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It took ten years, but now that podcasting is turning into a legitimate medium perhaps we can consider renaming it. Oh, right, "blogs".
Did you know Ted Cruz sits on the Senate Subcommittee on Communications, Technology, & Internet? THIS IS ACTUALLY TRUE.
The fact that we have a thing called “dark money” now. And the fact that it buys elections. And the fact that we aren’t all up in arms. smdh
Fantastic NYTM profile of one of my all time greatest heroes, James Randi:
RT if you just can't get the Too Many Cooks theme song unstuck from your damn head.
4/ So, who's in to invest?
3/ I suspect we might burn up to $5-10 billion/year, but I'm guessing US taxpayers will help us out since they've all installed our boxes.
2/ Then we'll sell their name and location to literally anyone, and charge them to send someone over to stuff each user's box full of ads.
1/ So I've got this great idea for a startup, but it may not work. First, everyone in the country must install a physical box on their home.
Spent a good bit of time on this week's @MVPtheshow pontificating who will win in wearables, and how they'll do it:
RT @mvptheshow: Episode 8: Let me beam that to your Palm Pilot
RT @waxpancake: brb making a snopes proxy that reverses every true/false rating
It happened around 2 - 2:30pm while I was walking down Florida St. on my way to a meeting. Tons of plainclothes FBI and SFPD officers.
Holy shit. I just realized that I actually witnessed the arrest of Blake Benthall / Silk Road 2.0 walking through the Mission yesterday.
The Echo also reminded of @beeplife, which is building an entire platform based on connected, speakers.
Gotta tip my hat to Amazon, no idea whether the Echo will actually deliver on all its promises but it’s absolutely original and intriguing.
RT @LaurenSherman: Hey party people, @shyp for Android is coming. Get into the beta:
RT @kevingibbon: .@shyp for Android is happening! Sign up to be a beta tester. NY, SF and soon Miami!
RT @LaurenSherman: Hey party people, @shyp for Android is coming. Get into the beta:
Alleged Silk Road 2.0 creator also arrested in SF? Well, at least we’re consistent about building tech to disrupt EVERY possible industry.
However, I’m super heartened we are raising the minimum wage (even if it’s not enough).
Proud Berkeley passed the US’s first soda tax. Disappointed SF couldn’t get the same done. And ashamed just 38% of SF voters even showed.
Can’t wait to see how this fresh new mid-term congress will continue getting nothing done while also working fewer than 120 days per year.
It's kind of absurd the rate at which @AngelList improves. Profiles, investing, database, recruiting, solid products all. /cc @naval
RT @AllergyKidsDoc: Actual discussion: Parent "I want #Ebola vaccine for my child" Doc "There isn't one, but we have #flushot" Parent "We don't believe in that"
For the record, I really admire Kershaw and I think it’s kind of bullshit Mattingly basically put the NLDS on him with 3 days’ rest.
Strange, you’d think $235 million would be enough to buy just one ring. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Played with a 6 Plus today. It is big. Huge. Kind of insane. If you are looking for a big phone, you are going to be stoked.
Is it just me, or does postseason seed rules seem super arbitrary? Why force one of two strong teams from the same division into wildcard?
RT @abeaujon: A list of journalists arrested in #Ferguson:
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