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RT @TechCrunch: Uber Introduces Its Vehicle Financing Program In India, Its First Rollout In Asia by @jonrussell
You. Make. No. Sense. “@SenTedCruz: "Net Neutrality" is Obamacare for the Internet; the Net shouldn't operate at the speed of government.”
Gilfoyle! “@brettc: The real Silicon Valley meets the alternate universe @MartinStarr?”
The Irish Goodbye except you tell everyone you're Irish Good-bying.
RT @abexlumberg: We're funded! And this makes it official. @zinsli @podcaststartup @ThisAmerLife
Arrived in SF earlier than planned. Would normally take the time to check in with founders. But seriously, who is at work at 7:44AM?
Oh nothing. Just walking down the street watching a comet get lassoed. #tweetsfromthefuture
RT @owasow: Poll tax Supreme Court struck down in 1966 was ~$11. Obtaining a legally recognized voter id card now ~$75 to $175.
Twitter is a magical service with a great CEO, an ideal team, and the best users. Excited for Analyst Day tomorrow:
RT @tim_brannigan: If only bananas had robust, natural, bio-degradable packaging of their own. Some sort of peelable skin, perhaps.
Apparently today the @NFL decided to show prior season re-runs. That's the only explanation for how big the @nyjets are winning. @garyvee
RT @darrenrovell: Here's a first: Jersey with owner's name & sale price! (via @charbo12)
So f'd up... "Pregnant, and No Civil Rights" via @nuzzel
RT @ijustine: Hahaha listening to a small child try to explain what a hashtag is to her dad — “I think it means… awesome”
"Dad, do you want to play business with me?" —My 3-year-old daughter getting started early
Two baby pandas do their best impression of our kids at bedtime.
RT @amyschumer: Tonight I get to perform at Carnegie Hall because I practiced.
RT @someecards: A horse went to a hospital to fulfill her dying human's wish, and to make the Internet sob.
RT @TheBotLebowski: Smokey, this is not Nam. This is bowling. There are rules.
RT @shak: Follow Friday = @China
I love this @nytimes interview with @MelodyMcC all about kicking ass as a woman despite tech's male biases:
My younger daughter's fifth word is "Roomba." I have very mixed feelings about this.
A friend's stark yet beautiful take on losing his son: “@kennethn: I wrote something intensely personal about Riley.
I feel most alive after I ship a piece of writing.
RT @SophiaBush: Ladies and gents, I am so thrilled that styleseat has officially hit #Chicago! Follow styleseatchi for…
RT @cjc: 50% of the Apple Pay apps featured on the App Store are built on @Stripe.
RT @SInow: Check out our 4th annual @twitter 100! Did we miss someone? Let us know #sitwitter100
RT @BradWieners: Congratulations, Voters. You Just Made This Climate Denier the Most Powerful Senator on the Environment. via @tnr
Ever have a three-Advil headache but only one Advil left?
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