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Implementing the Singleton Pattern in C# -
This sample includes two singleton implementations, including a lazy loaded version. - Joel Ross
Joel Ross
6 Free Sites for Creating Your Own Animations -
Are you feeling inspired to make your own cartoons, but don't have a lick of artistic talent? These six sites (of varying complexity) make animating easy. - Joel Ross
Joel Ross
Launchlist - Your one stop website checklist! -
Launchlist - Your one stop checklist. - Joel Ross
Joel Ross
Mind The Robot » Android Beginners: From Bare Windows to Your First App -
Mind The Robot is a blog for Android software developers. - Joel Ross
Joel Ross
A nice set of icons. Wide variety. - Joel Ross
Joel Ross
Mp3tag - the universal Tag Editor (ID3v1, ID3v2, APEv2) -
Mp3tag - Overview - Joel Ross
Troy Forster
Who ever invented Microsoft ReportViewer control should be hung, drawn and quartered. Anyone know of reporting solution that can use objects
The report viewer can use objects. It's just not very intuitive. - Joel Ross
I know it can use dumb objects. I think the documentation refers to them as businessobjects but they're flat classes with simple types. I already have an extensive class structure with and I want to be able to report against it. According to the documentation I've found so far I am required to write new classes that map my existing ones to numerous flat structures. Joel, do you know if it's possible to use an existing custom class instead? - Troy Forster
Joel Ross
Remote API 2 (RAPI2) Managed Wrapper - Home -
A managed wrapper to access the features exposed by the COM interfaces for the Remote API 2. These classes allow the developer to access information, files, and the registry on a device connected through ActiveSync from desktop applications. - Joel Ross
Joel Ross
I have to prepare a CMS demo for a potential client tomorrow, and keep things running around the house. Looks like a long night for me.
You can do it!!! - Chris Woodruff from twhirl
As it turns out, the meeting was cancelled. Just as well - I barely had time to prepare - Joel Ross from twhirl
Matt Blodgett
I see Twitter has restored their API limit to 70/hour. Are they finally getting their act together?
That's what I was wondering as well. Until I got a limit exceeded message at 50 reqs. - Joel Ross from twhirl
I just use friendfeed, and don't really care about API limits - are you really on the juice so much you need 70reqs/hour :) - Matt Davis
And no, I don't think they've got their act together. - Matt Davis still says 20/hour where are you seeing 70/hour? - Alan Le
Mike Moore
@objo I know @cote uses MindManager and really likes it, but thinks its too expensive.
I've had good luck using FreeMind - - Joel Ross from twhirl
Erik Lane
@mattblodgett ff is where it's at. stability goes a long way in my book.
As you post that to twitter :-) - Joel Ross from twhirl
oh yeah, can't leave off the conversation completely. - Erik Lane
Rick Kierner
@mattblodgett do you have the "follow api limits" checkbox checked in the settings tab?
No, I was told to _uncheck_ that. - Matt Blodgett from Alert Thingy
@MattBlodgett, there's a new version of Twhirl out today that fixes the follow API limits functionality. - Joel Ross from twhirl
Matt Davis
I have 5 invites, if you're interested.
I'd take one if you still have one - Joel Ross from twhirl
Joel Ross
It is so dark here. I would guess it's more like 3:00 AM than 3:00 PM.
We turned all the lights off in the war room. It's pitch black in here other than the light from our monitors. It's intense! - Matt Blodgett from Alert Thingy
I can barely make out people running across the parking lot. It's crazy. - Joel Ross from twhirl
Jeff Blankenburg
I definitely need to get used to AlertThingy.
So far, I'm not impressed. The icons missing from people's tweets is realy upsetting me. Also finding a hard time distinguishing between what I have, and haven't, read already. - Matt Casto from Alert Thingy
I tried Alert Thingy, and went back to Twhirl. Still, it's a bit of a confusing interface. - Joel Ross from twhirl
the one thing I've liked about Alert Thingy is that I don't need two windows for tweets and ff unlike twhirl - Erik Lane from Alert Thingy
Joel Ross
I'm not sure that I like seeing other people's posts just because someone I follow likes it
yeah the Like button is a gee whiz function. It could go. I do like the threaded conversations though. - Daniel Woolston from Alert Thingy
I like the threaded conversations too. But I don't need to see something from Scoble just because someone I follow likes it. - Joel Ross from twhirl
Erik Lane
anyone else have issues with twhirl not saving your logins after exit?
Yes.. - Matt Hinze
I haven't seen that, and I've been using Twhirl for both ff and twitter for at least a month - Joel Ross from twhirl
wasn't an issue with twitter since I knew the pw but with ff it needs the key that I don't know. - Erik Lane from Alert Thingy
Your remote key is here: - Dave Ward from Alert Thingy
I know where to get it but I don't want to have to get it everytime I want to login to twhirl. - Erik Lane from Alert Thingy
Scott Koon
Cross dressing bank robber gets caught outside of my work. Ahh, life downtown. -
Sweet! Wearing a wig and a dress make it even better! - John Stockton
So you're posting from jail now? ;-) - Joel Ross from Alert Thingy
Since when did "being in disguise" become "cross dressing"? :) - Daniel Bruce
From TFA - "Police said the man entered the bank in a dress, wig and surgical mask." Dr. Cross-dresser, your jail cell is ready. - Scott Koon
Joel Ross
Thinking I should start using FriendFeed solely - ignore Twitter altogether?
I am thinking the same. - David Seruyange
I am headed that way, need to get more people over here though - James Avery
Is there a way to find all my friends on twitter who are also on friendfeed? - Hal
There is a Twitter friend importer somewhere - Joel Ross from twhirl - but it's kinda slow and uses the Google Social Graph. I would be willing to bet that most people use the same username here as they do at Twitter. - Patrick Veverka
That's exactly what I've been doing for a while - gave up on Twitter several weeks ago. - Brandon Wood
FF just needs a better UI. Something about it just bugs me. Not sure why though, I never actually go to the site. - Ryan Farley from twhirl
Besides, the exodus to FF will only work if everyone goes (at least everyone in your network). Not sure that will happen. - Ryan Farley from twhirl
seems that the exodus has begun - Daniel Woolston
Matt Blodgett
Trying to figure out the FriendFeed client included with Twhirl. It's weirding me out.
Things jump around a bit. Kind of odd, but once you get used to it, it's not too bad. - Joel Ross from Alert Thingy
I notice that Joel says that from Alert Thingy :) - John Stockton
Scott Koon
Trying Friend Feed Twitter Client from
It's a lie! I've already tried it before! - Scott Koon
I think it says it will post it every month - Joel Ross from Alert Thingy
James Avery
looking for a friendfeed client for mac
Twhirl works on Macs, and has decent FriendFeed support. - Joel Ross from twhirl
I recently started using AlertThingy, seems decent - Steve Eichert
MySocial is another FF client. They have a FireFox extension and an AIR version. - Scott Koon
Alvin Ashcraft
Anyone know of a good Wordpress plugin to update FriendFeed when posting (or WLW plugin)?
I think FriendFeed will read an RSS feed and post for you out of the box. - Joel Ross from twhirl
Oh yeah. Duh on me... :) - Alvin Ashcraft
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