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This (Digital) Transformation will be Productized -
Why Human Capital must fuel Digital Transformation -
Chennai Kings (5/5) -
"We've now been twice, once with the kids. First the food: You can instantly see how meticulous the chef is with balancing spice and acidity to appeal to all your taste buds. Dishes we tried and really…" - Sameer
Discussing Cloud and Digital Transformation in Sydney -
Digital Transformation has a Big Data complex -
This Transformation Feels Different. Disruptively So. -
Re: Why We’re Quitting Social Business -
"So much heart in this post. Wish you all the best in this next chapter." - Sameer
Re: Fusing Collaboration Into Enterprise Applications – Enabling the “Real” Social Enterprise -
"Nice post, Bruce. We have always threaded the collaboration platform across our apps. Now with our latest release ( we enable this both ways - bring in third party data and content into SAP Jam and embed SAP Jam into both SAP and third party apps. One thing though: the view you describe is a process centric one. That's no doubt significantly better than stand alone collaboration. I love how it blends transactional and engagement aspects of that process. But to build on it and make it truly user centric, you need one collaborative fabric to thread across this marketing process and the other 3-4 work patterns that each user goes through every day. So glad you commented on this topic - you know more than most do about this space. Hope you're well." - Sameer
When software conforms to how *you* want to work… -
Re: Welcome to The New Stack -
"Just outstanding. Few people love this medium as much as you do, few people are as curious you are, and even fewer people genuinely want to get better and better at their craft as much as you do. Wish you all the best!!" - Sameer
Who Spiked the Enterprise Activity Stream? -
Social Media Marketing: Is the squeeze worth the juice? -
Doing the “Social Co-opetition Two-Step” with Luis Suarez -
Re: The Execution Advantage -
"Thanks for the comment, Derek. I'm not so sure about that. The goal is not to squash the top end of the idea funnel but to design a culture that broadens the bottom end of executable ideas. Every one wants to think of ideas but the best of us aren't satisfied until their ideas see the light of day." - Sameer
Re: The Execution Advantage -
"Thanks for the comment Ralf. Glad you liked the post." - Sameer
Re: The Execution Advantage -
"Thanks Brian. Agree, sometimes its about failing fast. @alexbard had the QOTD this weekend with this tweet: "Don't rush me. I'm making mistakes as fast as I can.".:)" - Sameer
Re: Evernote for Mac Update: Card View, Word Count, New Save Features, and More -
"Is the Word Count a premium feature? I dont see it under "I"." - Sameer
Re: Evernote for Mac Update: Card View, Word Count, New Save Features, and More -
"Is the Word Count a premium feature? I dont see it under "I"." - Sameer
Re: pretzel logic: l’acte deux -
"Thanks Deb.:) I'm really digging it." - Sameer
Re: From Social CRM to Network-first CRM -
"Agreed, Richard. What most CRM does today has nothing to do with the R in CRM." - Sameer
From Social CRM to Network-first CRM -
Re: pretzel logic: l’acte deux -
"Thanks Henry. Glad to hear that you found another medium to participate and get value from this." - Sameer
Re: pretzel logic: l’acte deux -
"Thanks Ben. You make a great point. The velocity of diffusion was largely left to bottom up models in the last decade and that never happened because of missing business context in enterprise social software. Top down only again is at best a plea and no ones paycheck depends on it. And best practices don't really got you too far as they are too specific to a single work culture. I take solace in the fact that these "traditional" businesses have in fact embraced Ariba for their supply chain and LinkedIn for their recruiting efforts. The right business context does exist in these network-first models. Its why I made the move to product. :) Thanks for chiming in on the re-design. Im really digging it." - Sameer
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