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RT @SteveMnich: Even after leaving the PR agency side, I had a dream that @PandoDaily turned down a story idea and @sarahcuda scolded me. PR problems...
i just find this idea of "good" and "bad" billionaires absurd, manipulative and disgusting
San Francisco magazine hopes to win public service Pulitzer for publicly servicing Marc Benioff WOW
RT @DrSbaitso: @sarahcuda @paulcarr Vote number 8 for bringing back "Why Is This News?".
With new mobile install ads, Twitter keeps benefitting from doing just what Facebook did same with the IPO
perk #8 is still unclaimed! ACT NOW
RT @davidsirota: With all the flacks Christie & allies have, they still havent cited 1 factual inaccuracy in @PandoDaily reporting cc: @PaulCarr @sarahcuda
We're launching Pando Memberships in beta. 500 discounted places available NOW (499... 498...)
Revealed: Gov. Christie pleads pension poverty while handing huge subsidies to his major political donors
Startups Anonymous: The most expensive lesson I learned was to start a startup in Europe <- wow! missed this yest
Why Yahoo's plan to replace Google as Apple's search default might backfire <- smart take
Why Twitter doesn't want to open an office in Turkey via @pandodaily
Aereo launches "Protect My Antenna" to sway public opinion ahead of Supreme Court hearing via @pandodaily
RT @IanGertler: @thekenyeung @marcusnelson @sarahcuda @PandoDaily Per earlier tweets, FYI. MT @yunheekim22 Weibo sells 16% fewer shares in $285.6M IPO in NY
Zoosk files for IPO, hopes public market will fall in love with it via @pandodaily
Undeterred by its ban from Belgium, Uber expands in stealth to Finland via @pandodaily
Whistle has made a Fitbit for dogs and doesn't care if you think that's silly via @pandodaily
Frontback almost never happened. Now it’s got 1M downloads, 75% monthly growth, and an Android app
REVEALED: Gov. Christie's investment chief has major financial ties to firm that got $300M in NJ pension cash
A moment of reckoning for student privacy via @pandodaily
Shocking no one, frothy food startups hit a five year funding high via @pandodaily
Christy Turlington Burns will join us at Southland to talk about Every Mother Counts going to be great!!!
Christy Turlington Burns will join us at Southland to talk about Every Mother Counts via @pandodaily
awesome story about when bad design is more than just an eyesore via @pandodaily
Hackeroo! We're partnering with Bonnaroo for a Southland Hackathon via @pandodaily
RT @theplatformng: Download for FREE the Interactive Panel session with @sarahcuda, @Simdul & @bosuntijani at #ThePlatformTECH, visit http://www.elibrary.insightsfo...
With the *brilliant* Jason Njoku. He's become such a big shot ;)
RT @StephenFleming: Too good to be true? Probably is. Deep dive into $1M crowdfunding scam. Good reporting by @sarahcuda and @PandoDaily:
.@doridayan indiegogo is *not* happy. there is a lot of internal fighting and debate. this is a battle for the soul of this company
.@doridayan 1. the campaign hasn't been pulled/paid yet, with each story pressure has grown 2. we keep unveiling new evidence in each story
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