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Ricardo Vidal

Ricardo Vidal

Biological Engineer, DNA Network co-founder, Science 2.0 enthusiast, Community Liaison @
RT @WillHoyles: Tense looking scientists is the most dramatic thing in the world... #CometLanding
RT @McDawg: The comet is 500,000,000 km from earth, and we're about to land on it. Just WOW. #CometLanding
I’m just going to leave this here… #rstats
MT “@queensprincipal great day for lung cancer research in Canada as NCIC Clinical Trials Grp announces biggest contract in Queen’s history”
RT @ZachWeiner: Ted Cruz says net neutrality is likes Obamacare for the Internet. Ted Cruz's analogies are like clarinets for sturgeon.
Some inconsistent citation styling going on here in this published article…
Got some more Google Inbox invites. Anyone in need of one?
RT @pkedrosky: Google Scholar Pioneer Reflects on the Academic Search Engine's Future
RT @sriramk: First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then...well, most times they are right and you should think hard about what you're doing.
RT @pkedrosky: Essentially we should stop watching European soccer this season, other than maybe Turkey. /v @llimllib
RT @robknight_: #mendeley users on CentOS/RedHat/Scientific Linux 6.5 or earlier? Would appreciate help testing a compatible build:
RT @leweb: .@mendeley_com is bringing 15 science/research startups to #leweb! CEO @victorhenning explains why: (submit here!)
RT @mikelove: Bioc seeking programmer RT @Bioconductor: Job on the Bioconductor core team: tell your friends!
RT @dat_project: get started archiving and versioning your #data with a dat adventure in your browser
Curve balls. Damn curve balls.
Terms of Service: A graphic novella about privacy, Big Data and the future of sharing. via @ajam
Kickstart the Flux Capacitor: Bringing Science Startups to LeWeb
RT @mrgunn: I wish I had this when I was in the lab: I made my own plate washer, but robots are way cooler.
RT @subcide: First batch of alpha testers for the #Mendeley Android app have all been invited, however we will be adding more applicants week on week.
RT @AllergyKidsDoc: Actual discussion: Parent "I want #Ebola vaccine for my child" Doc "There isn't one, but we have #flushot" Parent "We don't believe in that"
erlend oye + the smiths + royksopp - poor leno(silicon soul mix): // This never gets old.
erlend oye + the smiths + royksopp - poor leno(silicon soul mix): // This never gets old.
How could I build a flying bicycle? -
rvidal on LPT: Replying to this post gives you gold -
No hipsters // via -
RT @michael_nielsen: Bringing my webpage much more up-to-date:
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