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Dare Obasanjo
Desperate to save the Sarah Connor Chronicles from cancellation, fans of the show pose with items from advertisers at http://www.flickr.com/groups...
Alan Le
Netflix lays off people because Silverlight works… - http://www.wiredprairie.us/blog...
"For those of you who watch movies instantly on your PC or Mac, you may have noticed our player is much easier to install and use now with Silverlight. The good news is fewer problems for you. The bad news is that we are now overstaffed with technical specialists in our Customer Service (CS) group." - Alan Le
Write buggy code and keep people employed. - ·[▪_▪]·
Silverlight does not work for me. I can't watch Netflix full screen on my 2nd monitor connected to Mac. Also, resolution sucks compared to Hulu. - scott anderson
Jon Galloway
New FriendFeed design is up at beta.friendfeed.com. Info here: http://blog.friendfeed.com/2008...
Alan Le
Using Safari for Windows as my friendfeed client. - http://www.scrnshots.com/users...
Using Safari for Windows as my friendfeed client.
That is an awesome idea, but no notifications or auto-refresh. - Ryan Farley
hm....what if I embed a the new browser control in WPF 3.5 and hardcode it to point to FF mobile, make it configurable to do auto-refresh, and add the wpf notifications we did in Witty. - Alan Le
http://friendfeed.com/i <-- link to ff mobile for the iphone - Alan Le
Dion Almaer
Scoble takes over your friendfeed. You turn him off, and then you get "Robert Scoble (friend of A Friend)..." argh! :)
And then you block him and you only have to put up with a handful of conversations where there's a ghostly presence that you can't quite perceive as people talk about and to him. - Adewale Oshineye
Joel Ross
Interviewing someone today. Got his resume. Page footers say "Page 1 of 1" "Page 2 of 2" and "Page 3 of 3" What?
You just blew my mind. :) - Alvin Ashcraft
Wow, that's a great first impression huh? - John Stockton
Does he also mention his "eye for detail"? - Ryan Farley from twhirl
Nate Kohari
I love FriendFeed rooms. We should have that on Twitter, along with, you know, a working system.
how does one find rooms? I see where I can create one. - Erik Lane from Alert Thingy
lmao! so true... - Javier Lozano from twhirl
Nate Kohari
So far, I'm disappointed with every other communication-based social network, so please get your shit together @twitter.
Jon Galloway
@a7an I've been skimming the FriendFeed API docs to see if #witty could be hooked up (as Twhirl does). Anyone else looked at that?
I feel that changing Witty to work with FriendFeed would mean a big redesign as the two services are just not the same. - Alan Le
Sounds like a plan, time for "Fitty"! - Adam Kinney
Or how about "Fatty"? Hehe. - Ryan Farley from twhirl
"Fatty" ha! that cracked me up. - Alan Le
There would have to be a complete re-design around both binding and the simple "IMessageService" interface I threw in there. It could be done, but perhaps the Twhirl approach, e.g. a window per service, would work better? - Scott Koon from twhirl
I would take a user-centric approach. what are the primary actions on ff, secondary actions, what info is necessary, how to reduce info-overload, etc. starting with this type of brainstorming, it would probably mean creating a new client vs a client that does both twitter and friendfeed. - Alan Le
I agree. Now that I've used FriendFeed for a bit, I'm seeing how a client like AlertThingy pulls that together. With FriendFeed as a superset, I don't really need Twitter anymore. - Jon Galloway
I agree with Alan, FF has so much more info available, it would be better to design for FF than fit in an old box. - John Stockton
Where's the Witty/Fitty/Fatty room? - Adam Kinney
Dare Obasanjo
It's interesting to see bloggers now use the same kind of scary headlines you see on the 9 o'clock news "Is Email Dead?","The VC Crisis",etc
I blame Copyblogger. - Dave Ward
Nate Kohari
Still not convinced that FriendFeed is a decent Twitter replacement. It's more geared towards sharing and less towards communication.
I agree. FF is nice, but I'm not really sure I want everyones bookmarks, flickr, diggs, etc, etc, etc. I just like the conversations the most. - Ryan Farley from twhirl
I think the threading alone puts it ahead of Twitter. - Dave Ward from Alert Thingy
Scott Watermasysk
I am down to two choices, FF and Jaiku. One owned by Google, the other built by former googlers.
I'm starting to warm up to FriendFeed more and more. Twhirl's support for it is particularly nice. - Nate Kohari from twhirl
I'm also more of a FF supporter these days. - Otto R. Radke
Replies are back on Twitter, till their down again.... - paul mooney
I'm becoming a bigger and bigger fan of FF, I'm still not crazy about the interface but it's growing on me. I wonder if a new interface built on google app engine but using the FF api under the covers would be worth exploring. - Steve Eichert
FF still needs more filtering/slicing options. GM scripts aren't cutting it. You miss a lot of possibly interesting things if you follow a lot of people or follow people who post a lot. - Scott Koon
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