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Salty Droid

Salty Droid

Hater of scammers, D-Bags, AssPonies, ChuckleHeads, and Predators. Distributor of rhetorical smack downs. >> bleep
Conscripted Consumption at Club 100 -
The Most Important Post of My Career -
Mark Shurtleff :: Orange is the New Green -
The Doxing of Michelle Celarier -
I see fake people.
Re: Blogger accused of libel by doctor -
"I think the headline should be ... Activist accused of libel by "doctor"" - Salty Droid
221B Baker Street dot com
Re: Herbalife Profit Tops Analysts’ Estimates -
"Fun :: simple ... magical." - Salty Droid
Confesstimonial :: Collateral Damage -
Re: DDD – Dilettante Dullard Dillard -
"Hadn't seen that. I hate when the BBB does good stuff now :: because they also do bad stuff ... so then the good stuff is just frontin' for the bad stuff. Like Jeremy Johnson's charity work. It's good :: but it's helping him do bad ... so it's bad." - Salty Droid
Donald Trump’s Rich Dad University -
Empower Network :: Revenge of the Wussies -
Re: Herbalife: Pyramid Scheme or Juggernaut? CEO Michael Johnson Fights Back -
""Other top distributors have run side businesses selling sales leads and “business methods,” such as a suite of tools including chat- and sales-tracking software, to colleagues to help them boost sales. Under Johnson, Herbalife has banned distributors from owning such companies." Oh really? Since when? I think it would be more accurate to say: "Under Johnson, Herbalife has relied heavily on distributors who own such companies."" - Salty Droid
Re: The Eye on the Pyramids (Part 3: MLMs and the Conservative Republican Infrastructure) -
"Excellent stuff!  Just to be a pain in the ass, though, I'll point out that Bill Clinton did a great deal to make Tony Robbins (and the whole wide world of total BS that he represents) a mainstream phenomenon. And Obama cuddles with Oprah as though she's not responsible for promoting some of the most damaging snake oil of this generation (see eg The Secret). The Republicans are getting most of the money, but both sides are sitting on their hands while millions of people have their lives destroyed by an intentionally deceptive delusion." - Salty Droid
Re: The Eye on the Pyramids (Part 3: MLMs and the Conservative Republican Infrastructure) -
"Textex ::  "I don't recall Rush ever supporting the Amway Tool Scam, could you provide the reference? " Do you recall hearing ads for "Income At Home" while you were listening to Rush? Ever check that out? Because that was a Herbalife Tool Scam ... ... a rather obvious one that generated millions and millions of dollars to sustain the radio right. Selling out your own ... there's no excusing it." - Salty Droid
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