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FINALLY met valley journalism legend Michael Malone. Huge hero of mine
RT @Weston_Reynolds: Bijan Sabet's interview w/ Sarah Lacy is suuuper worth your while--great insights. @bijan @sarahcuda
Unused pro rata rights are the hottest commodity in Silicon Valley. That's about to change via @pandodaily
The inevitable "Uber for pot" app is here via @pandodaily
Report: LA's on the rise as its tech ecosystem sees both deals and dollars swell via @pandodaily
My doomed three month love affair with activity trackers nice
My Big Break: Jason Hirschhorn on how a 4am email took him from sweatpants to MTV i love this!!
RT @pmarca: @mcarney @MediaREDEF @hunterwalk @elicuda @sarahcuda He's still shopping it.
RT @mcarney: @MediaREDEF @hunterwalk, data point: @pmarca offered @elicuda a term sheet before he could crawl #unicorn CC @sarahcuda
As outrage grows, Reason editor rejects proof, denies that magazine denied the holocaust ugly
Can the Zillow-Trulia merger finally disrupt the home buying process? Brokers should be terrified to find out
Watch the full PandoMonthy fireside chat with Spark Capital's Bijan Sabet via @pandodaily
Forget the outrage over Google's genetic testing ambitions. Convenience beat out privacy long ago
RT @PandoDaily: You likely haven’t heard of Benchmark’s new GP and that says everything about where Benchmark is going
“@PandoDaily: State of Pando: Exploding traffic, surging revenues… but some mistakes too” oh also this
RT @PandoDaily: Following Pando reporting, congressional IP address blocked from editing Wikipedia for ten days
Barry Silbert steps down as SecondMarket CEO, plans to focus 100% on digital currency spinoff via @pandodaily
HP and Palm are back in the news... because of a penis measurement app via @pandodaily
Fare Thee Well, My Pants LOL
extraordinarily well done by @mcarney
"Look at the brutal reaction to Box’s S-1 for what happens when you test the markets before your are ready"
Average stock is held for just 22 seconds, hardly the mark of a “symbiotic shareholder relationship”
Going public doesn't help the country. Building great companies does surely Primack is just trying to be provocative
RT @ailon: It will take me a week of coffee breaks to watch PandoMonthly with @mlevchin and @sarahcuda but awesome stuff so far!
RT @ailon: It will take me a week of coffee breaks to watch PandoMonthly with @mlevchin and @sarahcuda but awesome stuff so far!
RT @murphmarkd: Smart analysis by @sarahcuda on @foursquare, a company I'll continue to root for.
RT @_DaveWalters: As a first 1%-er and still active user, there’s not a CEO I pull for more than @dens. @sarahcuda nails it.
RT @stevesi: @sarahcuda @PandoDaily once got a letter from a congressman because his favorite musician was flagged as a spelling error in Word.
Three charts that put Apple's earnings report in perspective via @pandodaily
RT @roybahat: @sarahcuda I respect that @dens is one of the few founders who has been pursuing his vision for, literally, decades. Since Vindigo! Onward.
Foursquare may be challenged, but Crowley's job is not in jeopardy via @pandodaily
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