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For all the complaining about Apple not innovating, it’s not like its competitors are blazing new game-changing trails in consumer products.
Anyone figured out a way to search Twitter followers by LinkedIn data?
Flying drones is totally the new flying kites.
Wow, Nike canceling the Fuelband? Tim Cook serves on Nike’s board, and the iWatch is expected in 2014. Ultimatum? Partnership? Coincidence?
The link to MB’s US CEO making an ass of himself: Reminds me of Ed Colligan circa 2006:
US CEO of Tesla investor + partner Daimler now bagging on Tesla at the NY Auto Show this week. Mercedes isn’t feeling threatened AT ALL.
They rarely make it easy, but they always make it interesting. #torture #SFGiants
I'm fascinated by the success of services that deal in scarce, shared commodities, which by their very nature discourage word of mouth.
Every time I see someone on TV show pick up an iPhone and make a phone call from their lock screen, I die a little inside.
Dude with a big Stark direwolf tattoo on his left shoulder and a big Lannister lion tattoo on his right shoulder. Not sure he got the memo.
RT @_GRRM_: You're welcome.
RT @Veronica: Tune into a very special Google hangout today with @Disney legend Richard M. Sherman - 1pm PT, hosted by me!
"To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time." -Leonard Bernstein
The anarchist protest at @kevinrose's home reminds me a little too much of the Portlandia episode "Spyke Drives". You'll see what I mean.
Best. Dodger. Opener. Ever. #SFGiants
Been digging Google Now in Chrome, but super vexed by the inability to change any Now settings (without an Android device).
Fire TV mile-high: not the best game console, not the cheapest set top box, little differentiated content. This one's gonna be a slog.
Facebook prompt (2009): What's on your mind? Cortana prompt (2014): What's on your mind? Google Now prompt (~2020): I can read your mind.
Your April fools’ day joke is hilarious! That right there was my April fools’ day joke.
Talking to my mom this week, she asks: “Is there someone you can call to take stuff off the internet?” Don’t we all wish!
Your April fools' joke last year? Not funny. The year before that? Not funny. And before? Nope, not funny. Do the right thing tomorrow! #PSA
First game of the season and already torture. #SFGiants
You know how some people feel the need to attach their portrait to the bottom of every email? Is there a gmail plugin to, like, filter that?
The best part about Cosmos is watching @neiltyson fundamentally undermine creationist thinking week after week with science.
Been spring cleaning TONS of gadgets with the help of @teamfobo. If you live in the Bay Area go log on, some good stuff is going live!
RT @tim_cook: Welcome to the #iPad and @AppStore! @satyanadella and Office for iPad
Zero hyperbole in this headline: Indictment Against Leland Yee Puts The Wire’s Clay Davis to Shame via @jonursenbach
… including or connected to: racketeering, gun running, narcotics, and money-laundering. Welcome to SF!
Meanwhile in SF: our state senator Leland Yee, alleged Chinatown gangster “Shrimp Boy“ Chow, & 24 others arrested by FBI on serious charges.
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