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Ryan Farley
Execute stored procedure (SQL 2005) and place results into a CSV file on a FTP location - Stack Overflow - http://beta.stackoverflow.com/questio...
FtpWebRequest - Ryan Farley
Ryan Farley
ASP.NET.4GuysFromRolla.com: A Deeper Look at Performing HTTP Requests in an ASP.NET Page - http://aspnet.4guysfromrolla.com/article...
WebRequest - Ryan Farley
Alan Le
Using Safari for Windows as my friendfeed client. - http://www.scrnshots.com/users...
Using Safari for Windows as my friendfeed client.
That is an awesome idea, but no notifications or auto-refresh. - Ryan Farley
hm....what if I embed a the new browser control in WPF 3.5 and hardcode it to point to FF mobile, make it configurable to do auto-refresh, and add the wpf notifications we did in Witty. - Alan Le
http://friendfeed.com/i <-- link to ff mobile for the iphone - Alan Le
Ryan Farley
A butterfly visited me the other day - http://kensingtonvictoria.com/blog...
A butterfly visited me the other day
Rock on! - Ryan Farley from Bookmarklet
Jon Galloway
Is there a way to set the number of items to include in a CommunityServer 2.1 RSS feed?
In 2.1 you could only control that for the entire site (not by blog). In Control Panel -> Administration -> Blogs -> Default Presentation you'll see the indiv blog post count setting and community aggregate count setting. - Ryan Farley from twhirl
Joel Ross
Interviewing someone today. Got his resume. Page footers say "Page 1 of 1" "Page 2 of 2" and "Page 3 of 3" What?
You just blew my mind. :) - Alvin Ashcraft
Wow, that's a great first impression huh? - John Stockton
Does he also mention his "eye for detail"? - Ryan Farley from twhirl
John Stockton
To anyone writing a ff desktop app: Please add spellcheck with an outlook style "Don't send message until it's been checked" option. Please.
Another feature needed in a ff app: If you receive the same post from the same person via several networks, only show it once but identify numerous sources. - John Stockton
+1 on hiding dupes from other networks - Ryan Farley from twhirl
Scott Koon
Awesome. I imported our blogs into the Herding code room. FF detects media enclosures in the feed and puts a player in the item. Nice.
sweet! I was going to suggest that for this room as well. - Alan Le
Looks like we get dupes because the media's linked from HerdingCode.com as well as all of our blogs. Maybe the only service listed should be the HerdingCode.com feed? - Jon Galloway
+1 Jon - Now I see your blogs on your FF feeds and also in the HC room too. Would make sense to just have the HC feed in the room. Just my 2c. - Ryan Farley
Ah, I imported them all because I could see some people joining the room, but not necessarily following all of us. - Scott Koon from twhirl
Jon Galloway
Tonight's podcast topic: Should startups use Microsoft technologies. Got any input?
1st drawback is the price of hardware for MS vs. OSS... especially when you get to the database. SQL Server is a huge cost if you need a couple clustered servers compared to 0 for MySQL. - James Avery
2nd drawback is the cost of development tools, sure you can use express but Eclipse, etc. are free. - James Avery
3rd drawback is that the cheap labor (interns, etc) are more likely to know PHP or Java then .NET coming out of school. - James Avery
Of course if you know .NET, and you have MSDN, then #1 is the only real issue (and the one I am having right now with The Lounge) - James Avery
Thanks for all the feedback, James! One other issue is hosting - we host HerdingCode.com on Wordpress / Apache because Site5's hosting is dirt cheap. Windows hosting is a bit more expensive. - Jon Galloway
From an outsider perspective it doesn't matter. As a developer who wants to integrate with a startup's product, I don't care what they've used as long as they provide easy ways for me to integrate regardless of the technology I use - REST APIs, etc. - Ryan Farley from twhirl
Jon Galloway
@a7an I've been skimming the FriendFeed API docs to see if #witty could be hooked up (as Twhirl does). Anyone else looked at that?
I feel that changing Witty to work with FriendFeed would mean a big redesign as the two services are just not the same. - Alan Le
Sounds like a plan, time for "Fitty"! - Adam Kinney
Or how about "Fatty"? Hehe. - Ryan Farley from twhirl
"Fatty" ha! that cracked me up. - Alan Le
There would have to be a complete re-design around both binding and the simple "IMessageService" interface I threw in there. It could be done, but perhaps the Twhirl approach, e.g. a window per service, would work better? - Scott Koon from twhirl
I would take a user-centric approach. what are the primary actions on ff, secondary actions, what info is necessary, how to reduce info-overload, etc. starting with this type of brainstorming, it would probably mean creating a new client vs a client that does both twitter and friendfeed. - Alan Le
I agree. Now that I've used FriendFeed for a bit, I'm seeing how a client like AlertThingy pulls that together. With FriendFeed as a superset, I don't really need Twitter anymore. - Jon Galloway
I agree with Alan, FF has so much more info available, it would be better to design for FF than fit in an old box. - John Stockton
Where's the Witty/Fitty/Fatty room? - Adam Kinney
Scott Koon
Trying Friend Feed Twitter Client from http://InternetDuctTape.com
It didn't work for me. Nothing would happen when I submitted the tweet. - Matt Blodgett from Alert Thingy
Matt, that's because at the moment the Twitter API for sending tweets is down/broken (last I heard today) - Ryan Farley from twhirl
Nate Kohari
Still not convinced that FriendFeed is a decent Twitter replacement. It's more geared towards sharing and less towards communication.
I agree. FF is nice, but I'm not really sure I want everyones bookmarks, flickr, diggs, etc, etc, etc. I just like the conversations the most. - Ryan Farley from twhirl
I think the threading alone puts it ahead of Twitter. - Dave Ward from Alert Thingy
Joel Ross
Back from lunch. I'm staring at 6 Jaiku adds and 10 FriendFeed adds in my inbox. The exodus has begun
The problem is...to where? It's been crazy lately with people going to Jaiku/FF. The exodus won't work if everyone is scattered on different services. - Ryan Farley
Ryan is right, we tried Pownce already, it failed miserably. This time it's two at once. Which will win? - John Stockton
voting for friendfeed - Daniel Woolston
Jaiku or FriendFeed are at the top, not sure which is a winner - Matt Davis from Alert Thingy
ping.fm could have been so much more.... oh, what about plurk? - Matt Davis from Alert Thingy
Joel Ross
Thinking I should start using FriendFeed solely - ignore Twitter altogether?
I am thinking the same. - David Seruyange
I am headed that way, need to get more people over here though - James Avery
Is there a way to find all my friends on twitter who are also on friendfeed? - Hal
There is a Twitter friend importer somewhere - Joel Ross from twhirl
http://internetducttape.com/2008... - but it's kinda slow and uses the Google Social Graph. I would be willing to bet that most people use the same username here as they do at Twitter. - Patrick Veverka
That's exactly what I've been doing for a while - gave up on Twitter several weeks ago. - Brandon Wood
FF just needs a better UI. Something about it just bugs me. Not sure why though, I never actually go to the site. - Ryan Farley from twhirl
Besides, the exodus to FF will only work if everyone goes (at least everyone in your network). Not sure that will happen. - Ryan Farley from twhirl
seems that the exodus has begun - Daniel Woolston
Ryan Farley
Welcome to JobFu - Living Resumes powered by your LinkedIn Profile - http://jobfu.org/
-asxml - Ryan Farley
Ryan Farley
Commerce Package for CS - http://www.4-roads.com/shops...
Shopping cart, checkout, etc - Ryan Farley
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