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What's the next level of crazy after "batshit"? Related...
RT @TheMarkTwain: The right word may be effective, but no word was ever as effective as a rightly timed pause.
I love being abroad hearing natives speaking a foreign language and then clearly saying "Twitter". Never forget how big 250+ million is.
Apparently, Denmark is all about marching.
RT @ggreenwald: Israeli anti-war activist in the New Yorker on the country's "twisted world view" & attacks on war opponents
RT @sharifkouddous: Israeli soldiers took over this house in Beit Hanoun, US-military MREs strewn on ground #Gaza
Great evening relaxing on the Copenhagen harbor. Related: it's good luck when a bird shits in both your beers, right?
You would ignore your inbox too.
RT @ggreenwald: The Washington Post's @BoothWilliam is using the 12-hour cease fire to photograph the devastation in Gaza. Look at his time-line.
RT @haaretzcom: Live updates: As bodies are pulled out of rubble, Palestinian death toll in Israel's Gaza op passes 1,000
RT @anildash: I wonder why this Florida Tea Party rep didn't recognize senior government officials as fellow Americans. Hmmm?
RT @RichardEngel: IDF suggests Hamas rocket/rockets hit school. it would mean five inaccurate rockets all hit a small location in rapid succession. likely?
Passing on the left.
RT @pkedrosky: Whistler peak a few minutes ago with 30cm new snow. That's it, non-ski season is over. Finally. /cc @Sacca
Up for a game of bocce? Bring your snorkel.
Mascarpone gelato (chocolate optional), black truffle shavings, and balsamic vinegar drizzle. Make this happen.
RT @adambain: Amazing day at work watching @KatieS conduct a flawless interview w/ @HillaryClinton
Nobody calls me Lebowski. You got the wrong guy. I'm The Dude.
Let's just say that no one showed up early the breakfast table this AM.
RT @adambain: Really excited abt the CardSpring team joining Twitter to help accelerate commerce. Congrats @EckartWalther!
RT @crashlytics: Launching Answers by Crashlytics. Finally, mobile app analytics you don’t need to analyze.
RT @BaldGuyGreeting: Strict rule when I have kids: If you're bad - NO iPAD FOR 24 HOURS. Play with your iPAD mini and think about what you did.
RT @kvox: Best rant yet. @qz: Watch John Oliver nail the reason Americans tolerate income inequality
RT @Veronica: So this weekend, @ryan and I attempted to cancel Comcast over the phone. This is how it went down:
I am going to sleep face down in this tonight. #spoilsofthehunt
Molly is doing an excellent job hunting for our dinner.
Summer and my Circa Luna.
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