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Sam Allan
reddit is offline in protest of PROTECT IP and SOPA -
"submitted by reddit to blog." - Sam Allan
Sam Allan
Riled Up! Debate and Discuss - Warning: Gays Are Destroying Our Way Of Life -
Riled Up! Debate and Discuss - Warning: Gays Are Destroying Our Way Of Life
Riled Up! Debate and Discuss - Warning: Gays Are Destroying Our Way Of Life
Riled Up! Debate and Discuss - Warning: Gays Are Destroying Our Way Of Life
I can't believe this - Sam Allan
Sam Allan
Riled Up! Debate and Discuss - Warning: Gays Are Destroying Our Way Of Life -
Riled Up! Debate and Discuss - Warning: Gays Are Destroying Our Way Of Life
Riled Up! Debate and Discuss - Warning: Gays Are Destroying Our Way Of Life
Riled Up! Debate and Discuss - Warning: Gays Are Destroying Our Way Of Life
Holy crap, this is really bad... - Sam Allan from Bookmarklet
Corey Harris
I have invites to brightkite, 12seconds, and
I think Everybody has invites to brightkite lol - Tyler (Chacha)
Do you still have a 12seconds? - Sam Allan
I have all three as well. Sam - what's your email address, I'll invite you to 12seconds - Nathan Rein
Boogie, and Colide81 I sent you lifestream invites. I still have a 12second invie Sam - Corey Harris
boogie I am sending you an invite code to - Nick Cowie
If you still have a Lifestream invite, I would like to try it :) alb0306 [at] googlemail . com Many thanks, AlanLB. - AlanLB
@boogie Thanks for the invite, which I have now used. Atb, AlanLB. - AlanLB
Any more invites floating around...?! Please...?! :) - Stevan Milesevic
Please send me a brightkite invitation/ mohammadkeshvary in Gmail - Mohammad Keshvary from fftogo
@Stevan Milesevic email addy to send invite to? I was on before they went from open to invite beta and seem to have endless (so far) invites - Nick Cowie
@Nick Thanks, I got one now...! Kinda disappointed actually but it was worth giving it a try... - Stevan Milesevic
Sam Allan
11 Ways to Open a Post and Get Reader Engagement -
Excellent post. Check this out - Sam Allan
Nathan Chase
Does anyone have a better solution to manage contacts on iPhone instead of MobileMe? It seems like every free solution I've found uses Exchange, but I already use Exchange for my work email/contacts, and iPhone won't let you have more than one Exchange account...
I guess no one else has had this problem? I need a way to sync my Google Contacts/Calendar with iPhone. NuevaSync uses Exchange, GooSync isn't free, and i'm on WinXP, not a Mac. It seems I have no choice but to stick with MobileMe for $99. :( - Nathan Chase
I have a related question. I'm trying to import a bunch of contacts pulled from Outlook into Entourage so I can import them to my iPhone. But when I export them into a tab-delimited text file Entourage breaks up most of the records into two records, requiring a huge amount of manual labor to correct. It would almost be easier to retype them all into Entourage. Any ideas or suggestions? - Stephanie Vardavas
I can't imagine why Google wouldn't release their own tool that would sync Google Calendar & Google Contacts to the iPhone's Calendar & Contacts - and I can't believe NO ONE else has this as an issue - Nathan Chase
There are some awesome apps in the store for this very issue, and more are coming out all the time - Sam Allan
Sam, i looked and found nothing for Google sync - have any links? - Nathan Chase
GooSync is what they are talking about: - J Allen
@Globecode: except GooSync doesn't support iPhone - "A synchronisation application is not yet available for the Apple iPhone." - and it's Calendar-only... i'd like both Calendar and Contacts, if at all possible. - Nathan Chase
Not exactly true: Update: You can forget this post but you can do it with the premium GooSync, just not the free version. - J Allen
Take a look at this: works with any iPhone with 2.0 software - J Allen
@Globecode, I would use NuevaSync, but I already use Exchange for my work email, and the iPhone won't support multiple Exchange accounts... so I'm stuck. - Nathan Chase
yep i guess so, that is the price you pay with apple sometimes. - J Allen
how ironic that Apple would paint users into an MS Exchange Server (1 user) account model... weird. What about Gmail?! - Susan Beebe
@Susan, yeah Gmail's contacts are what I'm trying to sync with the iPhone contacts... but there's no way to do that that I can find... MobileMe just errors out every time if I try to sync to Google Contacts, and NeuvaSync uses Exchange, which I'm unable to take advantage of... so as of now, there's no solution - Nathan Chase
Sam Allan
Pretty awesome list of stuff. Simple things that make a huge difference. - Sam Allan from Bookmarklet
A classic. - Tad Chef
Mashable: Top 10 Online Note Taking Applications -
Mashable: Top 10 Online Note Taking Applications
Does being first in the list mean they think we're the best? - Evernote from Bookmarklet
Doesnt matter whether they think or not! I know, evernote is the BEST! - Jigar Mehta
Awaiting for API access to the Evernote platform.. It can be a killer stuff opening rows of new opportunities for developers! - Jigar Mehta
Evernote is definitely the best. I love it. The iPhone app is really nice. - Sam Allan
Evernote rocks! - Warner Crocker
Love what you guys did with the iPhone app! - Rubin Sfadj
Starbucks time: vote LATTE or AMERICANO.
latte - Morgan
neither, Starbucks sucks. - alanoakes
Latte. Always better. - Brandon Titus
Neither, doppio machiato - Sally Church from fftogo
I agree with alanoakes: find better coffee. - FFing Enigma
frappacino or nothing - Francine Hardaway from twhirl
Those are so different it depends on your mood. Only you can choose. For me, Americanos if I am in a hurry and don't have time to steam milk. I've never bought one from Starbucks - Mattb4rd
java chippp please - Erhan Erdoğan
Starbucks. Yuck. - Chantal
Latte. No contest. - Adam from twhirl
latte - Doug from twhirl
Peets. - AJ Kohn
americano with a little milk! - Lauren P
Green Tea Matcha Latte - Sam Allan
Americano - Kyle Lacy
Peets, well thats only when I am in Seattle, no Peets here in Spokane Washington - Scott
Orli Yakuel
My 15 Favorite Web 2.0 Sites (2008) -
love this thread. uber-cool - Sam Allan
Its a great post, Orli - Riky Cohen
Thank you much! - Orli Yakuel
awesome, no doubt - I hadn't heard of BlogRovR - Zee.
Sam Allan
YouTube - There Will Be Alternative Energy -
YouTube - There Will Be Alternative Energy
Lol - Sam Allan
Sam Allan
YouTube - Alternative Energy on the Farm -
YouTube - Alternative Energy on the Farm
What do you think about this? - Sam Allan from Bookmarklet
Jim Norris
Look! A Printer For Your Latte -
Look! A Printer For Your Latte
Look! A Printer For Your Latte
Very cool! - Karen Padham Taylor
soon we'll see "hand-made latte art" advertised. - Neha Narula
ok, this is just awesome! +1 - tagami
you know who has good latte art? cafe del dogge in palo alto. very creative stuff - Charles Hudson
@Jim Not as good as my Guinness shamrocks on St. Patrick's Day! - Anne Bouey
I love that one of their demo images is the Utah teapot. - Seth
Cafe del Doge: Venice, Cairo, Tokyo, Palo Alto. - j1m
is that true j1m? That's awesome - Adam Kazwell
Hmm, that's awesome. Excellent advertising opportunity - Sam Allan
It looks like it's depositing chocolate or cinnamon powder. Does anybody have more information about how it works? - Gabe
Mani Karthik
Outsourcing to India is over and out ! -
Interesting read. Thanks for sharing. - Sam Allan
the comments to the post were more interesting than the article itself - viki saigal
Is hypermiling considered a lifehack? -
What's hypermilling? - Sam Allan
'Bad Mommy' Bloggers Make Good Money At It -
sahm's will rule the world, I believe - Sam Allan
I could give Her Bad Mother lessons on nursing in public, though. It was either than or die of loneliness. - Cyndy
Nicole Simon
hm. I would love to structure audio thoughts with onenote but it's collected in internal format = not distributable to others w/o problem.
OneNote != OpenNote by any standard. Try EverNote perhaps..? - mjc
I second evernote. Excellent stuff - Sam Allan
tried it. hate it. unusable except probably for people who just want some snapshots or are satisfied to have f.e. biz cards as pics in there. no keyboard shortcut support for fast working, no usage of at least default basic operations, simple snapshot mechanism, clumsy desktop app. :) - Nicole Simon
photoflavor: siena sunset -
photoflavor: siena sunset
Breathakingly beautiful - Sam Allan
Aram Zucker-Scharff
Anyone having any success with this yet? - Sam Allan
I really like that name. "plerb" - Sam Allan
That's really goof. I like the papers like that - Sam Allan
ProBlogger Room
oh my my my, no Leonard Cohen concert in Poland :| why?
Perhaps lack of fans support? - Sam Allan
Sam Allan
Social media marketing's scalability problem -
Interesting - Sam Allan
Warren Whitlock
Listening to a group of tweeps talk about how they might waste more time on twitter
Haha - Sam Allan
Sarah Lane
My other car is the mother sea -
My other car is the mother sea
This is such a beautiful scenery of the water. - Sam Allan
Andy Beard
The Ultimate DoFollow Blog List | Stephan Miller -
The Ultimate DoFollow Blog List | Stephan Miller
The ultimate spamming resource - Sam Allan
Keith Teare
7 Principles Of Clean And Optimized CSS Code -
Thank's. Very informative. - Sam Allan
Evan Williams
In Tokyo. Wearing my Twitter shirt. Trying to figure out my DoCoMo phone.
You're so lucky. I wish I was in Tokyo - Sam Allan
Orli Yakuel
My 15 Favorite Web 2.0 Sites (2008) -
My 15 Favorite Web 2.0 Sites (2008)
My 15 Favorite Web 2.0 Sites (2008)
I don't recall if I ever listed my favorite services in one post. The reason that I'm doing it now is because I feel something has changed from last year. The main change is my use of recommendation services such as: Digg, Stumbleupon and Reddit - services that I was so addicted to and somehow now are no longer my main interest. - Orli Yakuel from Bookmarklet
Orli - great list. Btw, i think that iLike is also a great service. - Ron Shoshani
I think so too, but those listed services, are my daily used ones... - Orli Yakuel is one of my top 10 sites! - paisano from twhirl
@paisano thanks :) - Orli Yakuel
I think moving all the apps off of users pages was a great idea, too many apps = clutter and wasted time. do you really want to see 3/4 of a fold worth of someone's favorite beer and hottest friend? - mjc
Michael, we're talking about Facebook right? so, the answer is no. and yes, I do remember how the profile pages looks like, but this solution is not good either. (and I'm sure the usage in Facebook apps drooped down because of that) - Orli Yakuel
Thanks, nice list! - Sam Allan
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