Finally some kitty love.
Fwd: Fwd: E.O.Ninjas "The Awesome Song" (via (via
today is better cuz i found an epic Guided by Voices remix I made.
new favorite fortune: Soon...and with someone you know.
Fwd: E.O.Ninjas "The Awesome Song" (via
E.O.Ninjas "The Awesome Song"
last day of work at library!
:-) and :-( - Kirsten
new official end date is june 1st. so dont have to worry about paying for appendectomy.
that is awesome news. - Mary Carmen
8days of work left. feel bad about taking a week of sick leave. so will guilt myself into working at least most of the day these last days. make the most of it. :)
this friendfeed things seems pretty neet. kinda like twitter i guess.
But, it is a lot easier for people to leave threads of comments... - Joe
But, you already know that. - Joe
*waves* Hi Royce! - Kirsten
hi hi! - Mary Carmen
any body got rochelles address. email me roycekitts@ gmail. com
OCLC Global Council Delegates Vote for Royce Kitts! Get represented! Repost. Retweet. Let's do this thang.
wife and i going out for a drink. #surprisedate
i predict a riot
*throws a bottle at royce* - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
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