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Infographic: October’s most socially devoted brands on Facebook
Facebook Marketing Partner Socialbakers keeps their finger on the pulse of the most engaging and responsive brands across Facebook and other social channels. Socialbakers found that telecom brands are exceptionally good at responding to fans’ comments,... - ryu77
How Black Seed’s Matt Kliegman and Noah Bernamoff Throw a Bagel Brunch in the Woods for 16 People
“We definitely did not run out of food. The Jew in me was like, ‘There must be enough food for an army.’” —Noah Bernamoff On a brisk fall weekend, a bunch of friends convened in Saugerties, New York, for a “brunch in the woods” hosted by Matt Kliegman (the man-about-downtown responsible for the ballroom at the Jane Hotel and the Smile) and Noah Bernamoff (the Canadian transplant responsible for introducing Montreal-style smoked meats to the city with his deli-restaurant Mile End). Bernamoff and Kliegman together opened Black Seed, the buzzy Nolita bagelry, in April, and this particular brunch was a chance for them to show off their wares. Kliegman was the literal host (he and his girlfriend rent the 30-acre property), and “since Matt’s the master of social interaction, he also did most of the schmoozing,” Bernamoff says. It was left to Bernamoff to man the fire pit, cooking up some soft-scrambled eggs with butter, cream, and fish roe and grilling a “nice piece of salmon,” while guests... - ryu77
Pizza Hut’s New Strategy: Make Pizza in Literally Every Flavor Imaginable
Approximately one five-hundred-millionths of your dining options. While other food-industry suckers out there keep paring menus down dozens of items by dozens of items, Pizza Hut is churning full-speed ahead in the complete opposite direction. Today the chain unveiled an "unprecedented" plan for a total revamp at all 6,300 locations that includes, as this might suggest, new stuff, and particularly a lot more of it. As of yesterday, you can order 16 new artisan-ish pizzas (here's the full list). These dream pizzas will feature a variety of ten new crusts that include honey sriracha, a "skinny" line, and a Little Caesar's pretzel copycat. There are six sauces, including honey sriracha; five new toppings that are mostly peppers and meats that are Italian in origin; and there are also four finishing drizzles, with — you guessed it — honey sriracha. If this weren't enough, the chain is also jettisoning the roof logo for one that's a circular sauce swirl, relaxing the look of its company... - ryu77
News: iOS camera app ProCam 2 adds “4K Ultra HD” video recording mode as $5 IAP
ProCam 2, a $2 still and video camera app by developer Samer Azzam, has added “4K Ultra HD video recording” via a $5 in-app purchase. Following a technique debuted in September by i4software in the $1,000 app Vizzywig 4K, ProCam 2 uses a hack to splice high-resolution still images together with an audio recording to simulate 4K video recording. ProCam 2’s videos save at 3840x2160 resolution, resulting in large file sizes—over… - ryu77
Here’s Subway Inn’s New Address
The dive bar is closing, then moving. Scores of admirers banded together to help Subway Inn outlive its unceremonious eviction from its home for the last 77 years, and now the famous midtown dive bar will set up shop at 1140 Second Avenue, at the corner of 60th Street. The space is currently home to the Blue Room, a sports bar that has a pool table, some TVs, and an Atomic Wings counter in the back. It's unclear if the chicken is staying or going, but the Salinas family, which owns Subway Inn, promises an "exact replication" of everything from the neon to the hulking old oak bar. 1140 Second Ave., at 60th St.; no phone yet. Opens early 2015. Related: Subway Inn Will Close in December, But Its Owners Vow to Relocate by Early 2015 [NYP] Read more posts by Hugh Merwin Filed Under: relocations, bars, campaigns, closings, evictions, news, nightlife, reprieves, subway inn, upper east side - ryu77
5 New Wine Bars to Try Right Now
Racines NY Here, some exciting new spots that go far beyond bread, cheese, and oaky Chardonnay, broken down by wine personality type. For the Bistronomist: Racines NY 94 Chambers St., nr. Church St.; 212-227-3400 You could spend the evening debating whether this is a French restaurant or a French wine bar, as originally advertised. But then you’d be too busy talking to fully appreciate the artfully crafted plates of Michelin-starred chef Frédéric Duca (his signature veal tartare and seasonal burrata prep, in particular) and the largely natural, mostly French, small-production wine list. It’s the collaboration of a like-minded trio of owners: sommelier Arnaud Tronche; David Lanher, who also runs a Racines in Paris; and David Lillie, a partner at the nearby Chambers Street Wines. For the Domestic Drinker: Humboldt & Jackson 434 Humboldt St., at Jackson St., Williamsburg; 718-349-3355 Photo: Courtesy of the vendor This remodeled banquet hall calls itself an American tasting room, which... - ryu77
Hellman’s Moves to Block Sales of Vegan 'Mayonnaise'
This is sure to egg them on. Unilever, the multinational company that counts Hellman's (a.k.a. Best Foods) among its brands, is now suing trendy vegan-mayonnaise-maker Hampton Creek. They say the company's eggless Just Mayo needs a less "deceptive" name, maybe something like "Just Vegan Canadian Yellow Pea Sandwich Spread." The company also contends that Just Mayo "falsely communicates" it is the same condiment as Hellman's, and now that you can buy the stuff everywhere from Walmart to Dollar Tree, the deception is ruining the "entire product category" and has already caused "serious irreparable harm to Unilever." The FDA defines mayonnaise as an "emulsified semisolid food" that has "egg yolk–containing ingredients," which is why something like Miracle Whip is considered dressing. Unilever argues Just Mayo, which even has an egg on the label, "does not taste or perform like 'real' mayonnaise." That's false advertising, the company says, so it wants the product yanked from shelves,... - ryu77
News: Touch Press Releases Molecules by Theodore Gray, Sequel To The Elements
Four and a half years after Theodore Gray released the breakthrough iPad science application The Elements: A Visual Exploration, developer Touch Press has published Molecules by Theodore Gray ($14), billed as an “extraordinary sequel.” While The Elements was neatly organized using a fully animated version of the Periodic Table, Molecules is closer to a 14-chapter book in design, yet preserves the incredible rotating and interactive 3-D… - ryu77
How Jody Williams and Rita Sodi Throw a Party for 100
Step one: Start with salt-baked branzino. Jody Williams and Rita Sodi, the chef-owners behind beloved West Village eateries Buvette and I Sodi, respectively, are known as somewhat of a local power couple—now even more so, after joining forces on Via Carota, a low-key Italian spot on the same stretch of Grove Street as Buvette. A few weeks before its official November opening, the chefs invited about 100 staff, friends, and family members to christen the space and fire up the kitchen. “We always cook for people we don’t know,” Sodi says. “So it was very nice to cook for our friends.” They invited around 100 people, thinking that they’d get quite a few no-shows. “Every friend of ours, every staff member—everyone said yes. We didn’t think they’d all show up! We were a little overwhelmed. We actually ran out of forks and glasses.” Williams explains the couple’s party-throwing dynamic: “I’m the control freak. I’m a little more adventurous, too. I’m like, ‘Yeah, get a band. Get two bands!... - ryu77
Stars and Celebs Look Back on 30 Years of Indochine
Marc Jacobs and Elizabeth Saltzman, having a blast back in the day. Few restaurants represent the enduring power of New York nightlife like Indochine. The Lafayette Street dining room has been perpetually crowded everyone from debutantes to mystery billionaires to fashion-industry types and movie stars since 1984, when the place opened with a vaguely Southeast Asian menu of things like tamarind-shrimp and roomy-enough banquettes to facilitate a maximum of buzzy table-hopping. Over the weekend, Jean-Marc Houmard, who has co-owned the restaurant since 1992, threw a huge party for the place. To give you a sense of the fabulosity, MAC, which hosted the party, even released a 30th-anniversary Indochine lipstick, and while many of its craziest scenes and stories were packed into a 25th anniversary book, the restaurant's PR was kind enough to invite Grub in to get a few more. Here are John Varvatos, Michael Musto, Jenna Lyons, and others on the appeal of Indochine and its legacy. Mickey... - ryu77
The Cleveland Will Close on Sunday
The owners plan on relocating the restaurant. It's been a bumpy road for the Cleveland: The small Nolita restaurant went through two chefs (Kenneth Corrow, Tal Aboav) before finally hitting its stride with Roberta's alum Max Sussman. But now owners Paul Shaked and Hudson Solomon have decided to shut down operations at their current address. The reason, surprisingly, isn't a steep increase in rent, but it is because of disagreements with a landlord. The building, apparently, is a nightmare: Problems include DOB violations and permanent scaffolding, as well as plans to build a luxury hotel that will occupy the lots of 23 and 25 Cleveland Place. Shaked and Solomon hope to relocate the restaurant to the Lower East Side or Chinatown, and are actively searching for a new space. In the meantime, Sussman will move on to pursue personal projects. The last service is brunch on November 16 — so plan accordingly if you'd like a final bite of that excellent burger. Related: Max Sussman on Joining... - ryu77
News: Security researcher IDs new app-spoofing iOS vulnerability
Security research firm FireEye has identified a vulnerability that can allow iOS apps to be replaced by malware versions. Dubbed the “Masque Attack,” the vulnerability uses an existing app’s App Store ID, signed with an enterprise provisioning certificate, to replace the good app with a rogue version. The report explains that although iOS requires that all third-party applications be signed by a valid provisioning certificate, it… - ryu77
News: Target announces unprecedented Black Friday Apple deals
Black Friday deals reported by 9to5Mac show that Target will be offering some unprecedented pricing on new Apple products later this month. This year’s holiday deals include an iPhone 6 for $179.99 with a $30 gift card included, 16GB iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi for $499 with a $140 Target Gift Card, a 16GB iPad mini Wi-Fi model for $249 with an $80 Target Gift Card, and a buy one get 30% off iTunes gift card discount. Some items are even available to order… - ryu77
First Look: iDevices iShower2 Bluetooth Water-Resistant Speaker
Two years after we reviewed iDevices' iShower, the company famous for Bluetooth thermometers has returned with an improved sequel called iShower2 ($100), which adds speakerphone functionality and improved battery life. Highly similar to the original in design -- a white rounded rectangle with track, volume, power, and pairing controls on the face -- iShower2 dual-maps call answering and ending buttons onto the track backwards and forwards buttons,… - ryu77
Facebook Messenger hits 500M user milestone
Facebook Messenger — the standalone app where Facebook users check messages — has hit 500 million monthly active users, the company announced Monday. The controversial app, which was attacked for confusingly-worded and scary-sounding permissions, launched in... - ryu77
When should you start holiday Facebook ad campaigns? Now
If you’re just starting to think about your holiday Facebook ad campaign, you may be too late. Facebook Marketing Partner SocialCode shows that taking an early, proactive approach to targeting shoppers for the holidays can give... - ryu77
Daily Deal: The Extreme Micro Drone 2.0 – only $74.99
Back by popular demand, we’re again offering a great price on The Extreme Micro Drone 2.0 – only $74.99 in today’s iLounge Deal. A self-stabilizing, remote-controlled quad-copter, Extreme Micro Drone 2.0 features an aerial camera for videography and photography with a swiveling lens to capture from any angle. Designed for stunt flying, you can throw it into the air like a frisbee and its self-righting algorithm and sensors will stabilize… - ryu77
Guy Who Actually Tasted Doritos-Flavored Moutain Dew: ‘Weirdest Thing I’ve Ever Drunk’
Finally. Yes, "Dewitos" — more or less an inevitability ever since Pepsi and Frito-Lay merged in 1965 — is an actual drink (see left). Branded samples have been dispensed from stands at college campuses in Ohio, likely next to pro-weed kiosks and League of Legends MMORPG recruitment. Photographic proof comes via Steve Barnes on Reddit, where the Kent State freshman of course goes by the handle "joes_nipples." Along with lemon ginger, mango habañero, and rainbow sherbet, he sampled what was presumably Nacho Cheese flavored, and calls it the "[w]eirdest thing I've ever drunk" — that is, orange "with a really strong doritos aftertaste which was odd," also known as a sure sign "[s]omeone at the mountain dew design department was getting really high." In a statement explaining to incredulous media why it's unleashed this stuff on an undeserving public, PepsiCo simply says, "We opened up the DEW flavor vault and gave students a chance to try this Doritos-inspired flavor as part of a small... - ryu77
Review: uNu Superpak 10,000mAh External Battery Pack
Despite shape similarities to the old Gum Pro, Superpak features a more efficient design. Measuring roughly 3.6” long by 3.2” wide by 0.85” thick, it’s around 50% the footprint of APC’s recent 10,000mAh M10BK battery (shown here), but also twice the thickness. Its large circular power button sits right next to three USB ports — one micro-USB port to recharge Superpak, one 2.1A USB port to recharge a tablet or iPhone… - ryu77
What to Eat at Little Park, Andrew Carmellini’s New Farm-to-Table Knockout
Stuffed artichokes with lamb and cucumber. Little Park is essentially Andrew Carmellini's version of ABC Kitchen: organic vegetables, grass-fed meats, heirloom grains, free-range poultry, and line-caught fish. It's a health-minded restaurant — there's kale in the ravioli, after all — but chef Min Kong's food isn't overly virtuous. (You can pair beetroot tartare with the excellent dry-aged duck, and add cinnamon-toast ice cream for dessert.) The 85-seat restaurant is housed inside the Smyth, a Thompson Hotel, and has a simple, sleek design. Carmellini is also overseeing the separate hotel lobby bar (appropriately named Evening Bar), where PDT alum Anne Robinson will oversee cocktails, and beverage director Josh Nadel is in charge of wine. Bonus: There's even a fireplace. Take a look at a few of the dishes, and both spaces: Grass-fed hanger steak with charred broccoli and green sauce.Photo: Melissa Hom Butternut squash with Vermont burrata.Photo: Melissa Hom Pear & milk chocolate... - ryu77
News: Apple releases iMessage Deregistration Tool
Apple has released a new web-based tool to allow users to deregister phone numbers from iMessage. Designed to address a long-standing problem that users have experienced when switching away from the iPhone to other devices, the site provides instructions on how to deregister a phone number from Apple’s iMessage servers so that text messages sent from other iPhone users will be sent as SMS messages instead of via Apple’s iMessage network.… - ryu77
Mac: Nimbus Force One LED Floor Lamps
Apart from thinning to reflect the miniaturization of technologies inside, Apple’s Macs are timeless—their aluminum bodies complement or upgrade even modern offices. If you’re looking to accentuate your Mac’s near-future leanings, Nimbus Lighting’s Force One LED Floor Lamps ($2,200 and up) offer some luxurious options. Designed by Rupert Kopp for the German lighting company, Force One is made from aluminum in your choice… - ryu77
The Season’s 10 Best Non-Champagnes
How to instantly up your holiday-party game. This past year's pét-nat revolution gave Champagne a run for its money. And the economy has meant its sales are on the steady decline—prosecco outsold it last year for the first time ever. Here, ten alt-bubblies. Giulio Cocchi Asti DOCG Asti wines, made in Piedmont, are typically sweet and have a low alcohol content. This one is distinguishable thanks to its terrific, aggressively floral, rose-heavy aroma. $18 at Martin Brothers, 2781 Broadway, at 107th St.; 212-222-8218. 2005 Sparkling Pointe Brut Seduction This showpiece offering from the North Fork producer, which makes only sparkling wines, is aged eight years (disgorgement—removal of the lees, or dead yeast—took place this past May). It’s slightly sweet and apple-y. $60 at or 39750 County Rd. 48, Southold; 631-765-0200. Gruet Blanc de Noir Brut In the ’80s, the French winemaker Gilbert Gruet planted a vineyard in southern New Mexico (not known as a hotbed of... - ryu77
A Burger Shop Mocked a Vegan Customer Online and Compared Her to a Nazi
The customer is never right, it seems. In yet another prime example of Facebook abruptly becoming the natural enemy of a healthy restaurant business, a burger spot in Australia was hit with a surge of negative reviews right after its proprietor made fun of vegan customer online. The "first ever vegan customer" to brave Tuk Tuk in New South Wales made the fatal error of requesting a falafel prepared without butter or sour cream. Co-owner Mark Clews told her the meal might "contain traces of slaughtered animals" regardless because it was cooked on the same grill as beef and pork products, to which the customer assented. "Guess she wasn’t that vegan after all, it’s a funny world," Clews wrote online. Never mind that plenty of vegans compromise with meal choices on a regular basis, in this case, it wasn't even the customer who complained: We know about the exchange because Tuk Tuk mocked her choice on Facebook, ending with a plug for a daily special — it also derided her tie-dye shirt as... - ryu77
First Look: ZeroChroma FluxStand-Compatible Armband + Car Mount
Developed to complement a specific set of iPhone cases, the new FluxStand-Compatible Armband ($TBD) and FluxStand-Compatible Car Mount ($TBD) have the same solid build quality and clean looks we've come to expect from ZeroChroma -- plus, each has a little twist. The Armband is made from a mix of neoprene and plastic, interestingly doing away with the classic Velcro closure in favor of a closed loop that can be adjusted to your preferred size. You… - ryu77
First Look: ZeroChroma VarioEdge iPhone 6
Despite our general dislike for bumpers -- iPhone side protectors without front or back coverage - VarioEdge iPhone 6 ($40) is somewhat interesting thanks to its integration of ZeroChroma's FluxStand, the most versatile slim-line stand available for iPhones and iPads. Offered in either black or gray, VarioEdge fits the iPhone 6's curved sides, covering its top, sides, and bottom except for control and port holes, adding a ratcheting fold-out stand… - ryu77
Shop Like a Chef: Pros Share Their Favorite Food Stores
Even the experts pay retail sometimes. We tagged along to their favorite food stores to learn what they buy and how they cook it. The chef: Hooni Kim Chef-owner, Hanjan and Danji The shop: HanYang Market, a Korean superstore spanning nearly two blocks in Queens (150-51 Northern Blvd., nr. Murray Ln., Flushing; 718-461-1911). Photo: Bobby Doherty/New York Magazine (HanYang Market); Illustration by Lauren Simkin Berke Goshen Kimchee: “Kimchee is such a pain,” says Kim. So while he makes his own for his restaurants, he buys premade versions of the fermented condiment to use at home. He recommends opening the jar every few days to let the kimchee breathe and allowing it to keep fermenting for up to a week before eating. Norway Mackerel: Kim prefers the stronger-flavored Norway mackerel to other varieties. He salts and grills it, then eats it with a bowl of rice. NH Trading Dried Anchovies: Using a dashilike anchovy stock made from simmering the dried fish, shiitake mushrooms, and kombu... - ryu77
How Jean-Georges Vongerichten Cooks a Swanky Vegetarian Feast
For Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s latest culinary venture, his ninth restaurant in Manhattan, the chef is going all-veggie. Provisionally named ABC V, it will open in early 2015 alongside his two other restaurants in the ABC Carpet & Home complex, ABC Kitchen and ABC Cocina. The menu will have raw, vegan, and vegetarian options. This meal highlights the best of fall and winter offerings: a parsnip soup with layers of coconut and lime-juice foam; a watercress-and-red-cabbage salad topped with leeks; roasted Brussels sprouts; multicolored cauliflower with jalapeño-spiked applesauce; winter vegetables with a cilantro-and-mint curry sauce; and an extraordinary carrot soufflé, inspired by a recent trip to Japan. Since the recipe steps are slightly complicated, Vongerichten suggests making several of the sauces a day or two in advance, and assembling them at the last minute when the vegetables are cooked, so as to keep the textures crisp. The Menu: Parsnip soup with coconut, lime, and mint... - ryu77
File:PMLP532078-Finale 2006 - -Fanfare - 011 Timpani-.pdf
deleted "[[File:PMLP532078-Finale 2006 - -Fanfare - 011 Timpani-.pdf]]" replaced with updated files - ryu77
Everyday practices at the medical ward: a 16-month ethnographic field study. (Volume 12)
This article is from BMC Health Services Research, volume 12.AbstractBackground: Modern hospital care should ostensibly be multi-professional and person-centred, yet it still seems to be driven primarily by a hegemonic, positivistic, biomedical agenda.... This item belongs to: texts/pubmed. This item has files of the following types: Archive BitTorrent, JSON, Metadata, PDF - ryu77
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