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RT @WilliamHBrewer: "...we got on a ridge over eleven thousand feet high that commands a stupendous view..."
RT @cbdawson: Here's a nice relaxing volcano, meadow, and stream for your morning.
RT @YosemiteNPS: Park geologist Greg Stock co-authored a paper just published by @theAGU describing rockfall hazard and reducing risk
RT @RockHeadScience: New Guest Post! Research Assistant, Volcanic Hazards, Elaine Smid @lavabombs: A Day in the Life Series...
RT @USGS: Today in EQ history - M7.3 Kern County, CA quake of 1952. Note the bend in the railroad track
RT @NextQuake: On this day in 1952, at 4:52am, the 7.3 magnitude #Kern County #Earthquake was felt across much of #California.
RT @davepetley: New blog post:- Maoxian County landslide: a dramatic video of a fatal rockslide
RT @lavabombs: Seamless map of New Zealand's geology!
RT @UsgsNgmdb: Aloha! Hawaii maps just added to mapView -- #mapView #NGMDB #USGS #Geology #Maps #Hawaii
RT @cbdawson: Scientists investigate large hole on Yamal Peninsula, Siberia
RT @Astro_Alex: Salar de Uyuni. I drove through this salt lake two years ago. Like an alien world, even from down there!
RT @mwilson_wooster: Wooster Geologists Team Utah 2014 has started its blog posts: http://woostergeologists.scotb...
.@jeffersonite I felt an Oklahoma earthquake just before I moved from Kansas to California. Haven't felt even one since I've been out here.
Hooray! RT @aboutgeology: Broadband has been achieved! Back in action soon.
RT @Tuff_Cookie: Hanging out with everyone's favorite sign below the pali at Kilauea in 2007 (yikes! 7 years ago!) for #volcanomonday
RT @Interior: You can stop looking for the best supermoon photo. We've found it courtesy of @ArchesNPS.
.@volcanojw If the beauty gets too overwhelming, you can always swing by Bakersfield for an antidote:
RT @doctorow: I have snuck the audiobook of HOMELAND (read by @wilw!) into Itunes w/o DRM, listing it as "spoken word" /pls RT!
RT @NextQuake: "Only fools, liars, and charlatans predict earthquakes." - Charles Richter
RT @geotripper: Yosemite's high country: rugged wilderness and my home land at the same time. Journey's end at Tuolumne Meadows
RT @davepetley: A spectacular old ridgeline collapse landslide near Ramberg in the #Lofoten Islands.
RT @LandEvoModeller: This bank of the #Mekong eroded 15m in one night in May, three houses were lost #RapidErosion #BumpInTheNight
RT @lava_ice: Structural geologists dream/nightmare on Klastline Plateau, BC
RT @callanbentley: Stromatolite from near Crypt Lake: Greetings from the field… here’s a scene I contemplated yesterday…
RT @alexbirtwisle: Overlaying GPR results on Google Earth is always fun. You never know what you may find!
RT @maitri: When trapped, I like to draw "What's wrong with this geological picture?" doodles. Well, discuss.
RT @eruptionsblog: The Volcano World Cup Final has arrived! Chile vs. the United States for the championship! You can vote starting now:
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