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Wired: The Quest to Give Computers the Power of Imagination
RT @FutureofSex: ‘Gigahoes’ Web Series Wants to Create Laughs with Sexbots #robot #comedy
The Gamification Revelation Why are you sitting there working when you should be playing games? 5 kinds of games
RT @CrowdWeek: 3 P's of the Crowd Economy: What Happened at #CSWGlobal14 #crowdsourcing
ABC: Social media forces companies to change their marketing strategies or risk being left behind
RT @tonybosma: 90% of the news could be written by computers by 2030
Six radical visions for the future of health
A big step: Scientists ‘edit’ DNA to correct adult genes and cure diseases HT @novaspivack
When Diamonds Are Dirt Cheap, Will They Still Dazzle? cc @vbuckley
The Transformation of Medellín Provides a Model for Cities Worldwide | Rockefeller via @instigating
What Will the Internet of the Future Look Like? by @jumpthecurve
Digital Darwinism: How Disruptive Technology Is Changing Business for Good b y @briansolis via @gleonhard
Interesting NYTimes article on the success of individual broadcasting in China using webcams
New post: Dealing with jetlag: 5 tips based on experience
The enterprise adapts to “as a Service” delivery/ Gigaom HT @jafurtado 95% of enterprise apps in cloud by 2017
Neil Young raises $6.2m on Kickstarter for studio quality music player well-designed rewards
Instructive: Here’s a look inside a typical VC’s pipeline process from 1200 approaches to 10 investments
2014: Crunch Time highlighting 14 domains meeting the crunch
Global Youth Wellbeing Index 1 Australia 2 Sweden 3 Korea 4 UK 5 Germany 6 US - lot of divergence in components
Like: This Company Has A 4-Day Work Week, Pays Its Workers A Full Salary And Is Super Successful
Innoveracy: Misunderstanding Innovation good perspective: new, valuable, unique, useful
Outstanding explanatory data visualization on how Americans die from @Bloomberg
This looks fantastic: Created For Imogen Heap, Mi.Mu Turns Hand Gestures Into Music 16 days to go on kickstarter
Pew survey on views of tech and next 50 years 59% think tech will create better future, 30% worse
WSJ: Australia’s Campaign Monitor Raises $250 Million first funding they've taken
Yay!!! Most wonderful to be back in Sydney after 10 day round-world trip including 85 hours in airplanes or airports...
About to board in Mumbai to fly home!!!
5 shifts that will shape the future of IT by @pevansgreenwood
Graphic: A Timeline of Corporations in the Collaborative Economy via @jowyang:
What's wrong with Australia's start-up sector? the opportunity for Australia's future
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