While liveblogging the IHMC 2012 scientific conference on Google+, Thomas Sharpton and I quickly discovered that comments on a post do not update in realtime there like they do on FriendFeed. Kudos to the FriendFeed engineering team for the solid and groundbreaking innovations they made!
This particular feature is useful during collaborative liveblogging so we can see each other's comments and reduce redundancy while composing our own. - Ruchira S. Datta
On the plus side for Google+, conference liveblogging bangs on the commenting system really hard, and I've seen nary a glitch so far. - Ruchira S. Datta
We'll be covering the International Human Microbiome Congress 2012 live from Paris on Google+ https://plus.google.com/1046417... #IHMC2012
Please sign this petition opposing the Research Works Act, which would reverse progress toward making scientific information which the public paid for, available to the public. http://wh.gov/K25
A few special interests, namely certain commercial publishers, have spearheaded this act by making claims about open access publishing that fly in the face of reality, e.g., the success of the Public Library of Science (PLoS), and the fact that the peer review process is alive and well in math and physics despite the extensive use of the arXiv.org preprint server ahead of publication. - Ruchira S. Datta
See more about the Research Works Act here: http://scienceblogs.com/confess... - Ruchira S. Datta
The typo in this ad is rather astounding. See p. 127 of the Dec. 19 & 26, 2011 issue of the New Yorker.
Maybe they were typing with a Boston accent? - Kristin
I was thinking the same thing, Kristin; but I suspect there should be an "h" where the "r" is missing if that was the case. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
kind of cute aren't you chickmunk? - NoahDavidSimon
Now work at Center for Evolution and Cancer http://cancer.ucsf.edu/evoluti...
I'm really excited to join Prof. Carlo Maley's lab http://maleylab.surgery.ucsf.edu/ in the Center for Evolution and Cancer http://cancer.ucsf.edu/evoluti... in the UCSF Medical Center at Mt. Zion http://mountzion.ucsfmedicalcenter.org/ as a research specialist on Monday.
Congratulations! - imabonehead
We'll be researching how precancerous cells progress to cancer, and how cancer develops resistance to chemotherapy, leading to difficult-to-treat relapses. - Ruchira S. Datta
imabonehead, thanks so much! :-) - Ruchira S. Datta
Wow, you guys are quick. I posted on Google+ first, but still haven't gotten any response, whereas here I have 4 likes and 1 comment. FriendFeed lives! :-) - Ruchira S. Datta
Congrats, Ruchira. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Thanks, Jimminy! :-) - Ruchira S. Datta
Ruchira, well that definitely tells you something about FriendFeed versus Google+ :D - imabonehead
Congrats! - Anne Bouey
Very cool; congratulations! - Jenny from Android
Thanks, Anne and Jenny! - Ruchira S. Datta
Congrats! - Spidra Webster
Congratulations, Ruchira! - Victor Ganata
Thanks, Spidra and Victor! imabonehead, at this point I have 9 likes here, and still the only response I have on Google+ is a +1 from Anne. - Ruchira S. Datta
That +1 actually came before I saw it here. - Anne Bouey
Thanks, Anne! Now chaz2b has +1ed it there too (thanks!), and I have another +1 from my friend Monica Anderson--the first response on Google+ that isn't also here. Interesting and somewhat surprising. - Ruchira S. Datta
thank you for sharing this great news with us, :) - chaz2b
Why do I see several "404 Not Found" links to delicious in my feed from different people?
Because the guys didn't approve the new delicious TOS. - Napolux
Napoulx, thanks. - Ruchira S. Datta
Clinton's executive order 12862 required customer service plans from federal agencies. Search for this to see how the government serves you. http://www.archives.gov/federal...
Has anyone else found that the new Facebook message/chat integration is a bit broken this morning?
I'm not sure how I'll feel about it once it's fixed -- sometimes it's nice to have transient chats. - Ruchira S. Datta
Facebook chat and messaging were always broken, even separately and not for technical reasons... - Jean-Marc Liotier
Harvard Business Review: "The Unselfish Gene" http://hbr.org/2011...
"Ross and his collaborators told half the players in their experiments that they were playing the Community Game and the other half that they were playing the Wall Street Game. The two groups were identical in all other respects. Yet, in the Community Game group, 70% started out playing cooperatively and continued to do so throughout the experiment. In the Wall Street Game group, the proportions were reversed: 70% of the players didn’t cooperate with one another. Thirty percent started out playing cooperatively but stopped when the others didn’t respond." ! - Ruchira S. Datta
@GOOD _Diet for a Small Planet_ http://www.amazon.com/gp... (timely sequel: _Diet for a Hot Planet_ http://www.amazon.com/gp...) #GOODasks #30DaysofGOOD
RT @pvanbaarlen: this looks interesting: A probabilistic disease-gene finder for personal genomes http://genome.cshlp.org/content... #genomics
Tackling the @water crisis w/ "A big idea done right" http://www.fastcompany.com/magazin... via @FastCompany. Join us http://power.water.org/...
@SaheliDatta I knew about phagocytosis, but not that they had specific mouths w/ sizes--thought they were ad hoc. At JFK, boarding shortly.
RT @nytimesscience: Dot Earth: Sanity Alert: Senate Votes to End Billions in Ethanol Subsidies http://dotearth.blogs.nytimes.com/2011...
Winners of $300 House Open Design Challenge announced: http://www.300house.com/blog... Some winners feature earthbag construction: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki...
Greater competitive exclusion of more closely-related species verified in protists http://gtresearchnews.gatech.edu/darwin-... Who knew protists had mouths?
RT @tkorte: @GOOD ...no GREAT book - Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer #GOODasks #30DaysofGOOD
@ematsen @phylogenomics @ianholmes @iddux @mikethemadbiol their framing as "refutation" is misleading :-(
@ematsen @phylogenomics @ianholmes @mikethemadbiol @iddux actual ortholog more func similar in 1:many than 1:1 case, due to subfunc
@ematsen @phylogenomics @ianholmes @iddux @mikethemadbiol among btw-species outparalogs, the actual ortholog usually has higher %id
@ematsen @phylogenomics @ianholmes @iddux @mikethemadbiol w/ proper definition, their results actually support the ortholog conjecture
@ematsen @phylogenomics @ianholmes @iddux @mikethemadbiol completely contrary to usual definition, their outparalogs include orthologs
@ematsen @phylogenomics @ianholmes @iddux @mikethemadbiol found out why: they call any 1-to-many ortholog a btw-species outparalog
@ematsen @phylogenomics @ianholmes @iddux @mikethemadbiol that btw-species outparalogs more func similar than orthologs was incredible
@mikethemadbiol @phylogenomics @ianholmes @ematsen @iddux We use phylo approach w/ 100s genomes. That's what computers are for!
RT @mikethemadbiol: @phylogenomics @ianholmes @ematsen @emergentnexus how well does phylo approach work w/dozens, hundreds of genomes? Seems comp. intensive?
RT @ralphmarston: Make you a better you and you make the world a better place.
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