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"Another meaning that is ascribed to the color red is passion. This can refer to love or anger but is probably more associated with love." - Myrna
great shot :) - آریــوبرزن
آریوبـرزن :)) - Myrna
Love the light on her face, the yellow one and red tulips! Loving the day! - Myrna
I absolutely luv the tulip pixxxxxxx~~~GREAT shots!!!! - Suzy Lynn {R} Buchanon
My favourite colour! - RussianSeason
I love this series! - Fossil Huntress
Fossil, I love the reds here. What do you like? - Myrna
Of course its not the only beauty in these shots. Most apparent at first look. - Myrna
This cake turned out to be extremely versatile! I've doubled all ingredients and baked a 2-layer cake with cream cheese filling. You could not believe there was no butter, no dairy, no oil in the batter! - RussianSeason
Today is my son's birthday!
tea,party,candle,tea,set,white-38f8e4249f17b0073b307516bfc8ede9_h (1).jpg
Happy birthday to him, wahoo!! - RussianSeason
Thanks everybody! - Mary
تبریک! :) امیدوارم همیشه کنار هم سرحال و شاد باشید - BlackRosE
ممنون که یادتون بود و بعد از یکسال شخمش زدید. :)) - Mary
Congratulations, Mary's son! :) edit: One day late, but I'm sure he'll forgive me :) - Eivind
Thanks,he is 6 now! - Mary
Happy birthday to him! :-) - Maitani
Thanks Maitani. That was on the first day of this school year,a good beginning I hope. - Mary
به شیرینی و شادابی و شادکامی!‏ - Mohammad
آخی مبارک باشه : ) - Farin
تولدش مبارک : ) - MiMjan
ممنون - Mary
ببخشید با تاخیر خیــــــلی مبارک - سیدمحمدحسین
Is it his first school year, too? - Maitani
almost,last year he was in nursery but now he is in reception. - Mary
خواهش می کنم.لطف دارید - Mary
مرسی عزیز - Mary
I wish him a 100000000 years of an awesome life!! - Mehdi-Y
wow! happpy birthdaaaay!! - Medad Rangi
Happy Birthday :)) - Faulty Society
wow,Thank you all :) - Mary
congratulation ,, wishing your son all the best in his whole life .. :)) - Mehrdad...
Thanks :) - Mary
Happy birthday - پوریا
تبریک ماری جون :* - jolie
ممنون از همه - Mary
Happy Birthday and very best wishes ! - Nicola
Thanks Nicola.He really needs your best wishes. - Mary
Steven Perez
Spanish Donuts with Spiced Chocolate (Chocolate con Rosquillas) | Citrus and Candy -
Spanish Donuts with Spiced Chocolate (Chocolate con Rosquillas) | Citrus and Candy
Spanish Donuts with Spiced Chocolate (Chocolate con Rosquillas) | Citrus and Candy
Spanish Donuts with Spiced Chocolate (Chocolate con Rosquillas) | Citrus and Candy
"Anyway, whether it's spelt doughnut or donut (my preferred lazy way!), it seems like I'm obsessed with these sugary morsels at the moment. And I'm not the only one (the latter is to blame for inducing the cravings!). I made these donut cakes recently but despite that, I'm still secretly picturing everything dusted with cinnamon sugar. You see, I love cinnamon. By far, it's my favourite spice and I always find some way to incorporate it into all my baking exploits because nothing beats the smell of it. In fact, wait till you see the next recipe. It's pure cinnamon love (shameless plug, I know, I know)." - Steven Perez from Bookmarklet
that all-spice&brandy chocolate dip sounds terrific! - RussianSeason
LMAO!! Thailand Police Don Smiley Masks! They are taking the "Land of Smiles" thing a little too far :D -
LMAO!! Thailand Police Don Smiley Masks! They are taking the "Land of Smiles" thing a little too far :D
"In Bangkok, Thailand, motorcycle policemen patrol the city wearing anti-pollution masks with bright red grins painted upon them. In an odd attempt at improving public relations between the police and the populace, the highway policemen of Thailand wear the masks to lift the moods of passing motorists. This past year has been no laughing matter for the lovely country known once known as “The Land of Smiles.” Unstable government, an increase in mob violence and a decrease in tourism due to the recent hostile takeover of Bangkok’s airports have created a volatile environment with little to smile about. “For our highway policemen, we have the policy that the police must be friendly and smiling all the time, but the problem is, when we’re tired, it’s hard to keep smiling,” said Colonel Somyos Promnim, the Highway Police commander. The Thai smile is as enigmatic as that of the courtly lady depicted in Da Vinci’s masterpiece, Mona Lisa. It is as mysterious and as complicated in meaning as... more... - vijay from Bookmarklet
somehow reminds me of Michael Jackson. - RussianSeason
Oh yes, I've been there, it's such a beautiful and cosy town!! And so many flowers in the streets!! - RussianSeason
fun memories of Colmar :) - Nik
very cool, though i dont know many people who would actually take the time to do this - Marissa
Someone who knows how to do it without spending much time, - ۳۰ مرغ Loves Y'ALLLLL
lol i wouldn't have the patience. and then, i would feel bad drinking it....too pretty - Marissa
really cool! - vitzbank (aka claudio)
impressive =] - Marissa
Marissa, I share the part of feeling bad drinking it with you. - ۳۰ مرغ Loves Y'ALLLLL
yeah, i would feel like i worked too hard too just drink it. - Marissa
Giorgia, the 365 cappucini link you added is really inspiring!!! - RussianSeason
i couldnt even do half of that on paper! lol thats amazing - Marissa
@Giorgia, Cappuccino con sapore del calcio. - ۳۰ مرغ Loves Y'ALLLLL
in Torino (Italy) sometimes they give you a cappucino with flowers, hearts, bears... it's wonderful! - Eta from BuddyFeed
i want to go to Italy =[ - Marissa
@Marissa, how about spring break? - ۳۰ مرغ Loves Y'ALLLLL
Photoshop ! - BeHRO☺☺OZ
Mahmood, the is to way I would have to money for spring break - Marissa
Bryce Roney
Double chocolate pizza slice on Flickr - Photo Sharing! -
Double chocolate pizza slice on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
"Chocolate pizza with marshmallow toppings. Looks obscenely delicious" - Bryce Roney from Bookmarklet
Wow, I've never seen a marshmallow pizza before!! - RussianSeason
Gourmet Traveller 88
Just learnt about Kefir today, is it really that good? Will try tmr at b'fast.
Kefir is known to be VERY healthy. I can't drink it without any sweetener added though :-/ But it's very good for cooking! For all kinds of pancakes and such! - RussianSeason
raymond dupuis
Aww I love Magritte, one of my favourite painters ever. - RussianSeason
Håkan Dahlström
I adore Copenhagen! I've stayed there for a month and been a few times more. Love it. - RussianSeason
Ben Hanten
Hello,My name is Miss Regina, i saw your mail id now on( as i was browsing on the internet, i desided to write to you to see if we can make a good relationship together, please i will like to know more abourt you if you dont mind, you can reply me so that i can send my picture and tell you more abourt myselfe, (Remeber the distance...
Received this spam in my email box today! - Ben Hanten
The cut off part: "(Remeber the distance colour or language does not matter but love matters alot in life) i will wait for your reply, thanks and have a nice day." - Ben Hanten
Anybody else get this or receive spam that references Friendfeed? Is our email viewable or is that just B.S.? - Ben Hanten
I've not got one. Yet. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
She wouldn't get very far with me. - Derrick
Someone else here, got the same email. You've arrived! - Anika
I appreciate Miss Regina's spelling and grammar. - Ben Hanten
Subscribe her to a couple of daily newsletters or other junk! - RussianSeason
Exactly the same format I get from about 3 other social networking sites. FriendFeed has finally hit the mainstream!!! - Rahsheen
Does she have a brother with a broad chest, a dazzling smile, and an open mind? o_O - Derrick
I will ask. - Ben Hanten
I had a nice day. Thanks. I am contemplating what to write back to her. Maybe you all could help? - Ben Hanten
WHAT!!? I respond to all of my spam and tell them to remove me. You're not supposed to do that? :) - Ben Hanten
Now: Hello dear new friend. Glad that I'm just browsing now in the Internet and found your profile at( and i have much feelings over it,I'm miss Dora by name,please i will like us to hold a good relationship with a real love,I'm happy to look at your profile today ,you sound so gentle to me that was the reason why i fall very much interested in you,contact me personal... more... - Ben Hanten
Ben, your lucky day has finally arrived! [glee!] - Akiva
Well she's right. You do sound so gentle to me. - Derrick
I'm kind of interested in scam baiting. I saw a great account of it being done to a Nigerian wire transfer scammer once. - Ben Hanten
But more important, why is my email address being shared through Friend Feed? - Ben Hanten
DO ANYBODY NO? - Derrick
I got this too, only the name used was Miss Dora Justice. - Kisha from BuddyFeed
Ha, looks like Dora wants us both, Ben. - Kisha from BuddyFeed
Dora, stop playing me. And for godsakes, just DM me on FriendFeed. - Ben Hanten
Don't stop, get it-get it. - Derrick
Chris, if you find it, let me know. I think that's awesome. And for the third time, is anyone concerned that FF emails are visible to spammers? - Ben Hanten
I'm concerned, Ben. - Kisha from BuddyFeed
Hey Chris, it says picture is attached?? - Ben Hanten
Katy S
Pole Dancer Doll Doesn't Really Set the Perfect Role Model - Pole Dancer Doll - Gizmodo -
Pole Dancer Doll Doesn't Really Set the Perfect Role Model - Pole Dancer Doll - Gizmodo
"It rotates. It has blinking lights, a disco ball, and a pole. And it's probably one of the wrongest toys you can give to any girl." - Katy S from Bookmarklet
This is the sort of thing that makes me livid! - Katy S
Oh my! Can't be real, can it? - Adrian
I certainly hope not (although it wouldn't surprise me), but even if it isn't, someone had the sick idea of placing a pre-pubescent girl doll next to a stripper pole. It's just wrong wrong wrong. - Katy S
Are you F***ing kidding me? - KRV
:-O *shock* - RussianSeason
Barf. - Rochelle
Myrna Blog| Guide to all things fashion, photography, events and more! - Blog| Guide to all things fashion, photography, events and more!
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Urm, that's a nice blog! - RussianSeason
I am always worried that when the peppers are thick the filling inside will not cook well... - Ekin Yasin
Ekin Yasin, yeah, that's why it's always better to find medium thick peppers!! Would be interesting to see your method for stuffed peppers, do you have any recipes online?.. - RussianSeason
I use this meat filling and technique for the peppers - but I use thinner peppers like Italian peppers... - Ekin Yasin
I see! Well yes, you don't have to worry about the filling then :) - RussianSeason
Ah, I forgot I have Flickr import on :-) This is just a picture for a chocolate fudge recipe I'm going to post tomorrow :) - RussianSeason
Bearded Fireworm: A macro study of a mean-looking polychaete -
Bearded Fireworm: A macro study of a mean-looking polychaete
Bearded Fireworm: A macro study of a mean-looking polychaete
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They look like a cross between a caterpillar and a tricked out centipede. They crawl about with considerable agility, they are voracious feeders, and they certainly know how to defend themselves. Meet the Bearded Fireworm (Hermodice carunculata), a free-moving marine Polychaete worm. This species is widely distributed from the Caribbean, throughout the warmer waters of the Atlantic Ocean (including Florida and the Bahamas), and all the way to the Mediterranean Sea. All of the images in this post were captured in the Mediterranean, in the waters around Cyprus and Greece. H. carunculata is a segmented worm, i.e., it is a member of the phylum Annelida. As a Polychaete, one of its distinguishing anatomical features is a set of bristles. In this case, the hair-like bristles, or setae, are arranged in bundles attached to small appendages, called parapodia, at the lateral edge of each segment of the worm. Although the setae are very fine, they are hollow and contain a venom. The setae also... - M F
It's fluffy! :) - RussianSeason
J.Deakins, thank you :) I remember I promised you a chicken recipe, btw :) - RussianSeason
i want to roll around in it. - StuffYerFace
StuffYerFace, :) :) :) - RussianSeason
John (bird whisperer)
From a comment on my blog... Vienna Zoo: Wildlife and Humanity at Resilience Science -
From a comment on my blog... Vienna Zoo: Wildlife and Humanity at Resilience Science
From a comment on my blog... Vienna Zoo: Wildlife and Humanity at Resilience Science
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"Sculptor Christoph Steinbrener and photographer Reiner Dempf have modified the animal enclosures of the Vienaa Zoo for summer 2009 (June 10 - October 18) for their show Trouble in Paradise. Their show transforms the idealized wild setting in which animals into settings that contain some our activities that are endangering animal populations outside of zoos." - John (bird whisperer) from Bookmarklet
This a great idea. Those images look very disturbing. - RussianSeason
I know! Especially the barrel of toxic chemicals in the aquarium. - John (bird whisperer)
It´s MINE! - Titmouse not letting go of his bowl of peanuts :P, -
It´s MINE! - Titmouse not letting go of his bowl of peanuts :P,
funny is right LOOL - Myrna
Birds are soo lovely! I used to have two canary birds at home ^_^ - RussianSeason
lovely - tinkirikbel
titmouse. who named this bird anyway? crazy ornithologists! - Morgan
Morgan,lol - Myrna
Really great shot! - Gourmet Traveller 88
GT88 I think its cute and peanuts is one of my regular dailyfoods. - Myrna
Adorable! - Ordinarybug Heather
beautiful ! - Mahdi
Its mine I tell you! All mine!! Psssh! should have read the heading before commenting:D - Deepti
Fantástica!! Gracias. - cazandogrillos
Hehe this reminds me of the Ratatoille cartoon :) - RussianSeason
@AgentRouge me too! :-) - prezzemolo
J.Deakins, Timothy Griffin, hehe if you were in Latvia you could have a piece of Raspberry and Whipped Egg White Pie tonight :-D I'm cooking it right now :-) - RussianSeason
J.Deakins, just in case, this recipe (salmon) was not mine! I'll look for a chicken recipe in my favourites, or else you'll have to wait a few days till I cook chicken for one of the men in our family :) i'm a semi-vegetarian myself :) i'll post a recipe then - RussianSeason
I've sent you a subscription request and subscribed to your group! Thanks for the invite! Human Rights in my primary job, by the way :) so I'll look more closely at your group ;-) - RussianSeason
Merci, merci :)) - RussianSeason
My Croatian Summer
the sea1.jpg
the sea2.jpg
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Awesome. - Iván Abrego
Thank you <:-) - RussianSeason
Lovely photos. - John (bird whisperer)
Iván Abrego
Thanks for the fave! - John (bird whisperer)
Thank you very much Iván Abrego, via this post I discovered the beautiful i.Anton's photostream on Flickr! - RussianSeason
And that's just one of the reasons I love FF! - Iván Abrego
Iván Abrego
Pictures You might have never seen -
Pictures You might have never seen
Nice! This is the Novodevichy Convent in Moscow, btw - RussianSeason
Thanks. - Iván Abrego
French Toast with Cinnamon and Mangoes -
I love French toasts! - RussianSeason
Sorbet is always good. I've been an addict of these ever since I made my first lemon sorbet! - RussianSeason
so pretty - Myrna
Myrna, yes!! I would have "un-veganized" it back, though, taking normal butter, eggs and milk instead of substitutes! - RussianSeason
Konstantina (exei gousto)
Butter knife is sooo cute!! - hizini
Isn't it?:) My mom has a whole set of those mini-knives! - Konstantina (exei gousto)
che buono... lo faccio di rado perché ho sempre paura si rovini, seguirò il tuo consiglio per eliminare l'acqua, grazie! - Stefaniav
Hmm... do you think you can make it from a supermarket-bought cream?.. - RussianSeason
@Stefaniav Il mio lo finisco quasi subito, allora non saprei dirti quanto dura in frigo;)) Almeno una settimana comunque... - Konstantina (exei gousto)
@AgentRouge I make it from a supermarket bought cream!! Just make sure it is a good quality, high fat cream (30% or so)! - Konstantina (exei gousto)
@Konstantina Okay thank you! I just never realised it was good enough for making homemade butter!! thanks! - RussianSeason
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