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Courtney Engle
Obama Will Hold Twitter Town Hall http://allthingsd.com/2011063...
Courtney Engle
How to bring your Facebook friends over to Google+ - http://thenextweb.com/google...
How to bring your Facebook friends over to Google+
Noah Coffey
Q&A Site Formspring Lands Another $10 Million http://techcrunch.com/2010... via @techcrunch
Robert Scoble
FriendFeed is getting more engagement lately than Google Buzz. That tells you something because FriendFeed is dead as a doornail.
Agreed. NOT! :) - imabonehead
Seriously, Google Buzz is like crickets lately. - Robert Scoble
You're looking in the wrong place. It's after 1 am and you're bored. - Louis Gray
Louis: sorry, I have lots of data points. And, I know you're happy with both services. But you gotta compare to Facebook and Twitter. Both are totally so much more used it isn't funny. Oh well, I know where I can find a handful of folks to have a nice chat with the other times. - Robert Scoble
Nobody is making the claim that either FriendFeed or Buzz are trumping Twitter or Facebook. That would be foolish. And nobody from Buzz ever said that was the goal. My Cinchcast from the day before it launched said that was not the goal. - Louis Gray
Plus, FriendFeed is still useful for Gillmor Gang chats and for getting SEO out of putting stuff here. - Robert Scoble
Let's not forget Tumblr. But to be honest since Facebook bought this site, it's getting less interactive even with all the new people getting pulled in. But, then again, I'm on Tumblr more than here, Facebook and Twitter combined. - Outsanity
SEO doesn't matter. - Louis Gray
FF is not dead. Especially in Italy. Period. - Contz
Contz: if you don't win the US, China, or India it doesn't matter. ;-) Seriously, I remember when Orkut was big in Brasil. I couldn't care less and now Facebook has swamped it. - Robert Scoble
Outsanity: Tumblr is on fire. Yeah, good example of how a startup is kicking Google's ass. - Robert Scoble
But, you have to admit, FriendFeed is popular in Turkey. (Not a Thanksgiving pun) - Outsanity
Outsanity: yes, but not when compared to Facebook or Twitter. - Robert Scoble
Eric: can't argue with that. The problem is that Facebook is really the place the world has chosen and no one will invest more time in FriendFeed. - Robert Scoble
Au contraire, I've seen more applications come about post-acq. than prior. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
I can't even imagine what the appeal of Tumblr is. - Spidra Webster
True Robert, true. Big numbers in terms of people reached is always king, but we really can't think of a valid alternative to FF right now over here. Main problem of FF is that it has been bought by Facebook. And it's a pity, it could have been one of the best SN out there. - Contz
OP doesn't talk about big numbers, it talks about engagement. And as far as engagement is concerned, FriendFeed is not dead. If it were, I would not be spending far too many of my waking hours here. When things are dead, it's easy for me to walk away from the computer or the site. - Spidra Webster
FriendFeed's traffic continues to dive: http://siteanalytics.compete.com/friendf... I bet Google Buzz's traffic is similar. - Robert Scoble
That is kinda true. I mean... If something happens who do we tell? Zuckerberg? To be honest, I would assume the only people who pay attention here is the users. I haven't seen any new blog posts or possible updates and whatnot. - Outsanity
Spirdra: if you put 1,000 people into a place and they all love talking it looks very engaging. The numbers overall matter more, though. I watch actual people and Twitter is so much more it ain't funny. So is Facebook. - Robert Scoble
Compete is US only. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Google Buzz was a FriendFeed clone train wreck IMO. I had to stop using it for flooding my email with every update and emails about posts I made. - Outsanity
Jimminy: yeah, but all the other stats are similar. - Robert Scoble
Outsanity: it forced me to learn how to do Gmail filters. Now I have something like 800 filters. - Robert Scoble
Robert, might want to talk to Contz and other Italians, it's seems to be picking up steam there, also still going pretty well in Turkey and Iran. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
I guess you meant "engagement" as in "engaging to me". I interpret "engagement" to mean people interacting meaningfully with what one posts. Engaging with each other. - Spidra Webster
Yeah Jimminy. Here is pretty spread. - Contz
Spidra: no, I meant it the way you meant it. Five people engaging with you looks engaging. To you. I'm talking about overall, which matters more. There's no numbers here. - Robert Scoble
Jimminy: wonderful. So FriendFeed is doomed to be the Orkut of the modern age? That's damning. - Robert Scoble
It's felt more like a small forum for a while. It doesn't help functionality goes away and there's zero support. Still, I'm a lot more likely to see more conversation here than the other sites. It's funny that FF'ers I've friended on other social networks dominate the feed there as well. - Rodfather
5 people having an extended conversation that builds on itself is higher quality engagement than 300 people responding "Yeah, dude". I use Twitter more now than I did 2 years ago, but FriendFeed is still a better tool for conversations. - Spidra Webster
Baseball season's over... Especially inside baseball... - Johnny from iPhone
Spidra: won't argue that point. But most people don't want to have conversations. Most people just want to pass photos to their close friends, which is why Facebook is so dominant. - Robert Scoble
The point is that over here we find FF very useful as Agora to discuss about any kind of topic. And we are ready to move anywhere else if will exist a tool that gives us the same features of FF. We are all aware that the lack of development will bring FF to a dead point. Better, probably it's already dead and Facebook decided to leave it open to us, poor Italian geeks :) - Contz
Robert, what do you want to do? Do you want to feed in the depths or in the shallow waters? - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
I've found Twitter is better for conversations, though. How? I blog something to start a conversation. Then pimp it on Twitter. Then get a lot of comments, where I have real conversations with new groups of people, based on what I write. - Robert Scoble
@Spidra Webster: Tumblr can be very addicting... at first. I used to have Tumblr myself and I must say it makes you feel good esp when your posts get reblogged. Plus, I think posts spread easily with Tumblr. - JKelly Dean
It's interesting that I remember almost everyone on this thread from two years ago. No new blood is showing up. - Robert Scoble
Jimminy: Twitter gets depth because it's all about dragging your audience over to your blog (and thanks to retweets new audiences show up every time you post). - Robert Scoble
New blood at 1:35am Pacific Time?? - Spidra Webster
"It's 4 in the fucking morning." ~ Pete - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Is that you or us? ;) - Johnny from iPhone
Spidra: I thought this was big in Italy and around the world? On Twitter I have some of the best conversations in the middle of the night for me because it's a world-wide audience. - Robert Scoble
In London, where they speak English, and there's a HUGE social media community, it's 8:37 a.m. - Robert Scoble
I agree. Twitter is best for conversation. It's like a Virtual Text, only it's free. Plus, it's easier to communicate with just everyone around the world. Oh and I'm sorry for butting in. - JKelly Dean
Robert, sure that happens occasionally, for us lowlier people. The only 2 posts I've seen real engagement on were posts about how Adobe was forcing pop-ups on Mac and Opera users with their I <3 campaign, and one wasn't even on my blog. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
(a) I didn't post about how big it was in other countries. (b) I still don't define engagement as being about big numbers or unique visitors. - Spidra Webster
Robert, try to do the same with 10 or 100 people on Twitter. It's impossible to follow precisely each entry related to a conversation. I mean, yeah, you can, but it's not that easy as over here. This thread showing is just sooo easy and no other tool, except Buzz and Facebook Group now, has. - Contz
Robert, a word of advice if you plan to go back on Tumblr: At some point, you may become or be part of a meme. - Outsanity
JKelly: yeah, it just doesn't look like conversation. Jimminy: I read 26,000 people and if I see interesting posts I retweet them, which pushes them into big audiences. - Robert Scoble
Contz: wrong. I have Disqus on my blog. I have conversations like this there all the time. Plus, I've had conversations like this over on Facebook, too, and even Buzz, although I've been focusing more of my efforts on my blog, on Facebook, and on Twitter, since that's where the biggest audiences are. - Robert Scoble
but you have to admit, Twitter is very much addicting and good for business purposes as well... that is, if you know how to do it! ;) - JKelly Dean
that's the point. Your audiences, your topics. But if you want to discuss about any kind of topic amongst people you trust, you know etc.? Participate to a topic proposed by someone else is just so easy here. - Contz
JKelly: very. And it has a future and a development team actively working on it. I just was at Facebook and no one is working actively on FriendFeed. - Robert Scoble
Robert, a not insignificant number of FF users left when you left. So, for you, it doesn't matter that much where you are. You bring your users with you. FF user numbers didn't go down based solely on the tool itself. Facebook buying it and a couple big wheel users jumping onto the Next Big Thing was what did it. However, I think even in its un-maintained state, it's one of the most useful and well-designed social sites on the web. - Spidra Webster
Conversations usually don't last very long if it's exclusively on Twitter. Most exchanges last 1-3 replies. Bringing people to your blog to have a conversation is nice, but then only people who visit the blog notice the conversation. These days, it seems harder to find an alternative all the while Facebook continues to dominate. - Rodfather
Contz: actually, if you talk about people you trust, that's HUGE for Facebook. My wife's entire elementary school class is on Facebook (they were all born in Tehran and now are spread around the world). They won't use anything else. - Robert Scoble
Convos on Twitter can go long pending on the people, actually. - Outsanity
Rodfather: conversations on Twitter are about getting you over to someplace else, where you can chat. Usually onto a blog which has Disqus. - Robert Scoble
@Rodfather completely agreed - Contz
Tumblr lets you use Disqus too. - Outsanity
Contz, there's DM you know... both on Facebook and Twitter. Plus, on Facebook, you can also tag the people you only want to include in your conversation. - JKelly Dean
Spidra: I don't agree. A lot of people left because they realized there was no investment in this service. The numbers have continued down every month since, which has nothing to do with me. Even if I did have some influence in first few months after the sale. - Robert Scoble
" A lot of people left because they realized there was no investment in this service." As I said - Facebook buying it. - Spidra Webster
Facebook is good for business too coz it allows you to promote your business more by coming up with a group, etc. - JKelly Dean
@Robert Probably you should participate once for one day to a tipical day on Facebook in Italy. Italians use it for any sort of trash and nonsense chat. While here, lot more of meaningful conversations. @JKelly, True. DM usally just 2 people. And probably limit the number of people is not the right solution, or I mean is a matter of quality mixed with the right people - Contz
Contz: I usually hang out watching the Farsi crowd. But, again, it doesn't really matter. Orkut was big in Brazil. Didn't matter to anything. - Robert Scoble
The lack of support and diminishing features is what is turning people away lately. Basic functionality like feeds not coming in is frustrating, especially since the service has 'Feed' in its name. FF used to have the best search out there but it's broke most of the time. - Rodfather
What im trying to say with limiting the number of people was when you said about the "kind of topic amongst people you trust." - JKelly Dean
Robert I know. It's a lost battle. We are all well aware that FF will disappear soon. We have just to figure out where to move. Again, unfortunately. - Contz
If all you're interested in is engagement from the POV of a marketer, yes, Twitter and Facebook will serve you better. To me engagement is about actual engagement with people. - Spidra Webster
JKelly: trust is much more deep than just a small group. Facebook wins big time there because most people only friend their close friends and family. - Robert Scoble
Spidra: when I study FriendFeed and Google Buzz, there's a small number of people who engage heavily with each other. I'd rather engage with a wider variety of people. That's how you build a media business and stay relevant, etc. - Robert Scoble
Heck, over on CinchCast my interview with Mark Zuckerberg yesterday has almost 10,000 views. They all came from either blogs like Techcrunch, or Twitter or Facebook. http://cinchcast.com/scoblei... (good interview, too, if you haven't listened to it yet). - Robert Scoble
oh well, yeah you're right. but then again, i think that if you really know how to do it on Facebook then maybe, just maybe, you'll get (at least half) what you want.. or well, up the status of your business. - JKelly Dean
:) Lots of visits to my blog usually come from FF. Never thought about that once will be closed. - Contz
Buzz traffic analysis in Techcrunch: http://techcrunch.com/2010... (they watch referers closer than anyone). - Robert Scoble
FF has a much better interface. Google Buzz is too busy and crowded, difficult to scan quickly for content. FF is easier to browse through the timeline and find items that interest me. And I still don't like the fact that it is connected with my Gmail account. - Nils Sandin
I love this Robert. I mean the difference between markets. I.E. I know that in US engagements between Tech and SM Influencers happen in Twitter. While over here FF is probably the most suitable place to find them and talk directly to them. - Contz
Nils: I got over that by writing some filters in Gmail. Shove all that crap into a folder where I can ignore it. - Robert Scoble
Contz: not just in US. The 26,000 people I'm following are spread pretty well all over the world. Right now my feed is moving WAY faster on Twitter than it is on FriendFeed and those are NOT US folks. - Robert Scoble
I know. I really cannot explain you which is the cliché that forces people to remain on FF over here. Could be an interesting study. Probably the most common explanation is that for the nature of our culture we love to talk a lot and 140 characters are not enough. (and that's why maybe that Twitter is not so spread, other than lack of digital culture). - Contz
Contz: human behavior is incredibly difficult to change. It's one reason that I thought lots of engineers were stupid. They thought all they needed to do was add a new feature to win markets. Not true. Twitter had less features than competitors. Once people were locked in, they weren't moving. Of course, here on FriendFeed some people got locked in too, and they aren't moving. It's not... more... - Robert Scoble
Unless it's cars or motorcyles. :-) - Robert Scoble
Robert: FF is well known and widely used in Turkey. You may get some statistics from a Turkish techcrunch like website http://www.webrazzi.com/2010.... I dont know the user volume comparison of Buzz and FF but i guess FF is used more. For my case; i use mostly FF, then twitter. - Fikrizula
Robert is right. I have a lot invested here and couldn't be bothered working somewhere else. - Johnny from iPhone
@Robert Yeah. Early adopters definitely are not in Italy :-) (p.s. Soccer? :D) - Contz
Fikrizula: congratulations. That won't help FriendFeed survive. Is Facebook going to make any money off of you? No. So, what incentive does Zuckerberg have to keeping this site up and running? What about in four years after Paul and crew cash in their stock and decide to go start new companies? Hint: nothing. This is a total expense for Facebook. Someday an executive will see that and say "turn them off." - Robert Scoble
Robert, that's why I've backed up my data. I know it will happen eventually, but I'm prepared, and know I'm not going to lose much, if anything. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Jimminy: yeah, I don't really care if I lose stuff, though. Someday I'll lose it all, I'll be dead. - Robert Scoble
Yep. Facebook was kind of enough to give FF some server space to keep it going. With the numbers, I doubt it'll catch on the radar compared to how much bandwidth a popular game on Facebook gets. - Rodfather
Buzz still sucks. - İlter Kalkancı
What about http://DrThomasHo.amplify.com ? @amplifytheweb #amplify - Thomas Ho from iPod
JKelly, there's no need to apologize for "butting in". Are you new to FriendFeed? Having interested people jump into a conversation is something people here like. - Bruce Lewis
Thomas, amplify seems promising. I don't know this firsthand, though. I know it from an Italian early adopter I follow on FriendFeed: http://friendfeed.com/flapic - Bruce Lewis
Robert, the FriendFeed crew is not going to be happy without FriendFeed or something very much like it available for them and their families to use. April Buchheit said recently that FF replaced her blog, post-acquisition. - Bruce Lewis
Robert, would it be fair to say that a service is more valuable to you for driving traffic and conversations on your blog than for having conversations on the service itself? - Michael R. Bernstein
If FF is dead, then there are a hell of a lot of zombies. - Melly
http://friendfeed.com/scoblei... 50 comments? http://www.google.com/buzz... 4 comments http://twitter.com/#!... retweeted 15 times. Impossible to know who's posted about it and commented? Nothing on his blog. It must be on Facebook... more... - Julian Bond
*eats Melly's BRAAAAAIIIIINNNSSS* - Lola Bean (Penguin) from iPod
Robert ask what percentage of people here care about pushing eyes to their blogs or increasing their revenue. NOT EVERY SOCIAL NETWORK ON THE INTERNET IS ABOUT THAT. This place is a community of friends. As long as the servers are up and running I'll be here. Tech mavens such as yourself aren't relevant here anymore, and quite frankly I don't miss them. I don't think I'm alone. - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
again with this? how many more times is this thread going to be posted? FriendFeed isn't "dead" until the site is shut down. for now, it has a small number of dedicated users who value how the site works. if FriendFeed doesn't work for you, use what does. - jbrotherlove
Robert you left. Please delete your account and stay gone. Kthx - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
tDEAD;dr - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Okay people, what Robert says is mostly true in the grand scheme of things. For what it's worth, if you are still here, then Facebook market share or Twitter engagement likely don't matter much to you, the now average user of Friendfeed. If this is where you want to be, then I'm happy that you're here. If you need to promote your brand, blog, hair care product, or auto-onion dicer, then obviously there are more eyeballs in other places. I still like it here, so here I stay. - Eric - Final Countdown
See, i missed another whizzbang thread. Louis was right, Sleep is unproductive :) And i could never get into the Google Buzz interface. Partly thats psychological - I hate the unread count and the fact that its in my emails. FF is much nicer. - Roberto Bonini
Note also: The original post was on Twitter, but the discussion happened on Friendfeed. The comments were kicked off by Louis and Robert arguing back and forth on Friendfeed. Would it have been different if they'd done that on Buzz? I think Google has a hand in this as well. I follow both on Buzz, but I never even saw the post on Buzz till I looked for it. It seems Google may be... more... - Julian Bond
Dead dead dead - LANjackal
@Gunnyman Agree with you explanation - Contz
@Robert. I would like to see at this point what kind of exchange of opinion we would have if all this conversation has been done on Twitter. Just impossible. Long live to the "walking dead" FF :) - Contz
The buzz interface is just a vomitous mass. It actually discourages engagement. No wonder it's not doing anything. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
Can I be a Friendfeed zombie then? - Just Mrs. V
I think it's interesting, in comparing my interaction on FriendFeed vs. Facebook, that even though I do get a number of people liking and commenting on Facebook when I post there, the engagement runs about one comment deep. People make a comment, I respond, they don't come back, that's the end of it. (This is with a pretty even mix of people I know in real life and FriendFeeders.) Same... more... - Jandy
I didn't want to get involved in this thread but I have to semi-agree with Robert. Sure, FriendFeed is still around but as far as 'the race' is concerned, it conceded long ago. I'm sure if Robert was into seeing 15-20 nearly-identical pictures of the same cat posted every day; people posting nearly-identical pictures of themselves every day (followed with, of course, an all-you-can-eat... more... - Akiva
I lub Akiva - Rodfather
@Akiva, there's Hide and Unsuscribe also here uhu. It's just a matter of connect with the right people... - Contz
Thanks, Contz. I had no idea how FriendFeed worked. - Akiva
More than welcome Akiva. Definition you gave to FF same as Facebook. - Contz
No, Jeremy, I told the whole story. That's the stuff I was alluding to when I talked about mining for gold. - Akiva
Contz, and I almost completely ignore Facebook. For every backwater wasteland, there's a paradise just waiting to disintegrate. Ask MySpace. And Orkut. And Pownce. Et al. - Akiva
FF is like any other social network. You get from it what you give to it. If you're content to come in and occasionally participate and then run off to whatever other flavor-of-the-month social network you currently enjoy, so be it. But it's a little lame to complain about the content when you're not doing anything to improve it yourself. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
I think scobles, 4got that FF is the sandbox for concepts for FB :)- - Peter Dawson
And that was not directed anyone in particular. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
Kevin, most people don't even take the time Robert took to even tweet about FriendFeed anymore. That's how dead it really is. - Akiva
Akiva I agree. Paradise and Hell in every SN. The point is that over here there's still a little room of Paradise that some people is trying to preserve. - Contz
We still get deeper discussions here on FriendFeed than Twitter/Facebook/Buzz. Quality not Quantity. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Some people go to the hood and complain about how it's still so hood and only getting more hood. They offer no solutions, just complaints. Others have friends and fam in the hood and/or just like hanging out there. - Rahsheen
Rah, well put. Well. Put. - Akiva
Mark, 'quality not quantity' might look good on a bumpersticker but it's not the only yardstick by which things can be measured. I have way more fun on Twitter these days than I do on FriendFeed. Twitter's a machine gun and FriendFeed's a bazooka. They're both fun in their own way but it's already a done deal. FriendFeed's fate is sealed. There's not going to be a sudden resurgence. Twitter (and Facebook) won. End of story. - Akiva
To put it another way: winning a marathon is something; completing a marathon is something else. - Akiva
Someone should really send this thread to Facebook and tell them to go on with the dev. Even if it's just an expense to them - Contz
Won't happen. I've stressed this before: we owe the continued existence to the kindness and loyalty of Benjamin, Paul, and Bret (and Kevin, too, although he's already moved on) and that's it. There's no revenue to be had here. FriendFeed is a dead-end avenue. A cul de sac. It's like watching Titanic and hoping the ship doesn't sink. The ship's already sunk. We're just living out a protracted daydream. - Akiva
Friendfeed has survived and it will live on but not sure till when. - Ashish
Well aware of that. That said, still convinced that there's no even a similar alternative yet. - Contz
Contz, and that's part of the FriendFeed Problem. FriendFeeders see a new service come online, march in en masse, look around and then cross their arms defiantly, hating it because it's not exactly like FriendFeed. There will never be a FriendFeed replacement. Why? For the same reason you don't replace something that failed with an exact duplicate. It's the popular definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. - Akiva
if FF does nor surive then theres a download tool to pull all your content and comments etc - http://friendfeed.com/persian... - Peter Dawson
Except that friendfeed didn't fail because of the technicals. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
@Akiva, So you think a lot of Italians and Turkish people are insane? - Contz
Look at drop.io, Facebook immediately put it on life support and set the **no new registrations** for T-minus two months. Yet Friendfeed runs more or less (no search, which is an independent subsystem) as it did pre-purchase over a year later. Why is anyone so sure what the timeline is for FF? Maybe plug gets pull tomorrow, maybe not. Two different buyouts, two different sets of founders, two different stories. - Micah
Contz, the people who I think are insane aren't limited by nationality. Geography seems to have no real affect on how nuts people actually are. - Akiva
Not so much! - David Cook
MVB: if this is an SEO strategy on my part, it sucks. How many people are participating here? A few dozen? Yeah, that'll really make my brand more relevant. - Robert Scoble
A few dozen + another. Hi Robert! Hope all is well. - Christopher Galtenberg
Failed for a negative campaign of those so called gurus that stated that FF sucked and a lot of users quit like sheeps following them. And if it sucked so much why Facebook bought it? Nah, it just failed cause the product was no more devloped and because someone just told it was so. Like Wave. For god sake we don't have just cats over here, and still good to know to use it properly and enjoy it without being insane or pretending that FB or Twitter can do something they just don't. - Contz from FreshFeed
Peter Dawson: sorry, this is NOT a sandbox for trying new ideas that'll show up on Facebook. If you haven't noticed, quite a bit has already moved over (like the ability to hide all tweets there). The thing is there is absolutely zero engineering time going on here. That makes it NOT a sandbox. It is a box, alright, though. :-) - Robert Scoble
Contz: Zuckerberg told me he bought FriendFeed to get the engineers. - Robert Scoble
Gunnyman: I've been coming here every Friday for years. Why? To participate in the Gillmor Gang's chat room. Thanks for noticing. I can't help that the 40 people who are left here still love arguing about FriendFeed's future (or lack thereof). - Robert Scoble
Yep, the FriendFeed buy was all about the talent and not the product. FriendFeed was not only too complex for anyone other than the technically proficient, it required dedication and time to discover, shape, and curate the firehose down for each individual user. If you can't break into the mainstream, you're simply not going to survive. You either have to have a simple feature set (i.e., Twitter) or a wave of me-toos (i.e., Facebook). FriendFeed ended up with neither. - Akiva
Rah: this is worse than the hood. At least the hood gets some investment once in a while. Not here. But, yeah, I guess I like watching fans try to justify their choices. Arianna Huffington gets thousands of comments on her blog. That's the future. This is just a small group of folks playing tag. Someday they'll turn the servers off, then where will Gunnyman be? Lost in the wilderness. - Robert Scoble
MVB, that's cute but trite. - Akiva
Arianna's been in mainstream broadcast media since the 70s. She gets 1000s of comments on her blog. Wa-hoo. Make a reasonable comparison when addressing me, or Gunnyman, or your brother, or anyone else. - Micah
Totally agree Akiva. But sorry if I may seem too much annoying, I just want to point out that FF has some peculiarities that neither Facebook nor Twitter have. The right Social Network for the right market and viceversa, even it's based on tools already declared as dead. That said really curious about the buying affair :-) - Contz from FreshFeed
when I check from alexa whole different value are coming. http://www.alexa.com/siteinf... . - takmaz
That's one funny "You may be interested in..." from Alexa: "Worst Lawyer In Houston." - Micah
Contz, you're not annoying. I agree that FriendFeed has a fundamental underlying philosophy that has yet to really be replicated anywhere else, which is what I will lament the most once they pull the plug. My point is that many FriendFeeders seem to have a fantasy that suddenly the rest of the world will have an epiphany and FriendFeed will rise from the ashes and overtake Facebook and... more... - Akiva
Absolutely right and I really do agree with you. Market is market and business is business, no revenue no meaning to exist and I completely understand that. I was only hoping that this place could be understood for the huge value which is underneath for a lot of us. And believe is really great here, not only amongst people but also for brands like main newspapers or main Telco companies... more... - Contz from FreshFeed
Well, for what it's worth, those of use in the Life Scientists room are sticking around until they pull the plug, because we just haven't found anything better yet. Nothing yet ties it all together like this. Some of use aren't on Facebook (and won't ever be), some of us would miss the threading if we went to twitter, and there's really nothing else comparable. - Mr. Gunn
like to @contz (i'm just another italian ff not-so-important user ;-) ) - Laila
Robert, can you change "absolutely zero engineering time" to "a lot less engineering time than you would see at a fast-moving startup"? Then your comment will grate on me less. - Bruce Lewis
Akiva, do you have Microsoft Word on your computer? - Bruce Lewis
Bruce, why? - Akiva
Also, Bruce, I'm pretty sure it's in Robert's (or anyone's, for that matter) immediate interest to adjust their comments so as decrease your daily grating. - Akiva
Open a blank document. Type "Comment - Share - Like - Hide". Look up at Office ribbon at the top of your window. Then down at those words. Then up at the ribbon. Then down at those 4 words. Then tell me which interface is too complex for anyone other than the technically proficient. - Bruce Lewis
Bruce, I lost interest in your comment right around the time you started mimicking that commercial. - Akiva
If they care about their reputation, it's in their interest to be accurate. - Bruce Lewis
Bruce, your comment is just wildly boring and inaccurate. You're comparing something which many people are forced to use with something that people have the option to use. Furthermore, most people can get work done in Word (any version) without having to fully understand or utilize the extent of Word. Put most people in front of FriendFeed and then put them in front of Facebook or... more... - Akiva
Akiva, please tell me your results when you try this experiment. I predict FriendFeed will win. People use Facebook or Twitter for the same reason they use Word: Someone else pushes them to use it. I don't think the relative popularity of these three services is related to usability. FriendFeed is only complicated for people who want to do complicated things with it. - Bruce Lewis
Good luck with that, Bruce. You're backing a horse that's already been put to pasture. - Akiva
For the record, though, I want you to be right, Bruce. I honestly do. I just don't think it's going to go that way. - Akiva
Even if I'm right about FriendFeed usability, you're right about popularity. Yes, that horse race has been lost. - Bruce Lewis
Fully agreed to an extent. The one thing I saw over and over again was that people who weren't tech savvy had trouble understanding FriendFeed. - Akiva
It's a noisy and confusing place if the first person you follow is Robert Scoble (not Robert's fault). For a random less-technical person who initially follows a relative or two, I think the experience would be totally different. - Bruce Lewis
Bruce, if that were true, then FriendFeed'd be more popular than it is. - Akiva
That's what I used to think. Now I think popularity is more complicated than that. There are reasons why companies spend a lot on sales and marketing. And there are reasons why tech companies focus so much on virality. - Bruce Lewis
And I agree on all of that but FriendFeed's already had its shot. It's done. - Akiva
I'm done for now. Might see you all on FF later tonight. Bye! - Bruce Lewis
Oh, I'll be here until they pull the plug. I may be pragmatic about the future but I'm still along for the ride. - Akiva
Me too for sure :) - Contz
I'll be here too. Just to bug everyone. Sorry, it's a Scoble trait. - Robert Scoble
By the way, ask yourselves "why did I engage on this, but I didn't engage on the video of Stanford students building robotic cars?" Just an interesting observation. - Robert Scoble
Robotic cars interest hardware people. I'm a software person. - Christopher Galtenberg
Robotic cars are +all+ software. - Robert Scoble
We'd rather talk about hookers and blow here. - Rodfather
I suppose. But at college, certain people grouped around robots, and certain people grouped around linux stations. We spoke rarely. :) Just sociology. - Christopher Galtenberg
This is the part where Leo should break for an interstitial on the new Ford SYNC. - Micah
Google Buzz Wuzz - FriendFeed still is...depending of couse on what is is.... - Steve Cleary
Where's the "Do Not Feed the Trolls" sign? - Kenton
It's currently on front page of http://www.building43.com/ - Christopher Galtenberg
OK, it's all my fault...I removed the Compete tracking plugin from my browser and the traffic stats for FF took a dive. (no joke, my surfing habits used to be in their data) - April Russo (FForever!)
Appreciated that thread, discussion seems to have advanced with the users (especially the business only counts part). I wish Google went faster on getting its hands on FriendFeed, it was one of two services offered in its search results, especially the UI, light and efficient in real-time. Buzz showed how they really wanted it, or something similar to it. Its design and principles... more... - Zu from AOD
If nothing else, this thread proves one thing: Robert can still get the numbers when he wants to. - Akiva
60,583 subscribers is a helluva drug. - Micah
Yeah. It's a gateway drug to 147,658 followers. - Akiva
It's ok, he didn't inhale. - Micah
That's probably true. I wonder, though, if he's waiting to exhale. - Akiva
Those of us interested in the getting-numbers business would do well to pay attention to Robert. - Bruce Lewis
friendfeed is dead folks i keep waiting for something interesting someone to talks things to it is the subjects that have changed now we have good morning posts, memes, beard no beard posts and whatnot i keep waiting for some interesting post to pop up but all that flows is not gold i don't just wait i have hours to wait i have waited for hours hours like in hours there is some... more... - testbeta
o.0 - Bren from iPhone
zombie zombie zombie - reflexing
A small insider note on the Italian ff community: it's not about cat pictures, and although it's perfectly clear to me how Italy is not the place where early adopters are hatched, here you might find some - early adopters in the Italian market, ca va sans dire. For many, it is a platform in which to have informal discussions with, and get to know the personal side of, people who you... more... - Claudio Brandolino
(I know my contribution is slightly too specific and maybe off-topic; I just thought that, since the Italian case was often referred to, a little context wouldn't have hurt) - Claudio Brandolino
Robert Scoble
Humbolt County, which is where most of the marijuana is grown in California, voted against Prop 19: http://laist.com/2010... Change is hard.
that is because, more than most, they see the downside of that weed - Gregory Lent
the Aaron Craig
Check out my blog at www.theaaroncraig.com
Rob Diana
Klout is a Good Start But We Need More Ingredients for an Influencer Recipe - http://lifestreamblog.com/klout-i...
"It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up." - Ruth, Babe http://polastre.tumblr.com/post...
"you know what Alex's dad says? Never give up!" - RAPatton
And now I like this for your comment, as well, RAP. Who said it? - Lisa L. Seifert from Android
A kid in Alex's kindergarten class told that to another kid in Alex's kindergarten class :) - RAPatton
Kevin Fox
I am *so close* to pulling the trigger on that 11" Macbook Air. (4gig ram, 128gig storage)
Post your thoughts here. :) - Rodfather
My thoughts? - Kevin Fox
Your first impressions or review hah - Rodfather
Ahh. I'll certainly post my review if I get it! - Kevin Fox
I'm kinda surprised so many people are talking about the Air. What's the attraction? - Spidra Webster
The last time a Mac was this small, it had a 12 inch screen and that was a while ago. This is 11" at a little over 2 lbs. I think a lot of people have been waiting for a netbook sized Mac. - Rodfather
One of the things that bothered me about the previous Air (I haven't seen the specs for this one) was the lack of an ethernet port. I know wifi is in a lot of places but it's not everywhere. I like having the option to use ethernet. I suppose because of the form factor that they'd have to create some sort of adapter for a new size port to do it, though. - Spidra Webster
The MacBook Air has had an ethernet adapter since it debuted: http://store.apple.com/us... - Mark Trapp
I love my MacBook Air :D I've had it almost 3 years and rarely miss the common ports on most machines.. and I do all kinds of things on it .. I want the 11" one but I think my iPad has become my portable ;) - agirlnamedxine from BuddyFeed
Trevor Young
Smart marketing today is less about interruption and more about inclusion. Which do you practise?
Erin @queenofspain
NPR defunded means even getting information to people becomes a for profit venture. Arts. Music. You can only have it if we make $, suckers
Yes, because capitalism has done such a great job of providing us with fair, balanced and objective reporting so far. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
The best that money can buy Alex. - Todd Hoff
which is not at all. - Big Joe Silenced
For example Otto? - Todd Hoff
mercifully, Otto is now invisible to me. - Big Joe Silenced
You don't know exactly yet are stating it as truth? Hm... - Todd Hoff
OK, well thanks for showing us your biases, Otto. Please listen to NPR news for a week and then get back to us. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
You just said you don't know how they are biased and couldn't come up with an example, pardon me for taking "I don't know" to mean that you don't listen to NPR and that you are just voicing your opinion about news media in general. I was responding to what you wrote and for that, I'm sorry. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
@CW: them and News Hour. - Big Joe Silenced
Sarah Robbins
RT @DrBrianBurton: Video games highly effective training tools: Employees learn more, forget less, master more skills http://www.sciencedaily.com/release...
Douglas Karr
Just purchased tix to @techpointind's Innovation Summit Oct. 27th http://www.techpoint.org/innovat... See you there! #indy #tech
Mobile App Pinpoints Nearby Facebook and Twitter Friends - http://mashable.com/2010...
Sick Vegas is sick.
:9 - RAPatton
:( Poor pup. - Rochelle
*cuddles* - LB needs a hero!
Here's hoping food that goes in Vegas, stays in Vegas. - Bruce Lewis
She's got very strict medication and food requirements for the next 48 hours. I feel kinda bad for my roommate, and hope Vegas gets back on her paws soon. - Derrick
Aw, poor puppeh! I hope she's feeling better soon. :-( - vicster.
Awww poor puppy. - Michelle Jones
Oh no! Poor baby! - tab
How is she doing, Derrick? - LB needs a hero!
Ay pobrecita! - Cardeen Risen from iPhone
poor vegas. i still think you should puppynap her. - Jason
:o( poor puppy - Just Mrs. V
Aw no. Feel better, baby. - Jack&Cleo
Aww. :( - Alix May
:( - David Cook from fftogo
Mike Fruchter
PR & Media Relations | How Not to Pitch the Media - http://publicrelationsblogger.com/2010...
Tyler Mammone
RT @reginaldcuffee: Good Morning: Today, know that absolutely nothing is out of your reach.
Louis Gray
No social marketing experts left in 5 years expert predicts. - http://www.youtube.com/watch...
No social marketing experts left in 5 years expert pre...
Eventually the hype around social media will decline, as it becomes mainstream marketing . - Lorraine Ball
Expert predicts experts to disappear! Headlines at 11. :) - Louis Gray
Good thing they are all gurus. :-) - Dan owns Comicsforge.com
will there still be a market for social media douchebags? - Laura Norvig
Without a doubt, Laura. - Louis Gray
This is actually something that's been in the back of my mind as I think about my future. - Rahsheen
Excellent piece and totally spot on. - imabonehead
Interesting video. I liked the idea of those nearest the customer being the ones paid the most but I don't expect that to happen any time soon. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
How long will this take 5 years or 10 years? - Thomas Power
In smaller companies that are responsive to customers it will happen more quickly but even so I think 5 years is about right for them. Others will take at least 10 years and there will be many that will never make the change. But...in 10 years time *everyone* will be more connected and the gap between customer and company will be smaller. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Interestingly, in the Mall today the person in front of us at New York Fries was commenting to the employee that they were now on Twitter and Facebook because they have big signs exhorting people to "connect" with New York Fries. The person serving the fries obviously had no idea about either and could only smile while he was trying ask about the difference between them and why he found Facebook easy and Twitter unfathomable. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Kyle Lacy
RT @sandlerinindy: Do you want to "Sell More and Sell More Easily" ? join us May 26th on the south side of #indianapolis https://secure.sandler.com/eventca...
Rob Diana
Louis Gray
Forget April Fool's. Who wants to talk about Easter instead?
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Me - Johnny from iPhone
Silly Louis it's not Easter yet - Jesse Stay
cuties! - Rachel Lea Fox
They look ready! - Anne Bouey
Wow, they almost look like twins! ;) - Josh Haley
They are adorable! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
아이구 ,, 아기들 참 이쁘네,,, - namchul
Adorable! - Ayşe E.
Mona Nomura
You guys, this image is SO huge! HAHA - Mona Nomura
Lol - Farzad
Ignore! :D - MissSaghar
ترابلشوتینگ: to solve your problem you must shut down your computer and fuck yourself immedately! - M∂hmood
رافائل هنگ کرد! :)))))))))))))) - M∂hmood
Like for saghar :D viva MicroSoft :D :D - Farzad
This is one of my new favorites. - Kevin Bondelli
i wonder what mona is like at a flea market - she probably finds the rare gems! - Allen Stern
Too bad there isn't a StumbleUpon for flea markets. - Kevin Bondelli
Allen: Will work for free food! ;) - Mona Nomura
I want to randomly deploy this into a piece of software as an easter egg. - Kevin Bondelli
aaaahhhh, windows.... hahahahha - Melissa Janine
I made a Mac error pop-up to keep this one company. http://friendfeed.com/e... - Kevin Bondelli
This *still* makes me laugh out loud lollll!! - Mona Nomura
wow september? nice to see this again hehe - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
As Carlos said, I am "crate digging" . . . my feed used to be so visual. I am finding ALL sorts of posts. - Mona Nomura from IM
Oh shit that's funny! - BEX
just laughed at this one again :) - (jeff)isageek
Hehehe - Jonathan Hardesty from fftogo
Fly, little butterfly, Fly! - Martha
oh this must be at least thirty-seven years old. but still funny! - Kirill Bolgarov
It can't be THAT old; it's done in XP look-and-feel... - Karl Knechtel
nice! I've never seen this one before. - Phil Maxwell
- the f word - Monique
Karl, that was a joke - Kirill Bolgarov
XA x333 - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Classy. \p/ - Zu from AOD
Had me LOL ... Literally. - Charlie Anzman
:D:D - Nucro
Bump. - Kol Tregaskes
hahaha - Marissa
oh damn I liked it already - Victory through semantics
Where in the Sam Hill did this come from?! LOL - Mona Nomura
It's all about the butterflies - Jesse Stay
http://msn.com/ looks pretty slick these days. The butterfly has shapelier wings. - Vezquex
Still funny. - Amit Morson
Kyle Lacy
Authenticity, Transparency, and the Top 50 Blog Contest - http://kylelacy.com/authent...
Louis Gray
The Second Life of FriendFeed? - http://scobleizer.posterous.com/the-sec...
Depressing. - Akiva
Understood, Akiva. Sometimes the big plans we all hoped for don't come to pass. It's no coincidence I'm still in Vegas writing that. It sure would have been nice to have some other hopes come true this week! - Louis Gray
True enough. I just hope that Robert's also right about these other awesome features that Twitter plans on introducing. I just can't get past the 140-character limitation as always crippling the long-term experience there. - Akiva
I think Robert's right, as usual. Friendfeed is still insanely useful for me during our shows (see the TWiT-Conversations room) and I hope I can continue to use that functionality here or somewhere, but I find myself no longer using it all the time. Twitter is back, alas. - Leo Laporte
Akiva: there are lots of ways around the 140-character limitation. I actually like it because it enables mobile phone usage. FriendFeed is very hard to use on my iPhone compared to, say, Tweetie. - Robert Scoble
Thanks Leo. - Robert Scoble
Robert, what do you think about a 140-character truncation hiding a longer post? - Akiva
Akiva: it doesn't bother me. There are already post shortening services like that that work with Twitter. - Robert Scoble
If you could just auto-add every twitterer you follow as a "ghost friend", Friendfeed becomes a superset of twitter... - Kevan Emmott
Robert, true, but those links take you outside of Twitter where there is no guarantee of the target site being mobile-friendly or even up and available. And this doesn't even get into the fact that it's impossible to have discussions there. - Akiva
And by there I mean Twitter and not a particular target site. - Akiva
I predicted Friendfeed's demise six months ago here http://dawnsplan.wordpress.com/2009... when they released the new UI. Cool, but too late. - Dawn
Btw, Arrington was right. Scoble was wrong. - Dawn
This saddens me too. I keep trying to like Twitter, but it just doesn't have the engagement Friendfeed has/had. Will stay cautiously optimistic about new features. - Martha
Kevan, you've always have been able to do that and in May or June, it was made easier to add people you follow on Twitter, Facebook or Gmail. - Anika
Wish things were different, but that's a solid write-up, Robert. +1 Akiva for all your points above. - Micah
Dawn, you may have correctly prognosticated the impending demise of FriendFeed but you did so using all the wrong reasons. - Akiva
Micah, thanks! - Akiva
No, I mean auto-create *ghost users* for people who don't have Friendfeed accounts who you follow in Twitter. You can easily add the ones that have accounts - I've already done that - and you can create ghost users, but that's a bit of a pain. - Kevan Emmott
ffcode, just because something's popular doesn't make it good. It's tough to have a real conversation about anything on Twitter because of that limit. Try having a conversation with more than one or two people at once. Each @reply eats up some of that precious space. - Akiva
'Nibble logger'. Well, that's something I'm going to be repeating constantly for the next few days. - Akiva
I can speak that from personal experience, during an acquisition it is the most important thing to keep the team acquired in place. Some acquisitions are made purely for the product or technology. Others might be arguably for the customer base. However, successful acquisitions always focus on 1) successfully keeping the core leadership and customer-touching teams in place, 2) augmenting... more... - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
Akiva, the essential reason FF is failing is because it's always been too much like Twitter, even when it was "better" than Twitter. FF needed to differentiate themselves in a remarkable, unique way, and they failed to do that. Twitter had already won the public's imagination in this space, so the window of opportunity for FF as a real competitor was closed a long time ago. That you and Scoble and others are just now waking up to the symptoms doesn't mean I'm wrong about the cause. - Dawn
I don't think any of us are just now waking up. Most of us came to terms with it in the wake of the Facebook buy-out. And I still believe it is that that spelled FriendFeed's doom and not the change to the UI. - Akiva
Dawn: I have talked with hundreds of people about Twitter and FriendFeed and NONE came to that conclusion but it doesn't matter. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Sadly, I have to agree with everything Robert's said (which is slightly painful). I love this place, but Friendfeed's going nowhere. That is, unless something BIG happens and happens quickly. - Jim Connolly
I just have to say that I incorporated FF into my Introduction to Sociology courses, with over 120 students, and it has been quite useful, dare I say extraordinary. It is an extremely useful "aggregator" of sorts, and a fantastic organizational tool for me as instructor. I can do some pretty cool, nearly real time integration of information with my students with my iPhone, Google Reader, Twitter, my blog, etc...and FriendFeed. - Chad Gesser
It seems to me that the integration of information into FriendFeed has been incredibly overlooked and undervalued. It remains to be seen what kind of impact Wave will have in pulling people back to their laptop/desktops, but there is an interesting trend of the use of mobile devices for learning, and FF has made that possible in ways for me this semester that I have never thought. Granted my iPhone is a very important part of the capabilities. - Chad Gesser
Am happy for you guys mine is like hell - Pam Gwenzi
Ken Stewart: Another reason to do acquisitions is to just kill a competitor. Since apparently FB didn't lock in the FF engineers you have to wonder about their motivations. It will be ironic if the FF acquisition just strengthens Twitter, FB's biggest competitor, which is mostly what it seems to be doing. If I was on the FF team and FB didn't lock me in, I would take whatever they got out of the deal, leave and start a new FF, under a new name, assuming there isn't a no compete. - Ed Millard
I sure would like to read the contract for the FF/FB deal. It seems.... odd. - Ed Millard
Chad: FriendFeed might turn into the equivalent of Notepad. Useful for some things but no one ever talks about how cool Notepad is. It hasn't gotten many new features in decades, but it still is used every day by probably thousands of people, maybe even millions. If FriendFeed turns into that I'll be happy, and FriendFeed will indeed see a second life as a lightweight conversation tool. Google Wave sure shows what happens when you get a ton of features. Yuch. - Robert Scoble
I would be *very* happy if FriendFeed lasts as long as notepad. The main reason I started posting stuff on FriendFeed was to make an on-line notebook where I can search for previously found items. Along the way I surprisingly found that some people actually like looking at what I post. I miss the more active FriendFeed days, but I would be ok if the activity moves to Facebook etc...,... more... - Mitchell Tsai
+1 Chad: "integration of information into FriendFeed has been incredibly overlooked and undervalued". I continue to get high value for that reason. - Hutch Carpenter
I do think FF will get its "second life", probably soon. I still think it's the best social media aggregator by far. It's what I use to bring all my social media stuff together. I even use it as my preferred Twitter client when I'm not on the Twitter website. Still, I don't think Facebook realize what they've got here other than just another competitor to squash, Yahoo/Google-style... - Dennis Jernberg
Robert, then nobody in Silicon Valley understands mainstream dynamics. What a surprise. :) - Dawn
*raises hand* doesn't this beg the question why the hell's he been on FF all day? I can recall a time when Twitter was vile & corrupt according to Scoble, so he must've misread those chicken entrails as he's back cheaping cheaping away like Tweeting was life giving air - sofarsoShawn
Sofar: Twitter is still corrupt. But it is where the things and people I want to read are. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Louis Gray
How do you Do PR Without Looking Like You're Selling Something? - http://www.conversationagent.com/2009...
PR is always selling something -- "how does PR become even more deceptive?" might be a better title. - Brian Sullivan
tsk, tsk, Brian. I endeavor to provide value and help people with great content.... - Valeria Maltoni
But of course you are not selling anything. - Brian Sullivan
+1 Brian. - directeur
not getting the condescension - why? - Valeria Maltoni
@Directeur - how's the project going? http://www.conversationagent.com/2009... - Valeria Maltoni
PRs job is not to sell something? - Brian Sullivan
The sad part is going to be in the future is no one is going to believe you when you say you are not selling something. Tons of credibility is going to be lost in the next few years. - Dan owns Comicsforge.com
Brian, you started with "deceptive". Business' job is to sell - many touch points to do that. Product/service delivery being an important one. Everyone's getting paychecks when a sale is made. We're shifting from push to pull. From marketing at to building value with... or am I wrong? - Valeria Maltoni
@Dan do we know each other? 'cause I wouldn't presume to call you "sad" without getting to know you. - Valeria Maltoni
quick question to the title jumpers - have you actually read the post? Not very long, either. - Valeria Maltoni
So you are selling something but you want to make it look like you are not selling something -- wouldn't that be the definition of deceptive? - Brian Sullivan
Definition - public relations is the art and science of establishing relationships between your organization and its key audiences. Educating is part of that. Just like you do with social media, actually... I cannot defend the profession, as I know many do it the push way. I can only speak for the way I work. - Valeria Maltoni
@Valeria, so so... thanks! :-) My very humble view on the subject is that marketing is about selling, always. Now what you sell (the product) to whom you sell it (the client) and for what is the question. That humble project for eg. was an attempt to bring attention on another kind of socialmedia, and standards like microformats, apml, xfn... The interesting question now -and I guess... more... - directeur
@Directeur- yeah, but "how" we sell today has changed a great deal. Probably more indirect than ever with peers being a determining factor in what we look into. Current economic context has money = value. That's why it's so hard for organizations to think that the social Web has value... work in progress, like human nature. - Valeria Maltoni
Erik Deckers
@genevieMeyerhhr I notice you sent a lot of "get 400 followers per day" msgs, yet you only have 1 follower. I don't think it's working.
Mike Fruchter
What Human Business And the Social Web Are About - http://www.chrisbrogan.com/what-hu...
Cindy Hartman
RT @TheSCICoach: “Knowledge also imposes responsibility.” – W.M.L Jay
Mike Fruchter
RT @louisgray New Blog Post: It's Twitter's World: The Second, Parallel, Internet http://www.louisgray.com/live...
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