A Roberta’s Alum Will Lead the Kitchen at Seattle’s Celebrated Canlis
He won't touch the famed Canlis salad. Congratulations to Brady Williams: He just scored one of the most coveted chef jobs in America. The 28-year-old chef — formerly the executive sous-chef at Roberta's — will lead Canlis, the beloved 64-year-old fine-dining restaurant. It's an incredible career move for Williams, who replaces chef Jason Franey. Seattle Met got a glimpse into the hiring process and revealed that the Canlis family came incredibly close to hiring a New York female chef who "nailed two separate tastings." (Who is this scorned woman?) Apparently, the Japanese bent to Williams's cooking, his ability to master a loose plan, and the fact that he's a Seahawks fan all helped him seal the deal. He starts his new job on April 13. [Seattle Met] Read more posts by Sierra Tishgart Filed Under: chef shuffles, brady williams, canlis, roberta's - ryu77
A Scandalous Documentary Will Examine Whether Yelp Exploits Small-Business Owners
The goal is to raise $60,000. It's long been debated whether Yelp has the right to manipulate the order and appearance of its own listings. Many restaurant owners, of course, think it's horribly unfair — and go as far as to classify the practice as extortion. That's where Billion Dollar Bully comes into play: Prost Productions is crowd-funding an investigative documentary to spotlight how Yelp takes advantage of small-business owners. Fifty percent of the project has been filmed, and from the looks of it, the documentary could be quite damning for the company's image. In the teaser, the owner of a small Oakland restaurant says: "It is a racket, what they do. They forcibly make you pay for their services, or you get more and more negative reviews." There are also a few mafia references, so it's clear where this is headed. [Kickstarter] Read more posts by Sierra Tishgart Filed Under: drama, billion dollar bully, kickstarter, yelp - ryu77
The Texas Rangers’ Fried-Everything Booth Sounds Like the Craziest Stadium Concession Yet
Make sure you have health insurance. With baseball season starting in a few weeks, the battle for the most ludicrous concession is well under way. The early winner looks to be the Texas Rangers, whose stadium will have two new gut-busting food stands: "Just Bacon," which will tap into last year's bacon-on-a-stick phenomenon, will offer bacon cotton candy, bacon sunflower seeds, and also just hunks of candied bacon. No, the bacon trend will never die. And then there's the "State Fare" stand, which will pay homage to the State Fair of Texas by deep-frying everything in sight. Items include chicken-fried corn-on-the-cob and something called a "S'mOreo" — a graham-battered marshmallow between two fried Oreos that's topped with Cool Whip and chocolate sauce. It just might be crazy enough to overshadow the real s'mores-flavored Oreos. [ESPN] Read more posts by Clint Rainey Filed Under: batter up, bacon, fried food, mlb, stadium concessions, texas rangers - ryu77
L.A.’s Radical Fast-Food Ban Didn’t Lower Obesity Rates at All
"It had no meaningful effect." Evidence shows that some chains like McDonald's knowingly exploit the fact that people in low-income areas have limited access to healthy options, but a new report complicates the notion that the problem can be fixed simply by banning fast food. Back in 2008, Los Angeles enacted a first-of-its-kind ban on fast-food joints in south L.A., one of the poorest and most obese parts of town, as part of a public-health effort. But now, after examining the data, the Rand Corporation has found that not only has fast-food consumption gone up in that area, but that south L.A.'s obesity rate has climbed considerably as well. As one of the researchers put it: "It had no meaningful effect." Before the ban, 63 percent of south L.A. residents were overweight, versus 57 percent elsewhere in Los Angeles. Three years later, 75 percent of are overweight, compared to only 58 percent in other parts of the city. Still, people are defending the ban: A councilman who helped write... - ryu77
Mac: Twelve South BaseLift for MacBook
If you do a lot of typing on your MacBook on the go, you may have discovered that the angle isn’t always optimal for comfort. That’s what Twelve South hopes to address with BaseLift for MacBook ($40), an integrated stand and laptop pad that’s always ready to both protect your lap and bring your MacBook to the optimal typing angle for doing serious work. - ryu77
An Entire Pizza at Lombardi’s Costs 5 Cents Today
Practically free. No New Yorker needs an excuse to eat an entire pizza for lunch, but here's a good one: In celebration of its 110th birthday, Lombardi's will sell small Margarita pies to dine-in customers for a nickel. Why not just make it free? Because 5 cents is what pizza at Lombardi's cost back in 1905. The promotion runs from 11:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. today — or until the restaurant runs out of dough. That means it's time to ditch work and head over to Spring Street immediately. The lines will certainly be insanely long, but Prince Street Pizza and Rubirosa are both good contingency plans. [amNY] Read more posts by Sierra Tishgart Filed Under: pizza time, lombardi's, new york, pizza - ryu77
Here Are All the Places Giving Away Free Macarons Tomorrow
These ones are from Bisous Ciao. While Grub Street isn't in the habit of celebrating — or even acknowledging — made-up food holidays, free macarons are a different story altogether. Each year, on the first day of spring, François Payard mobilizes New York bakeries to give away French macarons in honor of City Harvest. All you have to do is announce at the shop that you're there for Macaron Day NYC. Here are all of this year's participants: Bouchon Bakery Bisous Ciao Macarons Chantilly Eclair Bakery Epicerie Boulud Francois Payard Bakery FP Patisserie Macaron Café Macaron Parlour MadMac Macaron Mille-Feuille Bakery Spot Dessert Bar Sugar & Plumm Todd English Food Hall Woops! Unmistakably Delicious [Macaron Day NYC] Read more posts by Sierra Tishgart Filed Under: free stuff, macarons, new york - ryu77
News: Daily Deal: BACtrack Mobile Smartphone Breathalyzer
Today in iLounge Deals we’re offering our readers a great deal on the new BACtrack Mobile Smartphone Breathalyzer for only $84.99—a savings of 57% off the normal price. BACtrack connects to your iOS device via Bluetooth and estimates your blood alcohol content (BAC) using a law enforcement-grade fuel cell sensor, with a companion app that can even estimate when your BAC will return to zero. You can also save your results, including what… - ryu77
The First Starbucks Coffee Deliveries Will Go to People in the Empire State Building
Coming at you hot! Starbucks has finally unveiled concrete details about its big plan to deliver lattes to customers: Two entirely different services will get tested later this year — one in New York, and the other in Seattle. In the former, baristas who work in office-building locations will physically walk orders placed online to customers on other floors, beginning with the Empire State Building. This service is called "Green Apron" — and it will surely come to the rescue of some stressed assistants. ("Is there some reason that my coffee isn't here? Has she died, or something?") And as for Seattle: Starbucks is outsourcing home and office deliveries to couriers through San Francisco-based start-up Postmates. The company says that there's no minimum order size — or, scarily enough, maximum — but clients will pay a flat fee for the delivery. Oh, and also, as part of a savvy marketing move, only My Starbucks Rewards cardholders can order delivery. [WSJ] Read more posts by Clint Rainey... - ryu77
This New Book Takes You Into the Kitchen With Jackson Pollock
Jackson Pollock, his wife Lee Krasner, and Pollock’s mother Stella Mae McClure. We all know Jackson Pollock is renowned for his Abstract Expressionist drip paintings — but did you know that in his inner circle, he was also famous for his apple pie? A new book out this month, Dinner With Jackson Pollock, by Robyn Lea, reveals his penchant for baking and how to make his classic spaghetti sauce. Read more posts by Wendy Goodman Filed Under: books, dinner with jackson pollock, jackson pollock, spring kitchen - ryu77
Shake Shack’s Newest Burger Includes Sausage From Texas’s Kreuz Market
It's made with ShackSauce and pickles, too. Cancel all lunch plans: In anticipation of the opening of the Austin location of Shake Shack, the Midtown East location will serve a cheeseburger with griddled-jalapeño-cheese sausage that hails from Texas’s beloved Kreuz Market. The special burger (which costs $7.49) will only be available in New York today through March 25. When Austin's Shake Shack opens, it'll be exclusive to that location, so try not to get hooked. What a tease! [Shake Shack] Read more posts by Sierra Tishgart Filed Under: lunch, burgers, cheeseburger, kreuz market, shake shack - ryu77
Killjoy Government Really Wants Winemakers to Stop Aging Bottles Underwater
Grounded, for now. It was only a few years ago that Swedish divers discovered a 230-year-old bottle of Champagne on the bottom of the Baltic Sea — and realized it was still drinkable. It propelled winemakers to start experimenting with aging wine underwater, but because of a recent government mandate, it looks like the new aging method won't get very far at all. (And the world won't get the Nicolas Cage movie it deserves: National Treasure 4: Diving for Booze.) The Food and Drug Administration has advised the Alcohol and Tobacco Bureau that wine aged underwater is considered adulterated and unsanitary. Essentially, the pressure of the sea or the ocean makes bottles "breathe" as they try to equilibrate the internal pressure levels. As a result, contaminants like gasoline, pesticides, sludge, and sewage can get inside the bottle of wine. No fun! [TTB] Read more posts by Sierra Tishgart Filed Under: news you can booze, aged wine, food safety, government, wine - ryu77
Watch Budweiser Create a Fake Bar to Deceive Beer Snobs
Ever since Budweiser's "proudly macro" Super Bowl ad insulted the craft-beer movement, there's been some drama. Now the Budweiser marketing team is back on the offensive, trolling micro-brew drinkers by going deep into enemy territory: Brooklyn during 2015 Beer Week. The company set up a fake bar so it could hand out samples of a special, unnamed beer the bartender says has a "crisp, fast finish," comes from "a 139-year-old recipe," and is "aged in beechwood." (Spoiler: It's Bud.) For camouflage, Budweiser took over the Shop Brooklyn, a hip new Bushwick spot that surely appeals to craft-beer loyalists. But as it turns out, the most damning statements caught on hidden camera are simply "that's a Budweiser?" and "that's awesome." [Budweiser/YouTube] Read more posts by Clint Rainey Filed Under: video feed, anheuser-busch, brooklyn, budweiser, craft beer - ryu77
Ask iLounge: Can I turn off the app icons that appear in the bottom corner on the lock screen?
Q: Ever since I upgraded to iOS 8, my iPhone keeps popping up icons in the bottom left corner of the lock screen whenever I’m out. Things like Starbucks, the Apple Store, and my local supermarket’s app keep coming up. I know it’s a small thing, but I’m left handed and I’ve swiped them by mistake a couple of times when I take my iPhone out of my purse, and it’s a pain to be taken into an app I don’t want to… - ryu77
15 New Bar Snacks That Will Definitely Convince You to Order Another Round
Boiled-peanut hummus at Porchlight. While ever-more-ambitious kitchen staffs are making it tricky to figure out exactly what qualifies as "bar food" these days, that also means New York restaurants and bars are taking their drink-accompanying food more seriously than ever. Ambitious restaurants like the Cecil, Bowery Meat Company, and Empellón Cocina all have special (and sometimes secret) bar-only dishes, which is great for when you're waiting for a table and just need a snack. Plus: New cocktail dens — like the Bonnie, Seamstress, or Up & Up — also offer interesting dishes that go far beyond the usual deviled eggs. In honor of this uptick, here are 15 standouts: What: Pork Rillettes Where: Up & Up Price: $11 This brand-new cocktail bar on MacDougal Street serves food, too. Chef Jessica Meter's no-frills menu includes whipped chickpea puree, duck confit, and chicken-liver mousse. What: Piri Piri Fried Chicken Where: The Cecil Price: $16 for half, $26 for whole We're blowing up the... - ryu77
Mac: Satechi Premium Aluminum Monitor Stand
If you’re tired of just putting your iMac atop a pile of books and want to add that extra little bit of height with a bit more style and functionality, Satechi has you covered with the Premium Aluminum Monitor Stand ($70). This stand has a modern style that fits in perfectly with your Mac’s aesthetic while allowing you to more easily get your screen up to a comfortable eye level to eliminate neck strain. - ryu77
News: Apple pulls The Whole Pantry app amid developer scandal
Apple has pulled The Whole Pantry app from its U.S. and Australian App Stores amid controversy surrounding the app’s creator, The Sydney Morning Herald reports. Australian app developer Belle Gibson’s claim of healing herself from terminal cancer without conventional treatment came under scrutiny last week after friends and doctors voiced doubts about her diagnosis, and charities reported that they hadn’t received funding Gibson… - ryu77
Carvel Introduces an Awesome-Sounding Nutella Milkshake
Welcome back. The future is rather hazy for Nutella offshoot stores, but Carvel's new item is legitimate. Since the company's Nutella ice cream was such a hit last summer, Carvel is upping the ante by adding a milkshake. The "Thick Shake" includes Nutella soft-serve, whipped cream, and a Nutella drizzle. Plus: Other items — like the Nutella-banana sundae — are returning as well. They're available at all Carvel shops through the end of May. [Brand Eating] Read more posts by Clint Rainey Filed Under: totally hazelnuts, carvel, ice cream, nutella, the chain gang - ryu77
World’s Most Enabling Restaurant Installs ‘Press for Champagne’ Buttons
Lifestyles of the rich and impatient. Here's something that beats the recent glut of "push for pizza" apps: Bob Bob Ricard, a London restaurant with quite a silly name, has installed a button that you press for Champagne. Because why should you have to flag down your server, or — God forbid — stand up to place an order? It notifies your server, who produces a flute so you can go back to enjoying Petrossian caviar at your marble-lined table in this place likened to "dining inside a Fabergé egg." It does seem like a waste once you're all set on bubbly, though. Is it gauche to push the button and ask for a water refill, so you stay hydrated? [FWx] Read more posts by Clint Rainey Filed Under: upper crust, bob bob ricard, champagne button, london - ryu77
Kraft Issues a Massive Macaroni and Cheese Recall After Finding Metal Shards
Danger zone. Kraft is voluntarily yanking 6.5 million macaroni-and-cheese boxes from stores, owing to a discovery that just eight boxes contained metal shards. There are no reported injuries so far, but props to Kraft for playing it safe. The eight incidents pertained to 7.25-ounce boxes of the original flavor, with "best used by" dates ranging between September 18 and October 11 of 2015. The flagged boxes are also marked with a "C2" code. Impacted customers (in the U.S., the Caribbean, and parts of South America) can receive full refunds, of course. But to add one curveball, some recalled boxes came in packs with perfectly fine boxes from other plants, so make sure to check thoroughly. [AP] Read more posts by Clint Rainey Filed Under: food safety, kraft, macaroni & cheese, news, recalls - ryu77
News: FREAK security flaws still present in popular iOS apps
Apple’s iOS 8.2 eliminated the FREAK security flaw in Safari, but FireEye researchers found a handful of popular iOS apps are still vulnerable to attack even when running on iOS 8.2. Hundreds of others still connect to vulnerable HTTPS servers, leaving them open to attack when running on iOS versions lower than iOS 8.2. Shopping, medical and finance apps were all mentioned as possible targets in FireEye’s plea for app developers to remedy… - ryu77
News: Device able to access iOS 8.1 through brute-force attack
A new device allows users to access a locked device running iOS 8.1 through a brute-force attack, even with the “Erase data after 10 attempts” setting on, according to security company MDSec. The IP Box — available in England for £200 (about $293) — bypasses Apple’s security measures by cutting the iPhone’s power after each failed attempt at guessing the PIN, shutting down the phone before the attempt can be logged in… - ryu77
Tip of the Day: Improving password security in iOS
While some may argue about the importance of locking your iPhone or other iOS device with a passcode, in this day of identity thieves and other ne’er-do-wells, it’s generally something we here at iLounge strongly recommend users do. In fact, if you’ve got a device with Touch ID, there’s really little good reason to not have a passcode, which was Apple’s primary motivation for introducing the feature. While you probably… - ryu77
News: Report: Apple in talks to add Discovery, Viacom networks to TV service
Apple is negotiating to add the Viacom and Discovery families of networks to its growing Apple TV subscription service, The Wall Street Journal reports. Adding any of Viacom’s MTV, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon networks or Discovery’s Animal Planet, TLC and Discovery Channel would go a long way toward turning Apple’s TV package into one of the more robust alternatives to standard cable and could help justify a price tag that’s… - ryu77
California’s New Regulation Requires Customers to Request Water
Price upon request. Yesterday, the California State Water Resources Control Board announced some emergency measures to combat drought — and one stipulation will directly affect restaurants. Now servers and bartenders are forbidden from automatically bringing out water with a menu, and must instead wait for customers to ask for water. California is in its fourth year of drought, so many see this restriction (and others, like a limit on turning on sprinklers) as completely necessary. But not everyone's taking the news well: Dear state of ca Before you bludgeon small biz owners with fines, please educate our guests who'd be FUCKING LIVID if we don't offer water — ari taymor (@AriTaymor) March 18, 2015 Also why bother addressing the inefficient farming practices you subsidize that are the root of the crisis? YALL ARE SO FUCKING DUMB — ari taymor (@AriTaymor) March 18, 2015 [AP via HuffPo] Read more posts by Sierra Tishgart Filed Under: environment, california, drought, water - ryu77
A Lamb Casually Ate Lunch at Greenpoint’s Five Leaves
Casual. Here's something new: Yesterday, two New Yorkers toted a baby sheep to Five Leaves, and sat the animal outside on Bedford Avenue. No one is quite sure why exactly these people have a pet lamb in the city, but an employee of the restaurant said that the lamb turned out to be a stellar patron, because it didn't make much noise or eat. Perhaps this is because the little lamb felt comfortable at Five Leaves: After all, the Greenpoint restaurant serves a lamb-pho sandwich. [DNAinfo] Read more posts by Sierra Tishgart Filed Under: baby animals, brooklyn, five leaves, greenpoint, new york - ryu77
News: Daily Deal: Last Chance to enter The Macbook Pro Giveaway
Today’s your last chance to enter our MacBook Pro Giveaway, in which one lucky winner will receive a free 13” MacBook Pro with Retina Display, featuring a 2.6GHz Dual-Core i5, 8GB of RAM, and a 128GB SSD. Simply visit the link below, enter your e-mail address and click the “Enter Now” button. Hurry up as the giveaway closes in 18 hours! Good luck! Enter The MacBook Pro Giveaway Now ... - ryu77
Starbucks’ Latest Coffee Is So Rare That They’re Only Selling It for a Week
When they're not busy solving problems with race relations in America, many employees at Starbucks also roast and sell coffee. A lot of it, in fact, but their newest blend is so scarce that it will only be available in a handful of stores for a mere week. The so-called Reserve offering is a naturally low-caf Laurina varietal from Nicaragua that has a "softy lemony character." #Starbucks The new micro lot Nicaragua Laurina which launches in just 12 Starbucks stores tomorrow. pic.twitter.com/zio2mjcek2 — Starbucks Melody (@SbuxMelodyBlog) March 16, 2015 Starbucks Melody says the beans were roasted at the super-fancy Reserve Roastery in Seattle last Tuesday then quickly shipped to 20 stores nationwide (the "12" above is wrong; the number is now 20). Of the 20 locations, only 3 are outside of Seattle: one in Chicago, another at Harvard, and one of the Starbucks in Williamsburg. It's $16 a bag, and if that sounds like your kind of thing, you should probably hurry over before it's all gone.... - ryu77
Watch an Incredibly Festive Gentleman Down 7 Shamrock Shakes at Once
When you're throwing back your third Guinness tonight, just think of all the calories you saved by not drinking 1.25 gallons of McDonald's Shamrock Shake instead. Somebody get this guy some water. Read more posts by Clint Rainey Filed Under: video feed, competitive eaters, matt stonie, shamrock shake - ryu77
News: Report: Apple offering to share data with programming partners
Apple plans to incentivize participation in its upcoming TV service by offering to share data with its programming partners, the New York Post reports. A report earlier today revealed that Apple is planning a web TV service expected to be released this fall, and this latest information indicates that the company has found it necessary to make certain concessions to get broadcast networks and others on board. Shared data would include who the viewers… - ryu77
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