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Ryan Brinkman

Ryan Brinkman

soccer playing bioinformatics scientist
Aweesomeee! I made $199.54 this week so far taking surveys.
Yay! Our flow cytometry automated data analysis paper is now out and open access in Nature Methods:
$105.45 this week! This is how I now earn some extra cash... Look >>
Our paper out: Per-channel basis normalization methods for flow cytometry data (Cytometry A)
200cm(!) @ Whistler between now and Tues. Wednesday my season starts. w00t!
$300,000 application administratively rejected because letter of support wasn't sent - I even checked, but sender now says was confused
Snowfall accumulation 5 cm @ Whistler … Hell yeah!
Youpi! ;) - Melanie from Nambu
@Melanie, now how can that be fair. - Helen Parkinson from email
Unexpected joy in today's PubCrawler dump, flow cytometry bioinformatics using R
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