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@Berryhillj @lothar97 yeah, some nasty tweets from that post..
107 Career-Launching Technology Startup Companies -
RT @virtualsteve: Met with large Telco this morning who proudly showed me their "six nines" uptime stats on their #cloudstack cloud. @CitrixCloud #justworks
First hint of 'life after death' in biggest ever scientific study - < interesting..
Just use bitcoins..
@Fezmid I suppose it depends how much money you have.. yeah that would suck.
@Fezmid same coverage as a credit card.
@Fezmid why? Debit typically has a much lower limit..
Flow Chart: Should You Use Credit, Debit, Or Cash?
"In the internet of things, the automobile is the ultimate 'thing'. Adam Jonas, head of global auto research at Morgan Stanley.
@simonster I inferred them.
I have no idea if everyone gets Twitter analytics or not. Looks like only my @rUv account has it.. See
Moral the story. you can increase your twitter exposer if you monitor twitter's analytics correctly.. and use lots of images in tweets.
By using Twitter's Analytics tool suggestions, I've gone from avg of 5.5K impressions / day to 12K / day in a week.
The rise of Uber and the demise of taxis, in one chart..
RT @Arminposts: SURPRISE we kind of released Goat Simulator on iOS & Android two days early. We couldn't stay off that "publish" button. It's out RIGHT now!
The times, they are a changing.. Larry Ellison steps down at the top of his game >
RT @AkiliSoftware: Great first day of Bootcamp. 3 months of design thinking, lean startup, & collaboration with @citrixaccel, @HQRaleigh, and @RedHatSoftware
The Internet of Crap I'll Never Use After About 3 Days... or IoCINUAA3D
Welcome to 2014... A Man Is Using Whisper To Document Police Standoff
How Twitter May Have Helped Track Down the Suspects from a Philadelphia Police Surveillance Video
Alibaba's IPO Priced at $68 a Share
Tis the season for acquisition announcements.
RT @benkepes: SAP just announced it is acquiring Concur. My only question, what does this mean for my TripIt account?
Wife's Surface Pro 3 arrived earlier... Seems like a great little machine so far.
shameless? nah..
Love this app.. Convoi.. Free Conference Calls + Messaging.
Size matters when it comes to the ultimate scifi spaceship size comparison chart
RT @stu: Invention vs Innovation Ford didn't invent cars, or Apple MP3/phones, or Docker containers. Innovators brought these to masses #BIF10
Whoops, that link was for international Citrix employees.. Here's the donation link for U.S. employees
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