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You know you’ve watched too much #topgear when your husband tells you he’s turning off traction control and you get a little excited.
RT @JacksonPearce: We're 30 minutes into Scandal and no one's face has been licked, so I'd say tonight is going pretty well.
Knowing how the books end, am I supposed to be rooting for Sam so early? #truebloodvirgin #season4
Lol: “Decapitating Barbie dolls…what the hell kind of baby does that?!” #truebloodvirgin #arlene
OMG. Queen Mab. And this just turned into Star Trek. #truebloodvirgin
And we begin Season 4 with the kitchiest fairy cocktail party ever. #truebloodvirgin
But here’s what I can’t figure out: is Sookie supposed to irritate me? #truebloodvirgin
Also, I heart Pam. #truebloodvirgin
But yay!!! Eric escaped the concrete pit! Huzzah! #truebloodvirgin
And now creepy dolls on the floors of abandoned homes? Yikes. #truebloodvirgin
And witches. This is crazypants. #truebloodvirgin #monstermash
And what in the name of all monster mash is Lafayette? #truebloodvirgin
I was just reminded of Soul Man, starring C. Thomas Howell in blackface. How on earth did that project get greenlit?
RT @LOLGOP: BREAKING: Clinton baby already leading the Republican 2016 field.
I have coveted that apartment since I moved to NYC, 14 years ago. I used to drive over the bridge and say “What kind of person lives there?"
I just discovered that my dream apartment is back on the market. Tell me again why I didn’t write 50 Shades?
Things that are not ok: The cook at the coffee shop goin on and on about how sick he feels. While cooking. #ick
There’s a little girl in the coffee shop who is singing the alphabet song. “OMS…QRF” pause “QRS…OMV.” The cute. It burns.
Huck spits on Quinn then does the business in a parking garage. Hot or not hot? #Scandal
RT @randomizemeWP: A Rogue by Any Other Name by Sarah MacLean @sarahmaclean is $3.99 on @HarperCollins
RT @randomizemeWP: A Rogue by Any Other Name by Sarah MacLean @sarahmaclean is $3.99 on @HarperCollins
RT @parisreview: “Critics appear to be addressing themselves to works other than those I remember writing.” —Joyce Carol Oates
Happy to see this divorce research. Two happy parents have to be better than two unhappy ones: (via @TheAtlanticSEXS)
One Good Earl in French! Title translation? Basically, “Curiosity killed the cat.” A perfect title for my girl Pippa!
The first in @roxannestclaire’s Barefoot Bay Billionaires books is free on Kindle!
Are we being punked? MT @NBCNewsPictures: Missing NE Toddler Found Safe in Arcade Claw Machine
People. I am told that Cary Elwes is NOT EVERY GIRL’S DREAM. Surely I am being lied to. #dreadpirateroberts #4eva @joyabella @esisogah
Cary Elwes will also be at @thebookcon. Do you think it’s because he finally realizes that he’s my boyfriend?
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