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Jason Toney
Obamas Plan to Grow Their Own | NBC Washington -
Obamas Plan to Grow Their Own | NBC Washington
"Sure, everybody talks about how marvelous organic vegetables are these days -- but have they ever seen a tomato hornworm? Do you really want that kind of monster crawling over stuff you put in your mouth? One person apparently does: Michelle Obama. She has vowed to defile the White House lawn by putting in an organic vegetable garden on the South grounds, near the fountain. Such a decision was, in retrospect, entirely predictable. After all, one of the Obamas' first moves as new White House occupants was to hire a cook obsessed with "locally sourced foods," which is code for "filthy dandelion greens ripped from the nearest sewer grate, and perhaps some fresh pigeon meat."" - Jason Toney from Bookmarklet
Because obviously stuff grown in my dirt is WAY nastier than stuff some stranger grows in their dirt for me </sarcasm> - FFing Enigma
I should point out that this is Wonkette's own Sara K being entirely facetious. - Jason Toney
Oh, I know. But you'd be amazed how many people pretty much have that exact attitude about home grown/small farm grown veg. If it's not bought from the store, it's tainted... - FFing Enigma
Bret Taylor
Obamas Prepare to Plant White House Vegetable Garden - -
Obamas Prepare to Plant White House Vegetable Garden -
Obamas Prepare to Plant White House Vegetable Garden -
"While the organic garden will provide food for the first family’s meals and formal dinners, its most important role, Mrs. Obama said, will be to educate children about healthful, locally grown fruit and vegetables at time when obesity has become a national concern." - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
The In Defense of Food guy will be very happy to hear this. - Bret Taylor
Yay! I love the Obamas!!! - anna sauce
Weird that they are couching it as an anti-obesity thing. Most folks, regardless of weight, don't get enough fruits and veggies, much less organic/local. - Alix May
@Bret Taylor Yup, Michael Pollan sure will be, as am I! I hope they also raise the awareness of fossil fuel waste in current agribusiness. - Rob
I would think it would take a few years for it to be "organic". I would imagine the groundskeepers have been using all sorts of commercial fertilizers and weedkillers to care for the white house grounds. Maybe they are going to truck in a buttload of organic soil. - Laura Norvig
Awesome idea. I love how the Obamas are such great role models... yay! - Susan Beebe
Seems like just another example of "practice what you preach." Thanks first fam. - Josh
Alice Water was there for the inauguration and the Obama's were talking about a garden then. I'm glad they are going ahead with it. I am planting my own organic garden this year, bigger than ever. Now I need to get Zakh and Duke and Mike to weed it. - amelia arapoff
R. Ferguson
The Obamas Turn the White House Organic - Washington Whispers ( -
The Obamas Turn the White House Organic - Washington Whispers (
""They are really excited about being able to show to the world that there's a better way in a positive, healthy manner. We need to eat better. We need to take care of the land," says Shanks. He calls theirs a natural progression for the White House kitchen." - R. Ferguson from Bookmarklet
yeah man, like diggit, we can all go live in yurts made of animal dung and eat fungi man...what dope-smoking rubbish! - Russell Wagner
I was not particularly crazy about the drawing but chalked it up to being a cartoon, which can be over the top. - R. Ferguson
Oooh, wouldn't it be neat if top chef did a white house as the judge episode? - anna sauce
that would be really great, esp. for one of the quick fire challenges at the beginning with some sort of organic theme. - R. Ferguson
Chris Messina
Raw Milk Herd Share Australia -
Raw Milk Herd Share Australia
"Welcome to - we are in the process of creating a site that will enable farmers and their share holders to set-up and manage their herd share agreements and operations. What is a herd share? Consumers pay a farmer a fee for boarding their cow, (or share of a cow), caring for the cow and milking the cow. The cow share owner then obtains (but does not purchase) the milk from his/her own cow." - Chris Messina from Mento
Wow, that's pretty awesome - Rahsheen
I definitely prefer raw milk but can't always make it to the farmers' market. - Akiva
Ward Tongen
Drop guilt! -- because to be guilty is to live in hell... Once guilt disappears you will have a totally different kind of life... -Osho
Ward Tongen
Knowledge is not information, it's transformation. -Osho
Ward Tongen
A little foolishness, enough to enjoy life, and a little wisdom to avoid the errors, that will do. -Osho
Ananda Leeke
"There is no greater enjoyment than that of sharing something...That's why people enjoy giving gifts so much.It is a sheer delight" Osho
Yes, as a creative person, I agree. Thanks, Sambodhi Prem - Sambodhi Prem
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