As a programmer I don't fear being replaced by inevitable automation - but _do_ fear being replaced by an off-the-shelf vendor. Same thing?
waiting for an email from pocket admins to the effect of "dude stop saving articles you never get around to reading"
"Please update to the latest java SDK to continue experiencing this broken website with the most recent java SDK"
If the NSA can build a datacenter in Utah to house all their surveillance data, we can also afford to give cops cameras and save that data.
RT @WSJ: In Rialto, CA., the entire police force is wearing so-called body-mounted cameras :
If we can arm every small town police department with tanks, surely we can also equip them with wearable cameras.
"Oh, well he got into a scuffle with a cop after being accused of jaywalking" For this he deserves one in the chest and two in the head?
Bully, "thug",or gentleman scholar is irrelevant.Michael Brown was unarmed and shot six times.The intent was not to disable but to kill him.
RT @stereogum: The first authorized Nick Drake biography is coming this fall, and it features unreleased music
"Sally knows you should serve cream dishes with extra caution. An affect of carelessness here is no asset."
Let’s Make a Sandwich! via @feedly
RT @csoghoian: Govs are deploying MiTM malware delivery boxes at ISPs. Every HTTP request is an opportunity for infection.
1 Hour of Ambient Sound From Inside Deckards Apartment, Blade Runner, Los Angeles, November 2019 -
1 Hour of Ambient Sound From Inside Deckards Apartment, Blade Runner, Los Angeles, November 2019
Making an awesome iPhone app to check your gut microbiome health. You have to lick your screen to submit your data. Excited.
What will they think of next?
In the future, we shall solve the intractable problem of disagreeable newspaper delivery boys! To the right of th...
Dark-chinned? Winston glanced across the hall. In the corresponding cubicle on the other side a small, precise-lo...
The next Expendables movie needs to have Tim fucking Howard
Actually, I think John Sayles may have actually made a film about that last one.
Idea for movie: Battle of Blair Mountain
Idea for movie: Homestead Strike
Idea for movie: The Ludlow Massacre
4 of 5 stars to Beggars and Choosers by Nancy Kress
Beggars and Choosers (Sleepless, #2) -
RT @BiellaColeman: Great archeological discovery? eThe real-life origin of the SubGenius logo?
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