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Petr Koubský
Petr se dověděl, že končí veletrh Invex. A má pocit, že by se taky měl vrátit do hrobu.
Dion Hinchcliffe
Enterprise Software Innovator’s Dilemma « The Agile Executive -
Excellent and detailed overview of the challenges organizations have to moving to agile and open source. The good news is that both are now largely ready for broad uptake. - Dion Hinchcliffe
Dion Hinchcliffe
50 Essential Strategies For Creating A Successful Web 2.0 Product - http://web2.socialcomputingmag...
One of the most popular links on delicious today! - andrei_c
You're right - bookmarked 222 times as of 11:51 am Pacific: - Hutch Carpenter
Svetlana Gladkova
Anyone complaining about support in #BoA should really try to work with any Russian bank - you will quickly learn BoA is awesome!
True Alan - hence after the usual session with VTB24 (which never lasts under an hour) for some reason I can't help but feel envy to the people who speak about BoA as having the worst support of all. - Svetlana Gladkova from twhirl
Jeremy Zawodny
CES 2009: New SanDisk SSD G3 is as fast as a 40,000rpm HDD -
WANT! - Jeremy Zawodny
Wow, the prices aren't bad either. It certainly beats my USB-drive RAID (which sucked preformance wise, but was otherwise fun). - John Mueller
Interesting to use rpms instead of iops. - Todd Hoff
todd: You mean interesting that the entire industry talks about 5400 / 7200 / 10K rpm drives vs iops or that SanDisk is choosing to use that same terminology? - Ken Sheppardson
It was very creative as people are used to comparing rpms. It's just usually SSDs are characterized by iops, which are the key numbers (read, write, sustained, random, etc). But I supposed people don't have a feel for those yet. - Todd Hoff
Dana Gardner
Predicting vitality of 'SOA' completely misses the point -- legacy IT is dead -
Pito Salas
Svetlana Gladkova
Newsweek’s 50 Most Influential People: Only a Handful with Tech Background -
James Urquhart
Jeff Jarvis
@PaulBrannan I prefer iPhone apps even more than sites. I use the NYTimes app constantly; Safari much less-so.
Matthew Gertner
Greatest thing EVER would be if Google had an option where I can say that I just want their stuff in English, please, no matter where I am
Dana Gardner
IDC research shows SOA going strategic, more interest in governance
Dana Gardner
How far west do you have to go before you're no longer an Eastern Elite? Answer: Scranton.
John Hagel
Jeremy Zawodny
Patrick Zandl
@pixycz Nejsi, přijde mi to tak stupidně dvojznačné, jako by to vymyslel sám Klaus. Aby to Evropa neosladila nám...
James Urquhart
Content Log: Alfresco releases first CMIS implementation -
This is kind of an aside, but John Newton covers the introduction of a content management system standard that will likely create new so-called "content-in-the-cloud" opportunities. One of the reasons I joined Alfresco was that we understand there are new challenges to be faced in the cloud, and our leadership on CMIS (including providing the open source implementation) shows we mean to take action. - James Urquhart
James Urquhart
Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: The cloud's Chrome lining -
Woohoo!!! Nick is back, and he's starting off strong with an excellent analysis of what Google's Chrome announcement means to cloud computing. I didn't know much about Chrome before this post, but now I'm deeply intregued. I just have to figure out a way to get a copy of Windows to install in a VM on my Mac to host it...(in other words, get a Mac version out NOW, Google!) - James Urquhart
Radovan Janecek
@netroman Good Data Monthly Review will happen in two years!
Matthew Gertner
CoolBook made my MacBook Air usable. Underclocks the CPU to reduce temperature and avoid the dreaded "core shutdown"
Dave Winer
Fresh Air podcast: According to investigative journalist Jane Mayer, the war on terrorism may have done as much political and social damage to the United States as terrorism itself. Mayer writes for The New Yorker, and she recently published The Dark Side.
I'd highly recommend looking for the BBC documentary "The Power of Nightmares" because basically that is it's point. Only real place to look for it is on youtube or on bittorrent sites, because the filmmaker has said it's unlikely it will ever be on DVD because there are too many news clips to be licensed. - Owen Byrne
What in God's name is going on here!? I am so confused by what is happening to this country? Backstabbing, talking in code, fear of physical harm! I weep in utter helplessness.....*deep breath* Alright, I know I'm sounding exasperated...but seriously...I cannot understand how this remains under the radar except for the uniquely in-tune. Is it not the responsibility for the news media to blow these things up? If Congress does not have an appetite for these fights, they will when the general populace hears. - Victor Vasquez
There..we are! Friendfeed has even Podcast now! Am I missing something or this feature has been around for a while? - Umesh Kakkad
May have??! Torture, domestic spying, all taken as the new norm. Privatization of security and law enforcement to companies like Blackwater. See also Naomi Klein's "The Shock Doctrine" for abundant corroboration. - Michael Markman
Very true! By oppressing and controlling American people by violating their constitutional freedoms it gives rise to Oligarchy and Fascism! Terrorists win, Democracy loses! - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Mickeleh are you using FF now? - Dave Winer
See also "Unknown Soldiers How Terrorism Transformed the Modern World" by Matthew Carr. An History of the XX century thru terrorism. Tremendeous documentation on how the terrorist threat is biased... - Guillaume Lemoine
I have to second the recommendation of "The Power of Nightmares". Worth watching. - Jakub Nešetřil
Thirding "Power Of Nightmares", and while you're on a Curtis tip, catch his "The Trap" and "Century of the Self". - Dave Mee
Global War on Terror = Global War OF Terror in support of neoconservative world domination and a neocon domestic dictatorship and police state. The analogies to Nazism are legion. - Sean McBride
Dave Winer
I want to read some docs on the microblogging protocol. Has anyone written anything like the docs for the Twitter API or the Friendfeed API?
You know about , right? Contains the spec. - Benjamin Kudria
Of course I've seen it. Doesn't seem to be enough info there. Has anyone actually implemented it? - Dave Winer
Jeff Jarvis
To say that Gary Vee doesn't do anything SEO related is absolutely not true. Hell, go see his brother's twitter profile. SEO expertise is listed. They do SEO, everyone still does SEO, SEO is going to be a major factor for years to come. You're going to need a completely new type of search technology to wipe SEO off the map. - Ben Parr
The end of Internet = The end of SEO - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
I doubt it. There's still a large number of sites out there that aren't optimized for indexing as they should be. SEO isn't just about gaming the search engines. It's about making the website as search engine friendly as possible. Until each web developer knows how to optimize their site, there will be market for SEOs. - Jason Shultz
Have to agree with Jason here. Trying to trick the SEs is a short term and potentially expensive strategy. If you have good quality content that people are searching for, SEO is about sure the SEs can find it. Winelibrary has had some good SEO advice, and is nearly 10 years old with 80,000 backlinks. Most businesses can't wait that long to be found. - Jim Stewart
The end of SEO? We're still at the beginning. Universal and personal search will only make SEO more complex, not obsolete. The basic principles of SEO (which many don't follow) will still be necessary. - AJ Kohn
David Antoš
Apple just gave out my Apple ID password because someone asked -
Keith Cline
Boomi raises $4M in VC funding - Berwyn, PA -
Paul Buchheit
I wasn't allowed past airport security at Heathrow Terminal 5, as my t-shirt had a picture of a gun on it. It was a picture of a transformer holding a gun. -
id say "arrest me" and make money off the interviews and media attention - Tyler Gillies
Was the transformer looking menacing at the time? - Damien Franco
This is what happens when you put poorly defined rules in the hands of an underachiever with a double-digit IQ and an inferiority complex. What's next? Requiring passengers to be fully anaesthetised when they fly? - Andrew Terry
no matter what I wear ... my full name always gets me SSSS on my boarding ... - Raza from Alert Thingy
dont mind them, just transform away! - Alemsah Ozturk from Alert Thingy
this sounds like USSR in last years of its existence... tho, for me all *Western world* in general looks as "USSR in last years of existence" -- all this crisis from mil overpsending, problems with wars abroad, domestic idiots en masse, etc - A. T.
In the UK now, a picture of something is the same as the thing itself. It's the law. - Michael Randall from twhirl
@michael, what have we become? - Tyler Gillies
Next time come to acquire the tickets wearing a t-shirt with money. A picture of money. - 9000
Maybe because it was Optimus Prime.. If it had been Bumblebee, Britain's favorite and most fuel-efficient Autobot, you'd be OK... - Chris Reed
Whoah. The British government is getting more retarded with every passing day. This makes the James Bond movies even more unreal than they were. - Raoul Pop
I wouldn't want you on my plane- your clearly a dangerous terrorist who is going to take us down with your shirt gun. - Chris Hollander
Well first they have to make the thing illegal. Then they have to make a fake representation of the thing illegal. Then they have to make talking about it illegal. Then they have to make a picture of the thing illegal. Only THEN can they make the picture in your head illegal. You can't expect to implement thoughtcrime overnight, people! - Karim
Some bits of the UK system are a bit weird at the moment, we've got councils 'spying on individuals right now' - - Andy Davies
More than meets the eye... - Clare Dibble
Anesthetizing travlers pre-flight would solve all sorts of problems. Plus you could stack 'em up like cordwood, get lots more passengers on each flight. - Jason Wehmhoener
Jason: Cory Doctorow once suggested the same thing on a podcast (TWiT, or Mac Break Weekly, maybe) He called it something like Ninja Airlines. A ninja would shoot you with a tranquilizer dart, pack your stuff, and put you on the plane. Once you arrived, he'd give you the antidote and slip out the window before you completely came to. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Cory++ - Jason Wehmhoener
that is ridiculous, will post to - karl
omg You got to be kidding me - john conroy
Dion Almaer
David Antoš
Pito Salas
Great new information about blogging -
James Urquhart
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