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RT @HarlanCoben: There are days I don't feel like writing. And then there are days... no, that first sentence kinda says it all. #WriteAnyway
I can’t anymore, you guys. It hurts to watch. I’m off. Peace.
When Little Rock was integrated, Gov called up the guard to keep black students out; Pres then federalized it to let kids in.
Me again, more questions: do police have the right to corral media in a public space? Keep them from protestors?
Finally! Someone answers my questions! “@CBSNews: Key questions about the National Guard in Ferguson”
“Vote Sam Seaborn!” #mymomwatcheswestwing
Eric is reading On the Night You Were Born to Lady V. #adorbs
Self portrait with baby kick. #nofilter
RT @romancewriters: .@sarahmaclean Info in confirm. email. Or, log in to RWA site, go to My Profile, Transactions, & click name of wkshp. Takes to file downld
Now realizing that I just bought a session from #rwa14 and I have no idea where to find it to download. Anyone know how? @romancewriters
Did you miss my conflict workshop at #rwa14? You can buy it here for $4. Then we never have to talk. :)
Strange question for my YA reading friends: I need a YA novel with a main character named Claire. If it’s good, even better!
Number of times I have said aloud, in shock, “That’s just racist!” in the last week: Infinity. Infinity times.
Just had to reboot my computer. It came back online and opened the final draft of The Season. Wut. #ghostsinthemachine
.@WriterAHaughton No one on my block officially reads romance but by tomorrow…they’ll all be gone.
In which I provide the neighborhood with happily ever afters.
Dear @twitter - I use Favorite to save for reading later and to thank nice people. I RT if I think it’s valuable for others.
Breakfast in Brooklyn.
RT @AmnestyNZ: The situation in #Ferguson has prompted us to send human rights teams. First time we've deployed inside the US.
There is a lot of bullshit being tweeted about #ferguson tonight. Check your sources, tweeps. The truth is just as horrifying as fiction.
RT @AntonioFrench: Each day County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch delays indicting #DarrenWilson, he is endangering citizens and delaying the rebuilding of trust.
RT @Katie_Speak: #Ferguson is calling for people with street medic experience. If that's you and you can get there, contact people tweeting from the ground.
RT @brettwhite: So if this is what they do before the curfew, then I guess at midnight we'll see a legit functioning Death Star. #Ferguson
RT @ryanjreilly: Here are the faces of the people of #Ferguson, cleaning up their community this morning:
.@OliviaKelly_ or risk courtmarshal. In AK, gov used the guard to block kids; Eisenhower federalized it & they switched sides. @MarniBates
.@OliviaKelly_ BO would have to federalize the guard. If there’s overlap, they will have to follow presidential order (cont) @MarniBates
I mean, what’s the best case end here? What stops the madness? #Fergsuon
RT @EricaHaglund: I just realized I'm almost to 6500 followers. When I get there, I think a giveaway is in order.
20 minutes into Outlander Ep1, and Claire is annoying me something chronic. So. Much. Coy. Smirking.
Fascinating piece in the evolution of dads on tv. "These Aren't Your Father's TV Dads"
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