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Sarah Lane

Sarah Lane

Host/writer/community manager for Current Tech. Host of "This Week In Fun" & contributor on "net@night", both on TWiT. Small. Treacherous. Steel.
Right on Kiki! Keep fightin the good fight “@drkiki: Have you seen @smartappmoms yet? It's my new show!”
It’s Friday and consider this your official invite to the pants party. RSVP instructions within:
Ok so pardon my French, but Under the Skin was fuuuuucked up and I loved every minute. Also Scarlett needs to be blonde from here on.
Without KNBR this game really might be unbearable.
what is KNBR - vicky25
New Virgin America in-flight safety song makes me want to hurt myself and/or others
Adventure Club KILLED 👯
Nobody told me that Coachella is a post-apocalyptic sandstorm and you basically need a spacesuit after 11 pm, not one person clued me in
Jay Z, I die
What is it with people who still talk about college?
Outkast reuniting in the desert. I am excite!
Coachella people - a friend accidentally got sold tix for next weekend. Is anyone selling tix for THIS weekend? He’s already down there.
Sugary smell wafting out of Hooker's Sweet Treats almost makes the Tenderloin seem charming. Then a man chases me away with his wang out.
Cool shoe story for u Hillary “@MailOnline: Flock of sheep smash their way into a shoe store”
Did y’all boys not get the memo? iFive does not stay at the Intercontinental:
I know the forcing part will upset people, but Facebook Messenger is probably the best messaging app out there. Really nice. On iOS, anyway.
When typing at a standing desk, am I still doin it right if I’m leaning my torso up against the edge? Or is that cheating/bad form?
Quality trumps quantity - @sorayadarabi fighting the good fashion fight:
Silicon Valley premiere? I don’t know guys. Some familiar scenes/characters, silly product names, not hilarious. Thank god for Veep.
RT @NightAttackShow: Have a problem for @shwood @justinryoung and @sarahlane to solve tonight? Put it here... #nightattack
And 7th and 25th and 1000th right? “@ditzkoff: HBO says it has renewed Game of Thrones for a fifth AND a sixth season.”
T minus one hour - think HBO Go has any chance in hell of staying up?
FYI I got GoT to airplay off HBO GO iPad app after no luck for an hour on Apple TV app. STAY STRONG EVERYONE, U GOT THIS
RT @backlon: HBO So hope their admin is drinking whisky naked at the server farm, laughing maniacally and flinging his own feces at any who dare approach
“HBO GO is down for maintenance.” What a shocker, so very shocked
I cannot believe 99.9% of you didn't help me with lunch. Basically you want me to starve and die. Noted.
Good - Fiacre
I'm in the Lower Haight. Please choose my lunch. I'm crippled by choice. TIA.
What. “@nlgrenfell: BREAKING: @Refinery29 offers $$ for Vogue’s *retouched* photos of Grumpy Cat”
Too much molly? iFive for the iPhone is a clinically proven serotonin booster:
Curious thing happening: being called a “Jennifer” as slang for “you’re a caucasian 30-something lady”. More descriptive probably: “Sarah”
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