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Sam Daams

Sam Daams

Co-founder/owner of & with @daamsie. Husband, father, kayaker, fisherman, web addict and traveller.
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I just earned an Achievement  in PAC-MAN!
Nice screencast highlighting @travellerspoint's awesome new travel planner! Let us know what you think!
The future for social travel websites? An interview with WAYN CEO Pete Ward
Insanely difficult to stick to just 5 favourites for best travel pic of 2012
RT @rtwflights: There are some stunning photos here. Just stunning #travellerspoint
Last minute stylesheet update: * {-moz-box-sizing:border-box;-webkit-box-sizing:border-box;box-sizing:border-box;} Should be fun!!
RT @TheITDept: 8 yr old Daniel blogs about trip to S Africa. "They do have cheese which is a very big relief". Fantastic read!
See travel bloggers, this is what happens when you don't listen to Google and just keep selling links & guest posts!!
Not sure when this changed, but FINALLY the iPhone is remembering language you used when texting each recipients. Wanted that from day 1!
The beauty of API's is that you can build something *better* than your suppliers, with exactly the same data:
Thanks for the @travellerspoint mention in @TWtravelnews, Richard Turen (@turtrav ?)
So today, finally, Norway's first pie shop is opening in the brand new 'Mathallen': #proudinvestor :)
So today, finally, Norway's first pie shop is opening in the brand new 'Mathallen': #proudinvestor :)
.@linkedin it's an iPhone, so even the option to access regular site would be way better. Thanks on behalf of a few 100m users…
.@linkedin could a developer use a day so us users accepting invites on mobiles aren't presented with a broken mobile site (3+ months)?!
Great new Quick Compare of property facilities up on on Travellerspoint!
One of the best pieces I've read in a long time: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less
RT @FerdCEO: Invested,by "chance" USD 550 in heavily discounted Lehman claim and they made good on it. 2909x the money is quite decent these days
Spammers beware! ModBot is a new member to the TP community, and he's damn good at catching your spam within 30s of your posting it.
It's fascinating how many of these Twitter developers didn't see the writing on the wall like 3 or 4 years ago…
So, arm, this here patent by Google changes everything… Conclusion: get it right 1st time you upload site/page!!
G just took another poke at TA with their new 'attractions in <cityname>' search results. These are going to hurt a few over SEO'd sites…
RT @HvitserkEventyr: @samdaams noen tips til flinke nettsideutviklere/byråer som kan ta utfordringen med å shine opp fra topp til tå? #hjelp
The good people @HvitserkEventyr (awesome expeditions!) are looking to redo Sound like you? Get in touch w/ them now.
All of Google's travel plays sure look like they are aimed at toppling Tripadvisor… might be time to buy some TRIP put options.
Is there a way to mass-unfollow folks on Twitter? I've seen a few folks unfollow like 50K people; is there a fast way to do this?
RT @daamsie: Thanks to @WoabaBlog for the awesome and comprehensive Travellerspoint review ;) -
RT @daamsie: Got some great London Budget Travel Tips from our members. Now it's time to vote for your favourite: (scroll down)
How to make 7000$ per month travel blogging. Proper advice by @travelfish
Don't think I'll ever understand airlines. Business on OSL-SAN is *half* price compared to LON-SAN, the second leg of the OSL-SAN trip!?!?
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