The geologist on TV just referred to a decade as droughty... or very dry... followed by saying that the future will be droughtier... should I trust him?
Well, trustish him, perhaps. - Kevin Fox
I heard in a decade, it'll be the doubleplusdroughtiest. I'd take his unfalsiest opinion seriousestly. - Mark Trapp
Well then... looks like the geologist on TV was spot on. It is much more droughtier than 2009. - Ross Miller
RT @SportsCenter: "This is on the verge of ridiculous." - Jon Gruden
RT @quip: Big congrats to our CEO @btaylor for being named in MIT Technology Review's 35 Innovators Under 35! -
RT @quip: After months of deliberation, the @Quip team has finally purchased a Bashful Yeti for the office. #skymall
RT @btaylor: Psyched for the new @Quip release today - slick new chat interface, new export options, and @BoxHQ import -
RT @nickbilton: NYT graphic: Photos: All 16 of Tim Howard's saves from the World Cup match with Belgium
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Compulsory bicycle helmets in New Zealand -
Compulsory bicycle helmets in New Zealand
"There is no evidence that mandatory helmets reduced cyclist injuries/hospital admissions relative to overall road safety trends, despite the law causing a 51% reduction in public cycling participation and an average 90% of remaining cyclists wearing helmets." - Ross Miller from Bookmarklet
Interesting study. I didn't realize helmets were that large of a barrier to biking for some people. I don't feel like I would bike more if a helmet weren't required, but apparently a decent number of would be bikers decide not to bike at all if a helmet is required. It was also interesting to see how the requirement to wear a helmet is working against city bike share programs in NZ. - Ross Miller
Yeah, it's pretty ridiculous. Some people feel like hat hair is more devastating to them than a major head injury. @@ - Spidra Webster
I certainly don't bike because of the helmets. I'm not carrying around a helmet everywhere I go, so I skip the bike renting facilities, and either walk or drive instead. - Amit Patel
That's strange. Seems like the big barrier to cycling is getting a bike, and if you're already having to acquire that, having to also get a helmet shouldn't pose much additional discouragement. I think there may be other reasons why bike usage has gone down (and the page points out that the obesity rate in NZ goes up at the same time). But that's separate from the question of whether or not bike helmets prevent injuries. I guess the data shows helmets increase injury. That seems very strange to me. - Stephen Mack
So, as a novice biker, should I wear a helmet or not? I feel safer when I wear it, but I guess that's the problem. By feeling safer, I unconsciously take more risks. - Stephen Mack
Helmets don't necessarily prevent injury, but they do seem to decrease the severity of the injury. I imagine it's like seat belts. They probably don't do much to decrease the incidence of car crashes, but they do a lot to keep people from being killed. - Victor Ganata
Stephen, I think you should wear a helmet. When I cycle I basically believe that everyone is out to get me and that I have to be the one to make sure I'm safe. I don't think wearing a helmet makes me think I'm at all safe, conscious or unconscious, and I actively try to ensure that I protect myself. - Ken Gidley from iPhone
Wear it, Stephen. It probably won't help you if a car hits you (although sometimes it does....depends on the speed/type of crash) but it's perfectly possible to have accidents all by yourself on the bike. A bee flew into my helmet and while freaking out, I jacknifed into my own under-seat steered recumbent frame and fell to the ground. My head hit the ground but I was able to ride away... more... - Spidra Webster
Related: Bike helmets and safety: a case study in difficult epidemiology - Boing Boing - Victor Ganata
Yeah, I'm pretty sure a helmet saved my sister's life after she got hit by a car going probably around 35 mph. She lost consciousness and had to be transported by ambulance, but mostly she just had a lot of bruises and scrapes and no severe head injury. The helmet got obliterated, though. Imagining that amount of force to an unhelmeted head gives me the heebie-jeebies. - Victor Ganata
Even if the number of injuries didn't change or even increased, the drop in percentage of fatal accidents still seems to support the contention that it might be a good idea to wear a helmet. About 90% of fatal bicycle accidents are due to head injuries in the U.S. I wonder if NZ's numbers are substantially different? - Victor Ganata
I wish I could find the PSA, but there was a PSA done by a British pro cyclist who had been going from coast to coast in the US. A pickup truck buzzed him and he was hit in the head at a high speed by the rear-view mirror. He sustained a head injury that he had to do a lot of rehab to overcome but he is adamant that he wouldn't even be alive had he not been wearing a helmet. A lot of anti-helmet cyclists say a helmet does no good in a crash with a car but they're being too absolutist about it. - Spidra Webster
I can't help but be morbid and wonder if the reason why the increase in number of hospital discharges isn't almost entirely because of the decrease in number of transfers to the morgue. - Victor Ganata
If people won't bike cause they HAVE to wear a simple piece of equipment that helps to protect them, then I'm glad they don't ride anymore. Says a lot about the attitude of the person. - Johnny from iPhone
Someone found the guy for me. Unfortunately, while a helmet saved his life, it's not an entirely happy story. Still, he advocates that people wear their helmets. - Spidra Webster
Fact #396 - The only thing more annoyingly premature than Christmas decorations in early October are election predictions three years before the next election.
Great memories! Dan working on scene two. (Re:
Great memories! Dan working on scene two. (Re:
Cool. - Roberto Bonini from iPhone
So it's all done with Legos. Brilliant! - Jack&Cleo
That is such a great video! - Anne Bouey
Cool, I loved the first one!! woo hoo!! :D - Susan Beebe
Wow! - Brian Johns
Great memories, indeed! - April Buchheit from iPhone
When you forget there is a stir straw in your morning beverage and poke yourself in the face... this is how I start my humpday...
Apple Radio is amazing if for no other reason than the first station I made was based on the song "Wake Me Up" by Avicii and the first song they choose to play is "Don't Wake Me Up" by Chris Brown... Hilarious
Posted at the gym, "'Miley's Twerkout' Bonus Workout of the Week! DISCLAIMER: if you are not sure how to perform a Twerkie, please make sure and ask one of our fitness professionals."
This has now gone much further than I thought it would... - Ross Miller
LOL! There is an air freshener in the bathroom I am in that makes a fart sound when it releases its scent. Epic.
... at least I hope that's an air freshener! o_0 - Ross Miller
National Payroll Week has got to be the lamest made up week I have ever come across...
"National Payroll Week is just around the corner and blankityblank would love for you to join us in our annual celebration.".... No... - Ross Miller
To bleat or not to bleat?
... thought the undecided goat. - Ross Miller
Not sure if you all heard, but Baron & Baroness Carrickfergus had a baby! (
Random email of the day: No subject, no body text, just a picture of a rather large entertainment center. Thanks dude... I've always wanted a picture of an entertainment center and now I've got one!
Is "entertainment center" a euphemism for something? Because if so, I can totally understand getting a random picture like that. - Brian Johns
Nope, no euphemism... just a ~15' by 8' TV cabinet thinger-ma-bopper with a lot of shelves... looks like he keeps a pretty clean pad, though... so props to dudeman for that! - Ross Miller
That's hilarious as a euphemism though. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
As in "Here's a pic of my XX-inch entertainment center, if you know what I mean." You have a dirty mind. - Brian Johns
"...and this one has an 'entertainment center'" Wink Wink nudge nudge - WarLord
Best kind of mind. - Big Joe Silenced
GU@RANTEED 108O P SATISFACT!ON !!! - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
YouTube - The FriendFeed Whiteboard -
YouTube - The FriendFeed Whiteboard
Oh hey... a youtube. Buuuuump. - Ross Miller
One of your and Dan's great projects! - Anne Bouey
Thanks, Anne! - Ross Miller
I still love this!! - Rachel Lea Fox from iPhone
Oye quebonito video - Carmelo Polito Ambros from Android
Ola atodos mis a migo$ - Carmelo Polito Ambros from Android
Offices: Do I need a jungle gym and ball pit in my start-up office? - Quora -
Also, mail2ff still works if anyone was wondering.... :) - Ross Miller
Sweet mail2ff service! - Stephen Mack
Wait... BlackBerry's big announcement today is that they're making an iPhone & Adroid messenger app so people who bought new phones in the last 5 years can text the ~16 people on earth who still use a BlackBerry?
Gah, so distracted today... SCIURIDAE!
John Kerry - “Dennis Rodman was a great basketball player. And as a diplomat, he is a great basketball player. And that’s where we’ll leave it.”
"Please keep in mind it can take 7-10 business days to completely remove your email address from our records." - No, it doesn't take 7-10 business days to remove an email address, asshats. But at least you're honest about not actually removing my email address...
You know... it has been over 6 years since Office 2007 was released and I still spend *forever* searching for things I know exist, but I'm not sure which ribbon they're on.
┻┻ ↶╰(º□º╰) - Ross Miller
That emotigram is on the Tables ribbon. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
I agree. The ribbon is such a huge step backwards. - Stephen Mack
Yep, customize toolbar is your friend. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Wordperfect ftw once again. - Friar Will
Cristo, "Office" is a collection of crap programs often used for glorified note taking that are forced upon innocent employees by "the man". Except for excel. Excel is a calculator. I love calculators. - Ross Miller
I gave up on searching for stuff on the ribbon. I just web search for it -- Word 2007 feature name -- and invariably there will be multiple threads with exactly that question (and answer). - bentley
Switching to 2010 somehow helped me - Peter Fedin
Oh,, open source...and no ribbon! - April Russo (FForever!)
Heh, April wins. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
What Microsoft has been doing for the last so many years seems like changing the UI of everything, just for the sake of change. And after so many years of everything being basically the same, and users getting used to doing things a certain way, expecting things in certain places, etc., all this change seems to do nothing but make all their users, that used to be productive experts in... more... - April Russo (FForever!)
Hi from NZ FriendFeed! Anything worth knowing happen in the last few weeks?
Babies born, people getting hitched, the usual. - Spidra Webster
Yay for babies and weddings! - Ross Miller
Boo for sideways accelerometers, lol! - Ross Miller
i wanna move back to NZ! - Big Joe Silenced
Hi, Ross! Missed you at Murphy's on the 17th! - Anne Bouey
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