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RT @louisefury: Anyone who is attending #RWA14 can pitch me if you see me. Come and say hi. I would love to meet you!
RT @angelajames: #RWA14 tip: There's both a Marriott Riverwalk & Marriott Rivercenter for events so make sure to specify which one if you're meeting someone!
Pedi. I mean, it's #rwa14. I'm not an amateur.
One more & then I have to get ready for #RWA14. Here’re 31 historical slangs for intercourse. You know you want ‘em.
I endorse all statements about Peeta & Gale in this Honest Trailer for Hunger Games.
RT @sarahreesbrenna: KING ARTHUR: I have an idea about round tables... IDRIS ELBA: Listen up fives, a ten is speaking! Triangular tables. KA: ...ok.
Texas! I’m seeing you tomorrow! I expect a homecoming mumm!
It’s not possible that Lorde song actually goes “You can call me green bean,” is it?
Just FYI, #RWA14 is my first time away from Lady V…so don’t ask about her unless you want to see LOTS of pictures.
Am I the only one who hates email sigs that have a) buy links, b) blurbs/reviews or c) covers in them? If I’m emailing you, I know you, no?
RT @HowToBeADad: You CAN judge this book by its cover. (src
OMG. @Kristan_Higgins, you *must* gift wrap your foot a la Claire Huxtable (or let me do it!). Amazing idea from @Liz_Kerrick!
RT @dailydot: To serve and protect: Wearables that want to keep women safe:
Packing for #rwa14 has officially begun. Must represent for my fallen comrade, @Kristan_Higgins.
Is there poop in your bed? No? You’re doing better than I am. #infantlife
I just…everybody just stop for a second. It’s too much. “@nytimes: Breaking: Israel Begins Ground Assault in Gaza”
Also, that image you shared on FB of a deep quote from the Dalai Lama? Not from the Dalai Lama. Guaranteed.
Every time I think the Internet is pretty ok, something terrible happens in the world, and Piers Morgan tweets.
So we can all agree that we should not fly Malaysia Airlines anymore, right? So sad.
RT @calixofcoffee: @sarahmaclean "I think you have bigger knowledge gaps to fill in first."
Overheard on the street: “How do you say ‘taco’ in Mexican?” …
If I were queen of the universe, all salads would come in a crispy tortilla bowl. #royaldecree #votemaclean
Did I write 25 pages today? I did! #huzzah
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