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Sam Vaknin

Sam Vaknin

Columnist and author of the "Malignant Self-love: Narcissism Revisited" series of books about narcissists and psychopaths and other books.
Job interviews reward narcissists, punish applicants from modest cultures Also read these - click on the links: Collective Narcissism - Narcissism, Culture, and Society The Narcissist in the workplace: Narcissistic Bosses and...
NEW! Narcissistic and Psychopathic Parents And their Children [Kindle Edition] The role of parental abuse and trauma in the development of narcissistic and psychopathic personalities. Pathological narcissism is a reaction to prolonged abuse and trauma in...
FOKUS What Can Macedonia Learn from Israel? (Macedonian only)
Narcissist and Psychopath Awareness in the Workplace
"These narcissists concentrate on one or more (but never most) aspects of their lives and "make them stable". But, they do not really invest themselves. " Read more here:
I am a bright, well educated (doctorate) woman of some age. After twenty years of living with a Narcissist ...
"These behaviours are intended to inflict punishment on the narcissist and thus instantly relieve him of his overwhelming anxiety, or to restore his sense of reasserted, omnipotent control over himself, his environment, and his life." Read more here:
Speculations and Physics [NEW Kindle Edition]
Violent, Vindictive, Sadistic, and Psychopathic Narcissists [NEW Kindle Edition] Narcissists are not prone to "irresistible impulses" and dissociation (blanking out certain stressful events and actions). They more or less fully control their behavior and acts...
Diary of a Narcissist [NEW Kindle Edition] The anatomy of a mental illness (Narcissistic Personality Disorder): its origins, its unfolding, its outcomes.
Suis-je le Narcissique? Un regard sur le narcissisme inversé (in FRENCH) The article in French discusses inverted narcissism. Learn more here (in ENGLISH):
Am I Being Selfish or Strong?
Right now, both Amazon and Barnes and Noble are offering about $7 OFF the list price of "Malignant Self-love: Narcissism Revisited" by Sam Vaknin: OR
Narcissism and Ego in Marketing (from the Marcia Yudkin newsletter)
Zimbabwe HERALD The strange altruists in our midst
“He sometimes behaves like a Narcissist, but he is so shy and withdrawn, modest, and self-critical."
Narcissistic supply comes in two forms: animate (direct) and inanimate (indirect). Read more here:
The Crescent and the Cross: Religion and Community in the Balkans
"The Narcissist explains away the yawning abyss between his omnipotent and omniscient self-image and his drab, pedestrian life by attributing it to outside forces which conspire to keep him down." Read more here:
NEW VIDEO Narcissist: Set Firm Personal Boundaries!
FINALLY, on AMAZON: The BIBLE of NARCISSISM, "Malignant Self-love: Narcissism Revisited" From Amazon: From Barnes and Noble: From the Publisher:...
The extreme misogyny of 'pick-up artist' hate Narcissists as Women-Haters and Misogynists Cyber (Internet) Narcissists and Psychopaths How to Spot an Abuser on Your First Date...
Narcissist Drives You Insane: Ambient Abuse and Gaslighting http://narcissistpsychopathabu...
"Prone to shortcuts and to shallowness, the narcissist always feels like a fraud, even when his accomplishments are commensurate with his grandiose fantasies." Read more here:
Malignant Narcissism Almost Cost America World War II Narcissists in Positions of Authority
Read TRANSCRIPT Victim Through Abuser's Eyes Audrey Michelle Talks to Sam Vaknin VIDEO Victim Through Abuser's Eyes: Audrey Michelle Talks to Sam Vaknin
Read TRANSCRIPT Victim Through Abuser's Eyes Audrey Michelle Talks to Sam Vaknin

VIDEO Victim Through Abuser's Eyes: Audrey Michelle Talks to Sam Vaknin
Personal boundaries are rules of conduct, red lines in the sand any infringement and breach of which you deem unacceptable behavior Read more here:
NEW YORK DAILY SUN The Betrayal of History
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