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RT @rands: I, for one, welcome our dinosaur robot overlords:
Photo: NW 23rd Avenue. Portland, OR. 23rd March, 2014.
RT @GlennF: Seattleites and Portlanders can see The Magazine: The Book at any time at Ada’s and Reading Frenzy. And even buy a copy from an indie!
Leica actually made a video of a worker polishing the new Leica T camera by hand for forty-five minutes. WAT.
"and then polish it for forty-five minutes by hand"
Just FYI, previous couple of tweets that were not replies were jokes about the acquisition of the Moves app.
/me Moves on
You guys, my new indie app has been acquired. I will be making it over the next couple of months. Cheers!
PDX Cocoaheads! (with Eric, Justin, and 2 others at @WalmartLabs) —
RT @Astro_Wheels: Sunset from space holds the heart captive; that thin blue line poised in perfect silent poetry. #NPM14
NSWings! (with Steve, Eric, and 3 others at @Portlandwings) —
Photo: Waterfront Park. Portland, OR. 23rd March, 2014.
RT @micahgoulart: Hands down the best photo ever taken at a dog show.
The project I’d been working on for the last several months has shipped. Say hello to the new Sam’s Club iPad app!
RT @macgenie: Woo-hoo! @AppCamp4Girls is coming to Seattle this summer! Tell your Seattle friends that the deadline is April 28!
Photo: Portland, OR. 8th February, 2014.
RT @pourmecoffee: Rachel Sussman photographs the world's oldest living things
Photo: Railway station. New Delhi, India. 29th October, 2014.
RT @Waterproof: @samgrover Draw it. Frame it. Use it. Change it. Use it. Change it. Use it. Change it. Use it... #UXPunk Stuck on repeat.
Fix it. Push it. Merge it. Build it. Test it. Ship it. Booleanlogik. #DevPunk.
Then. Now. Here. 2014 photography event (at @orhist) —
RT @pourmecoffee: Shania McDonagh is 16 and drew this with a pencil
We're sitting by the fire. #NSBeer
Photo: Downtown Portland, OR. 7th February, 2014.
RT @sdw: Youtube must have spent years to make its 'related videos' algorithm never ever display the actual next video in a numbered video series.
RT @twatson: Excited to announce that Simple Desktops is now available for your iPad as a universal app!
NSBeer tomorrow (04/15) at 6pm at The ’NS’ stands for non-stop.
Three of my photos were selected for a slideshow of photos of Oregon people and places for Photolucida’s...
Photo: Tiny’s Coffee. Portland, OR. 8th February, 2014.
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