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RT @AlessAmato: There are strong differences btwn Japan and Mexican subduction: one is max depth of seismicity
RT @lavabombs: Modelling deadly pyroclastic flows w/ baby powder & lasers to understand them better: AWESOME.
RT @CPPGeophysics: Cross-section through seismicity in Guerrero: flat slab, shallow interface thrust events & deeper intraplate quakes
RT @JacquelynGill: Polynya. Gyttja. Karst. Gruss. Firn. Loess. Tarn. Graupel. Drumlin. Erg. I love earth science words.
RT @TTremblingEarth: Tho we're distracted by Mexico, this awesome set of photo #mashups commemorates the 1906 quake by putting it today.
RT @DisasterChannL: MT @JeanSuriel #Earthquake of M7.5, in #Guerrero, #México left the Acapulco / Zihuatanejo highway in this condition.
RT @DrLucyJones: Strongest shaking in Mexico's M7.2 #earthquake today was Intensity VII. Same as the strongest shaking in La Habra EQ. Proximity matters.
RT @CPPGeophysics: Historical seismicity map of area of today's Guerrero M7.2 quake
RT @alexaguiarpoa: @eruptionsblog Early warning system for earthquake in action today in México City. It worked well.
RT @aboutgeology: Imagine if we had such a thing in our country. RT @RodrigoEBR: We got a 60-seconds warning here in Mexico City
RT @AlessAmato: Il #terremoto di oggi in Mexico (M7.5) non sembra avere riempito il noto "gap sismico di Guerrero" lungo circa 100 km
Geotweeps: Has anyone compiled a list of geologists using UAVs/drones for geological research or teaching? If not, I'd like to start one.
Best of luck!! RT @TMMCC: Q-day! One way or another, I'll be able to start catching up on everything after this afternoon.
RT @subglacial: #Eyjafjallajökull in 2006. 2010 eruption removed the lagoon and the lower glacier. Image by Magnús T Guðmundsson
Me too. MT @callanbentley: @seismogenic I show the felsic/int./mafic cat photo to my students every semester. He will live on in memory. :(
RT @geotripper: There's a whole different world in the cyn downstream of Yosemite Valley. Right now the wildflowers are incredible!
RT @CPPGeophysics: "Promises of Preparedness Followed Devastating Quakes. & Yet." ("How prepared are Americans for anticipated Big One")
Blueschist and eclogite at Jenner, California. #SpringBreakGeologyFieldTrip
RT @mwilson_wooster: #FossilFriday A Favosites coral from the Upper Ordovician of southern Indiana, USA.
RT @alandpitts: Continuing my gigapan efforts in the Gorgoglione flysh to help trace key strat. surfaces and compliment detailed logs
RT @aboutgeology: Mars is so uncanny. RT @ridingrobots: The Mountains of Mars. Sent by Curiosity in March. |
RT @kwinkunks: Very funny MT @snowandscience: The geophysicist's rock collection cc @EvanBianco @maitri @My_Carta @DynamicWebPaige
RT @CPPGeophysics: M7.6 strike-slip Solomon Islands quake occurred in area where most large events are subduction related thrust events
RT @JackHLacey: We have had a great day at Corrie... then there was this... #wow #ArranB @GeologyLeics
RT @callanbentley: Fusulinids and stylolites, Hueco Formation: My colleague Joshua Villalobos shared this image with me the other...
Tested: DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ Quadcopter Drone -
Tested: DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ Quadcopter Drone
RT @matt_m_crawford: Good story on why you can't get landslide insurance. I would add the lack of quantified susceptibility maps
Before there was @Gigapan they stitched large panoramas the old-fashioned way: (via @mikamckinnon)
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