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RT @cupcakefelicity: @sarahmaclean yet sadly that is still more time minute by minute than Ray Rice got from the @nfl
And now I’m done. And going to write kissing scenes. With a man noble enough to know who is to blame when a woman is hurt by her partner.
Also, apparently the “women’s group” at ESPN was involved in the decision to suspend him. Which leads me to posit that (1/2)
RT @RonHogan: @sarahmaclean The G stands for Grey, 50 Shades of.
Oh my god. I laughed so hard, I woke the baby: John Oliver on Warren G. Harding’s sex letters. (via @noonan_staci)
Oh my god. I laughed so hard, I woke the baby: John Oliver on Warren G. Harding’s sex letters. (via @noonan_staci)
Did you all know that the darling Sophie Jordan has a new book out? A Good Debutante’s Guide to Ruin. You want it.
Also, Amazon, when the price goes up, customers "buy fewer ebooks." Not "much less" ebooks.
.@ShylaStokes What if I gave you money to read my squid book? Like, say, $1.99? Where’s your price point?
RT @ShylaStokes: @sarahmaclean Nope. You can make the squid book free and I still won't read it.
I just find it difficult to believe that I’d get 74000 more readers if only my book were cheaper. I mean. Really. #fuzzymath
So…Amazon’s statement suggests that price is the only factor in book sales. Ie, you’d buy that book on giant squid if only it was $9.99.
RT @HonestToddler: They're talking about stopping my bedtime milk. Remind me to make sure their rest home has no AC.
RT @KatharineAshe: Happy at @Target today beside Sophie Jordan and Sophie Barnes. #bookstagram
RT @wordbookstores: We're delighted to announce the births of Cora & Vivian, future booksellers of WORD! Cheers to @conorati & @vonorati
Amazing. 3D printable Goodnight Moon for kids with visual impairments. Good people behind this!
RT @MorganBaden: I love this and concur, at the risk of sounding dramatic: Foursquare is now "a pencil unwilling to write."
Dear Goodreads, just because the email you sent autopopulated with “Dear Sarah,” doesn’t mean Diana Gabaldon send me a “personal note.”
RT @openculture: Richard Nixon’s Tips For Getting Pandas to Have Sex, Caught on Audio Tape (1972)
In which Baxter is discovered to have eaten a box of Triscuits.
Chalkboard especially for me, I like to think. Thanks @krupagrocery!
Aside: thank you all so much for the congrats for #RITAGH & the compliments re: conflict workshop! #RWA14
Looking through my tweets; apparently I said “Don’t just smell me and tell me you love me” in my conflict workshop at #rwa14. #istandbyit
RT @kaherndon: Cool new quarterly @BookRiot box featuring @sarahmaclean
RT @OfficiallyAlly: Okay, Embassy Row 2. Let's do this.
Oh! I forgot to tweet this—the moment of Chase’s fall is online: (SPOILERS if you aren’t up to date on the series!)
Cosigned. “@ElyssaPatrick: @TessaDare you totally need to watch Arrow just for the Arrow and Felicity shipping:”
Baby's first marinara.
Must read from @_AJCousins on being harassed at #RWA14 and standing up. (cc @scATX)
RT @SoVerySophie: So I'm home from #RWA14 and ready to conquer the world and my endless to do list and write ALL the words!! *stares at wall*
Ok. Seriously, #RWA14 was awesome, right? I learned SO MUCH. What panels should I not miss next year in NYC?
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