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Sage is an open-source mathematical software system:
Were you at MathFest in Portland, Oregon (USA) this past weekend? Here's a snapshot of the panel on open-source...
New set of intro to Sage videos coming courtesy of a pre-course for Sage Days 60 - check out the YouTube channel...
RT @drvinceknight: [Blog post]: A sneak peek of some (hopefully) up and coming #gametheory code in @sagemath: How to share a taxi fair:
A Sneak Preview of Game Theory in Sage (1/3): Cooperative Game Theory -
SageMathCloud -- history and status -
The average rank of elliptic curves -
The average rank of elliptic curves: It's about time I should demonstrate the utility of the code I've written...
Game Theory and Pavement Etiquette -
If you've taught a course using SageMathCloud ( in which 40 students creating projects...
How to efficiently enumerate prime numbers: There's a part in my code that requires me to evaluate a certain s...
Conversions, cleaning … -
How to efficiently enumerate prime numbers -
Using Github pages and Python to distribute my conference talks -
Simon's code is doing the correct thing the first time. Now it's time to speed it up:...
Three Days: Two Higher Ed Conferences -
Cythonize!: I'm at the stage where my code essentially works: it does everthing I initially set out to have it...
Jones Polynomial, Trip Matrix, documenting …. -
Sage Android – UI Update -
The Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture and computing analytic rank -
Sagemath21: Knot theory calculations -
My CSV python video gets 10000 views: So the other day I got the following notification on my phone: This b...
My CSV python video gets 10000 views -
A gitignore file for Python (Sage) and LaTeX -
You can now ssh directly into SageMathCloud projects...
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