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Sometime writer words and music; full time wife and mother; living social media; working local gov; studying online comms. The views here are mine and mine only
Here we go then, the day of mum's funeral. I still feel sick. Frankly, terrified about today :'(
Thanks all. I only dined on three extra strong mints tonight so think sickness is stress. Thanks for condolences & your thoughts/love etc x
Arrived at dad's after 4 hour drive. Mum's funeral tomorrow. Currently being massively sick :(
Just collected the bouquet from the kids for my mum's funeral tomorrow. Absolutely stunning. Starting to feel numb about it all again :'(
Tron & I just came last in toddler race at The Boy's school sports day due to him lying down & attempting a nap mid-race
I really want to go and see @Tim_Burgess live at @DeafInstitute in October. RT this and you might win too. Winner picked 9am Friday ♥
500 words on reliability and validity , done. Now gonna forget about the #dissertation while I go visit my parents. Back on it from Tues!
RT @see75: I'm tryin a little twitter experiment..If u are readin this now, pls can you RT it? I want to see just how many people it reaches.
Wondering if I can fit in 500 words on validity & reliability (#dissertation) before getting organised & driving to Reaver Country.
Last song before bed: Blur This Is A Low. "When you're alone, it will be there with you, finding ways to stay so low"
Have hit the 500 word target I set myself. Very rough first pass. #nowplaying Nick Cave & Bad Seeds Breathless. Change head space for bed.
Listening to The Chemical Brothers - Exit Planet Dust. May have added rum to the diet coke. Sure it all helps with the writing.
It's 9.10pm and I'm writing about heuristic evaluation testing of website content. Where did my drinking / dancing days go???
That's uni user account has expired & so I can't use athens login to get to texts. That somewhat hinders my #dissertation
RT @tom_watson: I need to compile a list of the ten best metal/rock tracks in the next hour. Can you help me? I'm weak on the metal bit.
The Baby is moving into the big cot for the first time tonight. Feel ridiculously weepy about it :'(
We've been baking :) The Boy helped me with a batch of rock cakes #localgovbaking (long forgotten hash tag!)
We've been baking :) The Boy helped me with a batch of rock cakes #localgovbaking (long forgotten hash tag!)
RT @LouLouK: I wrote this. Open Act. A pitch to anyone who will listen to make the Bill-Act process in England open to all #opendata
RT @PeteBlanchard: The Amazon reviews for this foil are brilliant! Please add an inspiring one of your own: Thanks to @Aiannucci
Raining outside so the boys are watching Labyrinth while I make a futile attempt to do some reading for my #dissertation
Off to catch the 10pm showing of whatever is on at Sleep Cinema tonight #cheesedreamsahoy G'night Twitters :)
RT @TheWordMagazine: If the BBC don't bring back Top Of The Pops after this they might as well convert TV Centre into flats #totpword
I wish I could retain the knowledge that cheese makes me feel sick & recall it *before* eating cheese.
Eating a cheese sandwich & watching Mock the Week on Dave. Not sure if that's #livingthedream or #fml. Meh.
The Baby has just learnt to laugh & now can't stop! This is magic!
Increasingly disappointed with organisations that ignore or complain about customer feedback rather than listen & improve.
In your face procrastination. I've sorted my new car insurance out. Remaining whittling due to wait for new docs in post so can collect car!
Giving Coraline a watch while waiting for weather to cheer up so we can go out. Still putting off sorting insurance.
RT @E11ie5: End of an era ... the last week of the Digital Innovation / Inclusion Team congratulations on all they achieved
RT @edent: Remember; it's not just April Fool's Day. It's also the day Government foisted the Digital Economy Act on us. #deactday
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