Mindscapes - Soundscapes generator for relax and focus http://www.mindscapes.co/ https://twitter.com/rUv...
@ColtandtheCloud It's been the year of the cloud 5 years in row.
Interesting.. Solid Instance Acquired by Citrix Systems. http://www.solidinstance.com/resourc...
weird typo.. but predication works too.
How do tech predication.. Say stuff like.. The disruptive economics of the mass commoditization of XYZ will enable broad industry adoption.
@kasialorenc no comment.
RT @_danbert_: @rUv 2015 will be the year of the fifth-hand 1997 Nissan hatchback.
My prediction is that 2015 will be the year of the calculator watch.
So sick of reading self serving technology predictions.. Yes. 2015 will be the year that whatever you're selling takes off. Noted.
How Gravity Explains Why Time Never Runs Backward | WIRED http://www.wired.com/2014...
Gotta love CNN's reporting of the comet landing. http://www.youtube.com/watch... < a bit over dramatic..
Gotta love CNN's reporting of the comet landing. http://t.co/bL9zxN5Lig < a bit over dramatic..
RT @skpodila: The @citrix team (including the @XenMobile team) is ready to have a rocking #reInvent! #AWS https://twitter.com/skpodil...
i'm bringing smarmy back..
RT @CuffyMeh: "I hereby grant full amnesty to all Romulan ships entering the Neutral Zone." https://twitter.com/CuffyMe...
RT @niktwick: Putin, the blanket man: http://www.sino-us.com/43... Remeber St Petersburg and Merkel? https://twitter.com/niktwic...
@peteds good idea.. and TLC
Where's that bear market I was hoping for? Hibernating.
The only thing I discovered is how bad that channel has gotten..
RT @stevie_chambers: @rUv if you're in US prison, your options are limited.
Who do I have to call to get the discovery channel removed from my tv? Srsly..
Bummed I'm missing AWS Re:invent this year.. But I'm moving in a couple weeks. Got stuff to do.
I have an assumption. Now I need to blindly validate it... and other things startup founders do.
I didn't fail.. I just discovered a new way that doesn't work.
Interesting project. Rancher.io > AWS-like clone for Docker http://www.rancher.io/
Speaking of DC geeks > WireEdit: A Full Stack WYSIWYG Editor for Network Packets - Edit L1 - L7 with just a click https://wireedit.com/
For the data center geeks in the crowd.. > SanDisk ULLtraDIMM™ Solid State Drives (SSDs) DDR3 Memory http://www.sandisk.com.br/enterpr...
RT @jeffbarr: My daughter Bianca is a rocket scientist! I'll going to match the next $1000 in donations to her team's fund raiser: https://uw.useed.net/project...
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