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OH: "Every time I run into our friends I worry my teeth will show that I've just eaten kale." #humblebrag
Jack White at Château de Fontainebleau I A Take Away Show -
Jack White at Château de Fontainebleau I A Take Away Show
RT @badbanana: Heat index of 110. There are so many shirtless dudes in L.A. right now it's impossible to tell who's in the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
RT @badbanana: It's hot in Los Angeles right now, but at least it's a shallow heat.
So glad our 2.5-year-old can't yet Tweet out overheards.
Bummer that Joan Rivers passed. Such a talent who taught us so much about human behavior. Deep down, we all like having our chops busted.
Hiring @amac as Deputy CTO of the US is a genius move. There is no advisor in tech I respect more than Alex.
RT @LastWeekTonight: John Oliver on the militarization of our local law enforcement...
RT @Uber: We're thrilled to announce that @DavidPlouffe is joining Uber as Senior Vice President of Policy and Strategy
I am continually inspired by the work of @charitywater.
Elevator pitches are pointless. Now it's the Uber pitch: Tell an investor your story in the 1-2 minutes it takes for their Uber to arrive.
RT @Kaschman14: Anchor on @CNN wondering aloud why police aren't using water cannons in #Ferguson. Co-anchor not impressed
RT @collision: Not pointing a loaded weapon at someone is LITERALLY rule number one of gun safety. Right there on the NRA website.
RT @Sifill_LDF: This hurts too much.RT @JRehling Google knows. #Ferguson
RT @jenny8lee: The cost of the 2nd amendment. Darren Wilson shot more bullets than the entire British police force did last year.
RT @alicesperi: Police telling media to "separate from protesters." Protester: "let me pull out my phone, now I'm media." This guy gets it. #Ferguson
RT @mat: This is one of the most fucked up images I've ever seen in modern America
RT @owillis: dude, even the reporter on fox news thinks the cops are escalating the situation in #ferguson
RT @pbump: "How can we end the protests?" "Maybe a transparent assessment of Wilson's actions including possible charges?" "Did you say 'more guns'?"
RT @michaelbd: Completely insane RT @mtracey: Sniper aiming at #Ferguson demonstrators live on CNN
Just caught a green flash with the whole family. The kids' first.
RT @WSJ: Use of force by officers dropped 60% in first year since Rialto, CA police started wearing body-mounted cameras:
RT @WesleyLowery: HUGE disparity along racial lines in how Americans view Michael Brown shooting
Raising a round doesn't give you a right to spend it all. Not every team earns a pivot. Sometimes the right move is to give back the dough.
RT @conradhackett: Do police treat blacks less fairly? 70% of blacks, 37% of whites say yes. #Ferguson
RT @nickbilton: If you want to see the future of television, it's this + Twitter: A #Ferguson livestream of 6 different livestreams:
RT @RakeshAgrawal: RT @Debtator: I'm hoping the @RalphLauren website got hacked... What color are these shirts?
RT @hodgman: One time when I was attending Yale University I stole a beer from the supermarket and I was not shot and killed. I drank the beer.
Hey Bodhi and Johnny Utah, CC Eleven only lives to get radical.
Wow, @jack is at the protests in Ferguson. Check out his Vines.
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