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Ideal Image Slider - Quite simply the ideal Image Slider in vanilla JS -
First day unemployed since I arrived to the UK :)
The bus broke down, so… Brunch time instead!
Waking up really early to go to the Isle of Wight!
Tonight plan: Guardians of the Galaxy!
Or Else - The app that gets stuff done -
Mathias’s dotfiles are amazing: you get a crazy useful dev setup in a few seconds!
First day in the new job…
Today is my last day at BBC. It has been almost two years working in an amazing project with even more amazing people!
Wow, I just watched the formula one race and boy, it was the best one this year by far… i wish it rained all the races…
Dawn of tPotA: Nice movie, maybe a little bit slow, but quite enjoyable anyways. And Cesar is the best character/actor by far… 7/10
Tower was already pretty good, but Tower2 is even better!
So, I missed the new Mythbusters episode? Shame on me!!!
I tried Five Guys today. Not bad at all, but maybe a tad expensive...
Filling done, one more to go!
Transformers: AoE. I already knew it, but the movie is horrible: really bad actors, no plot AT ALL and really long and boring.. 2/10
Living the life! @ Restaurant Ship Hispaniola
Wow, no activity in the last three years? Let’s fix that! #timehop
On my way to the google campus to attend to the google i/o event!
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Well, let see if I can try a pair of Google Glass…
First Pimm's of my life. I feel my Britishness increasing!
Padron Pepper's!
And I bought another backpack… Is truly one of my worst addictions...
Back in the UK. The honeymoon was a blast!
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