Sarah Perez
I wonder how many people know about the free 25 GB of cloud storage at It's handy.
I did not know of this. - John E. Bredehoft
I think I heard about this and never looked into it. Gotta look into it! - Justin Korn
not me - thanks! - Marco(aureliusmaximus)
Being a Windows Live Butterfly i am aware of this service. - Jamie Ellis
I did not know of this. Very cool! - Dee @
I didn't know it was that much. However, I keep wondering which cloud service is going to get yanked at some point. Who do I trust? - MiniMage
Do now thx! - sofarsoShawn
Does it work on OSX and Ubuntu? - Bruce Lewis
@Bruce: it's just a web service, so I'm thinking yeah - Sarah Perez
yeah. I like it. - pastas9
Yack.. Windows! - Daniel van Moll
Love SkyDrive. Works great! - Jordan Hofker
I love Skydrive, use it all the time, it's a great service. I was just thinking about how MS has a number of really good online services but they do horribly at advertising them. - Aram Zucker-Scharff from twhirl
Is there a way to use it as a network drive? That would be pimp... - Hao Chen
Thanks for sharing, Sarah! I don't think many people know about this. - MiaD
Hao, I've been searching for a desktop uploader ever since this came out. :/ Tough to do it one by one using a web 0.1 uploader :/ (I blogged about it when it was still 5GB - AJ Batac
I like the Flickr uploader - AJ Batac
That's a way old thing. - Anurag Bansal from Nambu
There's multiple flickr uploaders now; what really matters is the bandwith upload rate which as I can recall is pretty fast, at least as fast as As web app skydrive is amazing for storage and it's easy interface - sofarsoShawn
wonder what kind of strings attached by MS ;) - A. T.
@solarsoshawn I'm on Windows (obv) so I use the Flickr uploader built into Windows Live Photo Gallery (plus I added the Facebook uploader & YouTube uploader, too) - Sarah Perez
@AJ Batac: If you're a Windows user, try Live Photo Gallery - built in uploader to SkyDrive (Photos) & Flickr: - Sarah Perez
@sarah nice, more than I expected at that! - sofarsoShawn
Nice. Is there a way for it to integrate with Windows Explorer? I'm currently using Dropbox which offers that very handy feature which I can't do without. - Mark Krynsky
Mark: Gladinet does that, but MSFT would rather you not use that. For photo uploads, Live Photo Gallery is best way though. - Sarah Perez
That's great Sarah. Can you upload files other than photos though? @Mark, yeah I would have hoped for a similar solution. - AJ Batac
Doh! My office content filter knew about it before I did. - Daniel J. Pritchett
@AJ Skydrive uploads have to be done via the web browser (officially) - Sarah Perez
Gladinet link: (don't tell anyone I gave you that!) - Sarah Perez
Having upload errors. - Walinmichi
I wish I could access SkyDrive through Windows Explorer. :( - Chris Charabaruk
I do. I haven't really started to use it yet though. - David Cook
Nice offering. But it takes a PhD in Algorithms & Combinatorics to design a user password that passes muster on - Ryan Miller