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"Out here celebrating my post-demise"
left my usual usb sticks at home in my other pants, i feel so naked
Coffee before beer before boardgames @ The BOB The Brew On Broadway
+3 (@ The BOB The Brew On Broadway)
+3 (@ Ling and Louie's Asian Bar and Grill)
earlier this week. Happy to have him back, gotta get him a tatoo to commemorate his time in the pen
fuck yes, Lambo has been cleared via DNA test as not being a pitbull. Aurora siezed him about 2 weeks ago but was released from doggie jail
it’s easy to pick up new & interesting planets with how strong my gravity is
bleeding, been a while since i’ve spilled this much
mirror mirror on the wall, who is the top dog of them all?
mirror mirror on the wall, who is the top dog of them all?
RT @SouthPark: It's like I'm walkin' on sunshine!!!! #Towelie #WannaGetHigh
"It was about a certain kind of civic responsibility and, quite frankly, about making sure our kids saw other people who looked like them."
ripping into an elk steak
RT @nickmcgurk: Bill that would ban red light cameras in CO passed committee 3-2, despite heavy testimony from police chiefs saying cameras good for safety.
an aversion to orderliness
meh, terrible first attack in our latest CoC war
first FTL win ever, took 66 hours
in Clash of Clans war was beginning
#np Jay Z - Young Forever
#np RZA - Flying Birds
oh look, another picture of a cat being a cat. thanks social web
"The most important time in history is, NOW, the present So count your blessings cause time can't define the essence"
a beautiful day
Capt America 2, +1 (@ AMC Arapahoe Crossing 16 - @amctheatres for Captain America: The Winter Soldier)
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