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mental_floss Blog » He Took a Polaroid Every Day, Until the Day He Died -
mental_floss Blog » He Took a Polaroid Every Day, Until the Day He Died
This was so moving and cathartic. (Reposting from the FriendFeed of @kennethn) - Christopher Sacca
wow. absolutely beautiful visualization of life and death - Nancy King
incredible. - Thomas Hawk
Amazing. I admire that man. - James Rishabh Mishra
Wow. I tried taking a picture every day for a year. Only made it 6 months. I can't imagine doing it for 18 years! That's really dedication, especially when I'm sure there were days he simply didn't feel like it because of his health. Amazing, yes. - Lindsay
Incredible and inspiring. Thanks for posting this! - Jeremy Brooks
Amazing. Reminds me a little of Matt Haughey's '10 Years Of My Life' project ( It appears that Matt abandoned the project late last year. - Mike Doeff
beautiful story - sam b-r
this is one of the reasons why FF is so cool and why I like to cast a large net and add as many people as possible. I've been finding so many really interesting stories from other people on FF here lately. I probably would never have seen this story had it not been for finding it here in Sacca's feed. - Thomas Hawk
@Thomas which is why I reposted it from Ken Norton's feed. I love the diversity of posts here and some just should be seen by any many people as possible. - Christopher Sacca
Wow. This just basically makes me want to start a 365 project sooner than I planned. I am currently too busy but I'd like to take at least one pic each day, for as long as I can keep up. - Rosana Kooymans
very moving. I like the sports he watched, photography, skiing, etc. - Andrew Smith