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Palcohol has its label approval revoked: Here's a fine grain analysis of what that means via @pandodaily
Enigmatic founder of Russia's largest social network flees the country and his ties to oligarchs via @pandodaily
Video: Two-thirds of California is still in historically bad drought conditions. Why? via @pandodaily
Dry Drunk: Much mocked Palchohol follows classic Valley disruptor playbook via @pandodaily
Far more proud at big media giving @MarkAmesExiled credit for the biggest tech story of our time than being named checked by hbo show ;)
RT @web: @paulcarr @sarahcuda I’ll be joining tonight after finishing my next @Medium on Full Stack Black Cofounders. Make sure you read it tomorrow.
RT @paulcarr: I will also insist that @sarahcuda retweets anyone else who joins in the next hour. Social media marketing!
RT @paulcarr: Thinking about buying a Pando membership? Please do it RIGHT NOW so I can color in the next part of the thermometer!
RT @paulcarr: Also, a reminder that every time someone buys a membership, the Jefferson theme plays in Pando HQ:
RT @paulcarr: Welcome — and thanks! — to all the new Pando members:
RT @SocialJulio: Wait, @sarahcuda will RT if I become a member? Are you sure @paulcarr ? That's $0.0028 per follower! Better than Twitter ads!
The Internet of Udders: Vital Herd wants to put chips in cows, save farmers billions of dollars via @pandodaily
The simple truth of Nike's FuelBand retreat is that it just wasn't very good via @pandodaily
HBO renews "Silicon Valley" apparently actual fiction vs REALITY fiction is the key
Jason Goldberg: "It’s wartime at Fab and every team member needs to be here for the right reasons." via @pandodaily
Marc Andreessen on the "smart people fallacy" via @pandodaily
RT @mattvleming: ...honest, authentic, & has a refreshing view about the Valley/startups. A 2nd incredible interview from @sarahcuda:
RT @mattvleming: ...honest, authentic, & has a refreshing view about the Valley/startups. A 2nd incredible interview from @sarahcuda:
Cruising to breakfast in a hot new red convertible
RT @davidsirota: After @PandoDaily's big Chris Christie investigative scoops, seems like good time to mention this:
RT @NickPersico: I just became a Pando member because of the Pando monthly live streams. Thanks for listening to your readers @sarahcuda!
RT @mattvleming: I absolutely loved this 3-hour interview w/ @Airbnb CEO @bchesky Looking forward to watching the rest @sarahcuda
RT @MPGjon: @sarahcuda "Movin' on up...!"
RT @GlennF: @sarahcuda @MattBors @paulcarr Matt is literally the best, and I’m so glad you have him on board.
Interpretive dance to frozen
editing stuff for the second edition of the pandoquarterly. sooo good. *especially* the original comics journalism edited by @MattBors
Can love be hacked into a successful public company? WOULD NOT BUY
Indiegogo moves on from Healbe PR disaster by locking a woman out of her account when she asked for a refund
New shocking research proves that rich people control American politics via @pandodaily
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