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Sage is an open-source mathematical software system:
SageMathCloud's new storage architecture: Keywords: ZFS, bup, rsync, Sage SageMathCloud (SMC) is a browser-ba...
A list of stuff for my student to look at before getting down to some Sage development: +James Campbell will b...
RT @drvinceknight: Graph theory, @sagemath, and solving a scheduling problem for my class assessments: (blog post - #orms)
RT @ivanov: Faces melt as @williamstein389 shows off the awesome @sagemath cloud @ Python Workers' Party
Reproducibility in science is a key issue; open source solutions like Sage Math, R, GAP, and friends help with...
Pigeon holes, Markov chains and Sagemath. -
Backing up the Sagemath Cloud -
Revisiting examples of computer assisted mathematics -
For no reason whatsoever: animated gifs of random matrices -
IPython Notebooks in the Cloud with Realtime Synchronization and Support for Collaborators -
Status of special functions in Sage -
Handling data files in a Sage notebook (and some linear regression in Sage) -
Examples of computer assisted mathematics needed. -
Can Sage do high-precision polynomial integration? -
Sage + Latex - How to change a font for axes label? -
Status report: integrating IPython into -- my approach -
Sage for Android Testing APK Now Available! -
Improvements to special functions in Sage -
How to support both Python 2 and 3 -
GSoC Results of GDDA new decoging algorithm -
GSoC Sixth Week (July 20-27) -
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