the FriendFeed "rooms" feature
Mathew A. Koeneker
Is there a way to tag your FF entries? For later aggregation into a project, blog post, etc?
Does adding hashtags work in Friendfeed? #hashtags - Pete Gilbert
I am not sure. I haven't tried that. Maybe that functionality is all ready there somewhere. More coffee needed. Back in a spell. - Mathew A. Koeneker
Per room discovery tool, FF sends out via FF news, the weeks most popular posts in the rooms based on likes and comments!
Room discovery tool needed.
as i read in the ff.googlegroups it is on the list 2 come. we will see ;-) - michael h
I definitely agree. One can search for a word, but it just gives you every recent mention of it. - Joseph Z.
I think a useful feature would be some sort of directory/search function... i am trying to find rooms on Entrepreneurs / Business - Ismail D
YES!!! - Frank Jurden
It's not complete. At least, it doesn't have my room in it. - Joseph Z.
absolutely, give us the ability to search for rooms - Krishna Gade
Benedikt Koehler
I created the room "Jobs" When I try to edit the description, it doesn't work: "The nickname "jobs" is not available"
I was under the impression that you couldn't create a room using the same name as a user. For example, doesn't exist; it just redirects to my feed and doesn't allow me to create it either. Maybe this restriction was added after you created the "jobs" room nickname for which the "jobs" user already exists: - Tony Ruscoe
Sounds plausible. Thanks! - Benedikt Koehler
Tony is correct. There is a single namespace to avoid confusion between users and rooms. - Bret Taylor
Will this remain like this "forever"? It makes names of (wider) interest less available and makes it possible for people to behave like things and snatch useful room names. For example: "opensocial" cannot be a room now, although it should be. - Nenad Nikolic
@Nenad I also think it would be better if it were optional to have a room with your username. - Benedikt Koehler
I hope FriendFeed will consider either separating user and room namespaces or at least offer an option for users to "lock" a room with their username. Furthermore, it's weird that a URL of a non-existing user does NOT get redirected to a room with the same name, while a URL of a non-existing room gets redirected to a user with the same name. Any comments from the officials? :-) - Nenad Nikolic
Kishore Balakrishnan
show the rooms list as a cloud - size of font determined by number of members/messages/comments/likes in the last day/week/month
Create a "Best Room of the Week" promoted by Brett, Kevin, Ana, or Ross
Kerim Friedman
So I added two feeds to a room for the same site: One for comments and the other for the blog's main feed. Then I decided I should remove the comments because they are flooding the room. The problem is, I can't. The two feeds are indistinguishable in the edit/add dialog.
Coach Fu
Being able to play "enclosure" à la Google Reader would be nice.
Steve Isaacs
Vote for a custom icon in this room, call me picky.
I'm a designer, I'd be happy to cough up something if needed;) - Steve Isaacs
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Suggestion: in the friendfeed front page (maybe upper right corner), I would like to see a sign in form where I can type name and password. I don't really want to click on "sign in" link then type my name and password
Dominic Jones
Remove feed autodiscovery in private rooms
I'm not sure about this, but if someone in a private room subscribes to the room's atom feed on a public aggregator like Google Reader, Bloglines, MyYahoo! etc. isn't the contents of the private feed going to become public? By removing the autodiscovery code for the feed, you make it harder for people to inadvertently compromise content that other room members posted with the understanding that it would be private. Personally, I think there needs to be a clearer definition of what private means on FriendFeed. - Dominic Jones
Michael Leggett
Invites sent to an alternate email address should be usable.
I sent a bunch of invites to some friends at work and almost none of them could use the invite b/c it wasn't sent to the address that was associated w/ their FriendFeed account. - Michael Leggett
Simple solution: if I click on a invite that hasn't been used already and am signed in, just let me use it. Maybe notify the admin who sent the invite (either in the room, via email, or not at all). - Michael Leggett
More complex solution: Let me use the invite as above but also let me associate the email address that the invite was sent to with my FF account so that future invites sent to that address are more easily used. - Michael Leggett
Kevin? Thoughts? I know y'all are moving offices today... but don't leave me hanging on this one. Many of those I invited were not able to use the invitation. And even now, I've made the room public, but the invites don't get people to that room (so they can join). :( - Michael Leggett
If an invite is sent to one address for a private room, maybe it should be able to be used to create a FF account with another email address. - Adrian
Max Friedrich Hartmann
would be nice to have have an option which deletes imported feed items in a room if no one comments or likes them after a specified period of time (24h-1week)
that'd be bad for the searchfunction of friendfeed - Marcel Weiß
Why? If the room's popular enough they would just get buried anyway... - Tony Ruscoe
@marcel in this case these items that are imported via the friendfeed search itself, as described here by, so it would reduce duplicates and not harm the search-funtionality at all. - Max Friedrich Hartmann
Chris Nuttall
I'd like the ability for admins to format comments, basic stuff such as bold/ital, highlighting, text colour, I would only use this for formatting the initial comment, which for me is a pull-quote from what I'm linking to, or a comment aimed at kicking off a debate
As room admins, we're the hosts and our reputations/brands are connected to what happens in a room, so having far greater control is a prerequisite to me being able to continue creating rooms. I'm also concerned about keeping problem people out of rooms and being able to freeze a room once an event is over. Please, much more control for admins. - Dominic Jones from twhirl
Jon Dillon
Maybe I missed it but is there a way to delete/edit a feed for a room? I've got a typo in a URL and for the life of me I can't find a way to correct it. Many thanks in advance
Go to the room, then to Share Something, then click on Import, then click on the feed you want to delete, then click "Remove Account." - Mark Trapp
Thanks Mark but that doesn't seem to work for me. I posted a link to an rss feed and I don't find anywhere to remove it - Jon Dillon
Jon, you're talking about Social Media Club, right? If you click on "Share Something," you don't see the Import Your Stuff link on the right of the box? - Mark Trapp
No Its a room I've created that's private at present. I was trying to populate the room with some of our content before opening it up. The content is an RSS feed from our company web site - Jon Dillon
Ah, weird. Only thing I can think of if you don't see the links and buttons I'm describing is that you're not an admin for the room, but that's not true. - Mark Trapp
The room is AFP and in general it seems a bit screwed up I've been trying to change its settings to public so that someone might be able to take a look and help but when I try it tells me the name AFP is taken - Jon Dillon
Strange although the room is AFP it won't let me change it's privacy setting using either AFP or agence france-presse as the nickname saying both are taken - Jon Dillon
Weird: looks like private rooms aren't in the same namespace as public rooms and users. There are a bunch of names rooms can't be because someone already has the username (in order to prevent confusion). Wonder if that's also affecting your ability to mess with the feeds. - Mark Trapp
I guess you're right there seems to be an AFP user (American Finance Professionals) and this must be the issue. Not sure how to resolve this myself, Admin any ideas? - Jon Dillon
Jon, can you change the room nickname (Leave the name, the nickname is what counts) to something else? You can get to it by clicking on Edit Room Settings in the right sidebar when you're in the room. - Mark Trapp
Finally managed to change the room nickname to agence-france-presse not as snappy as AFP but thats life with social media branding issues. Apparently you can't have spaces in a nickname too so in goes an extra hyphen - Jon Dillon
Okay RSS feed now deleted. Thanks for the help Mark much appreciated - Jon Dillon
No problem; the namespace issues should be made much clearer. - Mark Trapp
Mark Krynsky
Allowing an administrator to add a service or feed would be nice
Good point, Alejandro. - Phil Glockner
@alejandro you are aware that if you hide one part of my feeds you will not see the rest from the same service? in my case I doubt you do speak german, so the moment you do hide my twitter feeds you will not see any twitter. with a room I could reroute (not as an admin but as a user) my german content to the room "german nicole" and the rest (=english) stays with the friend. not really a solution, but a step forward. - Nicole Simon
Allowing Rooms to have Services, the same as individuals, would give them a whole new character and enable them to move beyond simple discussion into areas where new media models can be created. This is top of my request list. - Chris Nuttall
@alejandro I'd like the conversation in the room I've created to focus around links that come into a particular tag. Easiest way to do that would be if I could add the feed for that tag and have those links show up without having to manually visit each link and share it to the room. So this is at the top of my rooms feature request list. - Greg Schwartz
I know you can re-share items from fellow family members feeds into a "family" room, but it would also be nice to sign the Room itself up for their service feeds directly. - Eric Maynard
My biggest issue is the hassle of resharing from my main stream to a room or several rooms. Or resharing from a room member's me stream to a room because they forgot to do it. I'm basically trying to aggregate all items in room members' "me" streams that relate to a specific event, place, thing, company etc. Doing it manually is way too hard. Greg Schwartz refers to, yes, but I want that for #tags on twitter, flickr, blogs, youtube everything with that #tag flowing from members' streams to room. - Dominic Jones
I agree, adding an RSS feed would mean there is no differentiation between normal feeds and rooms - Ismail D
there still would be. it is just that you can use rooms for types of content. example: language based content goes in rooms, but the general stuff goes in something else. - Nicole Simon
Thank you for the feed feature!! - Dominic Jones
Yeah, the feed feature is ON now....Cool! - K.D.
I have got two people complaining their invite links don't work to my private room (email invite). Thus had to reinvite manually with their FrF name after complaint.
John F Morton
FriendFeed - Bookmarklet -
When I use the bookmarklet for FF, even though I'm signed into FF, I need to re log in for each site. I have to look up my complicated password each time. Pain. It might be the same issue, but I can't then choose which feed to share with. That only appears when I share a page on FF itself. Any help appreciated. - John F Morton
Dominic Jones
Freeze or lock down room to new posts and comments, but still viewable to public. Useful for rooms that have a fixed life, such as a room set up for a specific event.
How about setting them to Semi-Public from the settings page? It won't lock out new comments, but... - dgw
Yes, it's better than a full public room, but since that algorithm pushes stuff up the page, there's a big incentive for spammers to take advantage of rooms like that. Admins are unlikely to be watching closely, so if you have something to sell, pick a post with few comments, give it a little boost and post a comment with a link. But I'm actually more worried about someone posting an obscene comment or something like that. Just want to maintain the decorum of the room. We had fun, but it's time to archive. - Dominic Jones
For that matter, you can't delete a room either. That bugs me too. - dgw
Dominic Jones
Give admins the ability to block people from their rooms and the option to remove all of their comments and shares in the room. While you can remove trolls as members, you can't stop them coming back.
Dominic Jones
Admins should be able to move messages and links up and down the page. A single "like" on an item 9 hours ago should not push an item above an item that has just been added to the room.
That's just FriendFeed's ranking algorithm. It's the same in your feed, individual feeds, and rooms. - dgw
OK, but it doesn't work in all situations. - Dominic Jones
Dominic Jones
Best of Room so new visitors can see the kinds of things that turn subscribers on.
Dominic Jones
The ability to add a widget on the right or under the room header so we can bring in # tagged tweets for events into an event-specific room separate from the rest of the content.
Paul Kane
Could a room have an email address so I can post items to it via email?
I think this feature would be awesome! FF could be used like FamSpam that way. - Eric Maynard
Kerim Friedman
I'd like to have a room subscibe to various feeds. For instance, I created a room for a community blog, it would be nice to have that blog's feed automatically posted to the room.
I would like to be able to do this as well. I'm trying to established focused conversations on articles that have a specific tag. A room that was subscribed to said feed would make that really easy. - Greg Schwartz
In some ways that would lower the quality of rooms, right now everything is done by hand into or within FriendFeed. - Adrian
I can see Adrian's point, but I think it would also be nice to allow rooms centered on families to be able to share their Picasa, Flickr, etc feeds to their Family Room as well. - Eric Maynard
Steve Isaacs
"Invite to Room" link on user mouse-over pop up dialog
at the moment its necessary to click on a user's profile, copy the nickname from the url, then go back to the room, and hit "invite to room". - Steve Isaacs
We need a rooms directory listing.
best there is right now is - Chris Harris
As a private room admin, would be great to see who has recently joined, who has been invited, who in the room was invited by whom (for these type of rooms) and who was invited but didn't join, and a way of sending invites for non-responses. Seen this on Ning.
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