Sooo what does the pope actually do? Is there somewhere to look up what decisions a pope has made recently or something like that?
The pope is like a prime minister for bishops: his first duty is to be the bishop of Rome, but the Roman bishopric is considered first among all the dioceses and has certain responsibilities, including ordaining other bishops and canonizing saints. He doesn't decide or change policy (the Magisterium of the Church, basically the authority of the Church as a whole, does that), but he's... more... - Mark Trapp
Being effectively the smartest guy in the room, what the pope says is considered infallible but only when he speaks ex cathedra (latin for "from the chair"): it has to be about a matter of doctrine, it cannot contradict the teachings of the Magisterium, it must be a clearly-defined statement, and he has to do it in his capacity as the head of the Church (he can't, say, infallibly... more... - Mark Trapp
how have I never heard of the Magesterium before?? How does he get the job? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan from YouFeed
The pope, or the Magisterium? The pope is done through a papal conclave, which is just an election amongst cardinals. The Magisterium isn't a person: it's the collective knowledge of the Church passed down from Jesus and interpreted over the last 2000 years. Basically, the pope can't contradict canon (unlike Brannon Braga with Enterprise. DAMN YOU BRAGA). - Mark Trapp
"You’re receiving this email because your pet has been enrolled in the HomeAgain pet recovery program." Yeah, that's probably not the best service to use someone else's email address for... o_0
It seems pretty clear we're going to be told by the overlords that we need to have another screen attached to us. So... do you want to wear a new screen on your eye-wear or on your wrist?
Eye, definitely. - Andrew C (✔)
Neither really but if forced, glasses over watch. - rønin
I'll pass. - Jim #teamFFrank
@Tinfoil - ubiquitous surveillance would at least come with ubiquitous wireless with effectively unlimited bandwidth caps. (or, conversely, the limits on bandwidth will hold back ubiquitous surveillance for some time.) - Andrew C (✔)
Wrist - Johnny from iPhone
nadgers - Big Joe Silenced
Glass looks really interesting. Not sure which situations I would be wearing it though. - Rodfather
I think Glass would be a smartphone that's more accessible. The camera's pointed where I'm looking, the display is already in front of my eye instead of having to unlock my phone... - Andrew C (✔)
At least with a wrist device, you can cover it up with a sleeve and likely won't cause any number of car/walking/etc. accidents by blocking part of your field of view. - Mark Trapp
Neat Michael Jordan fact: He has been known to check into a hotel using the name Leroy Smith (the kid who beat him out for the last spot on the Laney High School team when he was in the tenth grade)
This is why the internet exists. - Ross Miller from Bookmarklet
Morning bump because everyone needs more woop woop woop-ing Beyonce. - Ross Miller
Answer to Could a professionally trained human boxer survive a fist fight with a grizzly bear? - Quora -
Answer to Could a professionally trained human boxer survive a fist fight with a grizzly bear? - Quora
Answer to Could a professionally trained human boxer survive a fist fight with a grizzly bear? - Quora
Show all
Doesn't it seem possible to answer this question without actually fighting a bear and a human? - Ross Miller
I'm rooting on the bear full-heartedly in this scenario. I hope he wins the match, ditches the gloves and muzzle and gets a piece of the organizer and perhaps a few folks from the crowd if there's time. - SAM
I vaguely thought that pound-for-pound, humans are much weaker than primates and bears and well, most animals. - Andrew C (✔)
Upcycled Toy Dinosaur Hand Crocheted Scarf by antiquewhisperer -
Upcycled Toy Dinosaur Hand Crocheted Scarf by antiquewhisperer
ETSY is so epic sometimes. An "upcycled" toy dinosaur with a scarf??? Riiiiiiiight... ... ... O_o - Ross Miller from Bookmarklet
Ooh! - Amit Patel
.. and you know someone is going to go buy all 60 of this guy's dinos for $12 a pop, too... I really need to start upcycling my old toys on ETSY! - Ross Miller
I LOL'd. - Jenny H.
"This stylish dinosaur is sporting a hand crocheted scarf. Perhaps if the dinosaurs had been properly dressed they would have survived that drastic climate cooling. You never know." - Ross Miller
New Game: Judging from this title "Game Over: Zynga Shuts Down PetVille And 10 Other Titles To Cut Costs", and everything else you know about Zynga, how many games that end in "ville" were shut down (out of 11)? And no cheating and looking up the article before posting!
My guess is 6. - Ross Miller
I can't wait for this Instagram kerfuffle to get to the point where people who deleted their Instagram account will ask for their account to be restored and undoubtedly expect the content they didn't want Instagram to keep to be there... yeah... think about that one for a second. Believe me... it is coming.
Well, that and if you delete your account, they won't let that username get used again. I've had that happen to me before. - Jennifer Dittrich
Heh, last time I was on G+ I rage-deleted 90% of my contacts so it would stop giving me birthday notifications for people I don't know. Now it is just Louis Gray, Kevin Fox and Mona Nomura in my feed next to something that is currently hot. Oh well, I guess I tried.
Oops? - Anne Bouey
Are you saying you don't know me? :) - Louis Gray
No, I'm saying out of the people I do know, you are one of three who post there :) - Ross Miller
When someone you don't know mistakenly sends you a e-card that you know they paid for... o_________0
LEGO Finds Spare Discontinued Set So Boy Who Saved Up For 2 Years Wouldn’t Be Disappointed – The Consumerist -
LEGO Finds Spare Discontinued Set So Boy Who Saved Up For 2 Years Wouldn’t Be Disappointed – The Consumerist
This makes me so happy :D - Ross Miller from Bookmarklet
Cardboard Robot: open smart phone camera crane & robotic arm by Ken Ihara — Kickstarter -
Cardboard Robot: open smart phone camera crane & robotic arm by Ken Ihara — Kickstarter
This is awesome :D - Ross Miller from Bookmarklet
Not only do I find this type of advertisement distasteful, but it shows a whole new level of panic from Microsoft. If you can't beat 'em, might as well talk shit... I guess...
yikes :( - Amit Patel
Is it false? - Johnny from iPhone
Does it matter? - Ross Miller
Yes - Johnny from iPhone
Explain - Ross Miller
"Talk shit" implies making false claims. If the claims Bing are making are true, then it matters a great deal. - Johnny from iPhone
I was actually referring to the Scroogled play on words... why not explain how Microsoft's offerings or practices are better? - Ross Miller
In that case, that's clever marketing. - Johnny from iPhone
Almost as clever as Microshaft... - Ross Miller
It's an ad. You need something to catch the eye. A hook. Basic Advertising 101. You can only explain once you have their attention. Look at any AdWords ad and you'll see this - Johnny from iPhone
Definitely, bro. - Ross Miller
Unfortunately, the ideological world view that companies should only advertising by explaing how their service is superior and never make a negative reference to it's competitors isn't backed up by centuries of advertising (and politics) evidence into what humans actually respond too. It's nice to wish for peace and love but when your job is to get eyeballs, you chase the eyeballs in the way you know works - Johnny from iPhone
I would LOVE to talk smack about some of our competitors but I have to be 100% truthful :( - Johnny from iPhone
Look, don't get me wrong, it catches eyes and gets clicks, it just also shows that you're desperate and can't advertise effectively without trying to slander your competitors. Apple is guilty of the same thing with their mac vs pc ads. Totally unjustified even though they make some pretty spot on observations... It may work... I just don't like it. - Ross Miller
The mac vs pc ads got me to buy a pc instead of a mac … - Amit Patel
it sure can be if you're broke and have to subsist on retrocomputing. a winning argument, in fact. - Big Joe Silenced
Suddenly granted an audience, another student voiced the immortal query, “Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses, or 1 horse sized duck?” -
Pretty sure I'd try to ride the horse sized duck... - Ross Miller
The horse-sized duck would /murder/ you. A regular size goose or swan can probably break bones (according to a discussion on Snopes, ); just think what a horse-sized duck could do. - Andrew C (✔)
I'd only try to ride the uber duck after I had tamed it, obviously! My flying-amphibious-waddling friend would be the ultimate mode of transportation! - Ross Miller
I wonder what the uber duck would taste like ... - Mo Kargas
Depends. What's my superpower? - Rochelle
Rochelle, I present you with the choice between the ability to pause time or moon walking better than MJ. Choose wisely. - Ross Miller
Pause time, prepare to slay a duck-sized horse, unpause time, slay it. Repeat 99 more times. - Rochelle
Brutal! - Ross Miller
Kill a duck-sized horse? They'd sell like hotcakes. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Effective! - Rochelle
Mint keeps telling me I am over my budget for shopping. So I happily re-classified my purchases to other budgets. Like these new shoes, they're a utility!
Damn... now i'm over budget on utilities... should probably use the heater less :/ - Ross Miller
I just ignore those warnings :) - Georgia
You can cut cable and internet. hehe :) - imabonehead
So, the tech community is criticizing Oprah for tweeting about MS Surface from an iPad? Inb4 same community realizes that a not insignificant number of of tech journalists praised by said community write about Microsoft products all the time from Macs...
Not the first time she's had weird criticisms like that. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
These people camping out for Black Friday have not discovered the internet? Or just don't understand how the value of time factors into their great deal?
I mean... 5+ days in advance? You have got to be delusional to think anything you're going to buy is a deal after 5 days. - Ross Miller from iPhone
Someone asked me for a PO number, which we don't actually issue for our jobs, so my 13 year old self told them #80085... because... you know... it spells boobs in calculator font... #yolo
Good thing I act professional... - Ross Miller
"Yes, sir, here's your P.O. number: FU 69 DIAF IOU12." - Stephen Mack
Windows 8 is kind of like ! and kind of like ? and kind of like *. The app store is also very very very very very meager.
There is also a category for Government apps... which is... LOL! - Ross Miller
Does anyone here have a new windows phone and windows 8? Do they do any neat tricks? - Ross Miller
I feel like w8 phones are like unicorns... Lots of stories about them but you never see one... - Ross Miller
One of my coworkers bought a Nokia Lumia this past weekend. It looks neat with the live tiles updating in real time and you can resize the tiles. I didn't play around with his phone too much, but it looked interesting. - Arlan K.
I keep telling myself I want an iPad mini... but then can't think of what I'd use it for... please help me find reasons and list them below:
New gadgets make you happy :) - Eivind
Everything. I use mine for staying connected to the world without the focus of attention a laptop commands, or the tiny-screen attention a phone requires. It's an excellent casual computing/communication device. It's also a great Netflix Instant box, music player, and ebook reader. - Kevin Fox
It's an iPad, but smaller. - Rodfather
Makes for a better e-reader than the iPad - easier to read in bed without arm fatigue. - WebGoddess
You need a reason to use an Apple product? It exists - what more reason do you need? - Ryan Kaisoglus
OH: There's a new drink called Sandy, which is basically just a watered down Manhattan.
Weird, I thought it would be a very strong drink, shaken and stirred, with non-seasonal ingredients. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
What to hand out on Halloween to make kids WTF? I had a neighbor who would give out some horrible tasting mini toothpaste every year. 0_o
Tiny bags of red corn syrup. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Ooh, hand out tiny bags of Oobleck. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Little religious comic book propaganda. - Joe from iPod
6 pack of bud lights. - Joe from iPod
plastic ipad mini's. - imabonehead
Meth - Rodfather
How about an assortment of condiment packets... I'm thinking mayo, soy suace, relish... - Ross Miller
condoms. - Laura Norvig
You people are messed up. :) - Steve C, Team Marina
Hotel soaps and shower caps are an option, too... the sewing kits are too useful to give away... - Ross Miller
Two fried chickens and a coke, and maybe dry white toast. - Joe from iPod
When we trick-or-treated in Berkeley Jayden got a natural protein bar with a nutritional-info page rubber-banded around it; some of those party favor toys like little reptiles and rolling-ball maze games; and a little piece of cardstock with a prayer on it. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Packets of instant oatmeal. WOOT! If you really do want to give out condiment packets - I highly recommend handing these puppies out: - Hookuh Tinypants
Just drop some pennies in each kids bag. <sarcasm>I remember how excited I used to get when people did that me</sarcasm> - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Religious Coloring books. - Me
Pencils with election messages on them - LibrarianOnTheLoose
Coupons for restaurants that have closed - LibrarianOnTheLoose
I wonder if I can track down some old bajillion hour AOL cds... - Ross Miller
the discount-pricing cards that fall out of magazines. - Marie
Empty iPhone 5 boxes? - Ross Miller
Easter candy. - April Russo (FForever!)
You know that moment when you know you can't finish all your work before you go on a trip and jump to triage mode... then you say fuck-it to triage mode and browse the internet... yeah, that.
So... why does Coke Zero exist?
Because it's DELICIOUS. - Derrick
how is it different than diet coke? - Laura Norvig
I see that Derrick has this handled. - holly #ravingfangirl
They taste different, actually. I prefer CZ to DC. - Derrick
Diet Coke tastes disgusting... And hell, I understand Coke's first diet product was Tab, which was so gross they put out Diet Coke afterwards. - Andrew C (✔)
But why not just original Coke, then? - Ross Miller
Sugar. - Derrick
Cherry Coke Zero is the business. - That's So CAJ!
^^ that too. - holly #ravingfangirl
Coke Zero has a different artificial sweetener than diet coke. But I forget which has which. - LibrarianOnTheLoose
For clarification, I meant sugar, corn syrup, whatever the sweetener might be, that might cause problems for say, diabetics or people who shouldn't consume it. - Derrick
Cristo, I don't think anyone even remotely educated thinks that diet drinks cause weight loss. However, I'm convinced most people think that non-diet drinks cause weight gain. Of course, the best thing is to avoid them all together but Coke Zero is DELICIOUS. - Akiva
It maps to some under exploted market segment - Todd Hoff
Way better than Diet Coke. Also, I love Pepsi Next. - Eric - Final Countdown
From the commercials I've seen over here, it appears to be the manly diet soda. - Eivind from Android
Coke Zero is a million times better than Diet Coke. I can't stomach Diet Coke but I switched to Coke Zero after my first try of it. I'm sure it has a billion chemicals that are killing me but I drink one daily at lunch. - Steve C, Team Marina
Not sure if news anchor Maureen is upset that the other anchor calls her "Marine" or if she just has an awkward nose twitch...
SCIENCE HOBBYIST: Traffic Waves, physics for bored commuters -
Good to know I've been doing it right all along :) - Ross Miller from Bookmarklet
RT @sesamestreet: Big Bird: My bed time is usually 7:45, but I was really tired yesterday and fell asleep at 7! Did I miss anything last night?
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