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Then. Now. Here. 2014 photography event (at @orhist) —
RT @pourmecoffee: Shania McDonagh is 16 and drew this with a pencil
We're sitting by the fire. #NSBeer
Photo: Downtown Portland, OR. 7th February, 2014.
RT @sdw: Youtube must have spent years to make its 'related videos' algorithm never ever display the actual next video in a numbered video series.
RT @twatson: Excited to announce that Simple Desktops is now available for your iPad as a universal app!
NSBeer tomorrow (04/15) at 6pm at The ’NS’ stands for non-stop.
Three of my photos were selected for a slideshow of photos of Oregon people and places for Photolucida’s...
Photo: Tiny’s Coffee. Portland, OR. 8th February, 2014.
RT @mattyglesias: NBC News made the worst chart of America’s changing demographics:
RT @adamd: Portlanders, please share the PDX Startup Switchboard And if you haven’t joined, do that, too!
Trying the veggie burger because Tim's been raving about it. (at @LittleBigBurger) —
RT @dzajic: Doh! @trimet tickets are stored only on the phone!? Just lost about 7 day passes, My phone got wet and I tried a factory reset.
Looks like it’s one of them purty sunset evenings. #PDX
The Photo of The Book of The Magazine of The Kickstarter of The App of The @GlennF
Photo: Portland, OR. 8th February, 2014.
Photo: Portland, OR. 8th February, 2014.
RT @klindenw: @JohnTheBastard I appreciate you, and just wanted to make sure you saw this. NYT mag from last Sunday...
Photo: Portland, OR. February 2014.
I'd be so excited about news of Stephen Colbert taking over from David Letterman if I hadn’t stopped watching late night shows years ago.
RT @schwa: Absolutely lovely photographer discussing the Windows XP “Bliss” wallpaper image.
Photo: Portland, OR. March, 2014.
So in the new Captain America movie, at the end when they show that guy's grave, the epitaph… awesome!
Photo: A Ruby outside Bagdad Theater on Sunday evening.
Chroma launch at Demolicious by @marcusestes. Interesting concept, slick iPad app.
RT @waxpancake: First presenter at @demolicious is cooking hot dogs on a grill connected to a Surface. SaaS = Sausage as a Service
Demolicious! (with Joel at @CaptainNeon) —
Photo: Waterfront Park. Portland, OR. March, 2014.
Got my conference pass for @NSNorth! Looking forward to it!
Just got Apple’s response to my WWDC lottery:
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