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Arggh I wish @MingleApp supported @HipChat integration.
When the internet dies, meet the meshnet that survives - 19 April 2014 - New Scientist:
Then again, why should I be angry? You get the #SCOTUS you pay for. Clearly I didn't pony up enough free speech. #McCutcheon
With SpeechCoin, you get an electoral vote for every million SpeechCoin you have. Sorry poor people, no SpeechStamps! #McCutcheon
I would like to propose a new currency: "SpeechCoin". #McCutcheon
Apparently some can have more free speech than others. #McCutcheon
If it was still beyond any doubt, we now no longer live in a democracy, but an auction. #McCutcheon
RT @julietlapidos: The Roberts Court will be remembered for making it harder to vote in elections, and easier to buy them #McCutcheon
Makes me snicker that @QuickTrip provides a coffee cup/lid combo that doesn't drip on me while @StarBucks can't seem to get it together.
K-cups discarded in 2013 would have been enough to encircle the globe 10 times ... Per @qz
‘Jodorowsky’s Dune,’ is rated PG-13 Drugs are mentioned, and a gargantuan ego is exposed" cute, NYT, cute.
Kernel#open: A Poor Man's Mongo interface for Ruby #ruby #mongo
All future meetings that I may be attending will be done via telepresence robot.
Dish washing avec football -
Dish washing avec football
My favorite bunny rabbit -
My favorite bunny rabbit
The Scientific 7-minute Workout -
The Scientific 7-minute Workout
Direct Action: An Ethnography -
The Democracy Project: A History, a Crisis, a Movement -
1/7 The Retired Man and his Stylus -
1/7 The Retired Man and his Stylus
Zola loves these Gorey books :) -
Zola loves these Gorey books :)
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