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RT @iBooks: Secret babies, unrequited love, ugly duckling stories—we love them all. Romantic reads are specially priced.
RT @potatono: @sarahmaclean poor robot. how's it going to eat that baby with that gate in the way?
RT @hampsonwrites: We have lost so many one-of-a-kind people. Joan Rivers. Robin Williams. Leaving big black holes in the fabric of our collective memory.
It’s worth pointing out that #11Scandals (now $1.99 through @iBooks!) is the precursor to Never Judge a Lady!
"I don't like some of it; I don't like what happened to Donna in Gaza." "Why not?" "I was worried about her." #mymomwatcheswestwing
RT @HarlanCoben: There are days I don't feel like writing. And then there are days... no, that first sentence kinda says it all. #WriteAnyway
I can’t anymore, you guys. It hurts to watch. I’m off. Peace.
When Little Rock was integrated, Gov called up the guard to keep black students out; Pres then federalized it to let kids in.
Me again, more questions: do police have the right to corral media in a public space? Keep them from protestors?
Finally! Someone answers my questions! “@CBSNews: Key questions about the National Guard in Ferguson”
“Vote Sam Seaborn!” #mymomwatcheswestwing
Eric is reading On the Night You Were Born to Lady V. #adorbs
Self portrait with baby kick. #nofilter
RT @romancewriters: .@sarahmaclean Info in confirm. email. Or, log in to RWA site, go to My Profile, Transactions, & click name of wkshp. Takes to file downld
Now realizing that I just bought a session from #rwa14 and I have no idea where to find it to download. Anyone know how? @romancewriters
Did you miss my conflict workshop at #rwa14? You can buy it here for $4. Then we never have to talk. :)
Strange question for my YA reading friends: I need a YA novel with a main character named Claire. If it’s good, even better!
Number of times I have said aloud, in shock, “That’s just racist!” in the last week: Infinity. Infinity times.
Just had to reboot my computer. It came back online and opened the final draft of The Season. Wut. #ghostsinthemachine
.@WriterAHaughton No one on my block officially reads romance but by tomorrow…they’ll all be gone.
In which I provide the neighborhood with happily ever afters.
Dear @twitter - I use Favorite to save for reading later and to thank nice people. I RT if I think it’s valuable for others.
Breakfast in Brooklyn.
RT @AmnestyNZ: The situation in #Ferguson has prompted us to send human rights teams. First time we've deployed inside the US.
There is a lot of bullshit being tweeted about #ferguson tonight. Check your sources, tweeps. The truth is just as horrifying as fiction.
RT @AntonioFrench: Each day County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch delays indicting #DarrenWilson, he is endangering citizens and delaying the rebuilding of trust.
RT @Katie_Speak: #Ferguson is calling for people with street medic experience. If that's you and you can get there, contact people tweeting from the ground.
RT @brettwhite: So if this is what they do before the curfew, then I guess at midnight we'll see a legit functioning Death Star. #Ferguson
RT @ryanjreilly: Here are the faces of the people of #Ferguson, cleaning up their community this morning:
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