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Bret Taylor
FriendFeed Blog: FriendFeed's first year -
FriendFeed Blog: FriendFeed's first year
"FriendFeed's turning one! A year ago today, Bret, Jim, Paul and Sanjeev put our site and service out there and invited some folks. Soon, more people joined—as users, coworkers and friends. The rest, as they say, is history. Although not particularly ancient history." - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
نارنجی - Azadeh
Congrats guys, time flys when your aggregating fun - sean percival
i literally can't keep my hands off of you -you must be doing something right... - Zee.
این دیگه چه ربطی داره آخه؟؟؟؟ - Vahid۹Online
Great stuff FF crew - keep it up. - Jeff Smith
نارنجی رو عرض کردم سوده جان - Vahid۹Online
Happy Birthday! Keep up the great work... And thanks to Ana for her prompt responses to my ever multiplying questions... - Metin
Tank you for this grate site.Like Friendeed.Congratulations. :) - Nedaッ
Happy Birthday, Kudos to you guys - Varun Mahajan
Aww! I want a snazzy FriendFeed uniform and helmet, too. A safe workplace is a fun workplace, I always say. - DeWitt Clinton
Way to go guys! I still can't figure out how I lived for 27 years without FF! - Shivanand Velmurugan
Thank you, FriendFeed, for giving me one more tool for procrastination! - Megen Vo
Happy birthday FriendFeed! - Hutch Carpenter
It's been a year already? Blimey. Happy Birthday! - Tony Ruscoe
Congrats. Trumpets and blowguns to get the rest of us non-FF slimes. Still have those weapons handy. +1 DeWitt, bring in some gears! Got some nice design in mind. +1 Shivanand and the like, how come it never existed before is beyond my understanding, that's how web services win I suppose. Great foundation to build for the future of 'social media'. - Zu from AOD
Thank you for building my home on the web... Was waiting for a long time. Worth it :) - Christopher Galtenberg
Congratulations Friendfeed and Happy Birthday to you!!! - AJ Batac
I <3 ff! Thanks so much for providing such a great community of wonderful people and great information. :-) -
Happy Happy Birthday Friendfeed, best of luck for the future! - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear FF, Happy Birthday to you...and many more!! - Admiral70
Happy B-Day, all! - Sarah Perez
happy birthday FF! - Arda Çetin
Happy Birthday to all! - Kol Tregaskes
Looks like fun. Congrats all. - Scott Loganbill from twhirl
~~~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRIENDFEED!!! ~~~ Love you rock my day!! - Susan Beebe
Happy 1st birthday. & Thank you for everything! - Ton Zijp
Happy Birthday! Hope to congratulate you on FF's 10th birthday too. - Thaths
Well done guys ! Happy Birthday ! - Lim, Kok Kim
Long live,viva,banzai,FriendFeed! - Igor Poltavskiy
Bon anniversaire et merci! - Mathieu Ayel
CONGRATULATIONS... It has taken me most of the year to figure out how to use and make the most of friendfeed, and now dont' want to live without it.... - amelia arapoff
Congrats - Alex Hammer
One year ago, I joined Friendfeed as Korean user and now I have many Korean Friendfeed users in Korea.
Chris Wetherell
Presidential Election 2008 FAQ [by Peter Norvig of Google] -
Nicely done. He also highlights two sources for fact checking, and that I've been using as well and includes videos of Obama's talk at Google. (Where Obama asserted, "I'm conservative in the sense that I want us to get back to those values that were essential to building America.") Best thing: I can stop working on a similar page I was drafting. - Chris Wetherell
Wow, this page rocks. I've always liked Peter Norvig, and now I admire/appreciate him even more. This is, IMHO, a very evenhanded and informative examination of the candidates (and their chances in this election). - Adam Lasnik
Ross Miller
I got to wear my helmet cam... surprisingly often...
Bret Taylor
We spent a lot of time talking about the fun stuff we have found on FriendFeed over the past year, and we started a room to discuss: If you have any good FF memories or discoveries you want to share, join the room and post them!
Jim Norris
PrintAssembly - HotSpot Internals for OpenJDK - -
It's funny how even low-level Compiler decisions are ouput as an XML file. - Sanjeev Singh
"... the priorities of our society... value finance over technological innovation." - Peter Thiel,
Atul Arora
The view from the Valley - Sep. 30, 2008 -
The view from the Valley - Sep. 30, 2008
"A serious dearth of public market "exits" puts late-stage VCs in a real bind, as well as established private companies with a lot of bills to pay. (God help you if you're, say, a young server-farm company.) "The worst place to be is a late-stage company with a high expense rate, selling products primarily into the U.S. market," says Peter Rip, general partner of Crosslink Capital in San Francisco, which operates both a venture firm and a hedge fund. "That's just a seriously bad place to be, and money is going to get really expensive for those companies." Early-stage VCs may be better off, but with later-stage money drying up, they're faced with holding on to their investments longer and squeezing more out of them. Likewise, as angel investors see their wealth squeezed, they'll probably back off seeding so many startups. In short, everyone gets more conservative." - Atul Arora
April Buchheit
Q Drum: Water Transportation Made Easier -
Q Drum: Water Transportation Made Easier
"The Q Drum eases the task of fetching water for peoples in developing nations. Climate change has required a countless number of people all around the world to travel greater distances to retrieve water for everyday use. The Q Drum allows a child to pull the full capacity of 50 liters of water over flat terrain with comparative ease." - April Buchheit from Bookmarklet
That looks like it would be hard to clean out if it ever got contaminated. - Gabe
Mona Nomura
Colby: I'll try not to disappoint you next time LOL - Mona Nomura
i think the living thing is the imposter. At least the electronic version doesn't eat my cheese! - Tyler (Chacha) from Alert Thingy
Dave Winer
Sean McBride
The Iraq War as a Financial Sinkhole -
"How strange then that no one in the mainstream even blinks when a staggering new Pentagon budget sails through the House of Representatives and then, by voice vote, through the Senate just as negotiators in Washington are scrambling to find a similar sum to deal with a catastrophic financial meltdown; nor does anyone in the mainstream bother to make any connection between that budget and the funds we don't have available to use elsewhere, or between the looting of Iraq and the looting of our financial system (and, in both cases, of course, the looting of the American taxpayer)." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"In the end, the Iraq War will eat one-and-a-half to seven times the bailout money now being raised in Washington." - Sean McBride
Bret Taylor
Somali Pirates Seize Ukraine Ship - -
"Somalia’s notorious pirates have staged perhaps their most brazen attack yet, seizing a Ukrainian ship in the Indian Ocean full of arms bound for Kenya’s military, including dozens of battle tanks, maritime and diplomatic officials said Friday... But this time the pirates may have gotten more than they bargained for. Unloading the tanks is likely to be well beyond the capacity of the pirates, experts said. Meanwhile, an American naval vessel was Friday in hot pursuit to intercept the ship and the Russian Navy said it was not far behind." - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
Wow, pirates and the navy in a boat chase? - Bret Taylor
Great link Jay. There might be nuclear material on that ship if true. - Sanjeev Singh
Pirates and hair loss. Arrrrrgh. - Oldengrey (Jay)
i posted some selected and illuminative comments on this thread: - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
Evan Williams
The Twitter team kicked ass this week. Nice work, guys.
Nice to see new features and reliability! - Robert Scoble
What new features? - Outsanity
Yes they did. - vimoh
Congrats on the great launch - I am really enjoying it. - Bret Taylor
Oh... I thought they put my idea I posted on - Outsanity
i fully agree - i think their election site is a masterstroke! - John Kotsaftis from feedalizr
Thank you all for your hard work. - Louis Trapani from twhirl
Kudos to the Twitter team! btw, is the backend now running on Scala code? - imabonehead
Investors, in addition to users, have been patient. Nice growth overall. - Alex Hammer
Paul Buchheit
Canon EOS 5D Mark II: 21MP and HD movies: Digital Photography Review -
Canon EOS 5D Mark II: 21MP and HD movies: Digital Photography Review
"The EOS 5D Mark II boasts a new 21MP CMOS sensor, an expanded ISO range of 50-25,600 and a wealth of improvements and new features including full 1080p HD movie recording, live view, 3.0" 920k dot LCD, DIGIC IV processor, increased battery capacity and sensor dust reduction. UPDATE: Body-only prices: US: $ 2,699, EU: € 2,499, UK: £ 2,299." - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
Is this not the coolest digital camera yet?! - Susan Beebe
Holy cow, this is the first time I am thinking about migrating to Canon. Price is very competitive. - andrei_c
Looks like the competition is working -- Canon one ups Nikon - Brian Sullivan
I'd like to see some, you know, side by side image comparisons before I crown winners based on feature lists... That said I very much hope Nikon releases a firmware update to support live video in the D700. - Kevin Fox
Not likely, Kevin; video recording isn't a simple software feature. To do it right you have to put dedicated hardware onboard. - Gabe
Quicktime 1080p H.264; 38.6 Mbits/sec - Paul Buchheit
It's AVC and it's HD; I'm not sure how to tell if it's AVCHD. - Gabe
Gabe, the Digic image processors are dedicated hardware. I so appreciate bug fixes, but hate how Canon, and other makers too, provide no feature updates in their firmware upgrades. Like computers, digital cameras would be awesome with software-upgraded features. - John Lam
John: The DIGIC processor is an image processor, not necessarily a video processor. Rumor has it the 5D2 processes video with a separate chip. It would not surprise me at all if DIGIC and EXPEED (Nikon's version) have no capability to create realtime video. Kodak's SLRs were always great because they always added such cool features in firmware updates. But they sucked because those new features were only possible due to the fact that they didn't have dedicated circuitry, which made them slow. - Gabe
I wonder if this one can do panoramic type shots. - Manjeera
I was just thinking: Shooting RAW images at 21 Megapixel can eat my hard disk after a single weekend.....Should i invest in Seagate/WD? :-) - Ron Shoshani
You could always use the 10MP mode, Ron. - Gabe
does anyone know whether it will allow manual shooting for video? nikon d90 doesn't, which kills if you want to wear the indie hat and start playing around with colors/exposure/aperture. - Alvin Woon
Amazon taking preorders now. says within the hour they'll have a link up. - Michael Herf
I heard from a couple of friends that the new Nikon is terrible for shooting video, due to utlizing a "rolling shutter", resulting in artifacts such as in the iPhone photo mode (i.e. live video preview before shutter release). Wondering how the 5DMkII handles this and whether or not the mechanism has something to do with these cams being SLRs and thus due to technical restrictions and/or video being more or less an afterthought. - Mustafa K. Isik
Mustafa: an electronic shutter takes up half the space of each pixel, so the usual trade off is between a proper video mode and an extra stop of low-light performance. It may be possible that Canon figured out a third solution, but it's likely to have the same problem (seeing as all the sample videos were shot on a tripod). - Gabe
Here is a Flickr 25600 ISO Group. So far only Nikon ... - Franz
Ⓖabe: Thanks for the info. Can't wait to see more video footage taken with the camera in handheld and moving mode. - Mustafa K. Isik
Chris Wetherell
I'm the newest member of Obama's Florida for Change office. (C'mon on down.) -
Mike Yang
Arcades: North Korean Arcades Are Incredibly Sad -
Jim Norris
YouTube - CBS Sarah Palin interview -
YouTube - CBS Sarah Palin interview
Wow. - Jim Norris from Bookmarklet
Wow....if she IS elected will the GOP PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give her diction and poise lessons? If I'm going to have to listen to her crap I'd like to at least not be distracted by a million and nine ums. Also big <3 to the reporter's expression - even she can't believe this shit. - Soup in a TARDIS
1000009? ;-) - j1m
Memorised her lines? - vimoh
omg - i can't stand listening to her. - iTad
hello bird. pretty bird. poor ole bird. - iTad
Ouch, this is not a smart person, or a prepared speaker. - j1m
wait, you expect the vice president to walk, talk and think at the same time? what kind of country is this!!? - Nathan Eckenrode
did i see Palin looking down at notes in her lap? - MikeAmundsen
what's great about this is that as an observer, you just... you just.. don't need to say a thing. it's all right there in the video. god save us. - Anthony Citrano
huh, CBS web site has another version of this interview [] check out @ 2:15. sure looks to me she is checking out notes on her lap. am i nuts? - MikeAmundsen
ok, i can't resist. Palin: ".. go back and look at track records and see who's more apt to just be talkin' about solutions and .. who's actually done it?" Couric: "can you give us any examples of him leading the charge for more oversight?" Palin: "...he's known as the maverick though.. takin' shots from his own party..." [uh, is he running for American Idol or President?] Couric persists. Palin: "I'll try ta find some and I'll bring 'em to ya." [Well alright, then...] - Anthony Citrano
Uhm...dude..seriously. This *IS* like a f*ckin Disney movie. Matt Damon was right - Rahsheen
btw, Lawrence Lessig just compared Sarah Palin to every vice president in U.S. history - ~C4Chaos
@C4: yep, Agnew - ha! also interesting to note VPs Nixon, Quayle, and Gore (among others) were younger than Palin. very diff backgrounds than hers. [sigh]. - MikeAmundsen
that...was painful to watch - cjmart
PLEASE circulate this video to as many people as you can. wow. hopefully the 50% approval rate she's getting will dip. wow (again) - Jeremy Toeman
Ever since people managed to vote for George W. Bush and then even re-elect him for a second term, I don't believe in the deterring effects of such documents of lacking capability. By now I have come to the conclusion that voters just won't care to understand & go with their gut feeling. The U.S. has to improve the quality and reach of its public education system and hope that in the ten to twenty years that it takes for the fruits of such work to trickle through society, nobody takes advantage of its lack. - Mustafa K. Isik
My god, she's brainless. And brazenly so. Our forefathers were right: the masses cannot be trusted to govern themselves if we're seriously considering candidates this outlandishly uninformed and uneducated. Le sigh. - Mila (Jake Stetser)
I think most word-based videos will have a much smaller effect to a mainstream audience than stories told in pictures. Words can be endlessly debated by media which makes it look as if non-subtle points are subtle, but it would be harder to argue with, say, a politician strangling a kitten on live TV. TV does not target our ratio most of the time, and on the surface, that Palin video... more... - Philipp Lenssen
Palin's responses in this interview are really pathetic. She is sooo not qualified to run as VP of this country - Susan Beebe
Did it seem like she boned up on the word 'multifaceted' or is it just me? - AJ Kohn
Does she have any understanding of major current events at all?? - felix
I feel like I just heard some soccer mom who still loves her massive SUV tell me how she thinks McCain is the right choice based on what the media and the GOP has told her she should think and what the other soccer moms have convinced her of. - Brett Cannon
I'd never, ever vote for her, but watching it after reading the comments I was expecting worse. She wasn't that well prepared, but to me it looked like her real problem was that she was really, really nervous. - Nick Lothian
If they win the election I think I might leave the country, this scares me. US is going down the drain. - Anamarie
I think my feelings about the upcoming election just went from excitement to fear. - Clare Dibble
Joe Beda
Theodore Michael Beda was born at 2:29pm today. He was almost 9lbs. Everyone is healthy.
Congrats Joe & Family! Much health and happiness!! :-) - Dave Winer
Congratulations - great news! - Scott Ludwig
mazel tov. oh, and awesome name. just promise me no brothers named simon and alvin :-D - Karim
Dan Hsiao
The first beer of my Oktoberfest trip, in Logan Airport
Which Sam is that? It could be picture quality, but that looks like Summer Wheat, not the Oktoberfest. - Rob Diana
joshua schachter
Reia Programming Language - Reia -
pythonlike syntax for erlang - joshua schachter
Joe Beda
Tech Talk: Searching for Evil by Ross Anderson -
Do you get that wacky job offer spam? This oldie but goodie explains that scam and a lot more. - Joe Beda
This is a really good talk: the right way to take down terrorist cells, why websites with TRUSTe certification are more likely to be bad than sites without them, why volvo drivers have more accidents and other insights. Freakonomics meets computer science. must watch. - Sanjeev Singh
Matt Cutts
Google Moderator launches -
This is interesting but is it private or for all the world to see? I'd be interested in using this in conjunction with my blog site, but I'd probably want to limit respondents to those who are within my specific sphere. - Justin Long
Ah but you can't post answers to questions. I was thinking it would be something where people could post questions, could vote the answers up, and someone (e.g. a moderator) could post answers. - Justin Long
"Error establishing a database connection". Give me root and I'll take a look :) - Sanjeev Singh
Our business could use something like this internally as we move to implement a new ERP. Could be part of the Org Change Mgmt work. - Dave Ploch
Very cool, but will anyone every get the opportunity to answer the questions ? Questions are all well and good but slightly useless without answers. Have I missed something ? - Mark Stanley
Mona Nomura
Chris Wetherell
America, Here is Your Desired 'Letterman on McCain' Action ['This Just Gets Uglier And Uglier'] -
Jared Jacobs
Software Engineer at KaChing Inc. -
Congrats! Why'd you leave the goog? - Gabor Cselle
Hmm, Pascal-Louis is there too, right? You guys will be a JS compiler power-house :) - Mihai Parparita
I've decided that I prefer small companies, and this one sounded exciting. - Jared Jacobs
Yes, Pascal's here. Mike Tsao too. And a couple others I've come to respect quickly. With any luck you'll hear about us in the news by the end of the year! :) - Jared Jacobs
Good luck! - Sanjeev Singh
Jeremy Zawodny
Let's Play "WALLSTREET BAILOUT" The Rules Are... Rep Kapture [video] -
Let's Play "WALLSTREET BAILOUT" The Rules Are... Rep Kapture [video]
from my home town, no less! - Jeremy Zawodny
fantastic! why isn't this woman running for president! - B.L. Ochman
Paul Buchheit
6 Brainwashing Techniques They're Using On You Right Now -
They who? - Jason Carreira
The first step is moving the nav to the left ... ;) - Oldengrey (Jay)
@Jason Carreira - From the article: they "means anyone who draws a paycheck by manipulating your opinion" - Andrej Kostresevic
I enjoyed the titties, if nothing else... but this also explains exactly why Rush Limbaugh and the rest of his ilk just repeat crazy and unfounded accusations about the left. People forget where they heard it or whether it was false, and just remember the rumor. - Jason Carreira
this was a brilliant article. it had the trenchancy of a noam chomsky speech, the wit of a hunter s. thompson rant, the best illustration of amygdalae ever. oh, and boobs. *this* is what our children should be learning in school. (assuming They want children to have critical thinking skills, that is.) - Karim
is there an inverse operation to jumping the shark? an inflection point where you suddenly realize something is just amazingly brilliant? because i think just did that. - Karim
Cracked the magazine: -1. Cracked the web site: +10. And why is it we're getting a serious analysis of the psychology of messaging, especially vis a vis politics, from the people who were originally a lame rip-off of Mad? ENTER Horsemen, stage right. - Heidi Moon
Most of this is spot on, but I have to take issue with the casual equation of meditation with people chanting "USA! USA!" at political rallies. I've been meditating daily for most of my life. I've been honing my critical thinking skills, and using complex logic in study, work, and research during this same period. Judging by the results, meditation and chanting slogans have opposite effects. - Ruchira S. Datta
Meditation is not about shutting down those noisy voices. It is paying close attention to those voices and the emotional effect they have on our mood. - Thaths
Quoting one of the commenters "Good article, but now I'm horny." - it turns out all points point to the essence of manipulation small percentage of people/voters are aware, but all of us are equal when confronted by jugs. - Nenad Nikolic from twhirl
@Nenad - Not all of us are equal. Case in point: they didn't do anything for me. ;-) - Ruchira S. Datta
joshua schachter
Happy is a framework for writing map-reduce programs for Hadoop using Jython. It files off the sharp edges on Hadoop and makes writing map-reduce programs a breeze. - joshua schachter
I like it just on the name alone. I haven't a clue what it does, but I like it. :) - Happy Steve
Keith Coleman
Gmail forgotten attachment detector (added to Labs today) -
This was one of my favorite features that never launched (we kept getting too many false positives with the prototype version back in 2005/2006). One of our interns fixed it up this summer. If you use it, let us know if you find any erroneous alerts -- the discussion group will be live soon in - Keith Coleman
I still can't use Gmail Labs in Google Apps for domain. :( - Elias Torres
There's a setting in the Google Apps admin panel that will enable Labs on your domain. See the "New Consumer Features" part of - Keith Coleman
@Keith, I did, but still nothing. BTW, my Apps Gmail UI is way behind my Gmail account. - Elias Torres
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