sean andersen
FaceFeed - So Facebook finally get real-time SEARCH and a team that understands the real-time world.
Just caught this on the WSJ - facebook bought FriendFeed - this is great for FF, but what about everyone who hangs out here? - Dan owns
I guess they got tired of copying features, so they bought the team. - sean andersen
Having worked for a large IT TLA for many years that acquires small innovative companies because they have the market leadership I agree this is a terrible thing for us FF users. Eventually the FB culture that has meant they can't do, or imagine, the things that FF can, will wipe out the FF culture...what made the FF shop the birth place for such great work will be lost - Allison
Johnny: Not really, all depends on the deal structure. I'm thinking they keep FF for the new feature testing and eventually merge the two over 1-2 years with major integration over then next months. - sean andersen
Um... think you missed my point (and I am speaking from experience here). the FF culture WILL change... and company culture is what drives and creates idea making and implementing. Watch key FF staff leave when that happens - Allison
Allison: I agree with your point (seen it myself too) but I think the FF team knew they might be missing their tipping point and would be relegated to an orkut universe. So merge or die. - sean andersen
more like merge AND die :) .... but dollars win in business - Allison