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Love Apple's Wall Street Journal for IBM ad... circa 1981.. :)
@virtualsteve seriously..
Hey Twitter, your email algo is, umm.. confused.
Although financier might be a more apt title. :)
Hey Look, I now have a profile on IMDb as producer for the Blood Empires firm..
Wow.. my Facebook stream has turned to one endless listing of various debates.. Yes. War sucks.
Forget Passwords: This Startup Wants To Authenticate Your Mind
Brain Gain < welcome to the neuro enhancement underground..
@robertcathey no idea.. quick google search :)
@mfratto i'm not one for timing.. looks good, just do it.
@mfratto Last time I bought was 2006... it's been a great ride.
@mfratto Long term.. sure.
$AMZN P/E ratio 501.79.. wow..
Amazon stock down 10% this morning. Time to top up my holdings.. :)
Interesting exec job opportunity.. VP Product Marketing job - Citrix Systems - San Francisco
Cogito ergo sum.
I Tweet, Therefore I Am. #Goodnight.
I'm also so old that I remember when these sort of thoughts remained limited to the confines of my mind rather than tweeted to masses.
I'm so old I remember when websites were more than one long never ending page..
Amazon sales grew in the double-digits for the 52nd quarter in a row.
Cause inquiring minds want to know.. Eyebrows, Why? - The Atlantic
@brentsmi @dturkenk We as Canadians pay more, but generally our country runs a surplus and our people live longer..
BTW, I love it when American's complain about taxes.. Come to Canada sometime..
First thing on my calendar tomorrow? To change the world.. Second thing? Expenses.
@piewords @jamesmcn interesting none the less.
Powerful people have a distorted perception of time
Love it.. Strategy as a Service. A new Strategy every-time >
I'm building my labs project in ionicframework check it out..
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