I watched the first 5 episodes of The Blacklist before Lady V arrived. Watching episode 6 reminds me of its ridiculousness.
I mean, sadly, we all had a Piggy in our crew, right? I think I might have been Piggy. Jeez. I might still be. #trueconfessions
Neighbor’s son is reading Lord of the Flies. I blew his mind by asking which of his friends was Piggy. BAM. Now he gets it.
Single lady tonight! Baby asleep, sushi ordered, new book by @meganf in hand.
By this time next week, I'll own a car. Somehow that feels much more adult than having a baby.
Every time I see people trying to work out all of Chase's layers online, I get so damn excited. So thrilled people are into my scoundrels.
RT @Londonist: In just 60 seconds we show you what happens every 60 minutes: the Fortnum & Mason clock chimes http://londonist.com/2014... https://twitter.com/Londoni...
The takeaway is this: I cannot review your book if I do not know it exists. #promoisimportant
Man, I do not envy @RT_Magazine for having to pick Best Historical. @Lorraine_Heath @shanagalen @Kris10Callihan @TessaDare and more.
My favorite JQ! RT @SmartBitches: The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever $3.99 http://www.amazon.com/dp... | ARe https://www.omnilit.com/product...
My favorite JQ! RT @SmartBitches: The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever $3.99 http://t.co/KXf7BVQqWc | ARe http://t.co/eY5kWiTVgK
The editors at RT. I’m sure they’re aware of the whole thing. And I would be gobsmacked if she won.
RT @RT_Magazine: The 2014 RT Reviewers’ Choice Awards nominees are now live! Congratulations to each and every nominee. http://www.rtbookreviews.com/rt-awar...
I love talking to @LouisaEdwards about books. She has lovely ideas.
Finally shipping out prizes...only to be thwarted by Veteran's Day. http://instagram.com/p...
I now fully understand why my mother hated the question, "what's for dinner." #ugh #idontknow
Dear @waitwait - thanks for the subliminal messaging that my book is the Cronut of the literary world. http://www.npr.org/blogs...
RT @Lindsay_Emory: @sarahmaclean It's a metaphor for how your book is delicious and fancy and has a twist? @nampatel
But, speaking of pastry, here is an article on the cronut in which my book is a plate. Wut. http://www.npr.org/blogs... (via @nampatel)
Like, I’m buying a CAR. Not a pastry. I should be able to get the one I want, not whatever’s left lying around at 2pm.
I’ve never bought a car before. Apparently it’s not as easy as “I want that car in this color with this extra stuff?” What on earth?
Toe update: fairly certain it's broken. #ow
Surely a punishment in hell is the continuous stubbing of one's pinky toe.
Love this piece on Texts from Jane Eyre-- wondering If the audio is from an audiobook? If so...WANT. http://one.npr.org/...
Thank you all for playing #mcquistrivia. @jenmcqwrites has left her pony to head to Sierra Leone and fight Ebola. Also, she’s amazing.
.@seyitsme CORRECT! A pony! You win Moonlight on my Mind! DM me an address! @jenmcqwrites #mcQuistrivia
.@rymahurt CORRECT! Fighting Ebola! You win Summer is for Lovers! DM me an address! #mcquistrivia @jenmcqwrites
.@mizzelle Correct! Sierra Leone! You win What Happens in Scotland! @jenmcqwrites #mcquistrivia DM me an address!
#3! After selling her 1st book, what was @jenmcqwrites required to buy? a) a new car b) a bag of haggis chips or c) a pony. #mcquistrivia
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