Listen up Enterprise 2.0 pontificators. AllTop wants Enterprise 2.0 feed recommendations. Lets start adding it here on FriendFeed.
I'll start. Pretzel Logic - Enterprise 2.0. RSS Feed: - Sameer
Claude Malaison (French, no translation found other than Google Reader): - Daniel J. Pritchett
We're missing company blogs thus far - do we add in the official feeds from everyone's favorite E2.0 vendors? - Daniel J. Pritchett
I have a feeling Guy would bump the company blogs to the top because that seems to fit his concept of authority. - Daniel J. Pritchett
FriendFeed's E2.0 stream (loosely curated by Hutch Carpenter): - Daniel J. Pritchett
This game gets harder with each comment. :D Interesting who can keep up the longest. :) - Meryn Stol
most everyone on my blogroll posted at - Gil Yehuda
This was tweeted to me: @bhc3 No petition needed, just send a list of suggested sites to :) #e20 {tweet from Alltop's chief evangelist:} - Hutch Carpenter
Nice Gil. Sameer - you can send this link to that email address. - Hutch Carpenter
Is there such a thing as a too-full Alltop list? I have several more possibles in my feed reader but I was trying to drop my favorites first. - Daniel J. Pritchett
Enterprise Web 2.0-Dion Hinchcliffe - daniela barbosa
Knowledge Jolt with Jack Vinson - daniela barbosa
Communities and Collaboration by Steve Dale - daniela barbosa
I love FriendFeed :). Awesome stuff. Just remember, it needs to be a blog about E2.0, as opposed to a E2.0 practitioners personal blog. Also, I believe they require the RSS feed and not the blog URL so please add the feed. Ill send this over at the end of the day. Once the page is up, you can still submit your feed via a form. - Sameer
Crikey, does this mean I have to rebrand my blog to fit in with my target audience? I'm about E2.0 this year but I wasn't planning on marrying it. - Daniel J. Pritchett
Daniel, I'm not sure how they curate this. Looking at other categories, everything seems quite topical. We'll find out.... - Sameer
I imagine it's as simple as "do your last ten headlines fit this niche or not". Hmm, time to scan my feed. - Daniel J. Pritchett
thanks everyone. I've emailed this link + a link to the blogroll that Gil has on his site. - Sameer
uh, and any podcast? - Daniele Beta
This is an unbelievably rich list! And, it's symbolic of the incredible generosity of the FF community. (If only every office and industry operated this way.) Thanks for sharing these resources. - V Mary Abraham