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Robert Scoble
My bed is shaking like a freight train is going underneath. Hint: a freight train really is going under my bed. Where am I staying in Indy?
Atop the subway. - Louis Gray
Louis: nope. Here's another hint: the hotel we're staying at used to be a train house in Indianapolis. - Robert Scoble
Welcome to the Crowne Plaza at Union Station! - Steven Groves
Yep Union Station. I remember when they revamped that. Great Arcade then. That's why we're the "Crossroads of America"!!!! - Melanie Reed
somewhere where they Change the Sheets every Hour!! Motel 69 - Billy Warhol
Crowne Plaza downtown? - Mike Kelly
Crown Plaza - Marsha Collier
Steven wins the prize! It's very cool. Some of the rooms are actually inside old trains and the hallways still smell like old trains too. - Robert Scoble
I didn't intend to get it right. I intended to avoid the "FriendFeed activity is slowing" meme. :) - Louis Gray
I wrote that because a freight train went by and my whole bed shook. Along with the rest of the hotel. Quite fun, actually. Kids love it here. I love it cause I love trains. - Robert Scoble
Louis: well, you must admit it's slower here. But more romantic. :-) - Robert Scoble
Robert, yesssssss!!! Trains. My Great grandfather worked there. - Melanie Reed
I miss the great shops that used to be in the station. Is sad to see it so "dead" now. - Steven Groves
that must be a heck of a ladder/climb into bed if u've got a train underneath - Tim Bergman
Melanie: that's cool. Tim: the trains run under one part of the hotel. They warn you when you check in that you'll hear a few trains every day. - Robert Scoble
IUPUI often uses the main room for their Bepko Honors convocations - Melanie Reed
Steven, yeah, sad. But so glad they preserved the building and history - Melanie Reed
that's only about 4 hrs from where I live. I'll have to visit just for the experience! - Tim Bergman
Look at it this way, at least you didn't have to put a quarter in the machine ;-) - David
Robert Scoble
New Yelp iPhone app is also out. There's a cool easter egg (Augmented Reality feature). Here's how to do it:
Download the new Yelp app (came out yesterday). So you shake your iPhone 3 times. That activates a feature called Monocle. A message should come up if you activated it. A blue box will come up saying "the Monocle has been activated." It will create a button in the top right corner. Now you should be able to look at the bars, restaurants, etc. Only works on iPhone 3GS. - Robert Scoble
waiting Robert.... :) - Sampad Swain
You point it at businesses, or down the city block. I'll try it right now. - Robert Scoble
That sounds so cool. Would love to see a video demo of it Robert! - Alex Calic
I wonder why it's an easter egg. That sounds great. - Daniel Ha
I just did it. Very cool. I hear this feature was added for me. I really love it! - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Daniel: probably to get it through the iPhone store approval process faster. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Raises the question of whether they would have rejected it if they'd known about it. Or did Yelp tell the reviewers about it? - Jan Dawson
Very, very cool! Just tried it out. There's not a lot on Yelp near by work (kind of an industrial area), but I did get it to find the nearest restaurant. So cool! :-) - Josh Bancroft
as long as Yelp allows iPhone users to rate on the fly.. previously had to sync first (not smart) - Sam Levin
can anyone grab me a screenshot of this? i want to write about it - Marshall Kirkpatrick
I do love beating TechCrunch with news! :-) - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Yes, Mr. Scoble, you beat RWW, TechCrunch, AND Mashable! Damn. - Ben Parr
I can't get it to work... :( - Larry Roth
We need a Yelp for Federal, State and Local government services. - Chris Stevenson
Too bad nobody will ever see it 'cause you mentioned it here and not on your blog ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
I just posted a photo on my friendfeed account. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Installing - Stephen Pickering
You android lovers will see that 'Layer' reality browser does the same as Monocle - Wayne Bentz
Yelp also just launched their Palm Pre app in the Palm app store. No augmented reality that I can find :-( - Ken Sheppardson
Yelp doesn't seem to have much support for Canadian business according to some reviews - Alex Knight
Marshall, I just blogged a screenshot. Will be on as soon as Posterous gets it there. - Josh Bancroft
Stupid 3GS. You guys think you're so cool. Easter eggs, harumph! *mumble grumble* - Sarah Lane
Yay it works in Canada too! - JP Holecka - Jaypiddy
Nice idea but in my case the locations seem to be about 180 degrees off - i.e. showing behind me instead of in front - but may be down to a fuzzy GPS location or something - will have to keep trying - Jan Dawson
I wonder why it was "secret", ... undocumented API usage or just to create marketing buzz ? - Kooleido
Kooleido: I hear it was added at last minute. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Damn, nothings happening. I've shaked it :( - Stephen Pickering
No iPhone 3G love because no compass? Phooey. :P - Cheryl Jones
Installed It! Works Awesome! Would definitely use it on my next lunch hunt in Downtown - Kooleido
Got it to work--just took a little more shaking...was worried I was going to put my phone through the ceiling! - Larry Roth
Kooleido, how'd you get it to work. I've installed and shaken, but nothings happening - Stephen Pickering
Oh--and very cool - Larry Roth
Stephen shake in long and hard strokes. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
I hate that the iPhone 3G can handle all this new stuff, but Apple insists that you need the 3Gs. Qik on the jailbroken 3G has been awesome! - Elijah Nicolas
@Elijah Nicolas The 3Gs is for the built in compass that is required for augmented reality to work. - JP Holecka - Jaypiddy
lol if it was added for you Robert it would show the cutest girls in the area instead - Sherry Reynolds
Didn't I hear that Apple had an embargo on AR apps til next month? - Brian O'Connell
Very cool, thanks for the info. It appears you have to be logged into Yelp though the app before the monocle option will appear. - Patrick Looney
just posted about it good job finding it first Robert! - Marshall Kirkpatrick
1st sentence typo in your post Marshall ;o) - Alex Calic
Couldn't get it to work by "shaking it" but I got it to work by moving my iPhone up and down 3 times in a vertical motion. Pretty damn cool. - Doug Rice
Marshall, how do you get that camera view? I can't seem to get mine to work. I've shaken and shaken - Stephen Pickering
Stephen, you should probably just keep shaking. In publish, with lots of people around. :) No, I don't know. I don't have a 3Gs so I don't have a compass so I don't have the Yelp AR. - Marshall Kirkpatrick
Holy crap. It really works. - David Sharpe
Unreal... landscape and portrait works. - Drew Lucas
Check out our Yelp AR layer inside of Layar Reality Browser ... Android. - Dave Elchoness
Scoble, I just published on Mashable: - Ben Parr
Doh! mashable wins with the most link-baity headline again. - Marshall Kirkpatrick
Putting up a video on Gear Live. - Andru Edwards
we have video too :P - Jennifer Van Grove
@Marshall - We still love you guys, your article's great. :D; @Robert, props. Total props. - Ben Parr
@Robert thanks it's fun - briansugar
I made a screenshot here: It takes a few tries to turn on the option though! - Daynah
posted about this on Obsessable and my blog. We'll see if Techmeme grabs it and actually puts this FriendFeed thread first, or if they just ignore it until TechCrunch covers it lolz & - C. K. Sample III
ah Marshall got it up first on a notable blog... - C. K. Sample III
I got it to work and man, is it sweet! So smart. - Leslie Fishlock
Shake the darn thing 3 times :)- they say that break dancin was learnt , robbing hubcaps of a movin car in NYC.. so lets so what the new thing will be by the time th iphone has all the motion sickness activiated apps !! - Peter Dawson
just got word of a THIRD app with AR live in iTunes store! I'd say it's official: AR apps have come to the iPhone! - Marshall Kirkpatrick
I already had 2.0.2, but I'm downloading 3.0 now. I'm not thinking it's going to work in my office, but we'll see. - RobinDotNet
Ok, that's really cool. It even works sitting here in my office at home. - RobinDotNet
Downloading now. I am absolutely fascinated by the idea of augmented reality! - Victoria Harres
This is pretty cool but the shake 3 times thing doesn't work too well - Jason Wehmhoener from iPhone
This is fantastic, just activated Monocle. For those having trouble, its best to move/raise and lower the iPhone 3 times vertically instead of just shaking it. I was shaking mine like a madman until I tried the vertical move. - Bryan
[Video] Yelp iPhone Augmented Reality Application - Steve Garfield
very cool - I can't believe stuff actually shows up near my house on the bay - sweet :) - Susan Beebe
Damn, guess I'll have to upgrade to the 3GS now. - Damon Cortesi
I am using the app in Indianapolis to find a restauant. As I guessed the augmented reality is cool but not very useful. Other than to help figure out which direction to walk in. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Argh. I wish I had wifi here so I could download it. A trip to Starbucks might be in order. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
killer in nyc - mike "glemak" dunn from iPhone
dang it - iPhone 3G... - Jodi
iPhone 3G... not in the States... meh - Johnny
It's innovative and that's awesome, but I think this type of interface will be a passing gimmick until more advanced image processing is built into the mobile device. My thoughts on what does matter about it here - My $0.02. - Alex Hawkinson
shake your iPhone 6 times, that activates GoogleVoice - HansVanRock
Pretty damn cool. Thanks for the heads up - Jim Goldstein from iPhone
I just got this going on my friend's 3Gs. I don't even know what to say. That is freaking incredible! Makes me want a 3Gs *just* for that feature! - Michael Lynton
Just tried this. Awesome! Too bad I'm in a po' dunk town with nothing to do. :) - BRҰANSAҰS
Amazing, how on earth did you find it! It's still 6:00 am, perhaps I'll Yelp for breakfast - Nalin Perera
Wow, I'll have to say this is phenomenal. Wish I'd had this on my trip to D.C. a couple weeks ago. Yelp just made an incredibly useful app even more useful. I've seen a lot of developers working on this technology lately but it looks like they beat everyone to the punch. - Mike Elliott
screen capture of it in action - mike "glemak" dunn
I just got the yelp AR to work, and I am staying tonight in a hotel, so I went to my window, and held the camera to the window and it was able to show me reviews of the businesses right across the street from me! I am in love with yelp all over again! - Colide81 (James)
Can't get it to work! Shook long and hard! - UniqNYC aka Jeff from iPhone
This youtube video should help you learn how to get it Islandwoo, I think its in how you shake it, I tryed several ways but after I watched this video I did it like the guy in the video and it worked. - Colide81 (James)
Yeah, you've got to learn to shake it just right! :-) - Nalin Perera
Jeremiah Owyang
Marketing Voices: Three Recommendations for Marketing Leaders (11min) -
luv the content yet the audio recording is weak (Jennifer.. this is key here. Think you know that though) - Sam Levin
80/20 - the new rule for social media marketing - Michael_techie
key takeaway--"earned media vs paid media." That's what most non-marketing folks don't get about social media marketing. Also love the cart before the horse--facebook, twitter, you need a strategy first, then pick the appropriate vehicles to implement. - Donna L. Downey
Robert Scoble
Is a Twitter retweet or a Facebook/FriendFeed "like" better. My answer my surprise you:
The retweet is better. Why? - Robert Scoble
1. The retweet shows up as a top level item here in FriendFeed. Which gets you more branding. - Robert Scoble
Yes, but your tweet got me to FriendFeed for the first time in months. So now I'm totally confused. - Jennifer Leggio
Facebooks like system is pointless. - Simon Wicks
2. A retweet usually gets retweeted, a lot. I retweeted a guy this morning saying that Eric Schmidt had resigned from Apple's board. That got retweeted a lot. - Robert Scoble
Likes, just "bump" content, while a retweet duplicates the content and potentially gets shared several times. - Rob Diana
I like retweet better. But if facebook had a dislike button, I would be equally happy! - Dakota O'Neill
like is only promoting to shared friends where are retweet is promoting to everyone. No? - Edwin Khodabakchian
3. A retweet gets you credit, while "likes" just get you buried and no one is sure why they got lots of engagement. - Robert Scoble
The retweet also directly acknowledges the original author, building relationship. FF Likes on Twitter have no such attribution. - Peter Kelley
Johnny: A retweet will get more conversation going and get you branded more than clicking like will. - Robert Scoble
That said, I love likes. You can check my likes out at -- that's something that's hard to do with a retweet. I've done 21,000 likes so far. I don't know of a way to count how many retweets I've done. - Robert Scoble
I think that you're right, Robert. The Twitter retweet is better because there's some action behind it. In my opinion, the Facebook "like" feature really doesn't do much. It's more of a placebo than anything. Facebook's like is just a "slap on the wrist" letting the author know that it's "approved" by other people who come to the site. There's no reward for getting the most "likes" - it's like Digg but more retarded and something you wish you could euthanize already. - Kenneth
A like is just FB's way of trying to copy twitter and facebook, but I guess google reader has the same thing now - Billy Fung
Also, here, likes can be used to search. You can tell FriendFeed's search engine "show me all items about Google that Scoble has liked." - Robert Scoble
I think likes are great, but FriendFeed should also work on its presentation of reshares. I'd extend the datamodel to support an optional "originating item" for each item. The text (via: [url]) looks a bit messy. - Meryn Stol
your #1 reason for why RT is better than something is because it ends up in friendfeed??? not much of an incentive for the ~44 million twitter users really, is it? - Jeremy Toeman
With a retweet, it can be shared with multiple friends across MULTIPLE networks - my tweets can be posted onto Twitter, FriendFeed and even Facebook. Where does the Facebook "like" come into play? No where! Tweet away! - Kenneth
Exactly my thoughts too Meryn. Twitter should implement that as well. The original source gets lost after a couple of RTs. - Sumanth Kolar
Kenneth: you can send your likes on FF to Twitter, I do - Peter Kelley
Too much noise on Facebook, I still keep RTs in high regard. - Amy Chorew
Jeremy: a large percentage of my Facebook friends are sending their Tweets over there. Facebook has a similar liking system. I guarantee you that there's more than 44 million on Facebook (last number I heard was 250 million). And I'm getting WAY MORE engagement here on FriendFeed than I am on Twitter. - Robert Scoble
Twitter's reach is the key -- added to FriendFeed's real-time conversation, it's a powerful combo. Facebook is still too much of a walled garden. - Don Tamihere
Peter: good point. I think I was dragging on Facebook's "like" and not FF. Now if you want to compare FriendFeed's likes with Facebook's...that's another can of worms I don't wanna go into. - Kenneth
The database guy in me (my left elbow) is screaming that re-tweets duplicate data in a way that isn't easy to track. The social effects are nice, but can't this be replicated in a way that's a lot cleaner and more useful? - Ryan Massie
but ya said friendfeed, not facebook. :) - Jeremy Toeman
Jeremy: read the headline again. I specifically mentioned Facebook. And, anyway, we're all here on FriendFeed. How did THAT happen? - Robert Scoble
well i came here because i wanted to see what you were up to and since you don't blog anymore... ;) - Jeremy Toeman
Jeremy: heh, why blog when I can have engagement with you here? - Robert Scoble
RT as it feels like more of a commitment to the content rather than a passive vote - Daniel W. Rasmus
because you need to keep up your overall internet presence. doing it here is not in your best interests. IMHO that is. :) - Jeremy Toeman
On a side note: currently Google Reader "likes" are worthless as you can´t even subscribe to someone else´s like-stream. It´s even hard to find a way to see your own like-stream in Google Reader (although there /are/ at least 4 ways...) - peter huesken
Yeah, duh, likes aren't viral! - James Watters
Re-Tweets have this very natural word-of-mouth feel, but I'm concerned that you loose metadata by doing it the way twitter does. Instead of taking the firehose data to re-assemble this metadata after the fact, shouldn't the platform build the metadata as part of the process? I'm not saying that the word-of-mouth feel should go away by any means, but how accurate are the re-tweet counts that I have been seeing on sites recently? - Ryan Massie
James: They're more viral on FriendFeed due to the friend-of-a-friend views than they are on Facebook. But you're right, it's nothing like twitter. - Ryan Massie
Also Re-Tweeting has another problem: How do you retweet a tweet of more than 133 chars without paraphrasing at least part of it? - peter huesken
FriendFeed Likes are much more elegant than a retweet - the Grey Poupon of SM. :) - Nick in Manila
Why does one have to be "better" than the other? They are two different apps for sharing thoughts about content. The RT works well on Twitter, you just RT anything you like (and feel other might find interesting). When you like someone's content on FB, you give it a vote and everyone who is a friend can see it. If you want to add a comment you comment. If you want to share it, you use the share function. Now you can share tweets RTs on Facebook anyway, I'm not sure why it even matters which is better. - nicky jameson
A retweet takes more time to do and shows more interest. - Randy Allen Bishop
This is wrong. A retweet is copying someone's work and trying to drive traffic towards yourself using it. A like and/or a comment is much better as you are acknowledging the work of the author. Retweeting is parasitic. Liking is symbiotic. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Alex: that's interesting. As a content owner I'd rather you retweet, though. Why? Gets my ideas greater distribution. - Robert Scoble
What Randy said. A "like" means different things to different people. To me it might mean, "the title of this sounds good, the topic interests me, but I don't have time to read it." I would "Like" something like that, but I would *never* retweet something without visiting the link first and at least scanning it, preferably reading the whole thing. Also, Alex, I don't think a retweet is an attempt to drive traffic towards yourself. How do you figure? - Laura Norvig
Because when people see the retweet they are seeing what you wrote. It's the same as if I copied a blog post from Robert and put it on my blog with attribution to him. I'm doing this to get people to read my blog, I'm not doing it to help him. If I really wanted to help him, I would link to his blog post and write something about why I agree or disagree with that. A retweet is parasitic... more... - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Alex: first of all, nothing you write in 140 characters is going to have much value, and certainly won't be enough value to charge for it. Second of all, if you RT: properly you also link to the source person or URL. Third of all, it's nothing even close to copying an entire blog post, but that really is sweet that you think Tweeting is blogging. They both have the same attributes, I... more... - Robert Scoble
RT's on Twitter are more manual and take a little more engagement then Like unless you are using SW to manage your tweets - RT duplicates... - Robert Freeze
Alex, your logic is twisted, no? RT is intended to share with your followers something someone else said or found, who they might not already be following. If traffic is driving anywhere it's to them; those reading your RT are already following you. Your point also assumes everyone's playing the numbers game. - Jim Barry
@Scobleizer It looks like you RT % is 1.85, of total tweets. Data from: - David Damore
First off, I don't write in 140 characters, because I do all my posting from friendfeed. 140 character limit is whack, but that's another argument. Second, nothing about Twitter really builds participation. It's all about islands versus on friendfeed, which is why reposting (I hate the "tweet" non-word) is even necessary. The fact that it's necessary is a symptom of the problems of the... more... - Scoble, Alex Scoble
They serve different purposes. FB/FF like is just a quick shared bookmark. Twitter has a Favorite option that's similar, but it's geared toward recall more so than sharing/recommending. Retweet is not even a built-in Twitter feature, but many Twitter apps have the feature and people use it to share/recommend other people's tweets. - Lawrence Liu from twhirl
Alex: if you visit my blog you'll notice that my like feed isn't showing up in the FriendFeed widget there, while my retweets are. That's a huge problem and one I don't know how to solve. - Robert Scoble
How about the share option in FF, then change the FWD: to RT? - Lee
I will like things here when I don't want to comment, but I hadn't thought of it as a proxy for RT. Now you have me thinking about forwarding my likes here twitter. - dthree
You could combine the feeds using Yahoo Pipes. It's a bit messy, but here's my combined posts, comments, and likes: - Ryan Massie
Isn't this just like a Scobelizer chat room? - Peter Mullen
I think I'm going to take the core of your question Robert and post it to my Facebook non-social media friends and see if they can even parse the question. I'd expect some funny "uh...what?" responses. - Elliott Ng
the like SHOULD be much better. this is a voting system. FF needs to help you filter content this way however. retweets just confuse things even more and create even more noise. FF should have default searches that are all your friends with 2+ likes...this is your personal best of the day. if FF does not make use of these advantages, then it will continue to muddle about. - lew
Here's why Robert and I disagree. He sees these spaces as primarily a marketing tool for building a brand and getting his media out to eyeballs. Reposts work great for that because it's like a ball thrown in to a room of mousetraps. I mostly want to have conversations and am here for fun. Reposts suck for that because they fragment conversations. I don't like that...AT all. :) That's why both services can coexist. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
as soon as we have threaded conversations on twitter, i suspect you will hate conversation being distributed on duplicates (retweets). My vote is for likes on ff. - Sajida Hina Khan
when i like something it gets tweeted... so it's like a retweet for friendfeed content... it doesn't come back over here as my own, but that's okay with me - Chris Heath
The ReTweet is -sometimes- better as it keeps track of the last RTers. - Thierry R. Andriamirado
Once again, FriendFeed and Twitter are complementary: it's better when a FF 'like' is ReTweeted again and again. Facebook's like.. huh.. it's.. different (?) - Thierry R. Andriamirado
Retweeting on twitter is equlivent to "share" on friendfeed. Retweet and like are uncomparable, in the same way that twitter's favorite and ff's like are uncomparable. - Andy Bakun from Android
the spammers are here - how do we report the guy above? - Aaman (Clone of FF)
Taken care of - boom! Like That! - Aaman (Clone of FF)
Robert, I think you're completely wrong. FriendFeed ranking is poo. A retweet is mostly poo --- depends on the context of your Twitter experience, and your POV. Is your POV "Is it better to BE retweeted? Or liked as a status update on FaceBook" ? or "Is it better to retweet someone ELSE'S Tweet or to Like someone else's FaceBook update?" I'd argue in both cases, the retweet sucks.... more... - Gib
Gib: where do you get the poo from? Sigh. - Robert Scoble
Robert: OMG! you're like the fasted gun in the west! By poo I mean, as a person without your scaling issues, if someone Retweets any random Tweet of mine, I'm like, "huh? THAT'S what you want to repeat to your following?" For mortals, viral stuff isn't everyday occurrence. On the other hand, as a mortal, on FaceBook, when a few people like a photo or update or comment, my other friends... more... - Gib
I agree with Andy that a Twitter retweet is more like a FF share than a like. "Retweet", in my opinion, is simply Twitter-speak for "share". - Dennis Jernberg
On the moment itself an RT is better, but a 'like' has a longer life, since it can be used in FF search queries. - nooble
I think we can expect Google Reader and Facebook, among others, to emulate FriendFeed's useful "Like" system in more ways, including likes in feeds, as a search filter, etc. SOON. - Ryan Sholin
+Alex. I agree much more with his sentiments than Robert's; likes are a much better way of showing appreciation for a post. 1. I don't care about building my brand. 2. Why wouldn't likes propagate just as well as RTs? They both show up in my FF stream. 3. See 1. Don't worry, Robert will come around eventually, just like he did with following people on Twitter. - Niklas Morberg
I guess I'm against the grain on the RT versus Like feature. I don't hate RT but I think they can become Spam noise in some ways. If you follow several people who follow the same people, you get an endless flow of the same tweet for a while with no extra value. Whereas a "Like" (in FriendFeed) bumps the conversation back into many peoples focus. In both FF and FB, the "like" also tags it to your attention when future comments are made. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
If you use Feedly in Conjunction with Retweets and Tweets you can kind of follow your Karma and get feedback on how they are dynamic and changing - Robert Higgins
RTs are better so I can continue to play with extracting valuable trends from them on my little experiment! - Ben Hedrington
We all know Twitter is the front-end & FriendFeed is the back-end ;) Hype builds quicker on Twitter, FriendFeed hosts the discussion. - CannonGod
You can add ur own opinion on a RT if space permits. with ff its commenting and liking which are 2 different things. U can comment and not 'like' the post. - Freddie Benjamin
Very good point Freddie but that usually gives you no room when you include the "RT @username" or the new person alters the original tweet (I hate this). RT is to Like as @ reply is to commenting. Both serve close to the same purpose but work very different. FF's direction keeps everything tighter coupled while Twitter is very loosely coupled in the approach. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
This one is worth a retweet in itself: That said, I love likes. You can check my likes out at -- that's something that's hard to do with a retweet. I've done 21,000 likes so far. I don't know of a way to count how many retweets I've done. - Robert Scoble - Riaz Kanani
Facebook is closed, essentially, as I will always only ever see a "like" from either someone who is already my friend or a friend of a friend. Twitter is open, in that when someone I'm following retweets (from either someone they're following --- a 1st gen RT --- or a 2nd/3rd gen RT of someone they're following is also following or exposed to...whew!...) well, then I am exposed to a... more... - Thom Kennon
Robert Scoble
Oh, Twitter, is this lame or what?
I wish they'd fix their technology instead of doing lame manuals. Search is broken. The MONEY IS IN SEARCH! Fix that and businesses will show up. Oh, and why not just feature cool apps like ? That's what will drag in new businesses to Twitter. - Robert Scoble
Apparently he doesn't care what we think. :D - iTad
robert i understand @jack is doing a payment system now, sure that would be tied into twitter as well. - sean percival
Twitter for Dummies? - Dylan Richardson
Sean: Jack better hurry it up, cause TwitPay is there. - Robert Scoble
Dylan: yeah, sigh. Why is a platform vendor doing that? And I thought Twitter was so simple that anyone could "get it." - Robert Scoble
Well they want to try and get the millions of peopel who sign up and do sod all to get more involved. - Mark
Mark: you don't do that with text. You do that with VIDEO and a CLASSROOM and EVENTS. The text on this page has ME bored to tears and I'm paid to read it. - Robert Scoble
Not sure that a "Twitter 101" wouldn't be a bad idea for some segments of the population other than business, like educators looking to integrate it into their courses. - Michael Ritter
Luckily I bet they had someone like a Community Manager or someone else write this manual, while the engineers can work on making Search better and in general the service better :) - Sam Houston
Robert, yeah - the leaked docs suggest they passed on anything with as a business model. I love what is doing (and I believe I was one of the first to feature them on - Jesse Stay
How can you charge for that? Its all over just Google it .. Maybe it should be Google 101 Hey Google my Idea. Lets see if some suckers buy it. - Dylan Richardson
Sam: if there really was a Community Manager why don't they fix the Suggested User List to become something more like or and get out of the business of trying to tell businesses how to use the platform. Does Google have a doc like this? Lame. - Robert Scoble
I'm actually a little jealous of - it's exactly what me and a couple other friends were going to launch when I went off on my own into entrepreneurship. Our product was going to be called Pokket. - Jesse Stay
robert, shot you a quick DM! - Tristan Walker
Scoble ...maybe it's too simple. In a way, this may be a good thing for Twitter: by defining what constitutes "best practices" on their system, they'll help everyone understand how their platform can be useful. Sort of like setting boundaries for your small children in order to help them grow. - .LAG liked that
Tristan: DM me here on FriendFeed. Twitter's DMs suck compared to those here on FriendFeed. - Robert Scoble
LAG: the thing about a platform is that you build it and you let the market decide how to use it. Twitter keeps trying to control their community. Go and fix the spam problem. Go and fix the search problems. Go and fix the DM problem. Go and fix the group problem. Go and fix the communication problem with developers. THEN come back and tell us how to use Twitter for business. Geesh. - Robert Scoble
i agree btw, im assuming they pushed this out before search upgrade due to pressure from investors/press - sean percival
Robert: I'm with you on this one. One of the things about Twitter is that you don't need a guide. You just dive right in. Doesn't this defeat the purpose? - wiredgnome from iPod
Scoble ...touche. you're right, maybe they should fix the glaring problems first. <sigh /> - .LAG liked that
Don't even understand how that's making money. - Daniel Brusilovsky
Sean: did Google ever publish something like this? Did Apple? What a lame idea. Focus on making the technology rock and roll. Leave the hype to the professionals. :-) - Robert Scoble
Twitter is still mostly as it was two years ago. Third parties are doing all the innovative stuff with services like FuelFrog and apps like Seesmic and UberTwitter. Fix search, add groups, and offer Twitter for domains. - Jeff Harbert
Daniel: more and more I'm convinced that Twitter doesn't have a clue how to make money. - Robert Scoble
Daniel: I'm more and more convinced that Mark Zuckerberg is the genius here and that Ev and Biz aren't. - Robert Scoble
Of course, you've heard my complaints on this. :-) I feel the same about Google Reader though - I wish Google Reader would fix their issues before launching new stuff as well. - Jesse Stay
Robert: I agree. 1 billion dollars in revenue? Where did they pull that number out of? - Daniel Brusilovsky
And, exactly what Daniel said. :-) They don't have a clue at writing software, either, btw. - Jesse Stay
Twitter the company stinks. Twitter as ecosystem rocks. - Meryn Stol
I kinda agree that Twitter101 is lame. Using Twitter is pretty straight-forward. Now, for some reason I feel that I am missing something in my use of FriendFeed and wish I could find a FriendFeed 101 or a blog post or something to just flip the switch and make me see what I am really missing. - RAD Moose
Good idea. - Eric Rice
Should have just licensed O'Reilly's Twitter book and put it up instead! - Gregg Morris
Gregg: exactly. - Robert Scoble
Robert: Would have been prettier too! - Gregg Morris
Robert, if it were up to you, how would you handle the spam problem? - Jeff Harbert
Who the hell is advising those guys anyway? Doesn't Facebook have Andreessen and a few other heavy hitters? Who do Ev and Biz have? - Gregg Morris
Jeff: first, make "block" systemwide. That will let me clean my own search out. Second, let me whitelist my searches, show me search results from ONLY my friends. Oh, wait, I have that on FriendFeed already. Third, let me filter by metadata (location, time, who retweets, etc). Fourth: let the crowd "verify" accounts. I'd love to go through my 100,000 people and mark accounts that I know are accurate and I'd love to let other people do that too. - Robert Scoble
Robert: I won't go with you on the "lame" part but I was just discussing search and spam with Shel over lunch today and certainly agree that this needs to be enhanced significantly for Twitter to remain relevant ***edit*** scratch remain, I mean enhance relevancy. Right now we're turning to partner tools (ok, maybe that's good enough, provided those partners deliver the goods). Twitter... more... - Nick Wade
Nick: I keep waiting for Twitter to fix its technology. They have consistently taken the low road through architectural decisions. It's why I push FriendFeed so hard to my friends. The technology here is so much better. - Robert Scoble
scoble - something to consider (i dont know the right answer) - maybe what twitter has is fine for kim kardashian, oprah and the other celebs and regular users? - Allen Stern
Allen: that is something to consider, yes. But based on the celebrity Tweets I'm following most aren't getting that much out of it. Trent Resnor, of Nine Inch Nails, even deleted his account this week. See the geeks were just two years ahead of the celebrities. They are going to realize they are screwed by Twitter too (especially the ones who aren't on the Suggested User List -- if you... more... - Robert Scoble
Robert: I'm in the camp of Friendfeed offering different and in some cases better technology - but it too has it's downsides. As that (overhyped IMO) discussion about Matt Ruiz's penis-post showed capably. BTW - Shel's still using the naked conversations business card, in an unrelated but cool word-play segueway. I thought it was rather cool. - Nick Wade
Nick: interesting you brought that up. I hid that post and it went away and if I really was offended I could block that person, which would penalize them by keeping them from showing me more of that kind of stuff and they would disappear from my search. Personally I'm more offended by #tcot than I am by a naked man, but maybe that's just me. - Robert Scoble
good point robert about ego-numbers - - Allen Stern
Robert: I'll have to check what #tcot is, but I've some other ideas for Friendfeed I hope they'll implement - us having to tag to each other in "comments" drives me bonkers for example. We should be able to reply and see a threaded conversation here. Newest replies float up (or down, your preference) along with their preceding string. I suspect the current Ajax implementation can't handle this scenario, but good chat - dinner is on the table - until next time :) - Nick Wade
Robert, manuals in general r pretty useless 4 me! They do a disservice 4 me! Go & explore or go and search 4 an interactive videos done by others about the Twitter service! - polou/indigo_bow
Hmm, I like 2 see Twitter fix problems first be4 acquiring anything! - polou/indigo_bow
Twitter hating is lame. - Chris Spizzirri
Robert: I think that you are right with spam, search, etc.. but it seems that twitter has also a big engagement/retention problem: people hear about twitter on TV, radio etc... They come to the homepage and a lot of them fall of the cliff. This is a harder problem them google and apple because twitter requires a behavior is a new concept and they have 30s-2min to try to grab... more... - Edwin Khodabakchian
I just bumped into this video interesting interview - Edwin Khodabakchian
Twitter should make use of their time and aquire and - wiredgnome from iPod
We don't NEED the guide. Twitter WANTS to give us they guide. The community is too controlled. - wiredgnome from iPod
The spam is the problem. Why do they get users to do all the leg work and manually work out who gets blocked and who gets in the search feed? Friendfeed has it better. - wiredgnome from iPod
Just because you understand Twitter and know how to us it, doesn't mean everyone does. I talk to people every day who have absolutely no idea how it works or how to use it. If they decided to give it a try, most of them would gravitate to Twitter to find out how, so this does makes some sense. - Gilbert Harding
Gilbert: But there really isn't much to learn about Twitter. It is what it says in big letters on the homepage. But I understand exactly what you are saying. There are still many who don't know twitter. - wiredgnome from iPod
That is soooo lame. How to use Twitter. i've heard it all. Plus all of the marketers can help you learn to use Twitter. - Ben Hanten
Modern Architecture - The World’s First Luxury Underwater Hotel: Dubai - My Modern Metropolis -
Modern Architecture - The World’s First Luxury Underwater Hotel: Dubai - My Modern Metropolis
Show all
Expected to be completed later this year, Hydropolis will be the world's first luxury underwater hotel. Guests will be welcomed at the land station. From there, the connecting tunnel will transport people by train to the main area of the hotel which houses 220 suites. The submarine leisure complex, with a cost of $490 million, is one of the largest contemporary construction projects in the world, covering an area of one square mile, about the size of London's Hyde Park. - Amir from Bookmarklet
معلومه هنوز اين كاراي عجيب غريب دبي تموم نشده - Amir
من شیفته ی نوع فیدهات دز طول خط زمانی روز هستم. :دی - Tardid
تا پاسي ديگه فيداي شبانه اغاز ميشه سعي مكنم سليقه شمارم در نظر بگيرم:دي - Amir
آقا "خوش آمدن" جديده ؟ - امير کبير
با مني كاپيتون؟ - Amir
آره شاه پسر - امير کبير
جانم نگرقتم چي ميگي - Amir
ميگم قبلاً مينوشت "لايک" الان مينويسه "خوش آمدن" ميخواستم بدونم جديده يا من الان ديدم ؟ - امير کبير
فارسي مگه صفحت؟ - Amir
نه ژاپنيه :دی - امير کبير
خوب ژاپني استاد بلده:دي - Amir
اره الان صفحمو كردم فارسي نوشته خوش امدن:دي خارجكي كن بابا:دي - Amir
خارجی ميشه همون فارسی ديگه، نديدی چه سوتی هايی ميدم تو فارسی :دی - امير کبير
اها يادم نبود شما فرنگي هستسن - Amir
خوب يادت باشه :دی - امير کبير
استاد کجان این فیدهای نصفه شبهات؟ یک ساعت هم گذشت از نیمه شب - Tardid
نه!!!!!!!!!! - +Holy Killer+
Allen Stern
can someone explain why so many are putting a period (.) before a @so-and-so ? like ".@moo hi cow" ? thanks
how now brown cow? - Yolanda
I think it's because of Twitter's rule change that only allows the person addressed to see replies that start with @ (later changed to allow people who follow both users to see the message). - John (bird whisperer)
yea john - some others replied on twitter - it seems if you do ".@moo" instead of "@moo" then everyone can see it - Allen Stern
Allen, is a bit like TechCrunch in style? - Mark
See this is why I don't like the argument that FriendFeed is harder to use than Twitter. It just has less exposure. - Ryan Massie
very cool. thanks Dave - Sam Levin
John, When did Twitter change the rule and then change it again? It passed me by... - David Bennett
.@centernetworks is .@ontosomething - Louis Gray
Awhile ago, if you wanted to, you could put Twitter in "promiscuous" mode. It was an option you could check off and they warned against doing this due the "volume" of tweets you might see in your feed (your friends replying to people you're not friends with). Twitter claims only 2% of users ever turned this on and it was causing too much data overhead for them so they took the option... more... - Adam Turetzky
Since Twitter lists all @yourTwitterusername mentions on the side, I've been putting the person's name in the body of the tweet so that they and others will see it. I'm assuming that has the same result. Anybody have an argument for using the .@ vs just burying it in the tweet? - Cathleen Rittereiser
Wow, if only twitter would add metadata, work around wouldn't be required. So now, you're down ANOTHER character in your message. 140 just keeps seeming like less and less. - Andy Bakun
Cathleen, your solution produces the same result, and I've seen others do it, and I think creates a more "literarily" pretty result compared to the .@ - Adam Turetzky
.@ = fix replies - rob
I think ~ makes more sense than @, in general, but I'm old school internet. - Andy Bakun
people are also using exclamation i've seen i.e. !@centernetworks but i prefer to put the name in the body of the comment. overall though, if you're using a client and not the twitter site proper, you'll still see all the @s - Lynne d Johnson
This is interesting. - Kol Tregaskes
One more reason to use Friendfeed, it will show you the @replies. For people who don't have a FF account you create an imaginary friend. - Willem (@wim66) ☠
A few of my friends are using the jerkcity reply addressing format. "T @username Reply here". It's an extra character but it makes me laugh every time I see it. (Jerkcity itself is rude, crass, offensive, and NSFW, so look this up at your own peril.) - Richard Soderberg
This is not quite correct. 1. Use the reply function to generate the "@username" (instead of typing it in) and and only that user and those that follow you and them will see it.2. If you type in the "@username" then everyone will see it. - Dave
I'm not sure why . is needed in the middle of the tweet when I'm going to see the tweet anyway if I'm following the twitterer. . at the beginning lets everyone see it (instead of just the person being replied to). - Char James-Tanny
gothca! That's really handy (and really clever). But I was under the impression, that like Dave said — public vs. private reply was a function of you pressing that 'reply' button, not beginning the tweet with an @name. - Joey Baker
Robert Scoble
The most customized book ever: -
The most customized book ever:
I just had breakfast with Rick Smolan who does the most beautiful photo books (he did the Day In The Life series). This is an incredible book because the whole thing is custom printed on HP's Indigo printers. What does that enable? Well your own pictures and name gets put into the book. It is very cool and makes a great gift for Obama fans. The photography is incredible too. Check it out at: - Robert Scoble
There are nine places in the book that are custom just to you. - Robert Scoble
A beautiful-looking product, just the tip of the iceberg for the capabilities of custom books. We're just at the dawn of new era in custom print. - John Blossom
9 places? Doesn't sound like much -- we created a 80 page book at for my parents 60th anniversary - every page was custom. - Brian Sullivan
my wife did a total custom project with Creative Memories Kewl stuff - Reed Stockman
Barely scratches the surface with what you can do with the indigo (and other digi printers??) my printer gave me a demo last time I as in the print shop. As John B says it's a new era, in time all books will be custom printed and probably JTI for delivery. On the flipside its great to see what people are doing with the old Letterpress's - Yant
Brian: yeah, but this is a book created by other people, not a one-off book. - Robert Scoble
That's to the point, Robert, mass personalization can make any produced book a personal book, with content, design or any combination thereof. Mass uniqueness = much better margins. - John Blossom
Robert -- I am not sure I understand the distinction "created by other people" - why is that significant? "not a one off book" -- it is a one off book is it not - there is only one of them? I could create a book that only changed in 9 places in the 80's -- I ordered a kid's book where my kid's name was included in the book a few places (I don't really remember but I am sure at least 9 or so places). I am trying to suss out why this is such a breakthrough. - Brian Sullivan
Brian: because your name and photos are used in the book itself. I've never seen a large print run book that's customized that way. - Robert Scoble
What does this book cost? Never mind - I see $34.95 on Amazon - Brian Sullivan
Christopher Sacca
Love this rundown of all the ways we have productively spent our time over the last thirty years. - Christopher Sacca from Bookmarklet
awesome post! thnx for sharing.. im going to RT this. - Jason Pollock
Jeremiah Owyang
sneak preview for FF friends, here's my blog redesign in dev
maybe a background for the side bar, and minus the round corners? :) - directeur
I see that "FF Code goes here" - cool. - Hutch Carpenter
Nice! Though that's a really big emphasis on number of comments. - Kevin Fox
Who doesn't love comments? - Daniel J. Pritchett
Design is based on community feedback.... I take pride in my thoughtful commenters who are far smarter than I am. - Jeremiah Owyang
Maybe change the speech bubble with the 0 in it to say "Leave a comment!" for those sad cases when no one's yet commented? Edit: It seems all of your recent posts have comments; maybe this isn't an issue. - Daniel J. Pritchett
I like that it changed the name, kept the same colors, got cleaner, and is more multi-functional. I'm not bothered by the comment stuff. - Francine Hardaway from twhirl
looks more web2.0 - vikramesh
Jeremiah - Your new blog site looks awesome! I like the FF integration too, Simple, clean interface - WIN!! :) - Susan Beebe
Thanks all. Francine what bothers you specifically? - Jeremiah Owyang
I think the typography could use some work. A little bigger text perhaps. But I'm no designer. - Meryn Stol
I like the new design. Very clean, simple and effective. Also like the Jobs for Web Strategists section. Nice way of giving something back to your readers. - LionelatDell
Meryn, thanks, I'll talk to the designer. Lionel, cool! - Jeremiah Owyang
Very clean and well laid-out design. I like the emphasis on comments. PH - Peter Himler
+1 to Meryn's comment - Nick in Manila
Ok Nick, will try larger font - Jeremiah Owyang
I agree on the jobs being a really nice value add - a great contribution to your community and a great example of how to effectively put one's network and resources to good use! I remeber when Jeremiah was first tweeting Job opportunities, inspiration, ideas and helpful tips when the layoff announcements initially started up - very kind; great example for all :) - Susan Beebe
Great aesthetics. Very nice look and feel. - Eric Schwartzman
Regarding the jobs, I'm using job o matric. please note that companies pay to be listed on that RSS stream. It's how I pay for my hosting. It's a good balance for everyone: I pay for hosting, companies reach qualified professionals, and people get jobs. It beats advertisements. - Jeremiah Owyang
I like it, but is that corporate blue totally mandatory? - susan mernit
Susan. It's a blog FOR corporate folks. So, umm I guess. - Jeremiah Owyang
why is the FF button square when the rest are circles? Also, no connect with you via Twitter?? Nice look! - Stuart Miniman
oooh it's perty - andy brudtkuhl
Love the pic! - Shevonne
Looks very nice! I'd like a little more separation/distinction between de posts, it looks like one stream now (or is that what we want?). - Samuel Driessen
Bit slow to load just fyi, it could be my network though. - Dan owns
like it - bob
Robert Scoble
Good luck to my friend Daniel Brusilovsky on his Teens in Tech Conference next week. Wish I could be there! -
Daniel is one of the most connected teenagers in the world. This should be an interesting conference. I'll be following it from Davos. - Robert Scoble from Bookmarklet
Thanks, Robert! Wish you could come! - Daniel Brusilovsky
I hear it'll be live streamed, too. I'll see if I can drop in from Davos but if it's like last year I won't have any time extra. - Robert Scoble
Yup! It will be streamed here: - Daniel Brusilovsky
Congrats Daniel! Awesome to hear it's all working out. - Jesse Stay
Jeremiah Owyang
Inspiring video of Randy Pausch He knew he was going to die when he presented this -
Inspiring video of Randy Pausch He knew he was going to die when he presented this
ugh really sad too. - Jeremiah Owyang
he made a huge impression on me when I met him and that was before he knew he was going to die. There are sadder stories happening under our noses, by the way. A 32-year-old founding developer at iLike needs a bone-marrow transplant. - Robert Scoble
I've been following Randy's story and his bravery. I hadn't heard the news. My dad died of pancreatic cancer when I was 6. Because Randy was so gifted in his words and so passionate in his presence, he raised awareness on how little has been done, how little has been spent on this most ravaging of cancers. Thank you Randy. I'm so sad. - jeneane sessum
it's very unfortunate. But the last lecture is worth the 1 hour and 16 minutes. - Imran Hussain from twhirl
I posted about Randy in June - Although he is best known as an inspiration and for his Carnegie Mellon talk, the testimony he gave in Washington was a great gift to anyone who has lost a loved one to pancreatic cancer. Please give to or in Randy's memory. - jeneane sessum
wasn't Jobs treated for this same form of cancer? - Imran Hussain from twhirl
Try not to be sad for Randy Pausch. He was more enlightened than most of us. As the Buddha said, death is not feared by one who lived wisely. I think Randy himself definitely was anguished at times about the 'why' of it but what he did different from the most of us was to strive to let it go and instead be 'aware' and awake in the present and for the present. I'm definitely going to try to do the same - my inspiration from him is my tribute to him. - The Fat Oracle
Kamath thanks. same to you Gregory - Jeremiah Owyang
I don't think one person's ill health is any more sad than another's, Scoble. - Shawn Farner
I'd want to rephrase that Shawn, as no person's ill health can be more sad then someone's death - Imran Hussain
He was lucky in that he thought to do this before he died. Most of us leave the world without thinking about what we'd like to say to others much less actually saying it. One day, we're just gone. I lost so many friends from AIDS that I planned out my own funeral service a long time ago (I probably need to update it) but I really need to write out some letters to family & friends. I'd hate for my loved ones last thought of me to be whatever I last happen to say to them. - Liz
That's what I meant to say, Imran. Thanks :) - Shawn Farner
You're welcome Shawn. BTW I really can't imagine to be delivering a lectue like that and be that fit like Randy in his last lecture video. - Imran Hussain from feedalizr
Saw that video for the first time earlier today too, and was inspired by his courage and humility. His message was that we could all make more of our lives if we so wished. - Sally Church
wonderful raconteur. we all need to act more like Randy. I'm inspired, are you? - Sam Levin
David Sifry
Welcome home @chirky!!!
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