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“He was always asking me to take him to Syria, and I would try to scare him out of it" chilling piece
"The news came with a chilling warning from his captors: If you contact the media, your son will be killed" amazing
Finding Abdul-Rahman Kassig: How an American soldier-turned-aid-worker became ISIS's latest high-profile captive
amazing pandoLIVE this week but we ran late and now i gotta rush home if i have any HOPE of rocking @elicuda
RT @paulcarr: And we are LIVE with PandoLIVE. Listen to me, @sarahcuda and guests RIGHT HERE:
PandoLIVE is LIVE with a really old Robert Palmer, Mars, Uber's new mega round and the latest in media hypocrisy
This one weird chart will explain everything you need to know about clickbait via @pandodaily
Does the shrinking time between early stage rounds signal market bullishness or disaster planning? the latter!
Darkhotel offers yet another reason not to use hotel Wi-Fi via @pandodaily
Virgin America, Gawker interns, First Look and more: Listen again to this week's PandoLIVE + call in tonight!
RT @bobbie: @sarahcuda @paulcarr you just turn up and line up…
RT @thatgirlcrystal: @sarahcuda dance party is the best thing ever and my guilty pleasure.
If you live in sf PLEASE turn on KOFY RIGHT NOW. I don't know what is happening but I can't turn away cc @paulcarr
Like the mythical hydra, authorities just can't kill Silk Road via @pandodaily
What's beneath the recent spike in Series A valuations? via @pandodaily
Amazon Bound: Is Bezos reaching his limits? via @pandodaily
The iPhone Effect: Two graphs that leave no doubt about Apple's financial dominance via @pandodaily
RT @abhic: If you know your Silicon Valley history, you will enjoy this interview of Michael Malone by @sarahcuda
RT @adamnielsen: @adamnielsen: Completely forgot about this until I ran across it today. Ha! cc @sarahcuda
RT @charlesarthur: @CaseyNewton to improve your Silicon Valley coverage.. hire @paulcarr and @sarahcuda?
For those asking: Pando is gonna have the full video of my astounding conversation with the legendary Michael Malone
RT @trevorcornwell: "The Rosewood is the new Wagon Wheel." @sarahcuda #icapsummit
RT @FranklineSunday: @sarahcuda and Michael Malone take to the stage. Awesome panel right here. #icapsummit @intelcapital
RT @peterdelevett: .@sarahcuda and #MichaelSMalone tech-prepping for their talk at #icapsummit. Sarah rocking the boots.
Silicon Valley is taking over the NBA -- and it's kind of creepy via @pandodaily
RT @SolfromBrooklyn: I hope @sarahcuda appreciates that I missed a football game to attend #PandoMonthly . #worthit
No, U2's new secret Apple music format won't "save music" via @pandodaily
What the hell is going on with Twitpic? via @pandodaily
Thanks to a major redesign, Rdio is better than ever. But can it compete against Pandora, Spotify, and the rest?
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