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Ricardo Vidal

Ricardo Vidal

Biological Engineer, DNA Network co-founder, Science 2.0 enthusiast, Community Liaison @
rvidal on LPT: Replying to this post gives you gold -
No hipsters // via -
RT @michael_nielsen: Bringing my webpage much more up-to-date:
RT @mathewburns: We Have Concerns (w/ @jeffcannata and @acarboni) has moved up my list of podcasts into must-listen territory.
RT @scifri: Today in 1942, Hedy Lamarr patented frequency-hopping, the basis for modern WiFi & Bluetooth.
Humans Need Not Apply: via @YouTube // Plenty of food for thought here...
Aaaand @rstudio crashed again… :-(
Simple chi-square finds nothing (i.e. no relationship). Correspondence analysis seems to see something… Now what? :)
RT @selenavidya: Holy shit. #RIP. Robin Williams, Oscar-Winning Actor, Dead at 63 via @TheWrap
RT @DavidKenner: Everything about this picture is amazing.
Taking a closer look at the Global Alliance Genomics API to see how we may be able to use this…
Finally. Spotify in Canada. Boom.
House music meets 50 cent's "21 Questions". Result? Not that bad.
How did I not realize until today that Moderat = Modeselektor + Apparat. Anyhow… Bad Kingdom on repeat today.
RT @emmkaff: Scientists: Don't freak out about Ebola. Everyone: *Panic!* Scientists: Freak out about climate change. Everyone: LOL! Pass me some coal.
RT @PHAC_GC: dCPHO: Based on current evidence, #Ebola is NOT transmitted person to person via airborne route.
RT @drtkeane: Nice new shiny website for the Global alliance for genomics and health - Data working group
“Known for [being] an ultra marathon winner at the age of 61” Distance of said race: 875 km (!!!)
The Visual Microphone: Passive Recovery of Sound from Video: // This is astounding!
The Visual Microphone: Passive Recovery of Sound from Video: // This is astounding!
YouTube Doesn't Know Your Password: // Nice simple explanation about password hashing. :)
"4 reasons why science should go social" by @alicebonasio on @LinkedIn
RT @victorhenning: Mendeley interview w/@NASA's Adriana Ocampo: As she got off the plane in LA her 1st question was "Donde esta NASA?"
Charting culture via @YouTube // Amazing visualization! :)
Charting culture via @YouTube // Amazing visualization! :)
RT @michael_nielsen: Chapter 3 of my book "Neural Networks and Deep Learning" is now available: http://neuralnetworksanddeeple...
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