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Infographic: Which Facebook brands were most engaging in September?
Telecommunication brands continue to lead the pack in terms of responding to customers and fans on Facebook. According to Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer Socialbakers, Sprint was the most socially devoted major brand on Facebook in September,... - ryu77
Taco Bell Is Making Frozen Drinks Out of Starburst
So that's where all the pink ones went. Taco Bell, which has been doing some of its best work to date with PepsiCo's back catalogue, has taken a temporary break from its Mountain Dew–ifed menu suite by concocting Starburst Freeze. Some of the fast-food chain's customers spotted it in select markets last month during testing, but per an official Facebook announcement, it's available to the frappéed-gelatin-loving masses starting today. "You can freak out now," the company tells Facebook fans. So far, comments have ranged from "I just got one today it tasted exactly like a pink starburst the best thin ever !!!" to "Please bring back pina colada. Dr Pepper and Mt Dew are yuck!" to, well, things that should not be reprinted. In any case, the flavor is allegedly strawberry, and to be fair, it does sound like it'd be okay if you put some tequila in it. Related: The Mountain Dewification of Taco Bell Begins With Three Brand-New Sodas [Taco Bell/Facebook] Read more posts by Clint Rainey Filed... - ryu77
First Look: IK Multimedia iRig PADS MIDI Groove Controller
The latest addition to IK Multimedia's popular music accessory lineup for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch is iRig PADS ($150), a 16-pad MIDI controller that works to send commands and signal changes to any Core MIDI iOS app, such as Apple's GarageBand or IK Multimedia's SampleTank. iRig PADS features a four-by-four grid of sixteen velocity-sensitive and backlit multi-color rubber pads, along with a collection of additional knob, pushbutton, slider,… - ryu77
Review: Uniq Aircraft Clear for iPhone 6
Coverage isn’t the main selling point of Aircraft Clear — the aluminum bumper covers the volume controls and sleep/wake button, and offers bottom port cutouts, but there’s really no lip to speak of on the front edges for protection. The fit isn’t perfect either, as a thin layer of felt can be found inside the bumper — it may protect the device from the bumper, but it also tends to make the volume controls dip slightly inward.… - ryu77
A New Study Says Comfort Food Doesn’t Actually Make You Feel Better
That feeling is just your stomach growling. A team of University of Minnesota psychologists say that their test designed to demonstrate comfort food's simple, high-carb "psychological benefits" yielded some relatively earth-shattering results: There probably are none. Researchers apparently screened some sad movies and then had viewers scarf down their favorite comfort food or a different food and report mood changes. The results, admits professor Traci Mann, one of the study's authors, were so logic-defying that they "kept repeating the study, because we didn't believe it." A subsequent test changed the parameters to giving half the group comfort food and the other half literally nothing — both ended up feeling "equally better." Now, once your world re-rights itself but before you go trashing that dog-eared copy of Chicken Soup for the Red Sox Fan's Soul, it's worth noting the study only tested food's effect on people after watching a tearjerker, so nothing here yet challenges the... - ryu77
White Truffles on the Cheap(ish): 9 Luxury Specials for $50 or Less
Kingside's "BLT," with burrata, lardo, shaved white truffles, and a sunny-side-up egg. White-truffle season is upon us, and this year, the good news is that the pickings are a bit cheaper than you might expect. Why, exactly? Warm, wet weather in northern Italy has made for a particularly abundant crop and brought prices down for truffle lovers all around the world — so the time to strike is now. Here in New York you can enjoy the delicacy at a number of places for $50 or less. Granted, these deals aren't "cheap" by any stretch of the imagination, but they won't set you back as much as, say, a $150 shaving of white truffle at Le Cirque. Check out nine restaurants offering great steals, straight ahead. Locanda Verde Andrew Carmellini will host his fifth annual Trufflepalooza from October 15 through December 15. This year, Locanda's going à la carte with four new truffle specials: organic soft-scrambled eggs with truffle vinaigrette ($35), potato-gnocchi parmigiana ($50), tagliolini al... - ryu77
How did engineers make Facebook Messenger more efficient?
As Facebook unbundled messaging from the main mobile app, the company started making major improvements to its standalone Facebook Messenger app. A blog post by Facebook engineers Jeremy Fein and Jason Jenks shows how the social... - ryu77
News: GT unable to disclose bankruptcy details due to ‘confidentiality agreements’
Following its bankruptcy filing earlier this week, GT Advanced Technologies has asked for non-disclosure in its pending bankruptcy proceedings, stating that it cannot disclose the details surrounding its Chapter 11 bankruptcy due to “an unspecified confidentiality agreement.” A lawyer for the company told a U.S. Bankruptcy judge that the agreement in question prevented the company from disclosing the cause of the bankruptcy, or any plans… - ryu77
Joe Biden Eats Ice Cream Better Than You Do
The vice-president apparently tips well, too, whenever ice-cream-shop workers let him pick out his own waffle cone. Mr. Biden got a double-fold vanilla cone at Salt & Straw in Portland, Oregon, yesterday. Photo: Don Ryan/AP [CBS] Read more posts by Hugh Merwin Filed Under: scoops, joe biden, joe biden eating ice cream - ryu77
Video: Mark Zuckerberg addresses future of at summit in India
Mark Zuckerberg has often stated that the goal of Facebook is to make the world more open and connected. The most global way the company is trying to do this is through — a foundation... - ryu77
A Muslim Worker Has Sued Peter Luger for Alleged Hate Speech
Meatheads at the steakhouse? Altaf Chowdhury, a Muslim waiter at the Great Neck, Long Island, outpost of Peter Luger Steakhouse, says management at the famous steakhouse denied him family leave, cheated him of wages, and shrugged off a hate-speech-filled environment where coworkers constantly provoked him with taunts like "terrorist" and labels like "Taliban" and "Al Qaeda." One especially mean-spirited alleged act described in the lawsuit involves managers and kitchen staff on Memorial Day last year tricking him into eating a pork hot dog by telling him it contained chicken. "Horrified" after seeing the definitely not halal package, Chowdhury "vomited approximately 10 times," the legal papers contend. A spokesperson for Peter Luger has dismissed Chowdhury's claims as "meritless" and says its owners look forward to their forthcoming court date. [NYDN] Read more posts by Clint Rainey Filed Under: lawsuits, hate speech, long island, news, peter luger - ryu77
Now Even Subway Stations Will Get Their Own High-End Food Halls
Yes, there will be cupcakes. The architect of Grand Central Terminal's mid-1990s transformation from a stately landmark into a stately landmark with bustling retail corridors will now open TurnStyle, a collection of 30 storefronts along the long concourse directly beneath Columbus Circle. Food vendors include the sweets-oriented Gelato Te Amo, Magnolia Bakery, and Vegan Divas; Joe Coffee, Ignazio's Pizza, and what the Times calls "fancy tacos" round out the mix so far. The ceilings may only be eight feet high, but there will be room for tables and chairs, and the MTA is already looking at the West 4th Street and Times Square stations as possible sites to undergo food-hall-ificaton. No disrespect to the obvious surplus of sweets shops — Dylan's Candy Bar is another TurnStyle tenant — but so far the underground format doesn't seem to be attracting the more chef-oriented concepts that are the bedrock of New York's crop of grand and glorious food halls. Subway-corridor seating doesn't... - ryu77
Daily Deal: Get Dragon Dictate for Mac for only $99.99
Today in iLounge Deals we’re offering Dragon Dictate for Mac 4 for $99.99—that’s 50% off the normal price. Providing fast, accurate speech recognition and versatile transcription, Dragon Dictate for Mac lets you dictate and edit documents, send email, transcribe voice memos, and more using just your voice. You can also accurately transcribe an audio file of any single speaker’s voice from podcasts or pre-recorded audio files,… - ryu77
First Look: Uniq Executif and Lolita for iPhone 6
Uniq has introduced two new folio-style cases for iPhone 6, Executif ($30) and Lolita ($30). According to Uniq, Executif is made from genuine leather despite its surprisingly low price, and contains two slots for holding cards in the inner flap. Typical of many folio cases, the plastic shell that houses the phone provides little top or bottom coverage. Lolita is the same price but makes no genuine leather claims — the faux-leather case includes… - ryu77
What to Eat at Cotenna, the New Italian Restaurant Inside the ’ino Space
Grilled lamb chops, balsamic vinegar, and roasted potatoes. It's hard to live up to 'ino, the beloved, teeny-tiny Bedford Street restaurant that closed in March of 2013 after 15 years. (And who can forget that truffle-egg toast?) But Cotenna, a cozy new Italian restaurant that opened last week in the same space, will certainly try. Owner Roberto Passon — of nearby West Village wine bar Aria — is serving an extensive menu, filled with bruschetta, salumi, grilled meats and seafood, and hearty, traditional pastas like tagliatelle Bolognese and spaghetti and meatballs. What's nice about Cotenna is its confidence in the classics: You come here for reliable red sauce, a bottle of wine, and a server who actually learns and remembers your name. Take a look, straight ahead. Pane e Porchetta.Photo: Melissa Hom Grilled octopus.Photo: Melissa Hom Dessert!.Photo: Melissa Hom The space.Photo: Melissa Hom Cotenna, 21 Bedford St., nr. Downing St.; 646-861-0175 Read more posts by Sierra Tishgart Filed... - ryu77
Gordon Ramsay Has Opened 49 Restaurants in His Career — and Closed 23
For a globe-trotting chef, the man has an excellent track record. Yesterday, we learned that Gordon Ramsay at the London would close after eight years in business, during which time it lost its namesake chef, its high-profile chef de cuisine, and its Michelin stars. The hotel confirmed its split with the chef in 2009, and an air of friction seemingly remains between management and the celebrity chef. A spokesperson for Ramsay told us that "the door remains open for them to engage with us in a meaningful way," and considering the bigger picture of his various projects undertaken around the world during the last 15 years, it wouldn't exactly come as a surprise if Ramsay blew into town this fall to plot out a new New York flagship. That in mind, we decided to look at the grand tally of all Ramsay restaurants to get a sense of everything that has opened and closed in the last decade-plus. A note on the calculations: Instances such as the one at the London where the fine-dining restaurant... - ryu77
News: WSJ: Larger iPad production to be delayed
Apple is pushing back mass production for its planned larger iPad into early 2015, the Wall Street Journal reports. Sources said the company was prepared to start production this December, but overwhelming demand for the new iPhones has become the top priority. A previous report also claimed that the device would enter production in the first quarter of 2015. It’s still expected that the new iPad — often referred to as “iPad Pro”… - ryu77
Aquavit Chef Emma Bengtsson on Reluctantly Taking Over the Kitchen and Winning Two Michelin Stars
Chef Emma Bengtsson, outside Aquavit. Aquavit occupies a strange spot among Manhattan's high-end restaurants: Open for nearly 30 years and the recipient of warm reviews throughout its entire run, it's never quite managed to become one of the city's truly storied, iconic restaurants. And yet it's now entering an intriguing chapter in its existence, led by a new executive chef, Emma Bengtsson. The Stockholm native moved to New York just four years ago, originally to take a job as Aquavit's pastry chef. But Bengtsson took over the entire kitchen in April after Marcus Jernmark left — and it's worked out pretty well. Last week, Aquavit received a much-coveted second Michelin star, bringing renewed attention to the restaurant's food and thrusting Bengtsson into the spotlight as a result. Grub called her to talk about the accolade and newfound regard, how she transitioned from the pastry department to running an entire brigade, and why it's taken so long for female chefs to finally get the... - ryu77
camping equipment
This is a ScreenSaver - ryu77
45 Bullet Time
No description available. This item belongs to: texts/opensource. This item has files of the following types: Archive BitTorrent, Metadata, Text PDF - ryu77
Transplantation of a Horseshoe Kidney Found During Harvest Operation of a Cadaveric Donor: A Case Report. (Volume 29)
This article is from Journal of Korean Medical Science, volume 29.AbstractA 34-yr-old female was diagnosed as being brain dead. Preoperative ultrasound revealed no abnormal focal lesions. However, the horseshoe kidney was identified during organ harvest.... This item belongs to: texts/pubmed. This item has files of the following types: Archive BitTorrent, Metadata, Text PDF - ryu77
First Ranger goal of the 2014-2015 season
Well, it's about that time, guys. Who's gonna be the first player to find the back of the net this season? My guess is (just that, a total guess) Brassard. Post your guess here! - ryu77
Programmatic's place at the top of the marketing funnel
For decades, modern marketers have developed significant marketing plans with detailed analysis of target audiences. Often before products are designed, significant amounts of market research have been developed and applied against the product or service development process. When a brand decides to spend millions of dollars to create a product or service, it typically then spends tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars on market research and product planning to get ready to launch it. And then hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars to market the product. Most of that market research and product strategy folds over into the marketing plan. And as part of that process, typically very detailed marketing personas are created -- sometimes a handful, sometimes more than a dozen. These marketing personas are decomposed into the marketing plan and drive many of the media mix decisions that are used to divvy up budget among channels. And often these do get distributed to the media... - ryu77
Help me with Internet Marketing by mailkcmalhan
need to improve our web standing (Budget: $10-$30 USD, Jobs: Advertising, Internet Marketing, Link Building, Marketing, SEO) - ryu77
The Influence of Depression, Anxiety and Somatization on the Clinical Symptoms and Treatment Response in Patients with Symptoms of Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms Suggestive of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. (Volume 29)
This article is from Journal of Korean Medical Science, volume 29.AbstractThis is the first study to investigate the influence of depression, anxiety and somatization on the treatment response for lower urinary tract symptoms/benign prostatic hyperplasia (LUTS/BPH).... This item belongs to: texts/pubmed. This item has files of the following types: Archive BitTorrent, Metadata, Text PDF - ryu77
2013/2014 vs 2014/2015 - TBL
This is easy enough poll. Which lines do you think are better - can we say the team has improved? Line 1: Malone/Stammer/Marty vs Palat/Stammer/Johnson Line 2: Killorn/Filp/Purcell vs Drouin/Filp/Callahan Line 3:... - ryu77
Do you guys like how some stadiums dim the lights?
For example..the king game on right now. All the seating the lights seem very dim. Last year and in years past it was never like this at staples center when kings was like here at TD. It looks like a lakers game now... - ryu77
Diana Wynne Jones The Time of the Ghost
No description available. This item belongs to: texts/opensource. This item has files of the following types: Archive BitTorrent, Metadata, Text PDF - ryu77
User:André Vaz
New user account - ryu77
GDT: 10/8/14 "Reboot" - Panthers VS Lightning
Image: *It's opening night as your Florida Panthers take on the Tampa Bay Lightning! Game time at 7:30pm EST live from Amalie Arena!* Image:... - ryu77
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