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listening to "Talking Heads - Road to Nowhere" -
Happy Birthday David Byrne! - Robert Rose from
Robert Rose
listening to "Grateful Dead - Sugar Magnolia" -
Headed to a beautiful dinner outside... Listening to this with the top down... Happy Easter ya'll - Robert Rose from
Robert Rose
listening to "Southern Exposure - Atlanta Rhythm Section" -
Been listening to ARS all day... RIP Ronnie Hammond... - Robert Rose from
Robert Rose
listening to "Violent Femmes - Kiss Off" -
I hope you know that this will go down on your permanent record! - Robert Rose from
Robert Rose
listening to "Jimi Hendrix - Little Wing" -
40 years ago today... Jimi died... - Robert Rose from
Robert Rose
listening to "The Jayhawks - Blue" -
How am I just now discovering the Jayhawks... Geez.. where have I been.. - Robert Rose from
Robert Rose
listening to "Tom Petty -
I got a room at the top of the world tonight... and I ain't comin' down... - Robert Rose from
Robert Rose
listening to "Led Zeppelin - Going To California" -
@pajaritos: "with an aching in my heart" - it's a California Night... - Robert Rose from
Robert Rose
listening to "Grateful Dead - Estimated Prophet -
Friday night in So Cal..... Like an angel standing in a shaft of light... Rising up to paradise.. I know I'm gonna shine!! - Robert Rose from
Robert Rose
listening to "Grateful Dead (gr8fl) - Box Of Rain" -
Saturday night.... And a box of rain... - Robert Rose from
Robert Rose
listening to "Let It All Go" -
Some more Johnny Cooper for ya... Enjoy the #SXSW - Robert Rose from
Robert Rose
listening to "Jeremy Jay - In this Lonely Town" -
Some more #SXSW music for ya... - Robert Rose from
Jay Rosen
Do you think this is funny? To me it's sad that SFWeekly thinks it funny. So vote: amusing or downer? via @ShellyKramer
i don't think it's funny or a downer. Just lame really. - Anika
I laughed at the "Interesting Comments Thread From a Porn Site" (because it's true). - Josette
Amusing. Only a downer if you mistakenly thought Digg was the future of news. - Leo Laporte
I think it's funny, and sad. I know a few folks who think Digg is revolutionizing journalism by allowing hte individual user to be their own editor, to determine the headlines. But what I think they're missing is that online social sites have a group think- well modeled by the headline, "100 sexiest geek girls" that tilts any kind of utopian vision of an individualized paper. - anna sauce
I didn't find it amusing, exactly, but it is indicative of why I've migrated away from "digging" to "tweeting" as I find those that I follow are better filters and markers of good information than Digg. In return, I hope I do the same for others. It's also why I am selective about whom I follow and unfollow those who post drivel. - Chip Roberson
Agree with Anika... Not a downer - but just not very well done. The unfortunate thing is that the design is not that far off from their design... I swear that on their home page I'm counting like 20 different Fonts.... - Robert Rose
Amusing. Agree with Leo's comment. - Phillip Stewart
Amusing, but they might try removing the scroll bars from the "Newspaper" - Nathan Snyder
Rachel Lea Fox
la chula - A Man and his VERY Tolerant French Bulldog - There are shots of just his bulldog in this set too and all of them are fun, funny and well done. Love it!!
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EXPAND TO SEE MORE!!! - Rachel Lea Fox
I can't decide if this is horrible or awesome. Can I just go with horribly awesome? - Tamara, #TeamMarina
bumping this, cause it makes me laugh and I wanna laugh!! - Rachel Lea Fox
Tamara, I completely agree with you!! - Rachel Lea Fox
If you look quickly that first shot could easily be Worthington. - Mark Krynsky
Caroline, it took me a minute to figure out what you were talking about. Completely forgot that I noticed that too in the second to last photo. It's very cute! - Rachel Lea Fox
Maybe it's just a heart-shaped fig leaf. - Gabe
mark - i thought it was worthington too - Felicia Yue
Mark, I agree. I have never seen a bulldog that calm. Especially not a Frenchie which often have much more energy then English bulls. I can't stop loving these photos though, even though as Tamara said they are horribly awesome!! - Rachel Lea Fox
LOL! - Wulffy
tooo funny LOL - Susan Beebe
LOL on the cow/skunk, batman/robin and the tin man/dorothy ones. How in the world does he get that dog to tolerate having that stuff on?! Those are awesome! - Robert DeBord
That's the best 20 minutes I spent all day... I'm in love with la Chula 1)Sexy, Fine 2)The way a guy calls a girl if she is sexy. - Robert Rose
Louis Gray
Calm down! Twitter's featured-users list has been there since the beginning -
Calm down! You should have worried since the beginning - directeur
So Milian equates a list of five users in the sidebar--visible only to those already logged in to the site--to a set of 20 users to whom you're automatically subscribed when you join the service, unless you opt-out? Yeah, I guess that's exactly the same thing. :-/ - Ken Sheppardson
I think Leo, Kevin, John and Patrick said it best on this week's TWIT - that this is genius. Celebrities and "celebrities" competing over numbers - and ostensibly becoming spokespeople for the service. Isn't it enough just to be nominated ;-) ? - Robert Rose
Wrong. Sigh. - Robert Scoble
i don't see why they can't just charge say a monthly fee for users who want to be added to the suggested users' list? twitter(at)locspoc - Loc
Kevin Fox
What's wrong with this picture?
What's wrong with this picture?
Miss Webtv was a real looker at the Miss USA pageant this year. - Mark Trapp
You're missing a state? - Johnny
Puerto Rico's 10-year naming rights sponsorship with Microsoft is looking worse and worse... - Kevin Fox
Welcome to WebTV, Population: You. - Matt Donders
Webtv is a state? WTF? - dgw
Even Google Sets couldn't recreate this list: - Mitch
Ok, I just checked it, it's still there. WTF? - Glenn Slaven
People in Sterling VA and Milpitas CA sure love their Facebook.... - Robert Rose
Lmao @ Kevin - Jason Williams from iPhone
A long shot, but perhaps WebTV users can't be tracked on a per state basis, so they have their own selection? Doubt it, but I've seen stranger and more interesting things... - Chris
This data mining project is really cool; how does the Internet see you? (via @rohan107) Pretty close! but what about Computers and video games :p - Fee501st
I did mine and it took less than 40 seconds to calcuate. I did Veronica's and it's still calculating after 2 mins. I wonder what the 'Illegal' part is. - Ejji
Probably discussions on file sharing, I'd guess. - Veronica
Probably those illegal things you do for Coffee ;) - Fee501st
Mine is really wrong. And apparently I'm undecided about attending something called 'rock the farm'. Which is news. - Amy
I tried "Mickey Mouse" after 10 mins (I exaggerated hehe) the top three are Online, Fame, & Sports. - Ejji
I tried with my name but it was someone else. There are too many of us with the same name. - Sylvain Nadeau
It found me and some others who I'm not related to. There was a George Brickner in Congress once upon a time, but I'm not him. - George Brickner
Pretty fascinating... Wish you could dive into each category after it finishes... - Robert Rose
Kevin Fox
This is why I don't watch regular TV.
Random freeze frame when the TiVo went to live TV. I have no idea of the context and prefer not to know. - Kevin Fox from email
I feel the need... the need for a meme... - Robert Rose
Robert Scoble
Oh, boy. I was pocket twittering you all! Sorry about the weird tweets.
I wondered what that was all about. - Courtney Engle
There's already 8 Google hits for "Frnégtttrdre" - Matt M (inactive)
We of all people can handle some noise :) - Micah from iPhone
When I saw Frnégtttrdre I thought it was some new, hip thing/site/program. - Kurt Starnes
Frnégtttrdre is my new favourite word! - PC Easy from twhirl
People hang on your every Ggytr - Andrew Smith
that's hecka funny - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Frnégtttrdre needs to become a meme. - Andrew Euell
Mark: front pocket. You guys are funny! - Robert Scoble from iPhone
I just registered - Robert Rose
Rob, I knew it was only a matter of time. - Micah
Sounds kinky - Christian (Simply X) from Android
The new butt-dialing. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
B.J. Mendelson
Chuck Norris Writing His Own Book of Chuck Norris Facts -
"Chuck Norris writes books with a quill made of vengeance" - B.J. Mendelson
"Chuck Norris doesn't read (or write) books. He stares them down until he gets the information he wants." - Robert Rose
Robert Scoble
Posted via web from scobleizer's posterous - Robert Scoble from Posterous
just curious - what does partner mean? - Allen Stern
How many hours do you have to bill to made a Rackspace partner? - Phil Wolff
Which of the Scoble Social Media turned on the Rackspacers? - Phil Wolff
Yeah, Allen, I'm wondering that too. I'm trying to resell Rackspace Cloud Sites. Am I not a partner? - Stephen Pickering
That empty chair there is supposed to be me (I'll be having red please) :-) ....Last minute conflict... I couldn't make the conference @scobleizer - tell Adrianna and Drew and the gang I said hey... Hope today was great... - Robert Rose
Robert Scoble
How to tell if you are a geek:
Tonight I was faced with this scene at a party in Indianapolis for Monster Energy drink and I figure it is a good way to tell if you are a geek. If you first impulse is to ask the girls for help with your Ubuntu install, you are probably a geek. If you start wondering about what cool iPhone apps they use, you are probably a geek. If you want to ask them where the best places to find wifi in Paris are, you are probably a geek. If you want to invite them to a Facebook party you are probably a geek. If you ask them what they think of Android you are probably a geek. - Robert Scoble from email
به به , چشم مریم خانم روشن - Mil∂d
@scobleizer you follow the scobleizer on here? - Prolific Programmer from IM
By the way, I am a geek. :-) - Robert Scoble from iPhone
If you ignore them entirely and check out what's playing on the media player in the background, you're probably a geek. - Akiva
If you can't spell "Ubuntu" do you get your geek cred's revoked? - Joel Bennett
If your first impulse is to correct @scobleizer on his spelling of Ubuntu in his post . . . you're a geek. - Michael Owens
So did you have wild sex with them? - Dave Winer
geek ---> - Rahsheen
Well Robert, what did they answer to all these questions? <--- Geek. - Bettina Tizzy
if you dont care, for once, what scoble has to say, and are simply wondering where to find these girls...what are you? - Zachary Adam Cohen
sluts* - Michael Owens
If you know for a fact the girls don't care at all about you and are only there as paid advertisements, AND you still don't care and want to gawk and hang out and get photos with them might be a geek. - Josh Haley
Damn, Josh, why not just go ahead and win the Internet for yourself, why don't you. - Akiva
It might be a new ad for s3. - Trey Ratcliff
Thank you, sir. - Josh Haley
Dave: I am talking with you so what do you think? :-) - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Dave + Scoble: That's a yes. - Michael Owens
Zachary: they are in downtown Indy. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
If you ask them their thoughts on Faccebook acquiring FriendFeed, you're a geek. - imabonehead
What the.. Why bother blogging this crap when you could actually be striking up riveting conversation.. - Pogmohoin
I wonder if Scoble's pickup line is "Hi, Who Are You?" - Sean Reiser
Imabonehead: definitely! - Robert Scoble from iPhone
on my way, just gonna fire up my get and break out the Nair for Men - Zachary Adam Cohen from email
oh btw sluts* - Pogmohoin
"Hi, I'm Robert Scoble, who are you?" - Prolific Programmer from IM
If you immediately turn to your iPhone and write about it on FriendFeed you are a geek - Jesse Stay
I'm pretty sure I am still a geek, but there is no way any of those questions come to mind when I see this picture. And I think if those questions come to anyone's mind here, it might be time for geek-rehab. - Bill Grant
Pogmohin: I talked with them for a while. Nice people but didn't know what Android was so I moved on. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
This post is just a cover story for why does Robert have this picture, anyway? - Jason Wehmhoener
So is "What do you think of Android?" the new Turning test? - Micah
thinking you can pick up said girls by telling them you wrote an iphone app and expecting them to get excited about it then you're a geek. - evablue
Yeah.. I am from FHM mag.. Want to make the big time baby.. Now can the girl at the rear just reach around to the one at the front .. front page Roberts Screen Saver.. - Pogmohoin
Damn. Best photo you've ever taken! - Mike Flynn
Me: confronted with this scene, I'm a slut first, then a geek. ;) (Mike: hella observant!) - Dennis Jernberg
You could also be gay, or female, but that would be in a non-geek-centric universe, so I could be wrong. ;) - Lisa Norman
I have a feeling this is going to show up in the daily "Best Of Your Friendfeed" for anyone subscribed to Scoble. - Michael Owens
Michael: You're right! This one wins the whole day. ;) - Dennis Jernberg
Also, there is an iPod in the background -- clearly these are Apple Fan-girls. - Bill Grant
"Android? Oh, haven't met him yet. Is he still at the party?" *leaves room* - Micah
What were we talking about again? - Derrich
Bill: Sure enough, iPod, docked. - Dennis Jernberg
The girl at the right said her name was Ashley. Actually she said she was "Smashley." love that. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Bill: yup. I picked up on the iPod very quickly at the party. I am hoping Ashley sends me her play list! - Robert Scoble from iPhone
@Micah -- Me: "No, that's Mandroid. He stayed home. Wasn't cool enough. Android is...(way short explanation)" - Dennis Jernberg
If you take a picture of three beautiful girls, post it on FF, and your first inclination is to write a caption that includes the words Ubuntu, iphone Apps and Android - OR if you comment on such a post... You are definitely a geek. - Robert Rose
By the way none of the three had been to Europe so they couldn't help me with good places to get wifi for LeWeb. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
If you help them sign up for Facebook, FriendFeed, and Twitter, you're a geek. - imabonehead
Been to Europe?? Man did they say the best thing that come out of Europe was "The Final Countdown" from their Daddy's "86 with a Bullet" tape!! - Pogmohoin
This scene was the geek's dream while posting this. :) - Bundit
imabonehead: actually they are already on Facebook. Which says something about how mainstream Facebook has gotten. - Robert Scoble
All the Facebook friends in my family (except for my brother) are definitely nongeeks. - Dennis Jernberg
anyone reading this is a geek - Brendon Wadey
++++++++++GooglePlex, Akiva! - Melanie Reed
Well I know I'm a geek. When someone like me, who spends a lot of time helping a sexy geek like Marina Orlova of because she speaks geek and is enjoyable to work with. I might even venture to say she's a bit of a computer nerd. When Marina wakes up the first thing she does is check her email. When she gets ready for bed she can be found tweeting before she retires... more... - Captain Jack
Captain Jack: she sounds cool. What apps does she have on her iPhone? - Robert Scoble
Were they impressed by the size of your lens, Robert? - Vezquex
Raphael: I didn't have that with me tonight. Was going low key. :-) - Robert Scoble
wow - Ehsan Diary
If Robert had taken that shot with is 600mm, he would have had to have been 3 blocks away and you would be able to see the the flecks of color in their eyes :) You are looking at their eyes right?? -- My first thought was well, they can't be geeks as everyone knows true Geeks drink Red Bull not Monster :P Monster isn't all bad, they are big supporters of Surfrider and International Surfing day ----> Surfing Geek - Luke Kilpatrick
If you're a geek, why are you asking someone else for help with your Ubuntu installation? Shouldn't you figuring that out yourself? Turn in your geek card, now. - Andy Bakun
Yeah, they'd have to ask you to help with their Ubuntu installation. Except if they don't know what Android is, they probably haven't heard of Ubuntu either. - Dennis Jernberg
This Ubuntu question can relate this photo and the Ubuntu logo, then that's a geeky question. (I mean this ) - ۳۰ مرغ Loves Y'ALLLLL
I guess I'm a dirty old man. - D Lets from iPhone
I guess the answer is: regardless of whatever you do, you are a geek :-) - Ethan Gahng
damn it Scoble! I have to like this. - rob
looks like my weekends - sean percival
New blog topic: the decline and fall of FriendFeed - A Mitchell
What's that coming over then hill? - Nick B.
"Well, hello there, sexy ladies! Would you like to come up to my place and read my @scobleizer feed? Hmm?" -bow-chicka-wow-wow- - Kevin Leroux
wow. I couldn't even make out what was that thing in the BG. I noticed the additional thumb/thigh in front -so that makes me a photo geek?? - jomarhilario
Oh my! Now I'm sure I'm not a geek! Hahaha they are beautiful as hell! - Rafael
if you find this picture of these attractive women on this page you are probably a geek...even if you don't read every single comment...including this one. - Lee Sachs
Some of us geeks know what we're doing with women. - Tyler Hurst
true dat,, you really can have it all - Zachary Adam Cohen from email
Oh, how gorgeous. You've got to love that Ipod design. - James Kuypers
I can tell the way the Hottie on da Right is looking at me that she really likes ME a lot!!! - Billy Warhol
@James I hereby award you the true geek award for your spotting of the iPod in this picture. =P (Special mention to the others who said MP3 player) - Silver iPod Nano I would think. - travispuk
Perhaps you need to add this app to your iPhone: - Chad McCoskey from iPhone
Admit it: you told them you were Philip Seymour Hoffman. - Maxwell Kennerly
Two things. 1) Geeks do it better AND 2) they're not sluts... they're leveraging their assets... more power to them - Ankush Narula
davşan kızlara benziyorlar beaaa. - Pilot23
Really lol Scoble maybe u had been having 2 much fun @ the racetrack & geeks does attract some attractive wolla - polou/indigo_bow
Funny old world three attractive women in a fun pose at a launch party and it creates enormous interest? Funny how things never really change in human habits, geek yep that's me but this article made me smile a lot, keep snapping away Robert. - Ian Wright
If you are writing a disclaimer on a picture, you took at a party, because you don't want to be locked out of the house by your wife, you are a SMART geek:) - Maryam Scoble from iPhone
double like for Maryam :D - Alberto D'Ottavi
+1 Maryam - imabonehead
Best of day. - beersage
If you whip out your iPhone, take their picture, and bring them home .... you're a HOT geek ! - Christopher Yeo
Totally.... - N.G. Gordon - RadarSync
Keep up the good work Scoble! :-) - Garin Kilpatrick
Heh, love that Maryam commented on this. I miss her and my two buddies. I'm just wondering why TechCrunch doesn't have parties like Monster drinks! ;-) - Robert Scoble
Jeez, I must not be geekish at all — *my* first thoughts are all carnal. - Hieronymus Murphy
Me, I'm a mutant. ;) - Dennis Jernberg
3 girls 2 cups - HansVanRock
Robert Scoble
I am a boring egotistical baaahhhssstttaaarrrdddd but my favorite tweets are not:
couldn't help noticing that a lot of your favorites are mentions of you. Doesn't help your case about being an egoist :) - Tac Anderson
Yeah im tired of your mightier than attitude i only tolerate it because your so damn cute. lmmfao - Gary Prechtel
hey jeunelle dont move in on my man. hahahahahhahahahaha - Gary Prechtel
@Robert, why you keep Tweeting your twitter fav all the day,I heard you tweet it like over ten times. - Steve Chou
Would like you to enjoy a bunch of things Fresno,Ca has to offer pics are awesome. First the blossom trail is in its final month of tours which are amazing..Plus Sugar Pine railroad is great pics plus dinner folk singing and a train ride and singing in the Yosimite outback with a band of cowboys after a steak dinner. Couldnt be better - Gary Prechtel
Steve because most Twitter users only check in every day or so. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
I didn't drop anyone out of FriendFeed. Not sure where that came from. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
@Scoble Yes,maybe that's why twitter can ignore noise much better than friendfeed.but you know,i'm a daily heavy user.:-) - Steve Chou
I just like that you put three "r's" in Baaaahhhhssstttaaarrrddd.... Maybe you could change your avatar to Kirk screaming.... - Robert Rose
Shelly DeMotte Kramer
Hey @davidAigner ... saw u stalking. Stalked my own self. LOVE your bio. You're my kinda Twitmigo. Welcome :)
Good call Shelly.... Saw this in your feed and had to follow David as well... The blog is nice too! - Robert Rose
Question on tv: "how should teens be punished for sexting" answer: spanked.
Damn you for making me laugh at that.... - Robert Rose
Cheryl Jones
Question for Californians on FriendFeed (current or previous): how's the housing market out there? The hubby and I are seriously considering moving out there, probably in the SoCal area because his company has a few offices near LA, but northern Cal is still a possibility.
We're planning on renting a small house, since we have no money to try buying a house, plus renting would give us more flexibility, should we need to move again. - Cheryl Jones
Anyone know of a good way to compare cost-of-living in the Chicago area to different areas out in CA? - Cheryl Jones I can't speak to the _accuracy_ of this, but it is a cost-of-living calculator for various regions. - Andrew C (✔)
In Half Moon Bay prices have come down about $100,000 from an average of about $900,000 to $800,000. Prices are still very high, though, and you will have sticker shock moving here from almost anywhere in the country. - Robert Scoble
well, here's one pov: - edythe
Cheryl, prices have definitely come down alot - but as Scoble sez - still a bit of a sticker shock to most. Here in LA - it's definitely the time to buy - especially anything above a starter home. Big opportunities - especially in the Valley (San Fernando Valley) and on West Side. Hollywood area has held its value a little more than others because of all the improvements that are going on... Come on over to So Cal... We need more Internetz experts in this part of the world... - Robert Rose
I don't know about comparison but we use for housing prices. I'm in Orange County and it's still expensive. - Just Mrs. V
I hear is good for looking up places too - Rodfather
Content to Rent is the way to get familiarized with the area (it's very spread out - you gotta know the different parts of the different neighborhoods before you plop down cash to buy anything). If you have a good job, and if you don't mind traffic, water shortages/restrictions, organized crime, random violence, racial tension, potential riot vibe, unhealthy - very unhealthy air... more... - Morgan
I tried to read that, Morgan ... but all I got was: fake people, really fake people, Lindsey Lohan ... - Joel Bennett
Hey folks, lots of discussion about the housing for sale market here, but I think Cheryl was asking about the rental market. We're thinking about renting our house in northern california out, so I'm interested in hearing what folks have to say about rental in northern california as well. - Jason Wehmhoener
Hey, Morgan, we have most of that stuff out here in the Chicago area… Well, not Lindsay Lohan, thanks be. :P - Cheryl Jones from FreshFeed
Hey, Jason, tell me more about your house. :D - Cheryl Jones
It's 1500 sq ft. 2Be/2Ba + 700 sq ft. office over garage on 7 redwood filled acres in Boulder Creek, CA 95006. Pet friendly. We've done a lot of remodeling in the 10 years we've lived here. Not yet for rent (might be a few months, we need to buy a new house, for one thing) but we're thinking about somewhere in the neighborhood of $2500/month (TBD). - Jason Wehmhoener
Rents have gone down some (that's why I am having to give up my house...just can't get housemates in here at the rents my real estate bubble mortgage forces me to charge) but rents in any CA metroplex are going to come as a shock to anyone moving here from anything less than NYC. - Spidra Webster
We're not ready to move right away; we still have lots of cleaning and other stuff to do and deciding about whether we can sell or rent out our house here. Your quoted rent is higher than our range is, but it's a good data point to have. We may be able to stretch, depending on various factors -- potential salary compensation, whether we're able to get a good price on our house, etc. - Cheryl Jones
House rent values will probably shock us, but we really don't want to go back to renting an apartment. - Cheryl Jones
Jason, your location looks pretty good. If you ever post any pictures of your house online, please post the link here. You've got me curious. :) - Cheryl Jones
We're probably high for Boulder Creek, but it's a really nice house, the other houses I see on Craig's List for a little less look a little on the funky side to me. Boulder Creek is probably low for the bay area. It is quite a drive to, well, anywhere. It's also quite majestic if you are an outdoorsy type. Here's some photos that were taken a while ago, we'll be posting recent ones when we're actually ready to rent. - Jason Wehmhoener
Dude, your house is awesome! :D - Cheryl Jones
Thanks! We love it, but we're going to move to Santa Cruz if we can. - Jason Wehmhoener
Another question about neighborhoods and shopping: we're used to having a major shopping area, big-box retail stores (like Target), restaurants, and hardware stores nearby. In general, if we want a house near shopping areas (like a 15-20 min drive), are we going to have to pay for the privilege? I don't know what suburbs are like in CA compared to suburbs here... - Cheryl Jones
Boulder Creek is out of the question for you then... and yes, convenience does come with a price tag. - Jason Wehmhoener
Part of the reason we don't live in Chicago proper is because we found it so annoying not being able to park easily at stores, parking in general is high, and retail stores aren't always conveniently-located. We're definitely more suburban-minded in that way, I guess. **sheepish grin** I guess we could deal with longer drives to retail areas if it means significantly lower housing prices, but we'll have to find a balance. - Cheryl Jones
It's not hard to get places in driving distance of malls, etc. What's hard is affording places in safe neighborhoods that have everything in WALKING distance. - Spidra Webster
Cheryl, I don't know a lot about Chicago suburbs, but if the areas you are talking about are anything like Naperville (had some family there for a while) then I'm guessing that in the bay area you're probably going to feel most comfortable in Silicon Valley. Maybe and would be good places to look. - Jason Wehmhoener
Jason, we live in Aurora, right near Naperville. :) Thanks for the pointers. My brother recently moved out to Palo Alto, so I'll be quizzing him, but I also wanted to get other opinions (he can become biased for things pretty easily, so of course he'll talk up his neighborhood a lot). - Cheryl Jones
BTW, this isn't to say that we are set on living in a Naperville-like suburb in CA. We're moving to CA partly to shake things up a bit, so we're not above experimenting with new types of neighborhoods. Any one in SoCal have any suggestions? The hubby knows someone from work who lives in the San Bernadino area. - Cheryl Jones
Bumping for some input from SoCal peeps: Derrick, Jandy, Anika, etc...what say you? - Cheryl Jones from FreshFeed
It's expensive as all hell, but I'm practically broke and thisclose from putting on my booty shorts and whoring. - Derrick
@Derrick: Well, how are the rental prices in the area where you work (houses and/or apartments)? Also, are you in decent driving distance from major retail areas? I know cost-of-living in general is more expensive (though according to some online calculators, not quite as bad as people say), but it's the housing situation we're more concerned about. - Cheryl Jones
The thing is, a lot of people say that CA is some large number times worse than Chicago, but other than housing prices, I don't know if that's true. I doubt that CA sales tax is worse than Chicago and surround 'burbs' sales tax (8 - 10%). Gas might be more expensive, but again, I can't imagine it's much worse than buying gas in Chicago proper. So in general, besides housing, is CA really that much more expensive? Are there fees like parking permits, or whatnot that I'm not taking into account? - Cheryl Jones
Oh, you're looking to rent. I don't really know that much about it all... I can say the rents on apartments are lower now than they were when I moved out a year ago, at least from what I can tell - and more available, too. There are places in Los Feliz renting for $1600/2BR, and I doubt there were any last year in that area for less than $2000 or $2200. In the San Fernando Valley, I'm... more... - Jandy
FWIW--If you have children--figure in the cost of private schooling or home schooling. Here in the SF Bay area, there is a mass exodus from the sub-standard public schools which will be even worse very soon. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
We don't have kids yet, but thanks for letting me know. We'll research more on rentals; looks like prices may be more affordable than we thought. Gas doesn't look like it's much higher than it is here. I talked to my brother about how he feels about cost of living (he recently moved out to Palo Alto from here) and he says that it doesn't seem to differ that much from here, which sounds a little reassuring. Thanks for your input, Rob and Jandy! - Cheryl Jones
Andrei M. Marinescu
TUAW Guide: Setting up the Ultimate Mac mini Home Theater -
Andrei, thanks for this - is this ever timely. just thinking about canning the old Dell PC I've been using for the same purpose. Need something quiet and more unobtrusive.... - Robert Rose
The mini is a great way to go. I got one for this purpose a couple of months ago and have been really happy with it. - Andrei M. Marinescu
Jason Baer
I'm sure it's devastating for those in its path, but "Hurricane Bill" doesn't sound particularly intimidating.
And be sure to be ready for all the "invoice" puns that are no doubt on their way.... - Robert Rose
Richard MacManus
Only 5% of Twitter's users account for 75% of all the activity on the service; nearly 33% of that is from bots:
Bots, they are spreading and becoming active than ever. - Ashish
I got back at them. I unfollowed all of them. :-) - Robert Scoble from iPhone
are there bots on FF too? - Justin Long
So far not seen "bots" on Friendfeed. I hope never. - Ashish
"Bots"... I hate bots... - Robert Rose
They used to be on the forums so much...looks like they all found their new toy. - Rob Sellen :o)
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