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Wow, I just watched the formula one race and boy, it was the best one this year by far… i wish it rained all the races…
Dawn of tPotA: Nice movie, maybe a little bit slow, but quite enjoyable anyways. And Cesar is the best character/actor by far… 7/10
Tower was already pretty good, but Tower2 is even better!
So, I missed the new Mythbusters episode? Shame on me!!!
I tried Five Guys today. Not bad at all, but maybe a tad expensive...
Filling done, one more to go!
Transformers: AoE. I already knew it, but the movie is horrible: really bad actors, no plot AT ALL and really long and boring.. 2/10
Living the life! @ Restaurant Ship Hispaniola
Wow, no activity in the last three years? Let’s fix that! #timehop
On my way to the google campus to attend to the google i/o event!
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Well, let see if I can try a pair of Google Glass…
First Pimm's of my life. I feel my Britishness increasing!
Padron Pepper's!
And I bought another backpack… Is truly one of my worst addictions...
Back in the UK. The honeymoon was a blast!
Beachfront @ Antigua - Galley Bay Resort And Spa
Antiga, here we go! #honeymoon @ Gatwick Airport
Last day in the office before the wedding...
Godzilla was really disappointing, and the trailer is REALLY misleading… 6/10
Wow, we are alone in the cinema to watch Godzilla…
It’s funny how in almost all TV shows I’m watching there is a wedding involved… But maybe I am biased :)
And now, a mandatory talk about windows 7, how exciting!
Verifying myself: I am ryck on UtRV2SoWUF3030-sodzP0n0DyxFh408MEW8v /
Sky pieces @ Westfield London
London, you should have always this kind of weather…
The go karting circuit was amazing, but today I am knackered, I can’t even walk… Looks like I am getting too old for these things…
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