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RT @TwitPic: We're happy to announce we've been acquired and Twitpic will live on! We will post more details as we can disclose them
RT @JoeMoreno: Twitpic is being acquired, and apparently not shutting down next week. cc: @seantcallahan @Rumford @danielzev
Just completed a 1.41 mi walk - Finally cool out #RunKeeper
An old friend has died.JAY ADAMS The Original, There is no other.
Jay Adams, skateboarding ‘revolutionary,’ is dead at 53 He was one of my skate idols. a master. via @washingtonpost
Regina using moms statue as a mic. :)
Check out my #camoji waiting for iPhone app approval. 📱😕
We all need more cat videos. Pixel.
Snapchat Could Be Stripped Of Valuable “Tap-And-Hold For Video” Patent via @techcrunch
Watch A Thousand Micro Robots Self-Assemble Into Wild Shapes via @techcrunch
RT @HuffingtonPost: Everyone turned their back on Robin Williams mid-show once. This is how he responded
RT @RollingStone: Robin Williams' family remembers comic's gentle spirit as they mourn: read the touching statements:
Waiting for Apple approval of me new app update. Major improvements 📲
Inside iOS App Extensions: Apple opens up social Share Sheets to third parties
Genius is sometimes born from insanity. Really a great comedic talent. Unfortunate to lose a great 1. RIP Robin Williams. :(
Girls getting dolled up last night.
Got some waves earlier today. :)
Making some improvements to my iPhone app. Coming along quite nicely.
Krysten cooking us chicken and vegetables. Yummy!
Groovy band to get in the coding frame of mind. I really been digging these guys for a while. Yo La FTW!
A twister with teeth is #Sharknado2 this is a great flick!
RT @littlemissjacob: “3 Other unknown people are building your product idea…” by @Rumford
once your IOS #APP goes into review... how many minutes does it take for approval? Anyone know?. I am a nervous wreck... lol.
The Number One Reason Good Habits Don’t Last | Nir and Far
7 reasons why Facebook is terrible for you via @Salon
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